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(870.79 KB 2344x2956 nuria.png)
/otter/-tan Anonymous 10/12/2019 (Sat) 00:06:39 No. 233
We should have our own board-tan to represent /otter/.
Her name is Nuria (from the Spanish word for otters) and she is extremely otterpilled.
Her favourite hobbies are swimming around and lying in the grass, and her favourite food is whatever she can catch (mostly fish).
Nuria would be perfect for the job. All we need is more OC of her.
She’s so cute! That picture of her is a little snouty but I’m sure she has a very cute human face and is not at all furry. You should introduce her to /monster/‘s or /a/‘s drawthread.
Nah she's not furry, I think she's an appropriate degree of kemono.
give her at least claw-like fingernails arts-anon.
(1003.40 KB 2344x2956 nuriaedit.png)
I like it! Had a go at making a few edits.
>Darker hair
>Wider hips
>Bigger thighs
>More muted colours for swimwear

I've probably butchered your artwork, this was just to show what changes I would personally make. A slightly bigger chest wouldn't hurt either but I know this is a point of contention among anons
>A slightly bigger chest wouldn't hurt either but I know this is a point of contention among anons
>not promoting a DFC on Otter-tan
Plebeians everywhere.
Since this is a yellow board, a yellow swimsuit is definitely appropriate.
Also, you can't just take her nose away!
(63.09 KB 519x413 nuria butterfly chase.png)
Here's one I made just now.
I dont mind if it looks uncanny due to the nose and wiskers, makes it not just another anime girl with animal ears and a tail
A cute.
This is a nice Nuria, don't know the source though
Are you the guy from /v/ drawthreads that makes those squared looking girls?
No, I just reposted it from ourobooru. Might be the same artist though.
(37.08 KB 1000x434 nutria.PNG)
>from the Spanish word for otters
I think you missed something there.
>calling a coypu a nutria

Silly Americans. Why do you always have to change the meanings of words?
(185.37 KB 2327x1726 nuria float.png)
Ooops. Fixed that.
Heart-stoppingly cute. I love her.
(76.74 KB 676x339 nuria hiding.png)
Have a small quick one
(189.83 KB 2327x1726 nuria float 2.png)
Ahh, I really forgot her tail.
(244.33 KB 1020x1392 sleepy ottergirl.png)
(16.85 KB 624x541 otters important.png)
An important message
(259.06 KB 1340x892 beach nuria 2.png)
She’s such a good girl.

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