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Anonymous Board owner 02/12/2021 (Fri) 22:17:52 No.1727
Edited last time by ppaperman on 07/01/2022 (Fri) 15:24:26.
>>1727 BO just to let you know I keep anon/otter/ archived if you ever need it, just ask on /robowaifu/meta.
/otter/ is moving to otterchan Now that it seems otterchan.net is stably running, we're finally migrating to our own site. It was planned from the start that we'd one day have a place to call our own, and today is the day we finally get it. In 24 hours I am delisting this board. >>1728 Thanks, but I'd rather get a fresh start. Plus our stuff is all still here.
>>1735 Welp, goodbye /otter/ it was really neat meeting you and enjoying all the great otter pics. Godspeed in your new adventures! :^)
>>1727 Oh shit, its sad to see you guys go especially when you were one of the original boards. Wish you all the best lads. Did you set up the website BO? I have been thinking of setting up my own IB for my own board but I'm an absolute retard and struggle to get a database set up let alone vichan set up.
Hi Otteranons. What's going on? Does otterchan.net still exist? It doesn't seem to load for me.
>>1750 It's here otterchat.net
>>1751 I see. I accidentally typed otterchan.net. So it's chat, not chan.

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