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(215.14 KB 318x574 carved-otter-sculpture.jpg)
Otter Culture Anonymous 09/02/2019 (Mon) 19:58:57 No. 16
This thread is dedicated to otter-related media.
Otters deserve a place not only in nature, but also in our culture.
Share and review otter-related books, films, music, drawings, paintings, poetry, etc.

Starting off, here's a nice children's song about an otter.
It's pretty good, and reminds you what otters are all about.
Here's a nice blog from a guy who's observed an otter family for 25 years, for your reading pleasure.
>From the beginning of my observations in June, 1983, to the end of 2007, I've seen my otters 4,796 times, which is probably more than any other living person has seen these animals in their natural state. It has been the greatest privilege of my life to chronicle the history of 5 generations of otters here.
(353.52 KB 450x399 00169fz8.jpg)
(398.97 KB 1200x1200 hemming_otter_ce.jpg)
There's tons of beautiful otter art out there.
Dobhar-chú (water hound) is an Irish mythological creature from the 17th century. It resembles both a dog and an otter, and there are tales of it attacking humans for food.
(1.36 MB 808x1050 dobharchu.png)
(159.30 KB 768x559 waitoreke_.jpg)
(45.19 KB 900x838 Waitoreke.jpg)
Have you heard of the Waitoreke? It's an otter-like cryptid from New Zealand.
>The majority of the evidence about the waitoreke is from sightings. However some alleged physical evidence does exist. Several unidentified tracks have been found. They were described as being a few inches long and showing webbing. Otter footprints show a little webbing but beaver footprints show full webbing. In 1868 Julius von Haast obtained an alleged waitoreke pelt. It was in very bad condition and was not conclusively identified. Described as being brown and having white spots, it seems to have been similar to that of a quoll, which is not present in New Zealand (and apparently never has been: Antoni & Wodzicki 1984).
Could there really be an unknown otter species in NZ, or is it just a myth?
Otters are certainly elusive animals.
Theres an Israeli musician named Lutra who makes EDM music. Sounds pretty good.
This is a neat song.
>Angelo Branduardi - La Loutre
(62.06 KB 338x520 17963859.jpg)
>1. And I saw the darkest hell, which is pernicious, dreadful, terrible, very painful, mischievous and foul-smelling. 2. And after further observation, it appeared to me (3) as a pit, to the bottom of which, a thousand cubits would not reach; (4) and though all the wood which is in the world, were all put on to the fire in the most stinking and gloomy hell, it would never emit a smell; (5) and again also, as close as the ear to the eye, and as many as the hairs on the mane of a horse, (6) so close and many in number, the souls of the wicked stand, (7) but they see not and hear no sound, one from the other; (8) everyone thinks thus: 'I am alone'. 9. And for them are the gloom of darkness, and the stench and fearfulness of the torment and punishment of hell, of various kinds; (10) so that whoever is only a day in hell, cries out (11) thus: 'Are not those nine thousand years yet completed, when they should release us from this hell?'
>Then I saw the souls of a woman and a man who voided and ate up the excrement.
>And I asked thus: 'What sin was committed by these bodies, whose souls suffer so severe a punishment?'
>Srosh the pious, and Adar the angel, said (4) thus: 'These are the souls of that wicked man and woman who, in the world, devoured dead refuse through sinfulness; (5) and killed the water-otter in the water, (6) and smote and slew other creatures of Ahura Mazda.'
(181.85 KB 1171x1164 ptt.jpg)
(1.35 MB 3352x2092 all otters.jpg)
(230.42 KB 1701x1201 otter offering.jpg)
(719.12 KB 3467x1446 bever en otters.jpg)
Here are some of my drawings.
Wow, those are real good.
These are excellent anon.
(126.03 KB 500x500 yach1.jpg)
(5.82 MB 2487x4230 yach2.jpg)
(3.58 MB 2000x2100 yach3.png)
Yachie Kicchou and her otter goasts.
>otter goasts
Otter goat?
Found a Russian song about otters
Can someone translate?
My Russian isn't very good. The only word I could understand was "vidra", but you probably already know what that means. I will try to look for a translation later today.
(72.58 KB 547x786 a.jpg)
(85.90 KB 1024x512 b.jpg)
Gwelf otters.

I had my parents translate it for me, which was slightly awkward. Apparently Выдру is also used as a derogatory term for women, something like "whore" I assume.
So if I understood correctly, it's something like:
>At the yard I saw a Выдру, the Выдру saw me
>If I did not fuck the Выдру, she would have fucked me
Another French song about an otter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKM0S5olGNI
(68.71 KB 400x542 1189703.jpg)
Look what I found. Now that's the stuff.
What a sweet and wholesome story.
Nice to see our digital drawings back again. I still think I'm better with pencil and paper though.
Wow, I found a good song about otters and it's actually in English.
Have a Spanish song about a magical healing otter.
(394.90 KB 1000x750 3ot.png)
I think it turned out alright.
(33.04 KB 793x1125 gondolaotters.png)
(472.87 KB 1752x1206 santa.png)
Merry Christmas, /otter/!
(386.57 KB 957x1059 image.png)
(302.61 KB 1979x1638 fishhunt.png)
Drawing otters is fun.
Now that Christmas is just around the corner, do you guys know Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas? Maybe we could watch it together this Christmas.
(144.79 KB 700x524 Ahuizotl.jpg)
Another mythical otter-like creature: The Ahuizotl
>It has short fur, small, pointy ears, a smooth body and black tail, at the end of which sprouts a hand much like a person’s. This animal inhabits the depths of watery springs and if anyone reaches the edge of its domain, he is dragged by the tail’s hand and taken down to its depths... Book XI, Florentine Codex.
The fur is said to be waterproof, and whenever the Ahuizotl came out of the water and shook itself, it would clump up like spikes. The creature is said to be similar to a small dog, with small pointed ears, and a long tail. At the end of this tail is a hand, very much like a person’s. The Ahuizotl is said to have a peculiar taste for a person’s eyes, teeth, and nails, hence the corpses of its victims are found without these body parts.
Whilst some have dismissed the Ahuizotl as a purely mythological creature, others have attempted to provide an explanation for it.
Another possible candidate is the otter, which is also an aquatic animal. It has been claimed that this animal would attack humans, especially when its nest is threatened. Additionally, it is a carnivorous animal that would scavenge meat from drowned bodies, especially the softer parts, such as the eyes, gums, and fingertips. Unfortunately, the otter has round, rather than pointed ears, and is referred to as Aizcuintli in the Florentine Codex . It is perhaps more likely that the Ahuizotl was a purely mythical animal, or one that has not yet been identified.
Yep, I've seen it. Since it's already Christmas I think it's too late for a stream, we could watch it in next year's Ottercine though.
But I've already made my own Cytube channel. I was thinking about streaming at 23:00 CET (22:00 UTC).
Cool, you wanna link it?
Here it is: https://cytu.be/r/mustelutra
But I'm also inviting my friends from a mustelid chat group, so please be kind to each other.
(16.06 KB 640x479 christmas.png)
It's a bit late but here's a digital Christmas card I drew today. Merry Christmas everybody!
Very nice, thanks anon.
(383.68 KB 1185x833 christmas otter.png)
It's even later but I have also made one.
Here's a beautiful music video with otters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJYX7Pnwk1Y
An 80s song about otter love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0QAQXB2r6I
Otters really are the best.
Otters can make their own art.
(29.98 KB 300x396 232913.p.jpg)
Saint Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, the patron saint of otters. He lived from 635AD to 687AD and is the most venerated saint in English history. He was a compassionate man with a limitless love for God and all of His creatures.
>IT was Cuthbert’s habit to walk alone down to the seashore after dark. Intrigued, one of the monks followed him at a discreet distance, hoping to see what it was that Cuthbert did at dead of night.
>From his hiding place he watched Cuthbert wade out into the slate-black sea until the waters reached his neck, and then begin to sing psalms, a performance which he kept up until dawn.
>The monk was still watching when back on the sands, Cuthbert became absorbed in prayer again. Suddenly, two otters scampered over to him and chafed his feet, numb with North Sea cold, and dried them with their fur. Cuthbert gave them his affectionate blessing, and they made off back to their homes.
>The monk-spy could barely collect sufficient wits to find his way back to the monastery. Next morning, after confessing the whole story to Cuthbert, he promised to tell no one until after Cuthbert’s death.
(58.66 KB 498x498 0008623565_20.jpg)
Ah, the great painters, writers and composers in Otter history. No other animal is capable of bringing forth such masters of art.
Why did they lock up the sea otter?
Archived this thread in case we lose it http://archive.vn/nZvG3

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