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Is there any hope for otters? Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 18:07:43 No.144
Their population is still declining and they're already extremely rare everywhere... It looks like despite all efforts they're not gonna make it.
Even in their small numbers in Europe you already have lobbyists wanting them all shot, even though they barely have places to live.
Please tell me otters aren't gonna go extinct. This isn't a good situation, and I'm not feeling too well
My brother, you must always remember that the one who can save otters is YOU. You are the one who can affect profound change and make otters live. So replace the despair in your heart with determination. Certainly, otters were and are in a time of struggle in the last 100 years. This struggle has ignited a bright flame that will remain in the hearts of all otter lovers, and it is a flame that will light up the whole world...
As for those who have hatred for otters and want them killed. They are the lowest, most despicable beings, they will cowardly trap or shoot otters and seek to pursue their wicked mission in politics. Be relentless in your struggle against them, may we strike fear into them everywhere and may we be like an earthquake against them, to devastate them and not ever give them rest. They will understand that the tables have turned, and the times of otter hunting are over.
And know that God is on our side always, because He does not love the aggressors, and He does not love those who spread corruption. Our cause is for the survival of otters, and ours is a righteous and noble cause. Do not fear whatever the enemy throws at you, because our victory is not far.
Even if otters go extinct, they're just gonna come back like they already did three times. Otters never die.
To elaborate on this, there are many practical ways, tactics and methods that can be implemented in the fight for otters. Ecodefense is a guide to monkeywrenching, which is something that should be understood by everyone here. So read it if you haven't already, especially the chapter on animal defence.
Otter Conservatory when
Let's build 'em a big one. Protect them from all dangers.
Is that the old Spanish fort in St. Augustine FL?
Here's more recommended /otter/ reading.
I dream of building a fort/bunker for otters, as a place where they will be safe. It will be heavily armed, capable of withstanding all hostilities. the otters will be guarded 24/7, and there will be bunkers where their genetic material is kept so they may be cloned, to repopulate the world if they go EW.
I am working on making such a project a reality, but it needs time, money and effective planning.
>>409 It is a noble idea, as otter lives may be protected through such an act. But we have to grant the otters their freedom, too.

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