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Open file (219.82 KB 614x529 ottercine.jpg)
World Otter Day movie night Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 21:38:44 No.1076
OTTERCINE 2020 It's two weeks to go until World Otter Day and we're planning a nice gathering on Ottercine to watch some ottery films, videos, etc. together. Probably looking at Otter 501 and Supercharged Otters as documentaries this time. Last year we watched Ring of Bright Water and Tarka the Otter, two classic otter films. Join us on Wednesday, May 27th, at 11PM CEST / 4PM CDT at http://cytu.be/r/ottercine for a good time.
Remember there are links to some documentaries here: >>305 I have some more otter documentaries that I can share. I'll give you the metadata links later.
>>1082 Thanks anon! Only one week to go now.
>>1076 so anyone can join in? Im new to this board, but I do adore the little critters. Do I need a account to post?
>>1088 >do I need a account to post? Posting with names or any other identification is culturally discouraged here. We’re anons. We love otters. This is enough.
>>1089 Sorry, I meant for ottercine, I apologize anon.
>>1090 No, I apologize for mistaking you for a blow-in. Cytube allows guest login so you shouldn't need to register anything, just pop into the chat and off you go.
Open file (408.01 KB 800x600 tama chan.png)
Sign me in /otter/, we have to cherish the few moments we can stand together
>>1088 Everyone's welcome of course brotter.
>>1087 How time flies
>>1076 >Otter 501 >Supercharged Otters I have never heard of these before but they sound wonderful.
Open file (410.67 KB 1080x1080 1586155226823-pol.png)
>OTTERCINE is now on the announcement I love the .cafe
>>1095 Ring of Bright Water was a wonderful movie too. Maybe we should rewatch it some day.
Open file (431.69 KB 2048x1207 otter rocks.jpg)
Only 2 days left! Who here /hype/???
>>1106 Im excited anon, Ive had this thread open for the last few days so I dont forget, im still trying to figure out the right time for the day. cest to mst, though im not sure if its going to be at 4 am my time, doesn't sound right.
>>1107 >MST That's UTC-7, so you should be on for around 2PM
>>1107 [code]11:00:00 p.m. Wednesday May 27, 2020 in CET converts to 03:00:00 p.m. Wednesday May 27, 2020 in US/Mountain Daylight Saving Time is in effect on this date/time in CET Daylight Saving Time is in effect on this date/time in US/Mountain[/code] http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc
1 hour to go
I forgot to give you the urls of my metafiles. Wildlife on One Ep. 180: Otters: the Truth https://taiferret.sp-website.net/archive/videos/docu0180.json Wildlife on One Ep. 220: Giant Otters: Wolves of the River https://taiferret.sp-website.net/archive/videos/docu0220.json Wildlife on One Ep. 153: Sea Otters: the Clam Busters https://taiferret.sp-website.net/archive/videos/docu0153.json Just copy and paste them into Cytube. I believe only the owner of the channel is allowed to do that though.
That was real nice.
Thanks /otter/ that was fun.
Had fun watching. Wish you all happiness and joy in life!
Open file (249.35 KB 400x400 shark.gif)
SHIT, I missed out the ottercine Hope you had fun at least
Open file (223.82 KB 400x349 6ad04.png)
Forgot to thank you guys yesterday. Gud stream, otters are quite the endearing species.
Open file (708.31 KB 640x640 1576539206936.png)
>>1118 That we did, sorry you missed it. Maybe next year Anon. >>1124 No worries, it was fun! :^)
I'm streaming today. https://cytu.be/r/mustelutra

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