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Anonymous 09/18/2019 (Wed) 13:43:28 No.101
>A classified CIA document about otters.
What sort of secret MKUltra experiments were done using otters?
Are otters involved in any deep state conspiracies?
Is /otter/ operated by glowniggers?
What's their endgame?
Open file (967.37 KB 559x614 illuminotti.png)
Give up your inquiries.
>?ads on toes ca?able
of holdin9 slip?ery eel.
What did QAnon mean by this?
>What's their endgame?
To otterize every imageboard.
Otter? Im CIA
Open file (523.28 KB 640x594 ciaott.jpg)
That's classified.
Even the most secret organization can't unlock the secrets of the otter.
Open file (872.88 KB 640x594 ClipboardImage.png)
>>323 Nothing to see here, citizen.
>>101 >Can survive water hotter than human would care to bathe in How could they know this, except by throwing otters into hot water to see what would happen? Fucking glowniggers.
>>1363 I've been trying to find any other research on the water temperatures otters like, but I couldn't find anything yet. So I guess they did in fact test this themselves. Or maybe they just observed it in nature.
>>1363 >>1364 You could make the otter cross hot water to get a fish or something - or not, if it's too hot. This will also be more useful, since (presumably) you expect a trained otter to do something in hot water of its own volition.

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