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Open file (1.82 MB 300x168 1537904694722.gif)
/otter/ thread #0 Anonymous 04/07/2020 (Tue) 12:08:10 No.975
So I've noticed that since otters are already a very niche topic, most of the threads on this board are specific to a degree that very few people will participate in them, making /otter/'s activity suffer. There are few threads with more than a handful of replies on here. A solution to this could be to make a general thread, i. e. to throw everything into one b᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎ig conti᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎nuous thread where everything otter-related can be discussed. So let's try that out. Please direct your otterposting into this thread from now on.᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎
Open file (69.00 KB 512x342 unnamed-2.jpg)
Open file (56.25 KB 512x341 unnamed.jpg)
Open file (248.10 KB 1136x704 yLwxmKA.jpg)
>>1635 Otters for the front page.
Open file (2.09 MB 1440x960 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1635 Stunning. >>1637 Magnificent. >>1638 Ravishing.
Open file (807.56 KB 1207x1707 two otters .jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 1707x1707 one otter .jpg)
Open file (850.79 KB 1207x1707 one otter.jpg)
Open file (807.87 KB 1207x1707 two otters .jpg)
>>1640 To life, liberty and the pursuit of fish.
Open file (47.30 KB 720x482 1607884896882.jpg)
This lad just grabbed a whole lobster
The otter's charm, so little known Holds no ceptre, has no throne Lives in groups or on his own Relishing his dearest stone. Dirt upon which otter rests, In a coat of comfort drest, The big wide river makes him guest, Its wealth upon the beast bequests. Though in the waves at home is he, and on the surface equally, In either must he cease to be, Split half and half, the otter's see. Hunger drives him to the depths where Lord Above grants him a fest, must yet come up to catch his breath, must climb back out, of strength bereft. His charm is in simplicity, and aptitude and mystery. Not status or celebrity, not profit or utility. No! He lives unseen, unheard, in the privy spots of Earth, far to which no man traversed, so his beauty stays covert. As between homes his home is split, as between each of both he flits, so too his self and soul is split, two distinct natures they emit. One like a terrifying beast, brutish strength, sharp claws and teeth craving only tasty meat inbetween his webbed-toed feet. The other busy frolicking, nimbly diving, scampering, juggling, rolling, or enjoying upon his breast the sun-rays shining. Where both of these are married, splendid! Grace and vice, in one, ascended. In the otter they are blended. This Almighty God intended.
>>1656 Do otters see beyond a narrow horizon between the two river banks?
>>1656 Beautiful work Anon, thank you.
>>1655 >>1127 hello baste otterfrens tbh.
>>1662 hello
Open file (146.93 KB 795x520 leafbite.jpg)
Reminder that Nessie is an otter.
>>1675 >otters spreading fear and terror everywhere >again
>>1675 >>1676 Can otters ever stop being based?
>>1674 Why did the otter bite the leaf?
>>975 Why are otters a niche topic? Everyone should talk about them.
>>1674 >be otter >swim through a lake >terrify the whole planet for centuries by your mere existence What kind of mischief will they get up to next? >>1678 It had to die
>>1680 I assume you meant the >>1675 Nessie Loch Otter post? >It had to die Well, obviously. Deth to all seaweeds!
Otterposting thread? This card contains the word "otter", so this is the place for it. Merry Christmas, /otter/!
>>1684 You know, /cuckquean/ has some of the nicest crossboard posters. I'm glad that you guys are on the webring
Merry Christmas from /co/ as well!
>>1686 I'm trying to figure out where the otter is but I can't find it
>>1681 >Deth to all seaweeds! silly anon, what are you gonna wrap your babies in?
Open file (42.81 KB 500x742 rock_otter_rock.jpeg)
>>1690 Heh, you're right. I probably went a little too far. Bite all seaweeds and mek babby blankets with them!
Happy New Year /otter/ !
Open file (4.84 MB 416x854 Otterly adorable.mp4)
>>1693 >tfw you suddenly realize otters were living squeaky-toys all along.
I hope inferior 2D representations of otters are OK here.
Open file (204.29 KB 240x304 otterface.gif)
I found this pixel art the other day and I felt it deserved to be shared here even if it was a bit odd.
>>1700 that is pretty odd. where did you find that?
>>1699 Ceci n'est pas une loutre.
>>1699 It's OK but it's very confusing. I have to know if it's a girl or an otter, it can't be both!
Open file (629.05 KB 950x1140 ClipboardImage.png)
>wake up >see this wat do?
Giant log
>>1704 What about girl otters? They are required for the further propagation of otters
>>1708 What about otter otters?
>>1706 Celebrate, and wonder how much otter wine I drank
I miss my otters so much... Stupid pandemic.
Uhh, guys..? It's otter stream time. >Cork Nature Network premiere short film on otters https://www.echolive.ie/corknews/arid-40213880.html Sign up: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/cork-otters-tickets-137188798389
how much do otters cost?
>>1716 Priceless.
>>1716 Sorry, not for sale
>>1038 Alright, we have one now at otterchan.net. Actually I'm thinking of making it our prime location, it'd be nice to have a place of our own. What do you say?
>>1732 I'd be for keeping cafe/otter/ around as a backup at the very least.
Well I hear no objections. Let's go ahead, then.

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