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Anonymous 02/25/2020 (Tue) 16:46:42 No.918
Otter Stories Meeting an otter is a life-changing experience that can hardly be described in words: explaining what it is like is like trying to explain the beauty of the sunrise to a blind man. And yet, reading through anons recounting their own otter experience can itself be a magical thing, even if it's only a small glimpse into the wonderful world of otters. Therefore I'd like to continue this nice thread here, it's probably the best one we've had on 8/otter/. ITT post stories of your personal otter encounters/achievements, whether wild or captive. Have you... >...seen an otter (in a zoo)? >...seen an otter (in the wild)? >...been close to an otter? >...touched an otter? >...been touched by an otter? >...petted an otter? >...played with an otter? >...fed an otter? >...kissed an otter?
Also, link to the old thread. https://8kun.top/otter/res/877.html
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I have visited the Otter Zentrum a few times, which is an animal park only for mustelids in north-central Germany. The nice thing about it is that the animals get a big space that's made to be as natural as possible, and you can learn lots of things about otters there. You can't really get close to them though. Has anyone else been there?
Didn't happen to me, but my sister apparently got the chance to play with an otter once. She was going down to a river to find a good place to put her kayak in, and an otter just walked up to her while she was crouched down. It grabbed at her hands, play fought with her whole arm, and let her rub its belly. She went back down there the next day, but never saw the otter again.
>>1464 Amazing. Otters should normally be more shy of humans. >but never saw the otter again. They never tend to stay in one place for long.
Seen sea otters when visiting my grandmother before, both at the aquarium and in the wild around the wharf out there. Always surprises me how big they can get. Was also at a more local zoo focused on native animal life to the area I live in, and was surprised they had a river otter exhibit, as this state would be one of the last places I'd ever expect them in. Apparently there's a small amount of them living in some hidden river (in that the people running conservation of them don't want them being disturbed by tourists) in the riparian areas. There weren't any actually out for display though. Not sure if it was just a post-lunchtime nap, or if they were off exhibit for some reason.
>>1475 River otters sleep a lot, try visiting them at feeding time next time.
>>1488 Magnificent

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