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(1.21 MB C00022014.pdf)
Anonymous 09/18/2019 (Wed) 13:43:28 No. 101
>A classified CIA document about otters.
What sort of secret MKUltra experiments were done using otters?
Are otters involved in any deep state conspiracies?
Is /otter/ operated by glowniggers?
What's their endgame?
(967.37 KB 559x614 illuminotti.png)
Give up your inquiries.
>?ads on toes ca?able
of holdin9 slip?ery eel.
What did QAnon mean by this?
>What's their endgame?
To otterize every imageboard.
Otter? Im CIA
(523.28 KB 640x594 ciaott.jpg)
That's classified.
Even the most secret organization can't unlock the secrets of the otter.

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