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Don't Fap Ya Cunts PLAGUE_DOCTOR 10/25/2019 (Fri) 09:51:49 No. 1
Hello, all aspiring /nofap/ wizards. Welcome to cafe/nofap/, the rules are as follows:
>No porn or lewd.
>Stay on-topic.
>No spam.
Obligatory disclaimer: this board has nothing to do and wants nothing to do with the corporation known as NoFap, LCC.
And Knightly, you should be able to get into the shared BO account with the same password as before, so feel free to show up and get in touch if you're still interested in helping.
Feel free to get a hold of me at plaguedoctor@memeware.net. I switched from 8chan.co e-mail address because it doesn't look like cock.li is still offering it, probably because the domain is owned by a certain bone goblin.
Just like the old sticky, we'll use this thread to preserve resources, make banners, and have meta discussion.
Edited last time by PLAGUE_DOCTOR on 10/27/2019 (Sun) 20:43:17.
So 8kun is up now, but it's not really usable yet. /nofap/ hasn't been migrated yet though I did request it to be when Jim first offered that. It looks like they're just migrating boards in order of what they were on the old board rankings, and based on how fast it's going I'm guessing that a little board like /nofap/ probably won't be migrated for a few days yet. Just be aware that 8/nofap/ will be back as soon as Ron bothers to migrate it, or if not then we'll just have to re-make it ourselves as soon as Ron bothers to re-enable board creation. As for cafe/nofap/, I plan to maintain this place too as long as both I'm able and anon.cafe stays up, for anyone who's hesitant to go back to 8kun.

That, of course, is all assuming that 8kun becomes usable and stays up. If not then obviously we're all staying here.
Edited last time by PLAGUE_DOCTOR on 11/03/2019 (Sun) 22:04:55.
Can't believe it's been two weeks already.
But what happens after NoNutNovember?
(18.73 KB 279x265 Pay_by_phone.jpg)
It becomes Don't Dicktwaddle December
Looks like Ron just completely ignored 90% of the board migration requests that were e-mailed to him and now he's sent out Mark to collect board migration requests on vch. I requested /nofap/ in the thread, so hopefully it actually fucking gets brought back at some point now.

8kun in general seems a lot more usable now, though it's still got a few brain damages that will hopefully be fixed at some point. The clearnet domain seems to be steady at 8kun.top for now.
Was there much activity on the 8chan board before shutdown?
About as much as there's been here so far. But this /nofap/ was founded just in time for NNN, so it's probably going to get much, much slower than 8/nofap/ usually was. There are definitely people from 8/nofap/ who didn't find their way here, and that can make a big impact on a board that typically had between 15 and 20 UIPs at any given time.
What to do after the end of NNN?
There are two things you can do:
1. Cum your penis
2. Don't cum your penis
No nut December
(31.24 KB 1262x182 the email.png)
Just saw the email frens. This is probably a sign that 8/nofap/ will return soon.
Jack-Off Jig's-Up January
Fap Free February
Mustn't Masturbate March
Autoerotism Abstinence April
Manhandling Management May
Johnson Judgement June
Jettison Jerkin' July
Autoerotism Abstinence Again August
Semen Saving September
No Nut November
Dick Dodge December
(274.70 KB 689x689 74932241_p0.png)
>no October
Orgasm Objection October
What I learned from /nofap/, is that masturbating is a lot like eating. It calls the attention of the eye but it doesn't feel or taste as good as it looks like.
Also, the body part which must feel the less pleasurable must be the penis. Because we all like big asses and tits, but they merely call the attention of the eye, you cannot biologically fuck them and penises go in the vagina anyway.

cafe/nofap/ will not be abandoned as long as anon.cafe stays up and I'm able to moderate both boards. However, for those of you looking to go home, 8/nofap/ officially lives again.


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