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(492.56 KB 960x720 Jceasar187_flag_1548022376.png)
Robi 01/18/2020 (Sat) 08:58:02 No. 527
Admin, please add these patterns to your blacklist.txt and clear your spider_cache.txt, and restart Lynxchan:
I fucked up and added the dolphin sperg to the webring. You can clear the entries with this method.
Fuck you, robi. I hope you drown while sedated and drugged.
All of your IPs belong to me.
Thank you, Robi. We noticed and assumed that Julay.world had added them by mistake. We held off action to calm the sperglet down temporarily, but now that it's in the open we'll blacklist accordingly.
Please update your webring addon. I disabled following "known" links in the webring which should reduce the impact of an attack like this in the future.
Good call. I'll push it ahead of the Lynxchan and theme upgrades.
Can you please delete my dolphin thread then?
Please also add pastebin.com to the blacklist. He used pastebin to force webring data.
You also need to clear your spider_cache.json after updating the blacklist. Sorry for the chore.
I had thought we could have nice things, but we can't.
Already done. By the way, since you're here: Thank you for your work under alogware. We appreciate it a great deal. It's been very helpful to be able to tag along on your work instead of having to do everything ourselves. You're a fucking faggot for being tricked by the dolphin autist but we're not going to hold that against you.
Thank you.
BTW, I still see pastebin.com entries in your webring.json so you might need to clear spider_cache.txt + restart Lynxchan to get rid of them once and for all.
It's been done and our webring version has been updated.

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