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Open file (105.61 KB 1280x720 1512279448009.jpg)
Anonymous 01/16/2020 (Thu) 16:08:31 No.502
Fix downtimes pls.
Our latest downtime was an exploit of the captcha generation vulnerability in Lynxchan; a simple and boring method. The attacker clearly identified themselves but we will not give them the attention they seek.

Hopefully, the newest countermeasures being added to Lynxchan will help. We are a small board that runs out of pocket, so we have little recourse at the moment.

We’re sorry for the downtime and are exploring other things that can be done.
And we’re back again. Same attacker, same method, no variation, no style, no grace.
Have you tried doing as described in >>368 ?
We’ll be adding it very soon. We were hoping to upgrade first, but it’s clear we’ll have to be more expedient. Our provider has DDoS protection but this isn’t a DDoS attack. We put other countermeasures in but clearly underestimated the number of requests that are needed to saturate captcha generation. We’ll tune that, get native captcha into place, and hope that the captcha pool feature limits future impact.

In the meantime, our attacker seems to be renting time on popular cloud providers that have traceable payments; we’re keeping and sending abuse reports as required behind the scenes.
I wish I had money to donate.
Might want to blacklist oceanchan from your webring considering he's the one that's been breaking the site.
Why? It's just some dead site. What difference would it make?
Having every site in the webring linked to a site ran by a pedophile who posts CP to imageboards and DDoS's generally sounds like a pretty fucking stupid idea.
If he does post CP on it (which would be pretty stupid) we can blacklist it, as long as it's just two empty boards I don't see the point.
Well, he did make claims of wanting to harvest IPs when he got /r9k/ on julay.
He literally posted CP to this site and DDoS'd it and you don't see a reason to blacklist his site from the webring? Are you retarded? Also this shit too >>515
By having his site in the webring you're putting users at risk.
No I don't, because it's dead and empty as stated before. Don't yell at me, I'm not the admin anyways.
Your writing style is rather distinct pedo.
What writing style? He's not everyone who disagrees with you schizo.
You repeat the same phrases incessantly on IRC and in your posts. You should probably work on that a bit if you're going to constantly try and LARP as an epic glow nigger subverting imageboards.
>point out that it serves no purpose to blacklist an empty site
>"hurr you are le dolphin"
Peak smoothbrain posting. What phrases? English sentences? Admin can blacklist the site if he wants, I don't care. It won't make a difference.
>serves no purpose to blacklist an enemy site
stop posting
It quite literally doesn't.
Open file (400.48 KB 2048x300 20 50 5000.png)
hmmmm this board didn't exist three hours ago but now it's populated with 5000 posts and it's being shilled right here
Open file (26.85 KB 1024x768 scr.png)
Future posts from this inconspicuous website
Luckily our non-enhanced boards page did not bump his boards to the top, so the chance of anyone hitting his pages from ours was very low. Now that Robi has also moved, we're blacklisting.

Thank you for reporting this so quickly, Anon. I'm sorry that we would have appeared to ignore you. Sharp-eyed anons like you make things safer for all of us, so please do not be discouraged.
I fucking hate you.
I love you. I hope you can find the help you need to stop lashing out like this.

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