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Anonymous 01/05/2020 (Sun) 22:56:06 No. 332
What happen?
I blame you, OP. Fuck you.
holy shit op stop with the shenanigans
You happened, obviously.
I need my friends. Dont do that again please
In all seriousness there were a few suspicious-looking spam posts when it came back up. Was probably an attack on Lynxchan-based systems in general.
Who would do such a thing? Shouldn't they be bothering 8kun?
I don't know who would have something against our tiny peaceful board.
It just crashed again. Fuck LynxChan.
Isn't this all just dolphin man requesting captchas repeatedly?
We've added something to bring MongloidDB back up if it nosedives. LynxChan is currently having some captcha spam countermeasures put in, so we'll plot an upgrade path to that version once it releases.
Why are there loads of threads missing from /lego/? There's only 2 pages now but I could've sworn there was at least 3 or 4 pages.
It was spammed with junk by somebody in the past.
When? I don't remember it being spammed or else I'd remember deleting all the spam too. There's only been 1 spam thread that I've had to delete and it was by a bot that posted on all the other boards here too.
Hmmm. Could crashing LynxChan reset the database?
I can see threads from hidden boards(as in not visible on boards page) on overboard.
Stephen Lynx is a nigger
I don't think this thread resides in /fa/.
/fa/ isn't hidden
Posts on hidden boards also appear on the recent posts page on the home page. I agree, and Stephen Lynx ought to hang himself for the piece of shit he has brought upon imageboards. I know Vichan is defunct and supposedly hard to work with, but why not take the time to use it? It certainly has a much better front end
I hope jschan and/or final solution will have similar or better feature set as soon as possible, so that stephen lynx and his side panel can do themselves in.
(250.39 KB 550x367 blog_thumbnail_1098621.png)
If you took the time to not be a nigger, you would rtfm and know that the site admin must enable a setting to completely hide posts from unindexed boards. Why? So board owners can't just do as they wish without the knowledge of the site admin on sites with open board creation.

How am I supposed to know what powers the admin has? I don't own my own website and I don't care for lynxchan, thats what the spoiler was all about.
>So board owners can't just do as they wish without the knowledge of the site admin on sites with open board creation.
I can understand why but all boards must be created by the admin anyways, so its not like anything is going to slip past.

This is a specific site issue. The software wasn't built for this one site only. Also, if you are going to say the software is shit, you should first learn about the software. It doesn't matter if you own the site or not. You want to criticize something you should first learn what you are talking about.

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no cookies?