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Open file (73.38 KB 450x350 jungle.png)
Requesting Boards Anonymous Board owner 09/01/2019 (Sun) 02:54:24 No.3
------ ⬇ JULAY.WORLD REFUGEES READ THIS PLEASE ⬇ UPDATE 2020-04-28 1300 UTC: If your board was previously hosted on Julay.world, please keep in mind that Anon.cafe is much smaller and runs on even less than Julay.world's very slim resources. We also don't want to disrupt the feel of this site and we don't want to become bloated like Julay.world did. We will also not be able to accommodate your board if, in our judgement, it poses a threat to Anon.cafe's continued operation or existence. However, we'll be helping in another way by doing what we can to ease the process of new admins setting up their own imageboard instances and joining the webring. Watch this space. ------ Self-service board creation is disabled. If you'd like to run a board on anon.cafe, please create an account and then post in this thread with: >The username you created >Board URL (e.g. /meta/) >Board name >Board topic >Would you like the board marked SFW (i.e. no explicit or other adult-only content)? Please review the Global Rules before you request a board. Please also be certain that you are willing to carry out the duties of a board owner. Boards whose owners do not log in for more than two weeks will be marked inactive and put up for claim. Boards that remain dead for an extended period may be deleted if resources need to be freed. Priority will be given to smaller boards that have been displaced by the 8chan incident. Being comfy is also a plus! Please specify if you are requesting a board for use as a "bunker", which is a board that will remain inactive and only be used in case your main board hosted elsewhere becomes unavailable. We request that bunker boards remain delisted from the board list and top boards so that we do not pollute the webring with many inactive duplicates of boards. To delist your board, go to Board Management > Settings, check the "Don't index on top boards and board list" box, and click Save. Delisted boards can still be read and posted on, so you can still distribute your new bunker's address to your anons. If your main board becomes inaccessible or you want to turn your bunker into your main board, feel free to relist it by unchecking the aforementioned "Don't index on top boards and board list" box and clicking Save. Please note that because delisted boards can still be posted on, their owners are still expected to log in regularly and clear them of spam or rule-breaking content and that delisted boards whose owners do not log in for some time will still go up for claim as normal. If you keep your bunker clear of spam and rule-breaking content, it will remain unlocked so that posts can be made at any time. If spam or rule-breaking content accumulates, the board will be administratively locked and will only be unlocked by request. By the time we see an unlock request and act on it, your anons may already have been unable to use the bunker for some time. A tidy bunker is a ready bunker.
Edited last time by root_admin on 04/28/2020 (Tue) 13:52:57.
Hello, would it be possible for /hgg/ to move here if Julay.world goes down? Normally I'd just claim the board but we already based ourselves on julay.world so the board backup here will probably be empty/inactive unless something bad happens. Or we decide on this place to be our primary bunker after some discussion when 8ch comes back
(51.23 KB 1057x184 Untitled.png)
On second thought, after reading global rules more closely I think some of the stuff we have on our board might violate this.
Yes, it would be fine for /hgg/ to set up a bunker here.

Regarding the global rules, we asked a few hosts with servers in Romania about the anime-style loli matter and they responded that “cartoon” (I.e. 2D) loli was not considered child pornography under their policies. So one might naturally conclude that 2D is not included under the Romanian law unless it “credibly simulates” a juvenile or has been produced as a derivative work of actual abuse material. We couldn’t find any clarification beyond that. Naturally if we receive takedown notices from Romanian law enforcement then we have to comply. Regarding purely textual stories, we don’t know, but it seems a great stretch to call a story a “credible simulation”.
Great. We'll probably decide on a primary bunker when 8ch comes back and we can discuss in the board itself, for now we'll stick with julay since we've already set things up there. Here are the details.
Hentai Games General
Lewd Games(Backup Bunker)
Done. The new board is at >>>/hgg/ and user "oilrig" has ownership.
(1.06 MB 320x240 otterdance4.gif)
Since zeronet is kinda crappy, the presence of otters should be felt on this board. Let's see if we can find refuge after we were swept away.
>Username: paperman
>URI: /otter/
>Name: Otter Zone
>Topic: Otters
Done. The new board is at >>>/otter/ and user "paperman" has ownership. I've also taken the liberty of marking the board SFW; please post here again if you'd like this reversed.
Feel Britannia
General discussion for British lads who feel

We've got a board over on julay that we're using, but we'd rather be safe than sorry. Haven't gotten a confirmation email back yet, it's been a couple of hours.
Done. The new board is at >>>/britfeel/ and user "britfeel" has ownership.

>We've got a board over on julay that we're using, but we'd rather be safe than sorry.
Since you are using this as a backup bunker, I took the liberty of marking the board as not listed on the top boards and the board list before I transferred ownership. This helps keep the list of boards that we publish to the webring clean and free of inactive duplicates. You can distribute the bunker link to your anons so they can keep it in reserve, and should you ever need to use your bunker you can uncheck the Manage Board > Settings > "Don't index on top boards and board list" checkbox to make it appear in our board list again.

Please note that unlisted boards can still be posted on and will still go up for claim if the owner doesn't log in, so please continue to check it regularly and keep it free of any spam or rule-breaking content. If you do this, your board will remain unlocked so that posts can be made. If spam or rule-breaking content accumulates, the board will be administratively locked and will only be unlocked by request. By the time we see an unlock request and act on it, your anons may already have been unable to use the bunker for some time. A tidy bunker is a ready bunker.

This is how we'll handle all backup bunker board requests from now on.

>Haven't gotten a confirmation email back yet, it's been a couple of hours.
If you clicked the button to request a confirmation email, it was probably not sent. There was a problem serverside that has now been corrected. Because of a problem where the confirmation standoff timer is still set even if email sending fails, you won't be able to request another confirmation email until 48 hours after your first request.
Since /hgg/ is a backup bunker, please delist it from the board list and top boards until you need to activate it. See >>15 for instructions and rules for backup bunker maintenance.
>Since /hgg/ is a backup bunker, please delist it from the board list and top boards
Done, thanks for hosting us.
Cheers mate, much appreciated.
New home of the very thing 4chan #janiteam doesn't want you to read
Done. Board is at >>>/irc/ and user “fourirc” has ownership. Given the name, is this board intended for active use? At this stage, we prefer non-bunkers are actively used for discussion. If you plan to post ancient leaks, you may find that hosting on a US-hosted imageboard gives them better protection. You’re welcome to use this board as a backup bunker, of course - see above for bunker guidelines.
This board is intended for active use. Although the events covered there are long over, it was one of the places where 4chan Anons could air their grievances with their staff. First thing posted here will be a sticky with the original drops and some background why 8chan is down.
(24.75 KB 500x347 1543131491939-0.jpg)
Language Learning and Translations
For those who're yearnin' for a learnin'
Done. Board is at >>>/lang/ and user "AlphabetSoup" has ownership. Would you like the board marked SFW?

The title "Language Learning and Translations" is 34 characters but the maximum length for board titles is 32 characters. I've left it cut off as "Language Learning and Translatio". You can make the board title whatever you want from Manage Board > Settings > Board description.
I'm not entirely sure I want it to, but sure, leave it SFW.
If you don't want to make it SFW you don't have to. It's marked NSFW by default.
>Username: activeshooter
>URL: /k/
Name: Weapons
Topic: Weapons, militaria, outdoors
Intended as a backup to the board on julay.world. I've had some of my streloks request that I look into having a backup plan in case things sour over there. I will keep it delisted until the need arises to move here.
Can you create a /k/ board if I can find someone willing to moderate it?
Done. Board is at >>>/k/ and user "activeshooter" has ownership. It was also marked as delisted before the ownership was transferred.

The board owner above can add board volunteers or janitors if they like. You should work it out with them if you find someone willing to volunteer.
Amateur Game Development General
Just make game
Done. Board is at >>/agdg/ and user "EggHeadz" has ownership.
Requesting erischan.org be added to the webring, sincerely, erischan.
Are TORposters going to be allowed to post files on anon.cafe? I was the owner of a small board on 8ch, but after everything that's happened I don't ever intend to bareback an IB again.
Finally found this place!

Just Femanon Things
Girl Topics, Autism, advice
Please don't list erischan, they're faggots.
>I don't ever intend to bareback an IB again.
Wise. We allow Tor and VPN posting and will be adding a Tor hidden service in the future for exactly this reason. I also hate the restriction on Tor file upload because it gets in my way. As much as I wish it were not so, at the present time we have decided that allowing Tor users to post files poses too high a risk. We may or may not revisit this decision in the future.

Erischan has been followed elsewhere in the webring and is included in our peers' updates.
Aren’t you worried about friction with /cuckquean/?
Why would there be friction?
That's fair. Other bunkers can do it since they seem to have a larger team of vols to watch out for stuff, but I understand smaller sites restricting Tor uploads. It's too annoying of a risk unless you have enough eyes to stop faggots from ruining shit for everyone else. The eventual hidden service is also good to hear.

Also can you add a link to the block bypass somewhere like 8chan had it? Otherwise it won't tell you until the entire post tries to go through, which is annoying if you're uploading a large filesize only to tell you that you need to complete the captcha and have to upload it all over again.
I do not see how. /cuckquean/ deals with a specific fetish. Our board would be about anything femanon related. If anything, an intersection of the communities could be helpful to the bunker.
>Other bunkers can do it since they seem to have a larger team of vols to watch out for stuff
Which ones? And do they allow you to create a board like this site does? I'd like to rebuild my board somewhere other than 8ch given all the attacks against it, but if I can't even post files that makes it pretty much impossible ofc.
Julay.world, Smug, and Mark’s vch are the only other ones I know of. Julay.world invites creation but doesn’t permit Tor upload. I don’t know Vch’s policy on Tor upload but they’re not inviting new boards. AFAIK the only bunker that permits Tor upload is /a/'s Smug, and they’re not actively inviting new boards.
All three permit Tor uploads. Like I said though, they have larger teams to at least mitigate the risks.
wasn't that swami's drama magnet? that collapsed?
Thanks, I just set it up on Julay.world.
I know for a fact that there are women in the altchan diaspora that enjoy cuckqueaning so I don't think that would be a huge issue
Requesting a board for /eu/.

European Union Politics
European Union, Politics, Random
SFW yes

I should mention, I want no extremism or left/right alignment with it, it was all about the issues of living in an Europoor nation.
Ball-Jointed Dolls
Delicious dolljoints
SFW yes since I assume doll nudity doesn’t count as explicit content. We’ll have a rule that nudity of dolls with more detailed genitals has to be spoilered, is that OK?
>Delicious Dolljoints
I can approve of this idea heh.
>t- /robowaifu/
How the fuck do you create an account on an imageboard?
(23.64 KB 271x297 albini5.jpg)
Because I really fucking miss my fellow robots
>Now with less eunuchs
>Make the board SFW, so that it can be seen from the sfw overboard
I'd have expected for them to be somewhere but I couldn't find them, so I'd like for this board to be created.
Done. Board is at >>>/girltalk/ and user "PuriPuriPri" has ownership.

Done. Board is at >>>/eu/ and user "KingOfEurope" has ownership. SFW flag set. Please note that we're hosted in Romania.

Done. Board is at >>>/doll/ and user "dolljoints" has ownership. SFW flag set. Your rule seems like it'll work, provided that spoilered posts don't form the majority of images. If it doesn't live up to this, we'll re-assess its SFW-ness.

Done. Board is at >>>/r9k/ and user "mugabe" has ownership. SFW flag set. Please enforce it.
Good to see you're already laying down an intro sticky. I noticed that the rules in that sticky allow porn behind spoilers. This conflicts with the Global Rules which state that explicit content is not allowed at all on SFW boards. At the moment we allow edge cases involving occasional artistic or otherwise necessary nudity on SFW boards behind spoilers but this does not extend to explicit content. If you'd like /r9k/ to be marked NSFW instead so that porn is allowed, let us know.
Wasn't this the route that a lot of SFW boards had to go through? Spoiler porn and gore that is thrown once in a while since it's not a dedicated porn board.
We have stricter rules than 8chan regarding the SFW/NSFW designation. If a board wants to be SFW then it must have no explicit content posted. It's up to the board.
Ok, now that the place started getting some traffic, I'd like for the board to turn NSFW. Thank you very much.
'd like to ask, is the anchor/bumplock function available on this software?
Can't seem to access the /hgg/ board on Julay.world, I think it might be down
Does anyone else have the same problem?
Julay.world is down right now. Bunker at >>>/hgg/ and Julay panic thread at >>>/cafe/362
Thanks anon
I'd like to request a board.
>Username: akhenaten
>URL: /pol/
>Name: Poetry and Lyrics
>Topic: Poetic literature discussion
>SFW: Yes
Done. Board is at >>>/pol/ and user "akhenaten" has ownership. SFW flag set. Don't make us regret this.
>Lego Central
>All things Lego related

Many thanks
>International discussion
Both done.
Thank you
Can I create a board for my own personal use, and perhaps one or two other people?

It would require a password to view the board.

If not, then where can I do such a thing?
You want something other than an imageboard, I think.
Maybe. It's supposed to be for studying various topics, posting progress reports on habits, and sharing notes and thoughts. There would be 1-2 other friends using the board,

What features I like from imageboards:
>Very little clutter compared to regular forums. No profile pictures, profile links, buttons that say 'reply', etc. Easy to 'just type'.
>One long scrolling page
>Linking to other posts, reply links show up on the side.
>Catalog. Topic images.
>Easy to upload files
>Custom themes

So I believe I want a personal use board with a password block. But do you have any suggestions that would be better than an imageboard?
I remember a Russian IB that needed a password to enter, but I can't remember what it was called. You may also want to check out chakai.org/tea which only opens at specific times of day for 2 hours a time.
/cuteboys/ on julay was deleted because of concerns of a 3D(irl) porn /soc/-like board causing too much headache with DOST issues, which from what I've read Romania has similar laws. Gay porn, femboy porn, etc. Just figured I'd ask if you're also uncomfortable hosting such a board, I assume it's the case but nevertheless just making sure. As I said on julay I don't want to be a burden on site owners, so it's no issue if you'd rather decline.

On the unlikely chance you're up for it:
no homo
If Julay.world is unable to accomodate you then we certainly won’t be able to. We’d like to but we’re not really in a position to do so right now.
Alright no worries, thanks for the reply.
Was kinda hoping /tan/ would be here.
What's that?
> youcaca
>Idols, lovelive, cute girls, autism
Just to talk about idols.
Done. Board is at >>>/lovelive/ and user "youcaca" has ownership.
>username: mathfag
>board URL: /psyid/
>board name: Psychology of Self
>board topic: discussions psychology, mainly Jungian
>SFW board
I have been refining a board idea for a while, in a way its an experiment but its also an effort to revive and preserve certain niches from boards, some of which might otherwise be lost as now it seems not all the old 8ch boards will be brought back, many smaller boards which had potential never took off and some of them died because they didn't get enough attention, there are also boards which have become inaccessible for various reasons, perhaps this board idea might help recreate some of what was seemingly lost. Maybe something new could also be born from this. Each thread could be a sort of a slice from a comfy niche board (or at least a comfy part of a board)

>The username you created
>Board URL (e.g. /meta/)
>Board name
>Board topic
Thread Specific Utility Board
>Would you like the board marked SFW (i.e. no explicit or other adult-only content)?
Done. Board is at >>>/psyid/ and user “mathfag” has ownership. SFW flag set. Good luck to the new board!

Done. Board is at >>>/server/ and user “server” has ownership. SFW flag set. Good luck to the new board!
(18.30 KB 309x400 proven science.jpg)
>Fappers Anonymous
And yes, please make it SFW.
Done. Board is at >>>/nofap/ and user “PLAGUE_DOCTOR” has ownership. SFW flag set. Good luck!
I just noticed that /server/‘s SFW bit wasn’t actually set. I’ve set it now and confirmed it. Looks like it’s off to a good start.
Thanks, friend.
>Dress to Impress
(617.80 KB 1714x570 resize.jpg)
Fashion is comfy and cafes are super fashionable. I will maintain it as a clean and effay place to post about fits and what's in. I even have cafe themed fashion banners I'll be good BO I promise
Cyberpunk & Science Fiction
A board dedicated to all things cyberpunk (and all other futuristic science fiction) NSFW welcome

I'd like to bring back users from the old /cyber/ board to cultivate this into something wonderful
Done. Board is at >>>/fa/ and user “anon” has ownership. SFW flag set. Good luck!

Done. Board is at >>>/cyber/ and user “Yeove” has ownership. There seems to be a mini-/cyber/ over in >>>/server/9, which might be worth collaborating with.
Thank you, generous board giver.
The Haven
Vampires & Occult
Intended as a main board but will be inactive before users start gathering, so a bunker for now?
Done. Board is at >>>/haven/ and user “bard” has ownership. SFW flag set. Good luck!
I know /Psyid/ exists, but its apparently abandoned and i haven't been able to contact the owner.

>The username you created
>Board URL (e.g. /meta/)


>Board name

Psychology and neurosciences

>Board topic

any branch of psychology, from clinical to cognitive science

>Would you like the board marked SFW (i.e. no explicit or other adult-only content)?

SFW please
An /hk/ board for Hong Kong maybe?
Would you host a /webm/ style board or would that use too much storage?
Done. Board is at >>>/tower/ and user “Modmin” has ownership. SFW flag set. Good luck!

We’d like to, but it is as you suspect: Our present resources will not allow it.

It would appear that the owner is still logging in regularly, since the board has not gone up for claim. We’re a little reluctant to create duplicate boards. The owner has the option of transferring ownership to you if they no longer want the board or feel that you’d manage it better. Please try to work it out with them first.
Are you the previous /tower/ BO?
(901.67 KB 2048x1144 broadclippix.png)
(1004.96 KB 2048x1165 clipboardpix.png)
Requesting the webring button that julay, animu, and Florida have that pops up the nice box for sorting through the webring.
want /tech/
Doesn't that duplicate julay/tech/? Is this a bunker?
ah i guess that does exist. never use julay, ill check it out
glad no one made a board for this dipshit
meet me in the back ill fighting fight you and all your friends you little punk
I'm interested in the /r9k/ board. I used to be a mod back on 8/r9k/, but a malicious admin kicked me and others out.
Not SFW, it's NFSW (in case of lewd posts).
Are you a commie? Do you sympathize with any leftist ideology?
Y'all betta not enforce your opinion on the board, whatever it is. Stupid fucking arguments are the lifeblood of /r9k/.
Can I be mod instead? I promise to do absolutely jack shit
Me again. I'm entering for /r9k/ too. Maybe we can have a mod fight.
>The username you created
>Board URL (e.g. /meta/)
>Board name
>Board topic
>Would you like the board marked SFW (i.e. no explicit or other adult-only content)?
Nah, 'cuz it's already NSFW right now
I am entering for /r9k/ also.
>The username you created
>Board URL (e.g. /meta/)
>Board name
>Board topic
Some disassembly required
>Would you like the board marked SFW (i.e. no explicit or other adult-only content)?
no, not really useful
I went to check on /haven/ but its 404 is not found. What happened? BO seemed to have plans for it; did he give up? Did he realize succubi are cooler than vampires and delete the entire board out of shame? Did someone die in a magic accident so he's trying to bury the evidence? Was it demonic possession? Was the board used as sacrifice in some sort of ritual? Was it alien reptilian jewish nazis enforcing cosmic forbidden-knowledge laws upon the goyleben? Did the part of the server with /haven/ on it blow up, leaving the rest of the website intact? Did the board simply move to a reality I'm not consciously perceiving?
I thought /haven/ was pretty neat. I've a huge interest in what I like to call "occult magic shit" because I have a magic succubus girlfriend and regular science can't explain her besides calling me schizophrenic.
Fun fact: the original definition of "autism" refers to schizophrenics becoming entrenched in their own fantasy worlds. I am the truest autism man
>all these people wanting to hotpocket
>none of them even explaining that they understand the board culture or anything to distinguish why they should be BO
This is pretty fucking messy. Being that eager to hotpocket is sketchy, and bad actors could be in the mix too. At least elaborate on your understandings of r9k and how it should be ran instead of just dropping a name and some lulsorandom board topic.
I'm the first person who requested for /r9k/ (the one who picked Comrade in the name). I want to be the new BO for /r9k/ because I want to stop normalfags and avatarfags from spamming our nice isolated board. I used to be a 8/r9k/ mod, but a malicious user took control of an admin account. He then deleted me and others.
>I want to stop normalfags and avatarfags from spamming our nice isolated board.
Okay, but this doesn't really happen. Banning normalnigger threads is just standard practice, it's not some new charge that someone is going to suddenly start employing. To say that is to respond with "because I want money" to an employer asking why you want to work for them.

I think when someone shows up for a very small board and starts raving about how they're going to be the best mod ever and ban all the evil doers it concerns people, because in reality there's like maybe 5 posts on that entire board in the last month worthy of deletion. To put it another way, we've gone almost a month without a BO or any mods and no one noticed or cared because the board essentially has zero bad faith actors posting on it.

So when you talk about scripts to automate banning, and protecting our sacred comfy board, you might mean well but it comes off a little problematic all things considered. r9k does a pretty good job of self moderating, so all you need to do is maintain the culture that is already there and do the occasional janny cleanups. I guess you have to look at it like you're doing community service, rather than you "owning" the board.
Sure. :)
Fuck you nigger
As president of the /r9k/ I promise to enforce the board rules that are already there and not create new ones unless necessary. I shall not be going after normalfags and avatarfags since we do not have any currently. Previously, we had "guy who wanted hookers" (banned) and "guy who posted his dolphin plush" (banned three times) which are respective examples of each. I see no reason for further development in this sector unless something comes up.
I do not give any shit about politics and promise to manage the board in a fair and unbiased manner, unlike Scum1 who is either a leftist or an "extreme rightest". Neither are good for a mod, for his perception will cloud his judgement. I am also a fulltime NEET, so I will have plenty of time to do my duties to this great cool awesome board.
I want to infuse the /r9k/ with comfy cafe energy and better integrate it into the cafesphere. Currently it is waiting for 8chan to come back, but 8chan is never coming back. We must shed our chains and proceed into comfyworld, but we cannot attain comfort with strife. Thank you.
Vote for BigGuy, not just for you, but for the future!
Nice propaganda.
Thanks friend; you too. May the best mod win.
(160.58 KB 623x505 xi_jinping1a.jpg)
>I guess you have to look at it like you're doing community service, rather than you "owning" the board.
This. Many BOs do it for the 'glory' and attention of being what they see as an important person, but this is an immediate red flag. BOs like this inevitably push people away and shouldn't be trusted at all for they don't understand what it is to be an anon - being a BO to them is being a namefag with power. Becoming a BO should be a constant chore and hassle, something you dislike doing but soldier on because you are shouldering the burden of looking after the community you love.
Isn't it a bit too early to elaborate on the qualities a BO should have? Now anyone could just say "I will become a totally neutral board owner for my fellow male virgin anonymous posters" in their little résumé and it could get more difficult to choose the most fitting candidate, especially if more anons are going to volunteer for the position.
It may overcomplicate things, but I think it would be better if candidates were to post their temporary mails where a text of a résumé-blank with appropriate questions will be mailed to them and the candidates send the filled blanks back. inb4 someone will try bitcoin bribery because this method is not public After the candidate is chosen, his interview is publicly posted, so the /r9k/ anons would decide if they should stay and see how well the BO will not fuck up, GTFO from the board because the BO is sketchy or ask for a re-election (with a proper explanation why the chosen candidate is unfit to oversee /r9k) before any unpleasant surprise occurs.
Again, it may be a little bit more time-consuming, but it won't turn into a circus where everyone tries to outdone their opponents by improving on their rivals' publicly made mistakes.
Right now I simply don't see anyone of the above to be well-fitting for the board owner position.
Okay, shill.
That's not anonymous, you're a glownigger. Resume? You're joking. Why would we spend hours voting for a dead board?
>where everyone tries to outdone their opponents by improving on their rivals' publicly made mistakes.
I think you just getting owned by three people speaks to the validity of this method. Four people
(250.00 KB 1280x720 what_should_be_done.png)
Final solution for the voting problem. For integrity, it should be the site owner to the one to spin it on video.
Not random enough. I'll make a site for it then.
>I'll make a site for it then.
>Not random enough.
It will be if site owner makes his own spinning wheel IRL.
>I'll make a site for it then.
t. one of the candidates

shuf --random-source=/dev/urandom -n1 -i1-3
Do it on the server hosting this site and it should be random enough, but i still stand with the spinning wheel method.
>>349 drew the short straw. Ownership of /r9k/ has been transferred to use "BigGuy". Good luck.
Enjoy the DOS attack now.
pfffff holy shit
Guess I get mod practice, then
(512.22 KB 1280x720 are_you_fucking_stupid.webm)
I don't know if choosing random applicant was something decided from the start or not, but I'm glad I suggested it nevertheless. I guess that'll teach me to bully larps from the beginning instead of giving them loads of benefit of the doubt and politely explaining to them where they are wrong.
Are there any other boards that can be claimed?
Go to boards, then look at the boards with (owner inactive) next to them. There's 4 of them
(33.76 KB 432x588 43199590.jpg)
can I have /pol/?
username is 3jomay
>a magic succubus girlfriend
She said "I'm not a succubus shut up". She also told me she's gonna yoink my soul out of its current body "just for a little bit" the next time I go to sleep and she says she'll give it back.
If, for whatever reason, the /r9k/ board owner stops posting or logging in for two entire weeks, I would like to will the board to Cormen. Thanks.
We baneposted. I said "But what about my friends on /r9k/?" and she said "They're not my friends" and I said "Don't worry, no charge for them" and she said "And why would I want them?" and I said "They were trying to grab your prize. They work for the mercenary, the masked man" and she said "Bane?" and I said "I don't know. He wears a mask so I know neither his name nor face". She said "Good job". Shitposting with a spiritual being is probably my greatest life accomplishment.
Is board creation still up? I'm not thrilled about 8kun so I'd like to remake my personal blog board elsewhere.

>The username you created
>Board URL
>Board name
>Board topic
Creative hobbies and projects
>Would you like the board marked SFW

While I'm at it, I'd also like to request enabling text file (.txt) uploads.
There's a board for that on sportschan just so you know
>The username you created
>Board URL
>Board name
Archivo de hispachan.org
>Board topic
Se archiva contenido (Oc, capturas de hilos, cómics, etc) de los tablones /a/, /ac/, /tv/ y /w/
>Would you like the board marked SFW

I'll be waiting for your answer, Admin.
Done. We’ll think about the text file upload request. Why do you want it?

We have limited storage space and it seems you want to use this board mainly for mirroring files with little discussion. Perhaps you might try Julay.world?
Basically. I'm pretty sure it won't be really that much storage.
>Perhaps you might try Julay.world?
I've already discussed using julay as an option with hispachan mods, but they don't really get along with Julay, actually the page is currently blacklisted there, kek. So, this board is my second option, my third one is 8kun, but 8kun's script sucks, kek.

So could you please let me open an storage board here? Otherwise I would have to talk to hispachan admin again to try to convince him to take Julay out of the blacklist.
>they don't really get along with Julay, actually the page is currently blacklisted there
Some internet drama regarding an old Image board that used to flood hispa some years ago and now their anons are using a Julay board as a bunker.
>Why do you want it?
It's just nicer to be able to post text content in your post instead of going to some other third party website and pasting a link, it's also nicer to just open/save the file directly than go to said website. As for what for, program source code and writefagging come to mind. 5120 characters isn't a lot in either context.
What does it mean that the largest board on this site for relaxed boards is decidedly unrelaxed?
>more concern trolling
Got tired of getting blown the fuck out after your muh racism posting I see.
What if the blame lies not with the board but with yourself? What if you are just not very skilled at relaxing?
t. relax pro
It was only a question, relax.
>oy vey why are you lashing out at my persistent attempts to subvert communities anon I only asked a loaded question with severe implications behind the logical conclusion
Kill yourself faggot. You're as transparent as all of your fellow discord tranny goons.
I'm not whatever your boogeyman-of-the-week is. Thanks for demonstrating the point though.
Cool, time for you to crawl back now.
>severe implications behind the logical conclusion
What implications?
Are you joking? It was as subtle as a punch in the face. "Delete this board I don't like" is the obvious goal of the complaint, because the only other solution to this perceived problem would be forcing everyone to suppress themselves and that never works. This is a board that recently avoided being controlled by a bad actor when the previous owner became inactive. After that was unsuccessful there was an attempt to harvest IPs by creating more bunkers and impersonation. If it was deleted it would never recover, there would be no successful regrouping, because of what has been happening. It would be the complete dissolution of what was once 8chan /r9k/. Attempting to destroy it is decidedly not relaxed.
I want to request a /comfy/ board >username Butterberg >title Comfy posting >SFW yes please
>>10448 Done. SFW flag set.
>>3 >current r9k bo is not doing anything >in case he dies, i would like to be the new bo I would like to be the new bo. I know css, so I can fix the current css up. I will remove the normalfag shit too. >username: fatmale >/r9k/ >ROBOTS9001 >NORMALFAGS OUT >NSFW
>>10469 hi luke how's it going
>/otter/ - Otter Zone (Dead) I'd still like my board back, my username is still ppaperman.
>>10478 Just log back in if it hasn't been re-assigned yet >>10450 Could unindexed boards not have their posts appear on the front page please?
>>10479 Can't, I'm locked out of my account by a broken password change system.
>>10480 Ah, I was unaware.
>>10478 >>10480 You should have control back now. >>10479 >Could unindexed boards not have their posts appear on the front page please? For /tower/'s sake, right? This change will be made in a little while.
>>10490 >This change will be made in a little while Thank you for addressing this even when you have bigger problems on your mind, it's really appreciated.
FashBO /fascist/ Surf the Kali Yuga Fascist and Third Position Discussion (bunker)
Open file (79.77 KB 240x215 ClipboardImage.png)
>The username you created Stug3 >Board URL (e.g. /meta/) /mh/ >Board name Military history >Board topic Discuss military history of all time periods. >Would you like the board marked SFW (i.e. no explicit or other adult-only content)? Yes
>>10537 >>10540 Think the admin may have gone AWOL as we haven't seen him in a bit, just as a heads up. Don't know if you know but Julay has a /milhis/ board, just in case.
>>10537 Done. Since this is a bunker, please set it to be unindexed until you need it to be active. >>10540 Done. >>10541 I'm still checking in several times a day even if I don't spin up what's needed to respond to requests right away. The present world situation means that I don't have as much time as I used to.
>>10542 Good to see your still here though, I just assumed you weren't because I haven't seen any posts in a while. >The present world situation means that I don't have as much time as I used to I hope everything's all right. If you ever need anyone to do janny stuff, I'm the BO of /lego/ and I'd be happy to help in any way.
>>3 /dolphin/ Dolphin Dolfin dolphin
Open file (1.13 MB 3264x2448 3264-2448-max.jpg)
/toy/ (bunker) Toys and Collectibles Welcome to the /toy/box No Cheers
>>10548 No problem, but you'll need to create a user account to act as BO, then tell us what it is.
Turns out I'm a retard, sorry. Username is Sarge
And I can't even link properly either >>10549
>Username: notmork >board: /v/ - Video Games Thanks
Would anon.cafe be open to having a /v/ board? Many of the /v/ community are unsatisfied with current options.
>>10553 Mark is that you?
>>10553 >Many of the /v/ community are unsatisfied with current options You guys need to stop being picky faggots and get your shit together. There's 5 different boards across 4 webring sites you all could use but instead the entire /v/ community as a whole spends most of it's time on internal drama and attacking each other. Another webring /v/ board isn't going to solve anything and I don't think anon.cafe needs the unnecessary shit that comes with hosting a /v/ board. Both prolikewoah and fatchan have hosted one in the past few days and some of their other boards have taken a complete nosedive in quality.
>>10552 >>10553 >yet another /v/ Why, though? I’m genuinely curious.
>>10550 Done.
>>3 airwolfensf /hentaiclub/ Hentai Club Discussion of hentai, not just image dumps. And no, it's pretty NSFW I do have a an 8kun board under the same name, but with loli being purged, I want to move here, just in case., and this >>7 reassures me.
>>10562 Done. Please take especial care to not allow violations of the Global Rules against simulation of juveniles in explicit sexual behavior and against pedophilia advocacy.
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EggHeadz /christian/ Christianity Religious discussions and spirituality
AbdalAziz /islam/ Muslim Congregation 29:64 "And this worldly life is not but diversion and amusement. And indeed, the home of the Hereafter - that is the [eternal] life, if only they knew."
Ah, so you made it! I'm thankful, I was about to alert the rest of you guys not to go to that data-mining, rule-enforcing 9chan hell hole.
>>10569 meant to this
>>10568 >>10569 Both done. Neither of you specified if you want your boards to be SFW, but I assumed that you both would and set the SFW flag anyway. Let me know if you'd like to move to NSFW.
>>10572 thanks buddy
>>88 what happened to /eu/?
>>10572 What could go wrong?
>>10568 >>10569 This is gonna be great.
>>10574 I think their owner deleted the board.
I'd like to see about getting /r9k/ recreated here as a bunker to fatchans board. I'll be making a post here https://fatchan.org/r9k/thread/1.html#1 to confirm my identity as fatchan's /r9k/ board owner. >The username you created robot >Board URL (e.g. /meta/) /r9k/ >Board name robot9000 >Board topic NORMALNIGGERS OUT >Would you like the board marked SFW (i.e. no explicit or other adult-only content)? NSFW
>>10583 Last time was pretty bad, though.
>>3 ElGoblinio /loomis/ Fun With A Pencil (or tablet) Drawings, Art, 3D, Self Improvement, Loomis
>>3 Requesting: /icup/ Inter-Board Competitions PES, Soccer, Simulations, Tournaments, Divegrass Moggibonsi
Hey admin, since we're currently in the blast wave of the impending julay shutdown, could you limit the number of board creations here in any way? If everybody flocks here instead of making their own IBs it'll defeat the whole purpose.
>>10585 Done. /loomis/ is presently marked NSFW. Let us know if you want that to change. >>10586 Also for you, /icup/ - presently NSFW, let us know if you want it changed to SFW. >>10587 We don't have the resources nor staff to host all the Julay.world refugees, but we will be open-sourcing a way to bring up a LynxChan instance quickly and easily so that other hosts can appear on the webring to pick up the slack. Hopefully. I'll be posting a proper announcement soon.
Open file (3.40 MB 4320x1200 51577869_p0.jpg)
mothman /slav/ Slavic Culture Slavic Ethnicity, Culture and Media SFW
>>10591 Are you coming from Julay.world or have you just decided that now would be the time to try a new board?
>>10588 thanks a lot friend yes I think you should limit the amount of boards, or maybe eliminate those that don't see much posting at all >>10591 There's balkanchan for slav culture, but they're not on the webring yet. Maybe we could try and get them on our little thing?
>>10592 I requested a board on julay about three weeks ago but they never got back to me and now they're shutting down. If it's a bit of a chaotic time to request a board just ignore my request for now. I did also use anon.cafe along with julay if that's what you're asking about. I'm not just coming here because julay is closing. >>10593 Thank you for telling me, I guess BO should just ignore my request if this type of board already exists.
>>10593 Given the present situation we'll be limiting our boards. I want to be sure that we can give each board we take on a chance to thrive. That won't happen if we're choking. But at the same time that we're all for having more hosts in the webring, I recognize that not everybody has the skill or dedication to spin up their own hosting, operations, and staff. Not to mention that bad actors may well slip into the webring again if there are more trusted nodes they can trick. Our rule for accepting boards at the moment is whether they fit our more laid-back nature. We don't want stressful boards! We'll be looking to delete some of the dead boards soon. They don't tend to consume many resources but they do act to clog up the webring list and give the impression of deadness to everyone else. In the future I want to hear about each BO's plan for their boards. Some of our boards have very dedicated, creative BOs who build happy, comfy communities and are a pleasure to host. We want more of those. >>10594 Thank you for being understanding. Let's play it by ear for now. I won't approve your board at the moment but that doesn't mean I won't in the future. I see that Balkanchan is reluctant to join the webring, but even so I think it'd be better to see if they scratch your itch before competing with them.
>>10593 >eliminate those that don't see much posting at all But that's every board.
Diap /abdl/ Adult Babies / Diaper Lovers Padded Butts, Diapered Sluts
Open file (1.22 MB 1496x1218 Comic Sans Deano.png)
>>10595 >We'll be looking to delete some of the dead boards soon /britfeel/ BO here. We've been posting primarily on Julay/britfeel/ for the past 8 months, but we've had >>>/britfeel/ here as our emergency bunker ever since >>15 . With the way things are looking on Julay right now, we may not be over there for much longer. I don't know if we'll end up moving here full time or not, as things are very up in the air right now (although moving here currently seems to be the most likely outcome), but I'd like to ask for our bunker here to be kept available for the forseeable future if possible. It has been set to be hidden from the board list and the webring all this time, and will continue to be so until we officially move in, so it shouldn't cause any clogging up of the webring or give impressions of deadness in the meantime. >In the future I want to hear about each BO's plan for their boards. Some of our boards have very dedicated, creative BOs who build happy, comfy communities and are a pleasure to host. We want more of those. /britfeel/ is effectively a general discussion/blogposting board for Brits and anyone friendly to Brits. We are currently a relatively small, close-knit community that has existed in one form or another since 2014, and we have a distinct and unique board culture that we try to keep alive. We generally stick to a single thread at any one time, and while our main focus isn't OC, we do create things from time to time such as image edits, music, cooking, gardening, electronics, etc. Our main discussion topics are usually our daily lives, our hobbies and interests, our thoughts and beliefs, our struggles with wellness and self-improvement, nostalgia, imageboard meta, and the odd bit of banter. We started out as an offshoot of /r9k/, so we do have a general distaste towards normalfags and that sort of thing, but we've definitely softened up a fair bit over the years. We are still anons at the end of the day though, so casual usage of slurs is fairly commonplace, but perhaps not to the same extent you'd find on more notorious boards.
Open file (690.73 KB f party.swf)
>>3 I'd like to move /f/ over here from Julay, if you will take us. We're very small at roughly five regular users, and the atmosphere is very chill. If we are accepted, I intend on moving everyone here right away. >>10595 My plan is to keep doing what I've been doing for the past five years with /f/: One meta thread, one discussion cyclical, and everything else is for SWF posting. The discussion cyclical is the most active, and it is usually off-topic, consisting primarily of talk about our daily lives, projects, and various tech related topics. It's a weird formula, but it works for us. flashmaster /f/ Flash SWF & Discussion NSFW
>>3 Hey there, head honcho I think I have an idea, there are several boards that have their owner inactive or barely any posts in them, among which: /psyid/ /mh/ /lovelive/ /irc/ Now, how about putting them on the main post of the meta thread, then wait a day or two to see if the owner returns or if anyone wants to pick up from them, and then just up and remove them and switch them with a few new boards that will come knocking?
>>10595 >some of the dead boards is there a list of which boards are up for the ax?
>>10601 All the ones with "owner inactive" next to them i guess.
>>10597 Sorry. Try a different host or make your own with the soon-to-be-released tools. >>10598 Don't worry lads, your bunker isn't on the chopping block and you're welcome to reactivate it when you like. You're very easy guests. >>10599 Alright, done. >>10600 >>10601 >>10602 /girltalk/, /lovelive/, /mh/, /psyid/, and /int/ are the initial wave. I can't tell if /hentaiclub/ has been abandoned or not, but we'll give it a little more time to spin up or go into bunker mode.
Edited last time by root_admin on 04/29/2020 (Wed) 00:30:25.
>>10603 >Don't worry lads, your bunker isn't on the chopping block and you're welcome to reactivate it when you like. You absolute legend, you honestly don't even know how appreciative me and the lads are of you right now. Cheers mate.
>>10603 Thank you for your hospitality.
Open file (103.32 KB 428x420 fU1GhR3P_VQUyEU.jpg)
Hello there, i know in the last day you've been getting quite the influx but i wanted to inquire if i can get a board here? I saw that this place is focused on artistic hobbies and general "comfiness" so i was inclined to ask about a Photography board, i opened one at JW but never really got establish it outside custom CSS and banners due to IRL activities but it so just happens that in this last week everyone and me got out and SHTF. I'm going to delete it later on so Robi doesn't even mind what to do with it. If i am successful at grabbing most of the users that were back in 8c and others lurking around we might get 6 to 10 users at the very peak, we probably won't get any bigger but i do have to mention we may also host tons of stuff and PDFs, so if that is a factor i can understand the resistance towards the idea. Here's the info if we can go for it. >The username you created Lensman >Board URL (e.g. /meta/) /p/ >Board name Photography >Board topic Resources & discussion regarding the heliographic practice >Would you like the board marked SFW (i.e. no explicit or other adult-only content)? I think some works from certain big names can be considered NSFW, so i'll have to go with adult content.
>>10603 Hello, I just wanted to double check if /hgg/ is can still open here considering recent events. I would also like to double check if 3dcg anime style games like koikatsu or artificial academy lolis will be fine. Thank you. >Your ip was recognized as a known spammer. Any chance of removing this.
>>10603 Hey, /comfy/ BO here. Is it alright if I take over /pol/? It's been dead forever.
>>10606 >i do have to mention we may also host tons of stuff and PDFs, so if that is a factor i can understand the resistance towards the idea. This does worry us a little. Nevertheless, your board's remit sits well within our area so I'll let you on board. If the storage situation becomes a problem we'll have to work something out. Your board has been created and you have control. >NSFW, so i'll have to go with adult content. That's alright. For the sake of completeness: Please remember that one of our Global Rules is "Do not post sexually provocative content of real children" and also that "any material that shows a juvenile displaying a sexually explicit behavior" is illegal in Romania and thus strictly banned under our Global Rules. >>10607 /hgg/'s bunker remains intact and you're welcome to host here. >I would also like to double check if 3dcg anime style games like koikatsu or artificial academy lolis will be fine. See our previous response at >>7 : >Regarding the global rules, we asked a few hosts with servers in Romania about the anime-style loli matter and they responded that “cartoon” (I.e. 2D) loli was not considered child pornography under their policies. So one might naturally conclude that 2D is not included under the Romanian law unless it “credibly simulates” a juvenile or has been produced as a derivative work of actual abuse material. We couldn’t find any clarification beyond that. Naturally if we receive takedown notices from Romanian law enforcement then we have to comply. Regarding purely textual stories, we don’t know, but it seems a great stretch to call a story a “credible simulation”. Our global rules clarify that we consider that "This includes, for example, realistic 3D renders of juveniles". Do the depictions of fictional juveniles in Koikatsu and Artificial Academy “credibly simulate" a juvenile? We do not know what the Romanian authorities and courts consider "credible" for these purposes and this is not something we're able to advise on. However, it does seem to us that a full-motion 3DCG rendering of a child's body with slightly exaggerated features that includes generated animation and includes sounds of moaning etc. is a "simulation". The legislation explicitly points out that it applies "even if not presenting a real person". A still picture of this simulation is a derivative work of that simulation. Fulfilling one half of the "credible simulation" is too close. No 3DCG of juveniles engaging in explicit sexual activity may be posted. >Any chance of removing this. Under the "more" option, you should see a checkbox that requests a block bypass. Solve the captcha to get a block bypass cookie and you can post even if your IP appears on the global spamlists we subscribe to.
>>10608 We've not seen /pol/'s owner in quite some time. I'll post on the board and email them. If they don't respond for a few days or want to give the board to you then I'll make the transfer.
>>10583 Hello, can you fill this request please? Fatchan is dead and robots currently dont have a home.
>>10609 Thank you for your reply. I'll run it through /hgg/ and the other vols considering fatchan just died.
Open file (306.36 KB 728x588 chii_bg.png)
Hello, I'd like to go ahead and request a board here on anon.cafe please. >The username you created Chobitsu >Board URL (e.g. /meta/) /robowaifu/ >Board name DIY Robot Wives >Board topic Advancing robotics to a point where anime catgrill meidos in tiny miniskirts are a reality >Would you like the board marked SFW (i.e. no explicit or other adult-only content)? Yes, we are safe for work. For now, our status with julay.world is unknown. Should we stay on at julay, then this board would be for our bunker. If otherwise with julay, then I would intend it as our primary board. Thank you. >t. Chobitsu
>>10613 Welcome. SFW flag set and you now have control of /robowaifu/. Please set the board to be unindexed while it is your bunker per >>3 : >We request that bunker boards remain delisted from the board list and top boards so that we do not pollute the webring with many inactive duplicates of boards. To delist your board, go to Board Management > Settings, check the "Don't index on top boards and board list" box, and click Save. Delisted boards can still be read and posted on, so you can still distribute your new bunker's address to your anons. If your main board becomes inaccessible or you want to turn your bunker into your main board, feel free to relist it by unchecking the aforementioned "Don't index on top boards and board list" box and clicking Save.
>>10614 Thank you kindly, will do. Should I notify you here if our status at julay changes, or simply update our settings?
>>10615 No need to let us know; you may simply update the settings yourself. Your bunker arrangements are between you and your anons. The exception is if you're activating your bunker because of some kind of host-threatening activity that pertains to your board specifically, like if your main host is being DoSed to target your board. In that case we'd appreciate a note. But I don't think that'll happen for /robowaifu/, so carry on.
This probably is not the right place to talk about this, but since fatchan.org is dead, I need to ask you something. What is the scope of anon.cafe, as a IB? I ask you this because the owner of fatchan got his site deleted because he apparently was "the continuation of 8chan". I think you should put a disclaimer or something to specify that you're not, just to be on the safe side.
>>10617 >What is the scope of anon.cafe, as a IB? It's "a relaxing place for relaxed imageboards." If you are not relaxed, you don't belong here. If you are relaxed, welcome!
>>10616 Got it, thanks!
>>10609 Thanks a lot boss >This does worry us a little. Then i'll upload the files externally and just post the links with the books' covers. It might get dusted more easily but i can live with that, your hosting is worth much more multi-file uploads of dogs and carpets in HD cannot be stopped thou :^) >strictly banned under our Global Rules Yes, i discussed back there that Romanian law is a bit stricter in that sense but more flexible towards what an adult looks like. Still i nude kid pictures are very rare in the field other than newborn portraits and 19th cherub pictures, both which are not essential and can be advised against in some form. I will get a close eye on a famous photographer's work in particular tho, he backed himself with U.S. law but that won't fly here, if i see it then it's a ban. The rest is a delete if remotely suspicious or a spoiler in case of an absurdly non-sexual example (obscured, out of focus kids jumping on puddles) just in case of course. Once again, thank you kindly.
>>10617 It was labeled the continuation of 8chan, and pointed to specific boards as proof, namely /pol/. https://archive.ph/ltvCX Wishing everyone here good luck in the future.
>>10618 Thanks for clarifying. >>10621 Yes, that is what I'm talking about. In the end, we truly need a name change because of how dumb the people who host our places are. Apparently, 8kun was saved by changing domain name and naming /pol/ /pnd/ because the lawyers couldn't figure out where they went. Absolutely clownish.
>>10623 It was "saved" by being the source of the attacks to begin with. What I suggest is this: if you're starting an imageboard, send an email to any potential providers saying you're being slandered by the 8chan terrorist known as Jim Watkins, the only successor to 8chan is 8kun, and any abuse reports mentioning 8chan, loli or /pol/ are terrorist acts perpetuated by the terrorist Jim Watkins and acting on them is abetting a white supremacist. If they tell you to fuck off, have a backup host ready at all times.
>>10624 Any actual proofs of this?
Open file (70.74 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0016.jpg)
>>10625 Proof? What are you, racist? Are you trying to help white supremacist terrorists viciously attack law-abiding citizens?
>>10626 I meant for Jim being the source of attacks. Cause it sounds like conjecture to me.
>>10627 He owns the true successor to 8chan, 8kun. Therefore, anything bad can be blamed on him. That's a dangerous level of critical thinking you're showing, citizen.
11811 /film/ Film FILM NSFW I'm requesting a bunker for now, possibly moving the board here if we get kicked off Julay. We try to keep a quality board discussing rare films and related topics. Over the last 8 months we have averaged 3.4 posts per day. Thanks!
>>10583 >>10585 >>10586 >>10597 >>10599 >>10606 >>10613 >>10629 This is the opposite of what robi intended, but honestly, what else was gonna happen?
>>10630 Expecting everyone to make their own imageboards instead of flocking to the next best one was pretty naive.
>>10631 I'm going to delete my two boards here to make some room, I don't wish for anons to leave forever. On that note, you may want to check out Julay's boards, apparently some of them are setting up their own IBs. You may be able to help them or make a case for why your board should be hosted by them.
>>10632 Aw, which ones are yours?
>>10630 Robi's logic is stupid, not everyone has the ability to make their own sites. He's actually making this entire situation worse by pulling the plug and sending everyone scrambling.
>>10634 The plug hasn't been pulled. Everyone involved is trying to make hostfagging and migrating your OC as easy as possible. Anons are panicking because that's what anons always do during a happening. The admin is limiting board requests and should be prepared to kick people off as soon as alternative hosting becomes available. This is frankly the best possible outcome for an attack like this, so far anyway.
>>10633 /icup/ (which I just requested but I don't really need anymore if julay is going to keep most of its boards) and /girltalk/ (which I created when we had our first exodus to help anons migrate but since the old BO and I could never get in touch properly it serves no purpose anymore). By removing them, I can allow another two boards to migrate, but I hope that the admins will choose wisely which to add. If you asked me, I would prioritize broad topics over specific ones. >>10629 Can't you use tvch? Or is it too polluted? >>10613 AFAIK /robowaifu/ should not be cut from Julay but you should double check with Robi >>10599 I don't wanna sound rude, but isn't your board way too small? Wouldn't it fit better as a general on another board? Just asking, don't take it as an offense. In fact, I was pondering whether we could have sort of a /general/ board with stickied, cyclical threads for all the smaller bunkers moving and asking for their own bunkers. It would probably help keep the number of active boards low.
>>10636 None taken, I understand that /f/ is a very small board. The main reason we want to remain as a seperate board is to be as detached as possible from meta issues. None of my users have the patience to deal with all that crap, and the only reason I do is because I'm a BO, so I have to pay at least the minimum amount of attention required. Integrating into a larger board would introduce way too many variables that we wouldn't be able to control. The fact that we're still subject to problems on the domain level has been a point of tension. In my time as BO, I've had to move us across three sites. At this point, we're all on the last scraps of our patience for IBs in general. If our new position here on the cafe fails, we'll likely abandon IBs entirely.
>>10636 >In fact, I was pondering whether we could have sort of a /general/ board with stickied, cyclical threads for all the smaller bunkers moving and asking for their own bunkers. It would probably help keep the number of active boards low. I thought that's what /server/ was.
>>10638 Yes, that's exactly what /server/ is.
>>10638 Well don't I feel stupid right now. Should it be more advertised as such though, or was I literally the only one not in the know?
>>10640 We work at a pretty high level here at anon.cafe. You've got to keep up.
I've finished the first round of getting anon.cafe's setup and maintenance tooling ready for public release. Using it, anyone with an SSH-accessible CentOS 7 server and a sudo/root account can automatically spin up a reverse-proxied LynxChan instance with lots of configurable settings and sane defaults. All the special dependencies and build-from-source malarky that LynxChan wants is already baked in and done automatically. I know it works because it's what we've been using on anon.cafe all this time. The big task remaining is to make lots of step-by-step documentation so that the less technically-inclined can use it. It's quite simple to use, but I want to be sure people don't get tripped up and discouraged by the simple fundamentals it requires. There's already a quickstart but I want to re-test it a lot before public release to make sure my tightening it up hasn't broken something big. I hope this will harmonize well with Julay and Smug's joint effort to write a guide for the everything-else of hosting an imageboard.
>>10634 >by pulling the plug and sending everyone scrambling. No, this is actually lighting a fire under the asses of architects. We need a proper full stack anonymous network with distributed hosting and moderating. Or, we need a dns-free solution.
Wait. Why don't you just modify the webring plugins to announce addresses to the webring instead of dns entries?
>>10642 That's great news Admin. I actually have already tried to get a Lynxchan setup working, but it's database dependency failed in a way I had no idea how to recover from, and so ofc the whole effort was a failure therefore. Maybe with your approach I can actually get it to succeed. Good luck to us all.
>>10644 Fatchan was deplatformed because their upstream provider withdrew the peering that permitted traffic to their IP address. Announcing addresses instead of domain names changes the problem instead of removing it. We could also announce multiple addresses for one site to permit clearnet fallbacks and/or onion addresses, but that would require a breaking change to the webring schema and each plugin would have to figure out how to display it sanely to users. >>10648 We had trouble with MongloidDB at first as well. There are some specific things one needs to do to get LynxChan working with it. Good to see you taking initiative. I also see many people confused about how to host safely so I might also put up a quick advance guide about how to consider and choose threats etc. Tooling first though; better to get it out the door and then work on quick guides to get people pointed in the right direction so they don't blow up their privacy.
>>10649 Sounds good. I'm sure we all appreciate your efforts stepping up to help out the communities. At least I know I do. We plainly have few other friends out there, it seems, so thanks! :^)
>>10636 >Or is it too polluted? Not him but /film/ has a very distinct and different mood than /tv/ and for years now also some kind of friendly rivalry, mainly because the former focuses on long, constructed posts while the latter is much more lenient in terms of topics at hand and prone to falling into funposting, to put it mildly. This thematic differences even go back to a decade with the international cinema threads that were usually trolled hard by the userbase. In terms of attitude and topic treatment, the board fits.
>>10649 >breaking change to the webring schema Define breaking change. You could add a new array field that contains fallback urls/IPs, but you shove them aside as long as the main url still works, or hide them under a dropdown menu if you want to show them. It'll require an update in the plugin to display them of course, but otherwise it's backwards compatible.
>>10649 Is it alright if we keep /hgg/ indexed even though Julay is online?
>>10648 Keep us informed with your bunker, but don't post it immediately We're getting too much heat at the moment
Have there been any "abuse reports" against us yet?
>>10658 I don't know, but since you brought it up, I've noticed the site being inaccessible off and on for a few minutes here and there. DDoS attempts? I can't be absolutely certain it's not something on my end however.
>>10658 If something happens, we'll do our best to let people know. >>10659 At least one of those times was me restarting LynxChan earlier to get some settings to take.
>>10660 Thanks for the updates. I imagine a few of us are just a little jumpy right now, heh. :^)
>>10583 >>10611 I just realized that I never properly responded to this request. Here's the deal: I want to have you on anon.cafe. I think it's important that /r9k/ exist and that the robots have a sanctuary but I'm not confident with everything else going on that we can defend you and do the other things we need to do. If other sites in the webring are abruptly deplatformed, this site needs to stay up. Our particular gambles are different from the other webring sites for this reason. I can't devote the necessary time to assisting new sites in being established if I'm busy keeping your curse - who follows you through no fault of your own! - from dragging anon.cafe into the muck. So, please wait.
>>10663 Eh, I've never found them to be a great fit here. /r9k/ got us into more trouble than it's worth. Anyway, I'm sure you'll make the right decisions
>>10664 I don't hold /r9k/ at fault for the trouble. They weren't looking for it, didn't want it, and did nothing to cause it.
>>10663 Thanks for the response. I understand perfectly the situation everyone is in and am in no way pressuring you or anyone to host /r9k/. Though /r9k/ has operated without any issue on fatchan for a good couple of months, I think in large part due to fatchan's PPH captcha triggers. If /r9k/'s presence threatens other niche boards then it's probably the responsible thing to decentralize away from this site. I'm not sure what "please wait" implies, but for at least the next few days I'll be monitoring the situation of the webring and the new sites popping up and seeing if they're a good fit and willing to accept /r9k/. The biggest concern I have with the new sites like the OpenNIC imageboard is longevity, if they'll be around a year from now, since having the board wiped on a 3 month cycle and migrating to a new site is not very sustainable. But definitely don't feel like you're offending me or anyone by denying /r9k/. The last thing I want is for people working on behalf of imageboard communities for free to feel stressed out, especially on the designated comfy imageboard.
>>10665 I get that, my main concern is that their whole board culture always seemed pretty stressful.
Is there an onion address?
>>10668 Good point Anon.
>>10669 While we're at it, a Warrant Canary page might be nice as well.
>>10666 Good luck guys.
>>10670 Warrant Canaries are of limited use, especially in jurisdictions that can prevent passive disclosure instead of merely placing limits on active disclosure. They've never been tested AFAIK.
>>10672 Ehh. It certainly proved it's worth in the TrueCrypt case. Better safe than sorry Anon.
>>10663 Can I get a ruling on the /film/ bunker? I didn't expect it to be a controversial request.
>>10674 I've decided. /film/ has been created and you have control.
>>10675 Thanks for making space for us
>>10667 They are, they're not relaxed at all and I don't get why admin's so eager to cater to them.
>>10677 The point of /r9k/ is to be a comfy home by robots for robots. Maybe as an outsider it's hard to understand but there is no real "type" or "genre" of discussion on /r9k/. /r9k/ over the years has simply become a home where robots can talk about whatever they want without the headache of dealing with those who are not like us and so in a sense /r9k/ IS robots. We only become aggressive when we are protecting our board because if we didn't, we would be overrun and /r9k/ as a home for robots would be essentially dead. Back to what I was saying, /r9k/ is usually quite comfy and so I'd have to disagree with your claim. The only times in which things become "not relaxed" is in situations like the ones stated above, in which an outsider is shitting up the board. Which as I've stated is justified knowing how many times /r9k/ has been overrun. From an outsider looking in it may not seem relaxed but for robots it is the ONLY place where we can be relaxed when talking to others, because we know we're surrounded by friends and comrades who share our opinions and values and whom go through similar life experiences as we do.
>>10679 Everyone has the right to self-defense. It's just a shame that evildoers have painted such a big target on your backs. Each individual is obviously responsible for their own actions. Sadly, normalfags just want a box to put everyone and everything into. They even do this with God, which is ludicrous beyond belief IMO. Sorry Anon, I wish you guys the best. >t. Chobitsu
>>10679 /r9k/, at least as I ran it, is an odd mixture of comfy "feels" and edginess. So those anons are half right. Though as you said, about 90% of the threads and discussions were about perfectly "comfy" topics ranging from feels to hobbyism and philosophy. But at the end of the day the edgy boys club culture is a fundamental part of /r9k/'s roots.
>>10679 >>10681 I'm talking to a small IB owner on another site. He already had a /r9k/ board but it's pretty desolate. If I convince him, would you use that?
>>10683 Which site? I'd prefer to use things in the webring.
>>10677 I think /fascist/ is the bigger worry, I really don't feel too great about them being here. Oh well, as long as it's only temporary.
GOAT /retro/ 199X 1990's and 2000's Nostalgia SFW
>>10675 Julay may or may not delete /sw/. Could we have a bunker set up here with our current CSS just in case we get the boot?
>>10608 >>10610 /pol/'s ownership has now been transferred.
>>10684 Sorry, I couldn't get in touch with him but it's on 4chon.me I would like him to join the webring sometime soon. If you can get him to do it, you could use that. About Balkanchan, I tried to get them to join the 'ring a few times but they aren't interested.
>>10738 Nice, thanks!
Open file (475.78 KB 2560x1440 972510.jpg)
I'm thinking about turning >>>/cafe/ into /shelter/ instead. When Anon.cafe started, /cafe/ was a catch-all discussion board that didn't really catch on and a place for displaced anons to gather. Now that we have more specific boards including new favourite /comfy/ (good work, /comfy/!) I think that /cafe/ no longer has relevance except as a place for displaced anon populations to gather during other webring boards' downtime or destruction. Given this it makes sense to rename it to something that tells people what it's intended for. I also think that other webring sites should consider keeping /shelter/s of their own under this standard name so that at least one /shelter/ is always up as long as at least one webring host it up. Existing shelter threads would be moved to /shelter/, threads that /comfy/ wants would be moved to /comfy/, and the rest would be deleted. Thoughts?
Open file (415.92 KB 500x283 151188025980.gif)
>>10745 Good idea. Also the per-post captcha hidden in the More options is a bit annoying. Could we turn that off, at least for the radio night?
>>10747 Yes, that will go away in time for the radio night. I'll replace it with a lower block bypass threshold as a precaution.
>>10609 As a volunteer of a /delicious/ board over at julay.world, I agree with the whole banning 3dcg stuff as long as 2D isn't affected. Long story short, julay.world recently had to move it's /delicious/ board to tor due to the "namecheap" fucking us over. As far as I'm concerned, it should be back up on the clearnet in the next day or two, since Robi had only just made the domain transfer. However, if "Eshter" reports /delicious/ again, we may not have a place/bunker to go to. (apart from 9chan.tw/delicious/) To make matters worse, julay is planning a reboot, but will not include NSFW boards. https://baraag.net/@speedy05/104075966637139801 and https://baraag.net/@speedy05/104077719903365833 for the full story. However, I doubt that requesting a board such as /delicious/ would benefit you in a long run, since it is a pretty big community after all. Not only that, but I may have fears that "Eshter" may have targeted anon.cafe as well. Hopefully, me and the current BO of julay.world/delicious have the proper backup we need.
>>11720 You always could ask /hgg/ for one as they did plan to make their own imageboard.
PSX /retro/ Y2K 1990s and 2000s Nostalgia
>>11927 I may think about it, but just in case someone does decide to make a temporary home: speedy05 /delicious/ Cake For all of your Western and Eastern cartoon 'cuteness' Obviously gonna have to be NSFW. Alternatively, someone did suggest making a sfw /delicious/ board, but in my eyes, that would strip away on what made /delicious/ so popular to begin with.
>>10731 >>12949 I see a conflicting request. Are you coming from /retro/ on Julay.world? Please read the message in >>3 to Julay.world refugees. Why would you like to move your board to Anon.cafe? >>11720 >>13127 This needs strong scrutiny considering /delicious/'s sole focus is art depicting imaginary cartoon-style minors instead of the same being a side detail like on, say, /hgg/. /delicious/ was also a major factor in Julay.world's attempted deplatforming so I'll need to consider the opinions of existing Board Owners. What are your plans for the board? Will this be a bunker with a different host elsewhere handling your primary hosting? Would you like to move /delicious/'s primary board to Anon.cafe entirely? If so, how do you plan to make sure that our global rules are upheld? You're going to ban all 3DCG, which is good, but we'll also need to hear about how you might control the ban on advocacy of pedophilia, and any other rules you'll be enforcing. Our globals aren't in a position to enforce your board's rules for you so we'll expect a strong board moderation. (Basically we don't want to have to clean anything up on the regular.) Also please keep in mind that although we've made a good-faith assessment of the Criminal Code and have endeavored to reasonably determine what a "credible simulation" might be, we're not able to predict whether authorities will agree with us. If your board is the subject of orders from Romanian law enforcement etc., then we have no choice but to toss you out on your ear. Our hosts and other providers have already said that they'll not respond to crazies, only negligence in removing illegal content. If the relevant authorities determine you to be illegal then you're out on your ear. I want to hear the opinions of existing board owners and posters. /delicious/ might be able to comply with our global rules and as far as we know its subject matter is tolerated by our providers, but their presence might cause trouble. What think you all?
>>13128 The board on julay.world was hacked for a while after it went inactive but then it came back. Some of us have been discussing the possibility of either moving the board here or at least using Anon.cafe as a backup place for the board for worst-case scenarios.
>>13128 For starters, any CP link will get immediately deleted since CP will never ever be ok. And just in case, I have another trust-worthy loli supporter who's willing to patrol the board for when I'm asleep. We could add a couple more volunteers just in case it gets overcrowded. Not to mention, I could transfer the settings I have on julay.world onto here (for example, no more than 5 threads per hour) However, even though I do agree with the whole 3D ban thing and all for it, I know that there are some users who prefer to have a place to post their favourite 3D stuff (such as SFM-eque works from Resident Evil, The Last Of Us, A Hat In Time, The Walking Dead game, ect). And since julay.world's /delicious/ currently has a 3D thread, it'll be a tricky challenge to convince those 3D posters otherwise. Likewise, as a community, we always try to stay on topic when it comes to cartoon lolicon. (even if the meta threads may seem a bit all over the place) Like I said, the julay.world's /delicious/ is online for another 85 days. It's up to you on whenever or not /delicious/ becomes a thing on anon.cafe. I won't hold you back if you decline the offer. Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful day.
>>13128 I feel that /delicious/ and all the other strictly pornographic boards should NOT be hosted on anon.cafe, but rather on a completely different IB, except one dedicated solely to them. This would allow users to delve into their fantasies without bothering others on the overboards. I mean, outside of an hypothetical /s/ thread, every other fetish can be pretty nasty to people who are not used to them.
I’d like to request a bunker for /kind/. We have our own imageboard, but I kept a back-up /kind/ board on Julay in case I messed up something with Kindchan and I have wanted to inquire about moving it here for a while anyway because this place seems more appropriate for /kind/ than Julay should Kindchan fail. kindmod /kind/ Random Acts of Kindness No Bully! Help Others! SFW
>>13133 I feel the same way. It just doesn't seem right to have porn boards on here, let alone such contentious ones. We'd be putting ourselves at risk hosting /delicious/ here, plus I think the rest of the site would suffer from it. Having a dedicated IB for those kinds of boards would be a smoother solution.
>>13134 Why hasn't Kindchan joined the webring?
>>13128 As poster on /delicious/, I don't think that anoncafe should have to host us. I understand that boards like /delicious/ and /loli/ are trouble and for the sake of leaving at least one community standing in the event of another (((esther))) ing, our presence here should at most be temporary.
>>13128 >I want to hear the opinions of existing board owners and posters Ideologically speaking, I have no problem with any type of content, especially as we have a SFW overboard for those who don't wish to see NSFW posts. It really just comes down to how bulletproof you believe your hosting situation is, and how far you're willing to go to defend the content (i.e. if your host said it had to go, would you attempt to switch hosts, or just throw the board out on their behinds a la 8kun and Julay? Or would you perhaps shut everything down without warning as Fatchan did, inadvertently causing yet another diaspora of homeless and fractured boards?). If the entire site getting shut down is a likely outcome, then it would be wrong to place that burden on the boards that have been here for a long time without issue. However, if everyone acted that way, it would surely be the death of loli, porn, and anything mildly offensive, and that would be a great tragedy. It's also worth keeping in mind that Julay did not decide to remove /delicious/ and the other loli-related boards because they were unable to (the boards are still there now and will continue to be for another 3 months), rather that they chose to no longer host them for personal reasons. And remember, Fatchan shut down due to complaints regarding /pol/, not loli. >>13133 There's a SFW overboard for people who hate that kind of thing, not to mention a plethora of sites out there that don't allow anything pornogrphic or fetishistic at all. /cuckqueen/ is one of the primary boards here if I'm not mistaken and god bless them, and it's fair to say that board mostly consists of niche porn and fetish content that doesn't appeal to everyone, so I'm not sure that's really the issue. It's the "loli" part that requires careful consideration, but if it's legal in Romania, and the host is willing to throw out frivolous complaints about it, I don't see a problem with them being here.
>>13128 > What think you all? Personally I think politics and porn should be avoided - that way the site stays comfy and there's no way the site can be taken down. Political boards can sometimes stay on topic and be good quality but when they go wrong (which is most of the time) they're little more than a /b/ board. Porn boards can have a community but the majority either become boards for dumping images and links or wastelands. Ultimately its your site admin and I won't tell you how to run it, you've ran anon.cafe problem free for some time now.
>>13139 >Personally I think politics and porn should be avoided - that way the site stays comfy I'll speak for myself and myself alone, but I don't feel very "comfy" on sites or boards that outlaw porn or politics entirely; you just feel like you have to watch what you say and what you post lest you receive an angry rant or a ban from an overzealous control freak breathing down your neck. As I see it, true "comfiness" will always come from the manner in which the posters conduct themselves and communicate with each other, not from their chosen interest or topic. You can have a board dedicated to facism that is very "comfy", and in the same vain you can have a board dedicated to outdoors/nature that's extremely argumentative and shitpost-y. >boards for dumping images Is that not precisely what imageboards were designed to facilitate? Would you have a different opinion if it was a board for dumping cute pictures, desktop wallpapers, or rocks? Shoutout to /rocks/ >>>/server/2
>>13134 That will be alright. >>>/kind/ has the SFW flag set and you have control. Please set it to be unindexed until activated as per our bunker guidelines in >>3.
>>13151 Thank you. >>13136 I'm personally not interested in joining and none of the regular posters have expressed any interest, either. I don't have anything against the webring, but I don't see what Kindchan has to gain by joining. It would lead to an increase in exposure and potential drama without offering any obvious benefits.
>>13166 >I'm personally not interested in joining and none of the regular posters have expressed any interest, either The anons that would benefit most would be the ones who don't even know it exists, like me until a few minutes ago. Plus it acts as a fail-safe if the site goes offline or dies for whatever reason.
>>13128 >I want to hear the opinions of existing board owners and posters. /delicious/ might be able to comply with our global rules and as far as we know its subject matter is tolerated by our providers, but their presence might cause trouble. What think you all? I'm not too sure how much my position matters, since I'm only maintaining an out-of-the-way bunker here currently--but you asked. OTOH, I've been an incidental poster here on anon for ~8 months now. I love the place tbh. :^) Our community's subject matter is also highly controversial in certain circles (namely, with feminists & their enablers & handlers) so I probably can appreciate some of these points at least as well as the next guy. There are powerful influences in the world strongly opposed to the creation of robowaifus because of the potential upset to the social status-quo, and to what I perceive to be their plots to create the ultimate downfall of the entire West. Our collection of our ideas and endeavors at /robowaifu/ is a (admittedly distant atp) potential threat to their schemes. Anything that effectively reduces chaining men to past-shelf-life women is anathema to them. Anything that casts dispersion on females who are older simply by dent of them being older is also cast as a terrible evil. Certainly both robowaifus and lolicon art-form ring both these alarm bells for these groups of people, so there is a vague association there I think. Additionally, the notion of so-called 'lolibots' is an obvious connection to this topic for our /robowaifu/ community. I think a fair portion of our denizens during the 8ch days were in fact lolicons, and the topic was brought up regularly in a variety of contexts. In fact, one of our most important posters openly admitted to his IRL pedophilia, and kept the entire community up to date with that aspect of US laws concerning the creation & ownership of neotenous robowaifus. As he was quite restrained on the topic and never actively promoted even the slightest bit of visual material such as /delicious/ hosts, I never felt he was a threat to our community's existence and allowed him to speak his mind freely. I even brought him on as a vol eventually because he became so active with us, probably because we weren't judgmental towards him as a group overall. But as a Christian, one thing that is definitely off-putting for is seeing a constant stream of porn (of any type) rolling by on the overboard (my true home-away-from-home on IBs). I, for one, would not welcome seeing a continual stream of cake on the overboard (as is the case with julay for instance). But the fundamental topic behind the art itself isn't nearly as odious to me as feminism/effeminism is, and I'm much more strongly opposed to say, /lgbt/ than to /delicious/, for example. While I have no particular opposition to their presence here from an existential perspective, since you plainly intend to keep them on a leash, I am generally opposed to it on the grounds of this last point, if they are to be included in the overboard stream. >t. Chobitsu
>>13168 > I, for one, would not welcome seeing a continual stream of cake on the overboard (as is the case with julay for instance). Has the SFW overboard stopped working?
Open file (27.66 KB 680x383 cultured_man_tbh.jpg)
>>13140 >frequents /server/rocks
>>13168 >I, for one, would not welcome seeing a continual stream of cake on the overboard Then you're in luck: https://anon.cafe/sfwoverboard
>>13169 >>13171 i've been doing this for more than 10 years lads, i was already well aware heh. i no more want to corral myself into such a scenario than you would want to live in a small steel box for the rest of your life. there are yuge amounts of porn everywhere out there, very easy to find for anyone that wants it. i simply don't want to have to see porn everywhere, especially on a place i can think of as my home. you don't mind if i express that opinion here do you anons? there are other reasons for a board to be nsfw besides pron, many of them quite interesting in fact.
>>13128 I'm just a very recent board owner but if you really want all of our opinions i guess i can give it. In short /delicious/ has friendly and usually reserved users, they are cool but their topic is dangerous, not really because it's "cartoon-style minors" as 2012's code ignored any kind of 2D depictions but because it's a topic very usually hunted down by an enemy agent against imageboards. Even if they exert a very strict line of rules towards their content it will be of little use if said agent persist in their e-mail format and takedowns, especially if the host cannot gauge how much media power the sending party has and capitulate to avoid bad rap. I like them very much but same as the case with /r9k/ they are being hunted and/or used by a bad fellow, their inclusion would mean a risk and also a double standard considering the robots' request was turned down. In terms of "danger" you already have hands full with /fascist/, which feature great men but with heavily vilified ideas in Europe (around the same ones used to take down Fatchan), and also /islam/, which features friendly discussion of an otherwise belligerent ideology that is not well liked by most imageboard denizens.
>>13128 I don't know how much my opinion matters, being a BO for a very small board, but I've been a BO for five years now. As much as I want to say that free speech should always take priority, we also need to consider the present situation of imageboards in general. Boards like /delicious/ are likely to cause us trouble no matter how strictly moderated they are, especially due to their popularity. The law does not matter to our enemies. They will find any excuse they can to shut us down, so it should stand to reason that we should give them as little to work with as we reasonably can. We're already in hot water for the simple fact that this is an imageboard. I say that we should be careful and deny /delicious/, at least for now.
>>13166 Then why did you even come here? So you don't want to be a part of webring and help the webring but the webring should help you? If you wanna be on your own go be on your own, simple as that.
>>13140 >As I see it, true "comfiness" will always come from the manner in which the posters conduct themselves and communicate with each other, not from their chosen interest or topic Point well raised. >Is that not precisely what imageboards were designed to facilitate? Imageboards are for discussion supported and started with images. As I see it dumping images is something more suited to something like a booru where discussion isn't important but the image collections are.
How come you fellas haven't indexed rita.null, hoppe-sama.xyz and antares.oss on the webring? Just curious.
>>13128 i'm a /delicious/ vagrant and longtime lover of loli, and this is my tl;dr: the /delicious/ community does not start problems and is generally a nice place. i would even call it comfy! you already have a target on your back, but hosting /delicious/ will put it in boldface and at least 72pt font. anon.cafe seems very pleasant and i would be honored to call it my new home. but you really have to ask yourself, as an administrator, if you are truly willing to accept us and accept the burden of being the host with the board full of cartoon porno of little girls. if not, one day you will inevitably have to kick us out, right?
>>13181 I think you should stick to SFW for the time being and make yourselves a bunker either via TOR or opennic. Preferably on some country that overlooks this stuff. Does Northern Africa have servers for sale?
>>13182 oh I see, muslims won't mind loli because it's in the koran :^)
>>13183 I am not even joking when I say this.
>>13183 >>13184 post verse
>>10731 >>10734 >>12949 I see that Julay.world has decided to keep /sw/ and /retro/. Will these be bunkers, or would you like to withdraw the requests?
>>13182 there is a lot of stigma against going with tor or some other seedy darknet. lolicons don't want to associate themselves with tor. die hard perverts might make the trip, but we will no longer have artists in the drawthreads and that would be very sad. there are apparently some servers in the US who don't take issue with this content (apparently commiefornia is a good place to start looking).
>>13189 If people don't learn to adopt tor then imageboards and the like die. It's honestly as simple as that. We can't afford to rely on centralized clearnet servers anymore. Zeronet is too insecure by default, tor is well known and incredibly simple to use. It can be configured with virtually any browser, any addons, any way you like. Retards can use tor2web to access the sties if they don't care about their anonymity while the sites themselves can remain online indefinitely. Tor solves literally every single problem from ddos to deplatforming. Every single thing that has plagued imageboards over the last few years solved with one simple easy solution. There's a reason why the glow niggers sperg out so fucking hard every time it's mentioned with the same refuted talking points, because it actually fucking works. Imageboards serve fucking text and small image/video files. Nothing about tor impedes on a users experience in this instance. >b-but the normalfags won't come Ok then, let your communities die because you refused to adapt and depended on mega corps and the random interpretations of US law by idiots with agenda's.
>>13190 i love loli. i love decentralization and anonymous networks. however, lolicons are fighting and losing an ideological war for their right to exist. this is a war that must be fought in the open. slinking further back into obscurity is accepting defeat. this is not about anon's ability to learn how to use anonymity tools. people are unable to understand that fiction != reality. their ability to distinguish this becomes further muddled when we associate ourselves with tools widely known to be used to distribute CP. tor, i2p, freenet, et al., these are the places were loli will be laid to rest when it dies. i hope that day never comes, but i am ready for it. in the meantime, we must fight for our presence on the clearnet.
>>13191 And how do you think this "fight out in the open" ends up working anon? You plead to random hosts that drawings of children being raped aren't technically illegal content? Alright, you convinced a corporation that it isn't illegal, then they tell you to fuck off anyways because they aren't obligated to host you either way and don't want that content on their servers. In what context do you win anything by having these "open" arguments? Winning an argument is meaningless if the other person can just tell you to fuck off and ignore your requests. Do you know what else isn't illegal? Hating jews. Do you know what got Fatchan shut down? Hating jews. I hate to burst your bubble but there is no world in which you win by attempting a reasonable discussion about the ethics of 2D children getting fucked in the ass. You don't have control over the law, you don't have control over the government, and you don't have control over corporations, you never will. You don't win freedom through begging kike overlords to let you be free. You take it by force. Tor is freedom taken by force. You can host literally whatever you want and judge for yourself what you deem ethical. You can frame this as "slinking into obscurity", but it's just the reality of the situation. You adapt or you die. You're currently opting to die because of a misguided trust in systems that are designed to destroy you in the first place. So go ahead and die anon. You're clutching defeat from the jaws of principle. Though those "principles" are ultimately just your excuse to be lazy and hope someone else comes along to solve all your problems.
>>13191 It's more than just loli - the entire clearnet is feeling the pressure because large corporations are taking control over it and they do not care about your arguments, either follow their rules and bend the knee or go away. The centralized structure of the clearnet is their main weapon, which is why we can forget about it in the medium to long term. At best, your tactic doesn't end up in a real fight, but a fighting retreat. At worst, it gets us annihilated. In 10 years, we will not even have the option of free speech sites on the clearnet, loli or not.
>>13193 After reading a lot of arguments on both sides on different boards. It really does come down to the fact that so long as we are on their turf it doesn't matter what we want or what we believe they can always pull the trigger on us one way or another and they need no legitimate justification for it. Our rights and freedoms will not protect us, the law will not protect us - we have to protect ourselves. The webring was/is a really strong step in the right direction, losing fatchan sucked big donkey dick but because of the webring regrouping to other boards was easy and intuitive. The more like an insurgency we operate the less effective the people who want to take us down will be. I didn't start out in the "just move to tor and get it over with" position but the more I think about it it makes sense if nothing else moving off the clear net all together would give us a place that can't be taken away. The time to get serious was 5 years ago and the longer we wait the more it will hurt our communities when it becomes the only option only to find no real infrastructure in place to receive us. Let the normies burn, those who seek will find.
>>13192 >Tor is freedom taken by force. Try running a Tor connection in a place that kicks down your door for using tools like Tor and see how much freedom you’ve won. Tor’s a valid piece of tech btw, but it’s certainly not “freedom taken by force”.
>>13197 You know the TBB has a feature to circumvent exactly that issue right?
>>13198 And what part of that feature involves force?
>>13199 The part where they don't get to say no.
>>13200 As I said Anon, try exercising that force in a jurisdiction that makes itself able to say no - even with the Tor bridge feature - and see how the force of running software holds up against the force of a rifle butt against your jaw. Onion routing is a powerful piece of tech and no mistake but there’s no need to dress it up in these fanciful clothes. It’s good enough without them.
What are anon.cafe's specs and how much of your server resources are being used right now? Sorry if it's a stupid question, I'm asking because I wanted to set up an IB, and I was wondering what I will need to run something about the size of this one.
>>13202 A single CPU and about 2GB of RAM will see you through for a small IB and reverse proxy.
>>13201 The point is that freedom is your own responsibility. No anon lives in a country where you can't achieve absolute freedom with the tools available. I don't even think fucking chinks have been able to fully counter peoples abilities to use VPN's to circumvent their niggerwall, considering how much shit leaked out of there during January and February. If your argument is that the government might make encryption illegal then fair enough, but at that point shit's so far gone that we both know what will be done.
>>13203 Oh cool, thanks.
Julay is down from today ?
>>13212 It's still going, it will be restarting as a different site with far fewer boards in 81 days.
>>13189 >there is a lot of stigma against going with tor or some other seedy darknet. >t. friendly local glowstick gaslighter Even Brave includes TOR in every browser.
>>13214 As much as glow niggers shilling against tor is retarded, Brave including it isn't really an argument in favour of it.
>>13215 Actually Brave is a great browser, and Brendan Eich is a literal fucking hero. Someone just need to take five minutes to set it up correctly. That's A. B, that poster's astroturfing attempt was basically ZOMG normalniggers will look down on your dastardliness for daring to use the ebil-nahdzee-TOR thingy!!1 No one uses that thing. Brave is most definitely a mainstream product and prominently supports TOR usage, so that argument is not only disingenuous, it's also pure horseshit. That was my point Anon.
>>13216 I agree with that idea then yes, I guess I misunderstood the context of the posts. Brave still isn't a great browser by any stretch of the imagination though. No socks5 proxy settings, no addons in the tor mode, default search engine is jewgle.
>>47 /k/ is moving on over from julay. How long does relisting take on the webring? I've already changed it to resume indexing
>>13235 It appears in our webring.json file immediately, but when it appears on other webring sites depends on their fetch and update intervals.
Open file (177.83 KB 358x335 spooky.png)
>>13188 We'll happily accept a bunker. Recently we thought Julay was down, but it just moved to a new url: https://spqrchan.xyz/sw/ That just proved to us that we have no means of knowing if or when the site will go down, so we'll happily accept a bunker here.
>>13218 Ehh, I'd rather use the systems proxy controls anyway, which is Brave's approach. Addons are an inherent weakness, safer not to have them in TOR. The default search engine can easily be set as desired, as with any other browser. Brave is basically de-googled Chromium, but with no-brainer TOR in place. Breddy gud combo, you ask me. It's a great browser.
>>3 0RCU5 /doomer/ Doomer Disappointed Idealists NSFW I plan on eventually getting an IB up of my own, but I'm retarded when it comes to webdev stuff.
>>13263 I'd like this as well, no longer fit in /r9k/ so /doomer/ seems like the best approach now
>>13263 >an entire board dedicated to the single most cancerous and gay normalfag cuckchan meme to date Yeah you bet this shit doesn't fit into /r9k/.
>>13265 In the name of the most cancerous people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the fucks before the feet of the ungiven, and I say: Segregation now Segregation tomorrow And segregation forever.
>>13263 We decline to host this board. >>13246 That will be fine but I don't see an account name to give ownership to. Please create an account here and then confirm its name with your capcode on https://spqrchan.xyz/sw/ >>13180 Our server does not resolve OpenNIC domains at the moment, so we can't pull their webring.json files. >>13128 We have reached a decision and will not be hosting /delicious/. I want to make it very clear that this is not because of hosting or deplatforming concerns, nor because of the 2D loli porn. It is because we closely examined /delicious/ and the behavior of its posters over a number of weeks and have come to the conclusion that /delicious/ is not a good fit for Anon.cafe. The opinions of our existing board owners and posters above also confirm this. Over time it is likely that /delicious/ would come to be resented here and that the resentment would fester. We hope you do find a new home or are able to build one yourselves. If you end up spinning up a new webring host or joining the webring elsewhere then we'd be happy to link to you.
>>13267 Thank you for not letting more anticoze boards on here.
>>13276 >>/k/ >>/fascist/ >>/cuckquean/ >>/islam/ really anon
>>13284 The only non-cozy one there is unironically /k/
Open file (30.55 KB 400x309 1530494015409.jpg)
>>13284 /islam/ is extremely cozy. Let's chill out in paradise for eternity.
>>13285 >the only board about a fun hobby is "non-cozy" >not the board about literal fascism, the degenerate 3D porn board, or the one about fucking sand-niggers I don't even want to know how you define cozy, you're a fucking retard.
>>13332 Which one is the degenerate 3D porn board?
>>13333 Cuckqueen?
Open file (273.46 KB 1010x701 1589046338971.png)
>>13334 >can't even spell it right
>>13335 >cuckchan filename
Open file (195.44 KB 1163x865 1563992755288.jpg)
>>13336 >timestamps are cuckchan Technologically illiterate as well as literally illiterate.
How would you feel about hosting a news style board? Just a thought since I know the news is far from comfy, but it would be nice to have a place to talk about current events on the webring since it seems like any board that would fit that mold has either been deleted like Julay's news board or is migrating off of the webring like /fascist/. I'm not even confident that I'd want to moderate one myself, but I think it's about time people start talking about the possibility of one and where it could be hosted. I don't want to have to go to fucking cakechan to post about happenings god dammit.
>>13339 >Just a thought since I know the news is far from comfy this. /n/, /news/, etc. always turn into an absolute shitshow of poz, spin, & debate negative. maybe >>>>/zchan/news/ would be a better choice than here?
>>13339 >>13340 Zchan admin has already said no to a /pol/ board, so I doubt he'd make an /n/ or /news/ board. Shitsux anyway, /n/ and /pol/ boards today are like /b/ was 10 years ago; past their prime, and fuckhueg magnets for cancer and retards with no self-awareness. If you really want your "happenings", go to 4/pol/ or 8kun/pnd/ to get your fix. If your reflex response to that is "no those boards are shitty", well you'd be right. They ARE shitty, and nobody in their right mind would want that shit on their own doorstep if they could help it.
Can something please be done to address the edgelord menace? /k/ is literally a thinly masked /pol/ and they've become the largest board on this site, theyre supposed to be a board about weapons but only talk about niggers and jews, and they can't even keep it to their own board either.
>>13348 This is what happens when you let Julay's /k/ onto Anon Cafe. They were the worst board on Julay and some called them "nu/k/" for a reason.
>>13348 >>13349 Why are they even here? Julay said they were gonna keep em. Can't they just go back there?
>>13348 It's pretty weird for you to complain about a "thinly veiled /pol/" on a site that hosts /fascist/. I don't necessarily disagree with notion of keeping the boards topics "comfy", but it seems like anons here have completely arbitrary definitions of what that means and when they decide they want to apply it to a board. Anon.cafe obviously hosts multiple boards that are the antithesis of traditional comfy boards listed here >>13284 I don't want to assume the admin's stance, but he either makes exceptions for boards he has an interest in or he just doesn't put much weight into mandating that a boards culture remain "comfy". Or he's just taken on boards mistakenly out of a sense of obligation to be a bunker site, which would be a stupid move. Plus a lot of the anons that meta post complaining about boards not being comfy seem to be lainchan tier trannies that think hating niggers and kikes is somehow edgy. >>13350 After a Julay gvol willfully left CP up on a board to spite the BO I think it would be best to avoid the place. That kind of shit surpasses even cakekikes incompetence.
>>13351 >everyone who disagrees with me is a tranny Unlike /pol/, /fascist/ actually has some high quality discussions.
>>13348 >>13349 >>13350 Out of interest, what are you requesting that we do?
>>13352 So your point of contention is post quality and not comfyness? That seems like a weird reason for banishing an entire board. >everyone who disagrees with me is a tranny Except I specifically said people who think hating niggers and kikes and who want a lainchain like hugbox imageboard are trannies. I laid out the exact characteristic being criticized and didn't use it as a broad insult at anyone who disagrees with me.
>>13353 I think unlisting it from the overboard would be a reasonable measure.
>>13355 Board owners may use their board settings to delist themselves from the frontpage + overboard while remaining on the board list and top boards, or delist themselves entirely from the frontpage+overboard+boardlist+top boards. If you'd like to suggest that /k/'s owner do this then the right place to ask for it would be on /k/; we decline to intervene here.
Open file (49.98 KB 1280x1344 8ch Dom4 kun.png)
Hello I'm requesting a board here for 8ch's long running dominions general group. we've been together for the last 5 years, and have slowly grown; we had originally setup a server on discord because it ended up being more convenient to organize games there, especially when mark kept pruning our threads, we're not very keen on setting up a general thread on either of the various /v/s given the nature of this game. We have tried in the past to have regular threads, but again we were always caught in the autism of the janitors at the time which killed any enthusiasm. If you would be willing to oblige us we'd greatly appreciate it as our presence on discord has gotten long in the tooth, not to mention they're starting to purge servers now for wrongthink.
Open file (96.56 KB 500x474 Lazy Fish Dom4.png)
pardon me for forgetting this part >Username: pantokrator90 >URI: /domg/ >Name: Dominions general >Topic: Dominions and other Illwinter games
>>13390 You would be better off with a thread than a board. A board for a small general is how things get cluttered and dead boards every where.
>>13390 clabchan on the webring appears to have open board creation. idk who or what anything about it but looks cool
>>13414 idk this might actually be that dolphin poster's site and if it happens to be that's no good but I have no evidence other than it appearing to wordfilter "dolphin" to a pic of a dolphin. Still I don't want to deride it without more to go on.
>>13415 nevermind it is running belugachan that's definitely the dolphin poster don't use that site for your board
>>13390 Where can I find your discuck?
Open file (643.31 KB 2422x1655 177390.jpg)
Hello, came here to request a new board. >The username you created  jamboree >Board URL (e.g. /meta/)  /sanctuarii/ >Board name  Sanctuárii >Board topic  Um lugar onde não há agressão  In english: A place where aggression doesn't exist >Would you like the board marked SFW (i.e. no explicit or other adult-only content)?  Yes, i would.  Hello, there, i intend on creating a board called /sanctuarii/, a name written in a portuguese language fork that i'm creating. The board is a place for debating philosophy, writing diaries, creating scientifical and poetical content, and allowing oneself to be as sad and depressed as one may want to, the place is meant to be a haven against a hell-like reality. The place has a zero tolerance policy about any fighting, one should never post intending to hurt someone else, so all such posts are immediatly deleted.  The board was originally hosted in 9chan, but that site isn't even working anymore, i can't even moderate my own board nor delete posts, so i'm looking for a calm place where to take my board.  The board wil have a /int/, but most of what's written there so far is written in portuguese and the portuguese fork i'm creating.  Therefore, i request this board to be created, please. Please let me know if it will happen, thanks.
>>13503 Does this board have a pre-existing community or will you be recruiting for it from scratch?
Open file (221.96 KB 500x512 ценннцук.jpg)
>>13518 >/femfascist/ u wot
>>13522 It depends on the owner of /fascist/ tbh.
>>13521 There's a shill going around spamming tranny and gay nonsense on /fascist/ >>>/fascist/6607
>>13518 >>13522 There is no such thing as trans fascism this is a obviously a psy-op, probably /Islam/ on their daily routine of being unironc faggots. If Islamists accept trannies so you can larp over there.
>>13527 /islam/ lives rent free in your head, literally pro-gay shit exists in the japan thread.
>>13528 Someone asked a question about the Hagakure's remarks on homosexuality, and someone gave an answer. You're desperate, shill
>>13528 And Iran and everyone other shithole sunni and shia country will recognize you as a woman as long as you chop off your dick. Not to forget that Baghdad is accepting gay shit. Thanks for taking the bait and proving my hunch correct that it was a mudslime shilling tranny shit, Islam is gay and so are you faggot.
>>13530 White Western countries are world champions of faggotry and transgenderism. Islam is the only force trying to stop it. Stop trying to deny and twist reality, and stop trying to derail the board request thread with your nonsense.
>>13531 White western nations are faggots because of shitskins like you, just a reminder that you queers are loved by western gays, they would rather side with you than white nationalists meaning that Islam ain't doing shit only further spreading and working together with gay zionist to destroy the west. Keep struggling with the fact that Islam has boy love associations and a history of raping men via Ottoman, Iran, Turkic tribes, and Egypt.
>>13528 >>13531 >Islam is rent free in your head, he says >/islam/ appears Wow who coulda guessed
Hey /fasc/ and /islam/, if you love rules so much then temp-ban yourself for being off-topic. Don't get so defensive over an obvious shitpost you pathetic /pol/ newfags.
Open file (629.24 KB 2141x3079 Lord and saviour.jpg)
>>13521 >>13522 >>13525 >>13526 >>13527 >>13528 >>13529 >>13530 >>13531 >>13532 >>13533 >>13534 Y'all niggas heared of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ?
Mexicano master race coming through
>>13536 I've seen this Norte stuff somewhere else too. Something about a red eagle and spanish hip hop and killing BLM thugs. Care to explain it to me?
Open file (364.91 KB 640x480 Huey.png)
>>13535 Didn't read; white Jesus.
Open file (307.52 KB 579x495 toddcollinss.png)
As dumb as it sounds I am requesting that the board of /toddcollins/ be formed Now you might look at this as being a complete shitpost which it is but the thing is, is that this is a shitpost with precedent with /vcollins/ being a semi well known board back in the day that had a lot of OC even if it was quite unintelligble most of the time, with Todd Howard coming in as the same vein as /vcollins/ I would like for you to please heavily consider adding the based board of /toddcollins/ to the based and hopefully to be philpilled repitiour of anon cafe t. a philpilled toddposter
For >>13550 URL: /toddcollins/ Board Name: toddcollins Board Topic: For the Based and philpilled Toddposters Would you like the board marked SFW: No it will be NSFW
I haven't heard anything yet, have you guys considered adding /toddcollins/ yet
Can we get a /fit/? There isn't one on the webring and I need more guides for gainz also what are the specs of the server you're hosting this on? I can probably get you an old PowerEdge from my work if it's a real POS and you're willing to pay shipping
>>13583 some more info >Username: KyriakosGrizzly >URL: /fit/ >Name: Health and Fitness >Topic: Health, fitness, gains, weight loss, and everything in between >SFW: Yes
>>13267 >That will be fine but I don't see an account name to give ownership to. Please create an account here and then confirm its name with your capcode on https://spqrchan.xyz/sw/ Sorry I didn't reply sooner, had a bit of a medical emergency and a bit of trouble due to spqrchan dying and getting replaced with something else but things are in order. I've made an account here and here's the link to the spqrchan replacement: https://alogs.theguntretort.com/sw/ Let me know if we're still eligible for a board and I'll make a confirmation on the other board with my capcode.
Now that 8chan.moe has gone down, I'd like to move /monarchy/ to anon.cafe Constantine /monarchy/ Monarchy Past, Present, Future Not a SFW board
Open file (2.58 MB 3000x3536 integralist grace new.png)
>>13638 Hope to see the gang get back together soon
>>13551 Sorry, we've got to decline this one. >>13583 >>13590 Apologies for the delay; we see you've set up on zzzchan. Do you want to stay there or move to Anon.cafe? >>13638 Done. User "Constantine" has ownership.
Adolf /de/ Großdeutschland deutsch, politics, anime, video games, random No, if someone posts scat, I'll just ban him.
>>13644 Do we really need another nutzy board?
>>13645 >nutzy Was?
>>13645 Retard, there is /islam/ for arabs, /fascist/ for italians, /britfeel/ and everything else for anglos. Why can there not be /de/ for Germans? Are you a jew or something?
Open file (678.47 KB 789x1140 wow-bro-that-bacb17eda7.jpg)
>>13647 Because Germans don't use it. I already saw your attempt on 8moe. Deutsch/pol/ is dead, it was dead on 8chan and it'll be deader here. The admin's gonna delete it in a few months for lack of activity.
>>13647 > /islam/ for arabs, /fascist/ for italians high comedy value post
>>13649 The first thing you see when you go to fascist is an italy flag spaghetti eater.
>>13650 You know /ita/ exists right?
>>13651 What does that change about fascism inherently being Italian?
>>13652 Don't worry about it my guy. Good luck with your board
>>13652 Fascism is not inherently Italian. It had Italian origins but that's a historical fact at most.

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