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Dolphin poster Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 20:21:16 No.223
I think he has become a site-wide problem right now, so I thought I'd bring attention to it here. Can he be permanently banned from all boards whenever he appears? Although he appeared in /r9k/, he's begun to spam /otter/ and other parts of the webring.

For those that aren't aware, he:
>Posted links to CP on /r9k/
>Defended the above post
>Continually evades bans
>Avatarfags with a plush dolphin
>Is currently spamming /r9k/ and /otter/

A robot has made archives of most of his posts (first ones missing unfortunately):

Pic related sums him up. You can see the dolphin plushie near the computer screen, the /pol/ shit he regularly posts, and his interest in computing. He has also started posting about sharks too, along with a shark plush toy.
I'll never engage him personally, but there's something about deranged autists like him that make me feel right at home. God bless our eccentric schizos, born for the sole purpose of being everyone else's entertainment.
You can't. I'll just change my IP. Since I feel like shit for causing all of this, I'll stop. If you don't make any more archives of me, then I'll stop, I promise.
That's a big if, obama
She's beautiful, right? I'm so isolated daily.
Have sex with your dolphin if it makes you feel better. Take a picture and post it as well if you need to.
Why do assume I'm a pedo? I love the feel of stuffed toys since I never properly cared as a child.
Why are you stalking me just to archive my threads? I think you should hang yourself using some rope. See sanctionedsuicide.com for information on that.
This is from your 8kun board you've not used ever
I'm not stalking you, you just happen to pop up wherever I tread on like a fuchsia turd
Try spamming /cow/ instead, that place has more than 30 posters.
So you do admit that you're lolcow material
>If you don't make any more archives of me, then I'll stop, I promise.
Anons are only making archives of posts you've made, so if you were to stop posting then they would have no need to archive. This entire affair started because you decided to spam here, and I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we don't want drama or attention here. Its a small imageboard and we all get along fine, so don't rock the boat.
Open file (98.99 KB 768x256 dolphin.png)
he seems to be back on the saddle again
I never did that. Someone on another chan is copying me as a "joke".
I DOSed this site so people on /tower/ could not post.
>I DOSed this site
Can it run Doom?
No, MSDOSfag; use FreeDOS.
Unfortunately Dolphin-kun isn't that good, so we can only run Xonix
>Sonic is gay btw
I figured it out. He prefers Ecco the Dolphin
Big bump 4UUUUUUUU
Open file (329.46 KB 761x749 chuckling maid.jpg)
Someone post comprehensive screenshots of the dolphin antics offsite (imgur or catbox or whatever) so that taking down anon.cafe can't erase the dolphin's PERMANENT RECORD
Archive of this thread, which has links to archives of the other threads. Should be enough.
I wonder if Dolphin is the same faggot that used to be Cheetah nigger when Meguca was still around.
>>14141 >autistic schizo spammer on meguca WEW! Who is the Cheetah nigger? What is his story?
>>14158 Meguca was full of retards too easily triggered. They accused everyone of being cheetah they disagreed with. If they stopped shitting their pants constantly no one would know or care meguca ever existed or their non-existent troll.

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