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(376.86 KB 1372x1049 changelog.png)
Bugs, Issues, and Changelog Anonymous Board owner 09/02/2019 (Mon) 15:52:13 No. 18
If you notice something wrong that isn't "it's slow", post about it here. If something is fixed or changed, it'll be posted here.
An /otter/poster noticed that thumbnails on multiple post images were running into one another; a CSS problem that has just been fixed.

A board requestor noticed that confirmation emails were not working, a server configuration problem that has just been fixed. The behavior wherein failures to send confirmation emails still sets the confirmation email standoff timer has been submitted as an issue upstream.

Attribution for geolocated flags has been added to the attributions page.
Could it be that the board user counter is somehow stuck?
I'm inclined to believe /cuckquean/ has more than 3 users.

Also, a [Return] button for threads would be nice.
(102.20 KB 454x394 return button.png)
>Also, a [Return] button for threads would be nice.
That got me too at first. The return button is actually at the top right of the screen on this software. Pic related.
(7.16 KB 231x120 screenshot_3u14813.PNG)
Just noticed spoilers don't get spoilered in the front page preview. Might be an issue for spoilers.
Also, I think /cafe/ should be a SFW board.
Thank you for reporting it. I noticed too. It has been submitted as an issue upstream.

I had the same thought about /cafe/. /cafe/ is a SFW board in spirit, but I also felt that people should be able to post nudity behind spoilers if their discussion happens to involve it. /cafe/'s rules will be amended to allow mild nudity behind spoilers but no explicit content. I feel this still harmonises with the spirit of the SFW global rule. We'll see how it goes.
Some minor tweaks have been made to the appearance of the front page.

We're trialling only showing SFW images on the front page. Feel free to post in >>21 if you have an opinion about this.

The issue mentioned in >>20 has been acknowledged but refused a fix upstream. Since it is minor and can be worked around, it will not be patched on this instance.
I've noticed links vch.moe boards (/tv/, /v/, /bmn/, /sw/) are not on the boardlist. Not really a bug, just an oversight.
They don't have our boards either.
Mark hasn't set up the webring plugin correctly so it doesn't learn new boards.
(1.55 MB 800x800 Björk Debut.png)
Don't know if this is the place to post it but I dig using the overboard feature for slow imageboards. Sadly this site doesn't show up from which board is each thread on this feature, I'd like it if this was addressed. Thank you very much.
It's mostly obvious which threads are from where, but yes that would be good. Also to be able to filter boards.
That's a good idea, but it cannot be done by altering frontend templates and requires the backend LynxChan engine to be modified. We'll consider installing a suitable addon to do this if one is created and passes scrutiny.

>Also to be able to filter boards.
As above, LynxChan does not natively provide this capability. It does have the capability for a SFW overboard, which will be enabled shortly.
The SFW overboard has been enabled and is now visible next to the normal NSFW overboard. Boards shown i the board list that have been pulled in from the webring are now marked by lozenges (thanks to CSS based on Robi Pires's XanderLynx fork of PenumbraLynx).
(53.97 KB 401x367 bt_thumbs.png)
Even if this is not as much as the two posts you replied wanted, I appreciate it.
(166.42 KB 500x806 dum dum.png)
How do I change my board to be SFW?
You ask a global admin to make it SFW. Your board is now SFW.
Ah, got it. Well, could you set /agdg/ as SFW then? Thanks a lot and sorry for the trouble I may have caused.
(342.85 KB 1023x575 1530977237225.png)
Would you be so kind as to allow VPNs to post?
I keep getting the "Your IP was recognized as a known spammer" message, and it's a bit annoying.
I'm not gonna post here using my clear IP.
I’m posting using a VPN right now. Maybe your VPN is used enough by spammers that it’s on a blacklist. Most VPN services provide lots of different servers in many different countries, so maybe try switching your public IP that way?
>Most VPN services provide lots of different servers in many different countries, so maybe try switching your public IP that way?
Yeah no shit, but I have to do that a dozen times before getting one that works.
(1.87 MB 1600x1100 more.png)
After careful consideration, changes have been made to the anti-spam and Tor settings.

Posters whose IPs appear on the Stop Forum Spam list may still post, provided they pass a block bypass CAPTCHA first. This should ease life for those whose VPN services are used by abusers.

Those using Tor may now post files.

If either of these changes are abused - and they may be, despite the best intentions of those who intend to use them properly - then this will be reconsidered. But for now, we've judged that the benefit to posters outweighs the risk.
I agree with this, thanks.
On the homepage, image previews are oldest to newest from left to right, but post previews are from right to left.
Why is it done this way? It's not a big issue, but it's a bit confusing.
We now run LynxChan version 2.2.14. Fixes from the latest version of PenumbraLynx have also been merged to our frontend.

IP address retention is a topic of great interest to privacy-conscious posters. By default, LynxChan retains IP addresses for all posts and uses it to display IP hashes to non-root users until those posts age out or are deleted. There is presently no way I know of to turn off this behavior or force storage of hashed IPs only (feel free to request this from LynxChan upstream), but Anon.cafe's instance will now purge a post's IP address information after the post is three days old. Unfortunately, this means that such posts will no longer display IP hashes to owners or volunteers. This should be long enough to assist volunteer and janitorial duties while still allowing posters peace of mind. Note that backups taken will still contain the unexpired IP address information that was in the database at that point in time, so the information will technically be retained until such time as the backup sets automatically age out and are deleted.

The about page has been updated with board creation and donation information.

The issue where spoilers are visible on front page post snippets (and other formatting marks are visible as plain text) was refused upstream as an "edge case", see https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan/issues/25
Edited last time by root_admin on 09/23/2019 (Mon) 16:37:34.
Please increase the text limit. Trying to port over some /hgg/ threads just in case and some of our OP pastes are too big to be posted.
Increase it to how much?
Nevermind, I just realized how bloated the FC pasta was and decided to pare it down.
In the accepted files list .jpg is listed twice and .jpeg isn't on there.
The limit on 8chan was 5000.
Thread doesn't show the .gif I uploaded as the OP image for /hgg/'s /hgdg/ thread.
Can invidio.us and bitchute embeds be added? plzthx
Can the Robot 9000 feature be added?
(118.55 KB 1534x656 r9k setting.png)
It's been increased to 5120.

That feature has to be added upstream in LynxChan itself. We can add it to our list but it takes a lower priority to other things in the anon.cafe queue. If you'd like to create an addon or submit a patch to core please feel free. If one already exists then please point it out and we'll consider enabling it.

This already exists. It's in the board settings as "Unique Posts". Pic related.
Login seems broken. Keeps saying 'Login failed' despite entering correct username and password.
Hey, is there a chance we can get custom board pages like on 8chan? Or does Lynx not allow it?
I don't think Lynxchan allows it. Good luck getting that feature into the codebase.
(693.20 KB 1892x887 catalog.png)
What's going on here? Catalog seems messed up.
Using otter browser btw.
It has to do with the style sheet, I did this exact thing the other day by disabling a styling rule in the css
It's the same on default css though.
We’re back from a spot of downtime that happened at exactly the wrong moment. Thank you for your patience. The issue appears to be the same one that until recently was affecting Julay.world. We’re back online and will be watching things to see if we can’t stop it from happening again.

That we do not have an IRC channel, a Twitter, nor any other form of out-of-band communication except an email address is intentional, for now.
Can't you ask Robi for the script that plugs back the board in case of downtime?
>That we do not have an IRC channel, a Twitter, nor any other form of out-of-band communication except an email address is intentional, for now.
What luck. I was just about to make to make a post asking about any out-of-band channels for these situations. I'll trust there's a reason for you keeping outside communications email only.
Julay appears to be down at the moment
Whats with the lynxchan bunkers constantly shitting themselves? Especially Julay, it's like the site gets a 502 error once a week.
In julay there's something called MongoDB that seems to create hiccups, which I haven't seen here. There's also the fact that Robi was changing the interface of lynxchan so that could also be taken into account.
I wonder why he even uses something that causes this much trouble.
MondoDB is the database that lynxchan uses, this website should use it too. I highly doubt that the database is the problem since MongoDB is used all over the web. The problem is Lynxchan itself. It seems to get issues when there's a lot of traffic, one of the problems they had previously (and may still have) was that expired captchas weren't being deleted, so the server was filled up with them. That for example is completely 100% lynxchan's fault.

It's very difficult to change the database system, you'd have to do modifications to the lynxchan software. Julayworld's admin instead chose to start developing his own imageboard software, which he plans to replace lynxchan with.

Lynxchan is easy to set up and has a good amount of features, but it's pretty shitty on the inside.
>Julayworld's admin instead chose to start developing his own imageboard software, which he plans to replace lynxchan with
I'd be interested to see what he comes up with. All I really want from an imageboard (community and moderation aside), is for it to not go offline all the time, and to not look like a cheap chinese knockoff of an imageboard instead of the real thing. 4chan's native Futaba/Burichan and Yotsuba/Yotsuba B themes are so simple that I don't understand how some people manage to fuck it up so hard.
>Futaba/Burichan and Yotsuba/Yotsuba B themes are so simple that I don't understand how some people manage to fuck it up so hard
People always want to do something new, but ignoring color swaps like the Tomorrow theme, it's actually surprisingly hard to improve the yotsuba look and structure.
It's under attack anon if you haven't figured that out for yourself yet. You're not the one doing it are you?
>was that expired captchas weren't being deleted, so the server was filled up with them.
over 1.5 million captchas anon? c'mon i'm pretty sure you can figure this one out for yourself?
all this gaslighting at robi's expense should be obvs bait to you guys.

>are so simple that I don't understand how some people manage to fuck it up so hard.
run a lot of imageboards yourself do you?
It's still Lynxchan's fault for not deleting them properly.
No, where did you get that idea?
I read that mongoDB was using up the ram in the server so it was possible that the script to delete them didn't work because of that.
(63.91 KB 1118x933 Untitled.png)
No, but I've made some basic CSS edits before.
its back
admin are you still alive?
Sometimes I have to refresh the website a couple of times before I can access it because my browser tells me that the connection isn't secure. Is it just my end?

I hope he hasn't died, though it doesn't seem like he's been active lately.
That's curious. I'm on Tor and the only time the site gave me an error about an insecure connection was when their typo caused the SSL cert to be temporarily invalid.
Hello Anon. I am alive and have been watching over things all this time.

It is possible that your traffic is being intercepted and a dummy certificate used, you are on shared wifi that requires authentication through a captive portal, or something else. I have not seen any TLS or certificate errors except the recent expiration. Please do not ignore any warnings about invalid TLS connections. If you do see the warnings again, it might be a good idea to view the certificate presented to you (how to do this differs by browser) to see if that gives any clues
Glad to hear you're fine, thanks for the advice too. Could you make it so delisted boards don't have their posts appear on recent posts on the homepage and on the overboard? I appreciate it if its too big of a thing to ask for.
(229.12 KB 280x256 FrjdJ7lql8.mp4)
Can the sidecatalog be collapsible by clicking the same icon you use to open it?

Right now the only way to close if by clicking the X icon as shown in the video.
anon is having issues posting pics from phone.
Normally I wouldn't say anything but /fa/ is a phoneposting board. No trouble on my end with multiple newish androids, I've heard iphones have issue posting pics but I don't have any way to verify that.
Yeah, it’s a limitation of the software right now because Stephen Lynx is a nigger
This is not effay at all.
Thanks m8, never even thought of going to meta.

It normally wouldn’t be a problem for me but I’m away from home for a few months and don’t have access to any pc. I wouldn’t ask for a fix if I’m the only one mobilefagging, but it would be nice. But if it’s a limitation of the software not much to do. All I know is that the page immediately reloads when I try to select a photo, and crashes after two or three consecutive tries.
(615.62 KB 1799x898 catalog1.png)
(100.59 KB 1508x693 r9kthred.png)
There seem to be a lot of broken/missing thumbnails and I have to hit refresh several times to make them show up.
They never show up for me, no matter how much I refresh.
Even worse, it's every image, not just most of them like in your image
Yep, the refreshing just breaks the CSS after a bit.
You're hitting the rate limiting that was put in as a pre-emptive measure against non-captcha request flooding. I've increased the limit a bit; you should no longer notice anything unless you try to load a few 500-image threads.

Refreshing more will actually exacerbate the problem, especially if your browser is not caching the thread's thumbnails.

Same for you. Constant refreshing will just be interpreted by the server as you trying to overload it, and it'll cut you off.
Hey, not sure if you use haproxy for that ratelimit or not, but you can solve the issue of too many requests breaking long threads by making the ratelimit per url path+IP instead of just IP. Of course that means an attacker could use a shotgun approach and attack many pages at once, so you should still have a ratelimit for IP or connection rate, but with a higher value. An example/haproxy config snippet below:

##### Track client by base32+src (Host header + URL path + src IP)
stick-table type binary len 8 size 100k expire 10s store http_req_rate(10s) #request rate over last 10 seconds
http-request track-sc0 base32+src
acl rate_abuse sc0_http_req_rate gt 50 #50 requests/10s (5 req/s) PER-PAGE
###### Deny if rate abuse
http-request deny deny_status 429 if rate_abuse

### Optional, some other ways to deny request instead of http-request deny
#http-request tarpit if rate_abuse
# will keep the connection busy but send no data until timeout,
# then respond with 500 server error to make bots think they took your site down.
# very effective against very dumb robots, moreso than http-request deny,
# but can force haproxy to keep an insane number of connections open while tarpitting,
# so make sure you also have a rule preventing too many concurrent connections per IP

#http-request silent-drop if rate_abuse
# similar to tarpit, but makes haproxy completely forget the connection without notifying the client.
# can handle even more traffic than tarpit, but may have issues with stateful firewalls not closing
# connections properly so beware.
I changed my password and now I can't login to my account anymore. Does this have to do with the spam or something?
Ongoing spam and DoS attacks from one of the attackers we’ve seen before. Nothing particularly exciting or different about this one except they’re paying more money to execute it.
>paying real money to put spam into a Kazakh hide carving exchange

As with many things of this type, enough money and autism is enough to temporarily force us offline. We’ve enabled captcha for all posts. Attacks on the captcha system as soon as we forced its use mean that sometimes a captcha may not appear immediately; please be patient.

Board owners, we advise limiting the number of threads created per hour to avoid slide attacks should the spammer decide to spend even more money lol and time lol on this.
Stop offending me. I don't like how you are using the word autism to offend me.
I never paid money for it apart from the VPSes. Go ahead and leave my dolphin thread up. I'll wreck your site until it's dead.
(104.73 KB 218x250 woosh.gif)
autism autism autism autism autism
I have autism too. Maybe we can be autism friends
>99.9% of the internet would happily accept my crippling autism
>one of the only places that doesn't rightfully tells me to fuck off
>get buttmad and try to spam the site, instead of just going to one of the other ten-thousand sites that accept me
Dolphin-nigger, you're such a retard. It's actually embarassing.
(45.52 KB 189x335 6eb4blxc.png)
You're going to attack no matter what so they may as well tell the truth about you, right?
After some downtime from the spammer attacking our captcha, we're back! We're now running LynxChan 2.3.6 with several add-ons to improve captcha generation and improve our resilience against the attacks we've seen up to now. Thank you to Stephen Lynx for back-porting this functionality to the 2.3 line of LynxChan. We're also running a slightly modified version of the XanderLynx front-end by Julay.world's Robi Pires. Please continue to complain when things break and we'll see what can be done. We'll continue to deal with these attacks if and when they recur. Enforced per-post captcha will remain on for the time being, which is a little bit of a pain but please bear with it for now.
Edited last time by root_admin on 02/23/2020 (Sun) 10:16:14.
>>10423 Tell us about your "date" with Mark. I'm burning to know.
Open file (831.29 KB 998x1142 coincidence.png)
>>10423 I think a better ratelimit policy in nginx would be a burst. e.g. x amount in 60 seconds instead of 1 every 5 seconds. Otherwise, good to see this place back.
Open file (544.62 KB 360x515 SguHKU1582444074.png)
>>10426 It's worst I tell you.
>>10429 Just explain, I meed to know what made him snap. He's sperging more than usual. Did you really peg him?
Open file (192.09 KB 920x1200 1580614116404-2.jpg)
Open file (289.52 KB 800x800 confused lizard.jpg)
>>10430 >spoiler
Open file (536.21 KB 618x410 ClipboardImage.png)
Good job setting up XanderLynx admin. It must've been kinda hard considering it requires a few addons I was too lazy to release yet. Also, got this in IRC fan mail: ><Fickup> I'm upset that anon.cafe is back. I'll be good if you give me a board on Julay. You can disable CSS if you want. KEEP SEETHING, DOLPHIN NIGGER
>>10433 I may have fucked up somewhere. orz kindchan.org
>>10433 Got there in the end. Thank you for your help Robi.
I remember seeing a version of the main anon.cafe front page banner with a robot, otter, and some other board mascots shopped in but I can't find it again. Could someone repost it?
>>10433 >>10428 >>10426 Dead dolphins aren't funny, none of this is their fault. Anyways, it's good to be back.
>>10437 drown yourself in semen
>>10438 Fuck your head in, robi namefag.
Open file (261.20 KB 563x212 anoncafe.png)
>>10436 here it is
Open file (1.25 MB 1853x1135 otter3.png)
Pictures don't properly line up anymore. Tried on several browsers.
Open file (282.34 KB 872x565 03 doll thread.png)
Open file (765.75 KB 849x2409 04 rock overboard.png)
Open file (795.82 KB 855x2377 05 rock thread.png)
>>10441 Same on Tor browser. Overboard seems to look a bit better, but the issue shows up there too. I don't know if this is a persistent issue, or merely temporary glitches from the transition to the new site theme.
>>10441 Spoilers don't work (as in hovering over them doesn't reveal them) and the banner at the top is unreadable on most boards as well
>>10441 >>10442 Looks like the upgrade broke old posts. The previous version of LynxChan used the div class "opCell multipleUploads" and "postCell multipleUploads". This version of LynxChan uses the div class "panelUploads opUploadPanel multipleUploads" and "panelUploads multipleUploads". When viewing threads with the overboard or the index some old posts (specifically OPs, though not all OPs) correctly append multipleUploads to the div class but break when opening the threads. Hopefully the admin can fix it. >>10443 Lots of minor differences after the upgrade, CSS will have to be fixed by BOs.
I've tried dumping some images on /comfy/ but they're not posting at all. When I go to the home page they appear on the recently posted, but clicking them takes me to a non-existent post.
>>10513 If it's https://anon.cafe/comfy/res/36.html I can see the posts just fine.
>>10513 >>10514 The server was under load at the time so the page builds lagged behind. Looks like the posts are showing up now that the page has built.
We're now on LynxChan 2.3.7 and no longer have enforced captcha for every post. The first time you post in a while or after a certain number of posts you'll have to fill in a captcha. Unindexed boards will no longer have their posts show up on the front page or overboard.
I tried to add some banners but this came up >You have exceeded the maximum limit of authentications, wait before trying again. What is it?
Hey could posting and uploading pics please be fixed, would be great.
>>10559 >hit post >Uploading... (100%) >Connection failed >Connection failed >Connection failed >502 Bad Gateway >reload >it posted twice and the file is broken >try to delete >Flood detected
>>10559 >>10560 Ok listen lynxchan is the best imageboards oftware every made, if you have a problem then it's your fault.
>>18 So sorry, lad, posting from a proxy and keep getting "your IP was recognized as a known spammer". Anything that could be done by that? Stellar website, though, really liking what you've done with it.
Nasty little spot of storage-related downtime there. All fixed up. >>10559 >>10560 >>10561 Julay.world's admin often remarks thus: "StephenLynx is a nigger." Beyond that, it's hard to fix or trace anything if we don't get information beyond "it's broke and I want it fixed". If we can't reproduce the problem we can't attack it. >>10564 LynxChan takes spam IPs from a widely-distributed blocklist. Your VPN's IP has probably ended up on it. You can still post if you solve the CAPTCHA when challenged. Do you not get prompted to get a block bypass? In the reply form, if you click the "More" arrow, you'll see an option titled either "Make sure I have a block bypass" or "Use bypass". Check that option and you should be challenged to solve, after which you'll have a block bypass and can post.
>>10543 Newer versions of LynxChan (like ours ha) limit the number of authenticated queries to make sure that the service can't be DoSed using backend functions or have accounts be bruteforced. Wait a couple of minutes and you should be able to put your admin actions through.
>>18 Some asshole started posting CP links on /animu/, do you have a wordfilter up for cases such as that?
>>18 Adding onto what >>10645 said, /animu/ has a bot that perma bans you if you post the following from: https://prolikewoah.com/banned-words.txt
>>10646 How does it work? Would be helpful for other IBs.
julayworld is down, I fear the worst
>>10652 nevermind, just a temporary 504. scary
>>18 Is NordVPN in general banned? I tried a couple different servers and all I'm getting with any of them is an ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE on anon.cafe and an ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED on any of the boards (like anon.cafe/meta)
>>10752 No, NordVPN isn't banned from our side. Perhaps NordVPN or one of their network providers has banned us (strange for a VPN) or they're mangling traffic somehow? Strange behavior though; first I've heard of it from any VPN.
>>10752 >>10754 I'm using NordVPN, no problem here. Perhaps just some servers are bad.
>>10756 >>10754 Scratch that, I seem to have solved the problem in the most puzzling way possible. I found out the IP of anon.cafe and entered that into the browser instead of anon.cafe just once and that worked and now anon.cafe works if I enter it too.
Open file (236.03 KB 800x450 production.gif)
Boards may now have 50 banners each.
>>10759 Those buns are working so hard.
>>18 Hey, owner dude I think you should find a way to disable hotlinking images or threads from your imageboard. Smug got hit once again for the exact same reasons and with the exact same MO (look at their support threads). If you disabled hotlinking, though, there's very little the people reporting random images can do to prove their claims.
Would it be possible to have HTML support in the board announcements?
>>13217 but why, you already have markdown
Just a thought. How many between mods and global mods are there in this place? I merely ask because with ever increasing attacks by tranny federations, we need more people monitoring for CP spam.
We have added the alternative domains https://anoncafe.org and https://anoncafe.co which are now linked from the front page. >>>/cafe/ has been locked. Comfy threads were moved to >>>/comfy/ and sheltering threads were moved to >>>/shelter/. A front page link to >>>/shelter/ is now present. It's our suggestion that each webring member have a /shelter/ board for anons to fall back to in the event of one or more webring members going down.
Can you post the default cafe yotsuba b css?
>>13249 The whole frontend is at https://gitlab.com/alogware/xanderlynx - we've just modified a few of the templates. The CSS is the same.
>>13250 I've tried that but haven't been able to find the right one when searching for "css". global.css seemed right but it's the default lynxchan skin with some weird formatting issues.
>>13251 You can also get what's running here from https://anon.cafe/.static/css/global.css It's also possible that you're on the wrong branch in the repo. Check the commit history to make sure you're actually on the one where changes have been made.
Edited last time by root_admin on 05/20/2020 (Wed) 02:03:31.
Open file (107.62 KB 1340x483 Untitled.png)
>>13252 Here's what global.css looks like from anon.cafe's branch. It's the same with Julay. I'm guessing that PLW have changed some things and this has resulted in some of it not working.
>>13253 They're running a completely different template. Looks like a version of PenumbraLynx that went in a different direction. The CSS won't apply unless there are the right elements for it to apply to.
Hey owner guy I see you're indexed on the Jewgle Please add a rule to your robots.txt to not do so, it's the death of imageboards when they can be searched for and the first result is some CP spammer.
>>13259 >it's the death of imageboards when they can be searched for and the first result is some CP spammer Wouldn't a CP spammer be bad news regardless of whether Google indexes here? Why the worry over the Jewgle in particular and not Bing or DuckDuck or Altavista?
>>13259 Faggots like this is why I love modded search P2P search engines that ignore robots. >>13260 It makes no difference these days. Even if a site isn't indexed, references on related sites to that content will make it onto the search engine, so when someone searches "alternative imageboard list" or something in the future, you'll get posts from people on reddit that contains your site.
>>13260 Well, on a board that I used to own some boomer woman left her own email and personal info thinking it was a private forum after looking up unrelated shit from the Jewgle. You never know these days what kind of dumbasses may jeopardize your website. CP spammers exist, true, but they are a known threat. Protecting yourself from the unknown is more important. >>13269 >P2P search engines Like what?
>>13270 >Like what? Yacy. It works well, but its closed source and developed by Germans, so its by default not trustworthy when it comes to upholding freedom of speech.
>>13286 how do you make it search only /res/
I've been getting this: Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection to anoncafe.org. PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR on waterfox. I've only used that browser for the last two days, so I don't know since when that's a problem. Tor Browser works.
Video playback on this chan is slow and glitched out. I have never experienced this on any chan or website before this (running i7 quad core and plenty of ram). WTF?
>>13329 It's working fine for me, what video are you trying to play?
>>13286 >but its closed source and developed by Germans, so its by default not trustworthy when it comes to upholding freedom of speech. <sauce: anon's ass https://github.com/yacy https://github.com/orgs/yacy/people It's biggest issue is that it's written in Poo.
>>13331 the biggest issue is there is no support
The downtime that happened just now was an issue at our host’s end. We contacted them and they fixed it. Business as usual. We already have a fallback server so we’ll be looking into putting a status announcements page there shortly.
>>13342 >We already have a fallback server so we’ll be looking into putting a status announcements page there shortly. that's good news to hear, thanks Admin.
Why is there no AV1 support on anon.cafe?
>>13357 Do other LynxChan boards have AV1 support?
>>13360 Which ones? What version do they run and how did they add support?
>>13361 4biz xyz/trash idk
Why is tvchan not visible in the webring dropdown menu, but anon.cafe is visible from theirs?
Can we have redtext? <it doesn't work
>>13364 it was an addon but it also worked in code tag
I just got an error saying that file capacity for the site has been reached. And also saw that there was exactly 12000 files on the site according to the front page. Gonna try to attach an image with this post and see if the error continues.
Open file (114.95 KB 500x304 mtv2bxGux11rpa57co1.png)
>>13382 I'm getting that error as well. Let's see if I can post an image on /meta/ as well.
>>13383 Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I can't post any images when I try on /fascist/ now. Just now it didn't work for this post either
>>13384 Same here. I tried one more image on /f/ and it worked, then the one after that failed. This site must be bumping up against its capacity.
>>13382 >>13383 >>13384 >>13385 12000 was our configured file count limit. We put it there as a little safety checkpoint. We usually keep it rolling ahead as needed but this time the count overtook us. It's been raised so please continue as normal.
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