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Open file (698.74 KB 1602x2048 FqnmtppWAAMbM9H.jpg)
Some nigger tried to destroy /k/ today. Anonymous 05/20/2023 (Sat) 23:28:32 No.16210
Looks like he managed it for about a third of the board before Strelok stepped in. Can you restore the missing threads Admin?
By the way, he also littered the shit out of the place with loli. Says a lot about this glownigger's shithead's nature.
I destroyed no threads except those that are bumplocked and I only seek the destruction of >>>/k/47199 I laid this out in >>>/k/50858 The only casualties were bumplocked threads that you should have archived anyways if you weren't a lazy nigger. This will not be the case moving forward. If you begin making backups of /k/ I will just get creative in creating stupid threads to gargle /k/ with inane garbage to make it unfun and unusable in a way that is not against the rules outright. Either get rid of the /pol/ astroturfing thread or create a /pol/ board on anon.cafe otherwise I will go on a crusade to remove German NIGGERS from the board and will spend physical money on additional VPNs if you ban these ones. It's simple, really. Stop being a nigger, /pol/nigger.
Broke global rule: Do not post adult content on SFW boards
>>16210 He's still doing it now by reposting threads from 4/k/.
>>16213 No I haven't seen anymore activity from him for about an hour and a half. This was spam he did earlier trying kill the board.
>>16214 I am not a nigger spammer but an honorable spammer. I told you I would give tengunigger 8 hours to figure his shit out. I can be any mean name in the book but I have more of a sense of honor than your average NEETSoc.
7 hours*
>>16215 >I am not a nigger spammer but an honorable spammer. Are you the same 'AussieNIGGER' who just asked to be made a board volunteer on /k/?
>>16217 Of course I am, niggerfaggot.
>>16210 We don't maintain backups for the purpose of restoring certain threads piecemeal. Lynxchan provides anti-sliding measures to board owners, so it's up to them to adjust those as they see fit. >>16211 /k/ is a NSFW board, so posting adult content there doesn't violate global rules. /k/'s owner would be to whom you want to put forward objections about what is and isn't allowed on /k/.
Just so you know I can bypass your ban of my non-spamming IP. You fucking nigger.
Ban evasion. Original ban: Posting adult content on SFW board
>>16214 >>16219 He's still doing it, in fact even more threads have been destroyed by the failure of the mods on /k/ to act. At this point you might as well delete the board.
>>16221 No threads have been destroyed, you dumbass.
>>16222 >implying You already slid them off the page limit
>>16223 What is there to imply? You said even more threads. No threads have been slid off since the bumplocked threads. I would have saved those too but obviously they can't be saved. All that is happening right now is the insurance layer of empty pages from Yanny deleting legitimate threads is being filled in with threads. Stop being retarded.
In any case I have accomplished my mission and no further sliding will take place unless the lesson wasn't learned. In that case the beatings will continue as necessary.
Open file (1.09 MB 1012x758 How Terrible.png)
On a related note Yanny the Janny just deleted a bunch of legitimate threads during his spam cleanup.
Open file (238.96 KB 541x1111 Oi now.png)
Copy/Pasting to /meta/ since I have a feeling this particular post will be deleted before Tengunigger sees it and I don't remember his email. >>>/k/51106 1) The delete by IP address option was used, which deletes all posts from all time from that IP address based on the level of hash. I happened to have made several (non-spam) threads on /k/ and used those IP addresses during my sliding, so that's on you for not knowing how your mod tools work. You can only see IP hash based on block bypass and to a certain limit, not how it ties back to other internals on the server. I said I could engage in "sleeper agent shit" if I wanted to for a reason. That's on you for using the delete by IP option. There's a reason most board owners ban the use of that button and it's because of shitcunts like me. 2) The previous BO created a buffer in the catalog as an anti-spam feature for a reason, and this board has been so bloody dead over the last 9 months (combined with at least one actual spam attack from a few months prior that Tengunigger partially dealt with at that time) that the buffer has been maintained during the interim. /k/ can handle 80 threads at any given time but follows the old /jp/ adage of keeping about the last 10 slots free of debris. 3) I meticulously counted my threads, both when posting troll loli threads and later when posting useable threads (not to be confused with my "sleeper threads"). The catalog was filled and a handful of bumplocked threads were deleted, then (You) bumped the problem thread in question, so I had to slide the current Russia-Ukraine bumplocked thread to the bottom of the catalog since someone decided to be a chucklefuck. I even warned that I would have to slide the current Russia Ukraine thread if that were to happen but nobody seemed to listen or bother archiving it at the time and said post is now deleted. At this point the loli threads were deleted dropping the catalog down to 7 pages, but the legitimate threads were left up. The part of my conversation with ChatGPT RanBot detailing why those "slide threads" were more legitimate than the thread I was sliding seems to have also been deleted further showing you used the delete by IP button like a retard. With the exception of I believe 7 bumplocked threads that were deleted, the only salvageable thread that ended up being deleted was the SHTF General for which I apologized at the time since I thought that Tengunigger had been a kusogaki and increased the thread limit to 9 or 10 pages, but you deleted that post as well. I even went to the courtesy of salvaging a few threads from the bottom of the catalog to make sure some other slidenigger didn't come in and delete perfectly good threads, as I had kept the catalog largely in order during my sliding to make sure that functional threads remained near the top 5 pages to be easily located once more, but by deleting by IP you reset the catalog into a jumbled, garbled mess that it currently is and I haven't bothered to fix it. In total: >With the exception of the bumplocked threads, the problem thread, and the SHTF General I deleted no additional threads >(You) used delete by IP like a stupid monkey >(You) deleted perfectly good threads in the process of "deleting spam" >(You) caused the catalog to look like the current shitstain that it is instead of being in functional order >Don't blame your incompetence on others Copy/pasting this to the meta thread for when you inevitably delete it in a fit of rage. I wanted to leave your post on the front page for embarrassment reasons for a few hours/days but Strelok probably doesn't know any better and you're gaslighting the userbase.
>can't create new thread Might as well post it here, some nigger spammed /sw/ to death, can you undo the damage?
>>16252 What's that faggot's problem anyway?
Open file (415.45 KB 1169x907 1476612591151327434.jpg)
>>16255 Maybe the FBI took his kiddie porn stash away.
>>16252 I feel like this is something you should make a new thread for.
>>16252 There's no such thing as "undo". Threads that fall off the catalog are deleted, which is why LynxChan provides anti-sliding settings that Board Owners can set. If they choose not to set them then their boards are vulnerable to being slid.
Seems /toy/ is under attack again currently
To the anon.cafe Admins, please be advised we're under attack by the same POS nigger that tried to destroy /k/ earlier this year. Since there were followup attacks on the rest of the site that may be related, be advised to be on the watch for such a repeat again. Not sure what you can do beyond the site message you've already done, but at least you know about it now. >t. /k/
>>16359 yanny didn't stop being active
>>16359 I hadn't actually started anything when the first guy started spamming "bump" btw. >>16360 Yeah he really ought to have let sleeping dogs lie instead of deleting threads and stirring hornets nests. Rule 1 of modding is you don't clean up a smudge if it will result in a smear.
>>16361 You're somehow almost as huge a faggot as he is, it's pretty incredible (I'm not talking about the spam, since you're so retarded that apparently needs to be stated)
>>16362 And you're still as insufferable as ever, Mr "I'm-totally-anonymous"-san.
Open file (45.89 KB 500x725 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (47.63 KB 844x244 ClipboardImage.png)
That nigger today was Yanny who has made the board functionally unusable between stickying a bunch of dead bumplocked threads and deleting all new threads and gloating about it openly in a sticky. I thought there was a global rule about making your board unusable?
Open file (46.55 KB 844x204 ClipboardImage.png)
Better edit:
Now he's just flat-out leaving illegal content up after going out of his way to make the board unusable.
>>16368 /k/ completely compromised confirmed. Cannot talk about the Israel conflict.

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