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Christian /meta/ Thread Deleting User Grievances Anonymous 12/11/2022 (Sun) 16:35:38 No.15995
As the Board Owner is not allowing the redress of legitimate grievances in the /christian/ meta thread over his decision to censor imageboard history and is making an active effort to make it seem as if everyone is in agreement with him, I am making a temporary thread on /meta/ for anons to express their disdain. Please keep talks about the other fag out of this thread as that is simply derailment. Thread that is to be deleted: https://web.archive.org/web/20221211155420/https://anon.cafe/christian/res/15244.html Pics related were censored within the designated place for discussing grievances. I've left my (You)s in for posterity. Had to use my phone because he had already deleted the posts in-thread before I could archive.
Shelter thread for /christian/ discussion away from BO: >>>/shelter/4438
>>15995 >Please keep talks about the other fag out of this thread you don't know the lore. chobitsu, the vol that was just fired was nororious for being a christ-chanhead. christianjanny was seething when he said the lolcow should be banned and fired him. ever since the lolcow thing happened he's been steaming, deleting posts left right and center, and he got rid of half my effortposts in an other thread just out of spite. it's worth discussing the fact that that guy encouraged users of the board to post cp, yet is given free reign to namefag it up after there is a gigantic thread here complaining about him
So basically it's the usual /christian/ drama that always happens? Regardless, even if I'm not a Christian, I wish you fags well whatever happens and wherever you choose to go.
Open file (110.76 KB 548x1929 Untitled3.png)
Remeber that we always have https://8chan.moe/christian/ now that anon.cafe/christian is rule cucked.
>>16002 >/v/lacked No.
>>15995 Come to think of it: Do you know who else is against art because "muh idolatry"? That's right, muzzies. "christianjanny" is an /islam/ shill confirmed!!?
>>16004 >can't defend his idolotry for one thread out of hundreds >gotta shitfling in a legitimate /meta/ thread instead wew
>>16004 >Do you know who else is against art because "muh idolatry"? John Calvin, Huldrich Zwingli, Church Fathers, etc.
>>16004 No, he's just an outsider namefag attention whore who doesn't know anything about /christian/'s history but saw an opportunity to try and control the masses like every other normalfag that gets an ounce of power.
>>16004 >Do you know who else is against art because "muh idolatry"? That's right, muzzies. /his/let hands typed this post
Then again his immediate and violent reaction and similar style makes me suspect christianjanny is actually antichristhater69 who is supposed to be permabanned from the website. Then again I don't want to attract the /tv/ goons or /cow/ herders.
>>16010 He's not me, and we're nothing alike. And I was never permabanned either, global mods temp banned me for "doxxing" myself.
>>16011 you encouraged cp raids you degenerate pedo disgrace, you should kill yourself NOW
>>16012 Do you actually think people care or do you only do this to shit up threads.
>>16003 There is nothing wrong with 8chan.moe, anymore than there is anything wrong with anon.cafe. It's better than rule cucked anon.cafe/christian.
>>16013 Shit stirrers love to latch onto some sort of controversial identify and use it to divide a board. Of course its still partially your fault for being a namefag.
>>16010 >Then again I don't want to attract the /tv/ goons or /cow/ herders. >I don't want to attract /tv/ or /cow/ >brings them up out of nowhere, /tv/ is already here then.
I swear we're better off with the spam and bait if it means one bad mod/BO can kill the whole board.
>>16016 >Of course its still partially your fault for being a namefag. haven't you seen the gigantic thread full of complaints about him, telling people on the board to do cp raids against /islam/ among other things. that thread has been around since the beginning of the year and has hundreds of posts from other anons saying he's driven them away from the board. the same BO that hired ACH hired christianjanny
>>16015 >there's nothing wrong with /v/lacked.moe, the pedophiles that lurk within, the spic and poo migrations holy shit, and the NIGGED board on the frontpage Kill yourself.
Open file (44.15 KB 474x474 3469575888.jpg)
>>15995 Weabs are such crybabies I wonder how many of you are just used to being coddled over at 4cuck's /a/ to get this upset over your anime avatar thread. You can deny the anime pics are idolatry and I don't care, but they are full of idolatry, the cross itself is as an accessory or to put on a church top or at the front of a congregation is an idol. The cross, and specifically the crucifixion of a man, related to Roman sun worship and a sacrifice to their sun god. There are countless others who were crucified and if Christ walked the earth today, or maybe 10-20 years ago, he'd have been killed by electric chair. Would you make an idol of the electric chair? How much worse is the cross and cruxifying than the electric chair? Even in movies and shows, they will give the executed man more respect than they really did, in reality they were stripped naked. And when someone went up on the cross, they lost all their rights, you could throw rocks, you could throw filth, and by the end of it all, when the vultures ate picking out the eyes and the dogs are licking up the blood, you could hardly recognize it as a human form. And how much more "humane" is the electric chair of an execution method when it's done right? And what of all the others who were crucified? Are you not holding them in some form of regard or is it just different because tradition and you're not allowed to question it? And after typing all that up, I know people will argue in defense of their cross idols just because it's a tradition. How many times have you seen a "Christian" hold their cross in their hands to pray? That's idolatry. Much like how the Marian worshippers will hold the rosary beads in their hands as they pray to Mary.
>>16020 That's a bad arugment considering we have porn boards on anon.cafe >kill yourself After you.
It's clear ACH is behind this and is doing so out of spite.
>>16027 Damn bro.. nobody cares
>>15995 >That's a bad arugment considering we have porn boards on anon.cafe NIGGEDshit and pedoscum are incomparable. Kill yourself even harder.
>>16027 >Weebs It's a board-tan. They are a foundation of imageboard culture, niggerfaggot. If the BO is banning the spiritual successor of 8/christian/'s mascot then it goes to follow that he is not the spiritual successor of the church and instead some protestant heretical shitstain. As is pointed out by the Orthodox faith, the people are the church, not the church authorities. We listen to them as brothers among equals, which the BO does not respect, therefore he is not my nigga and his board is not my church.
>>16027 >’Weabs’ are crybabies because they don’t fit my super special snowflake retarded interpretation of the bible that goes against what 99% of other christians believes i think you’re the crybaby anon
>>16033 Well have fun posting on mod cucked board, i hope you enjoy your posts getting deleted on the whim of Christianjanny. You can just make a rule not allow cucked porn and pedo shit on the /christian/ board.
>>16033 cuckquean is SO much better :^)
>lurk /christian/ pretty much once a year >first post in ages is to call the janny a moron Well, I guess I am now invested in lurking these threads to see what happens. Because honestly, I hope that idiot decides "to be fruitful", and ditches image boards in their entirety.
Thread locked. Keep board meta in your board's meta.

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