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File support requests Anonymous 09/19/2022 (Mon) 18:02:39 No.15899
Is it possible to add support for TXT files ? And maybe other text file format. I see you can upload PDF but it would be more convenient to share simple text files in some situations. Also I looked here and there and cannot find information of what type of files can be uploaded on anon.cafe.
There should be an option for Board Owners to add custom file extensions I believe it's called "custom MIME types" or something.
>>15902 Nope, it seems .txt files are not supported site wide. I may be wrong tho.
>>15899 MIME type "text/plain" is now allowed. This type covers ordinary human-readable files. If the server's 'file' command determines that a given text file is a different based on its contents, disallowed MIME type, then it will not be posted.
>>15902 That setting only allows board owners to whitelist a subset of file types that are allowed site-wide. The MIME types that are presently allowed on Anon.cafe are: >image/png >image/jpeg >image/gif >image/bmp >video/webm >audio/mpeg >video/mp4 >video/ogg >audio/ogg >application/ogg >audio/webm >application/pdf >audio/mp3 >audio/mp4 >application/x-shockwave-flash >text/plain
Thanks !

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