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Can webring sites that do not link back to the webring be removed? Anonymous 08/06/2022 (Sat) 15:49:45 No.15839
For instance sportschan or whatever removed all webring support. If so they can fuck right off and enjoy their death without free advertisement.
Dudder removed the webring because he's a tech illiterate that can't get it to work properly with sportschan (it was displaying pph updates as if years long gaps were between posts). It's also funny how uppity you're getting despite how sportschan is easily more active than any of the webring sites save maybe zzzchan. Petty faggot.
>>15870 >replying to retards
>>15871 >replying to retards
>>15870 speaking of ziggerchan why is it down right now? i cant mass reply on /tech/ they also use cuckflare i thought anons hated this shit

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