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Requesting Fascist/Third position board IHateMarx 06/23/2022 (Thu) 22:51:09 No.15583
1. IHateMarx 2. /fascism/ 3. Fascism 4. Fascism and the Third Position 5. SFW 6. Yes, I think 7. No 8. No
>Do you have posters already eager to post on your new board, or are you hoping to attract them after it is created? If the latter, where do you expect to draw them from? The dead corpse of 16chan.xyz
>>15583 We decline to re-host /fascist/.
>>15586 Its ok I heard they gave you guys a hard time, No hard feeling but I did find a new host if anyone is interested https://9chan.tw/fascism/
>>15587 enjoy your dead board I guess

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