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Open file (483.94 KB 675x500 1567983804138.png)
In which place I can host an inter-webring project? Anonymous 05/14/2022 (Sat) 18:27:43 No.15556
Hello. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask so excuse me in advance if not. What I want to create is a webring for imageboard streaming projects (videogames, movies, podcasts, etc.), I have some knowledge regarding html, css and javascript so I suppose It shouldn't be hard to host a webpage with different affiliated streaming projects, but I would like to brainstorm ideas with other anons.
>>15556 You should also mention it on smug Possibly even 8moe if you're brave enough
>>15557 >8moe >webring are you retarded?
So, like what? A website that has different "boards", if you will, that each have topic/board specific streams on them? That doesn't sound like a bad idea. "streamchan" or something, I guess. What would it look like? each "thread" OP being a stream and the thread itself being essentially the comment section? I keep putting things in quotes because it's non-traditional so it doesn't really sync up 1:1. Would the site store, or have the capacity to store, previous streams that were originally hosted on-site? If it isn't clear, I'm taking >a webring for imageboard streaming projects and assuming you mean >create a website that is connected to the webring Could you elaborate further on what your vision of this is? Are you thinking about making something like a cytube clone? A mix between self hosted streaming site and imageboard? Pure streaming site? Imageboard that allows external embedding of streams from other sites? I could see a textboard where OPs are the only thing that isn't relegated purely to text, being that they contain the stream itself, with posts acting as comments. Personally, I would like if your site hosted the streams directly, regardless if the site saves the streams after they're finished. Simply so someone could say NIGGER, or what have you, and never have to worry about it.
>>15561 >So, like what? A website that has different "boards", if you will, that each have topic/board specific streams on them? That doesn't sound like a bad idea. We already have that, actually. >>>/server/
Wait I can stream directly to /server/?
>>15563 Apologies for my misunderstanding Anon, no you can't.
>>15563 >>15564 /server/ BO here, I think it would be neat if you could stream directly like that, but as far as I know you can only embed vids from youtube or similar. Maybe you could stream from youtube but then you'd have to contend with youtube's rules and limitations. If we had another site from which we could embed vids/streams which had more similar freedom of speech that we have on most imageboards, then it might work better
Open file (92.80 KB 809x544 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (421.87 KB 1344x768 ClipboardImage.png)
>>15561 I think I wasn't clear enough. What I want to do is something like pic related. A website with banners, descriptions, links and other useful information about the different anonymous streaming projects around the internet, so they can share viewers and community members. Something like this: https://districts.neocities.org/ But for imageboard projects instead of neocities websites. A imageboard for streaming only could be cool, nevertheless I don't have neither the money not the knowledge to create something like that, at least for now. >>15566 I've been working on a livestreaming project with other two guys during the last two years and we built this website: https://ghostscreen.neocities.org/ What we do is we stream to a livestreaming host (we used to use angelthump but now we use 8chan TV), we put the player on our website and next to the player we put an embed thread that we use as chat, like this: https://ghostscreen.neocities.org/canales/ghost.html It's quite confortable. The only problem is that some imageboards doesn't allow embedding their threads, anoncafe one example of this, but I'm confident if you discuss this idea with anoncafe's admin they will allow embedding. If you are still interested on this idea, I can show you how I built my website, I can even share my source code and even give you a space and a channel. It depends on you.
>>15566 Cytube with cockfile mp4s works fine. Gikopoi is used by Smug sometimes. There's the ABS and there was a webring media calendar back in the day. Maybe I'm just confused about what anon can't do on /server/. Random anon chiming in.
Open file (369.02 KB 1278x692 streamloki.png)
>>15556 Fatchan here, I put together http://stream.loki/ recently. Available over lokinet only https://lokinet.org (onion network kinda like tor, but way faster). It's a simple streaming setup with very little backend, mostly a few bash scripts and nginx for RTMP ingest. It can show viewer count and has a chat which connects to IRC on the side. Right now a music radio runs 24/7, anime runs occasionally, and ptchan.org admin has done a few streams with OBS. I may also do the occasional jschan development stream. If you have a fun idea you can ask for a stream key. I will keep slots limited for now because I don't want to blow through all my bandwidth.

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