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Anonymous 04/20/2022 (Wed) 22:46:28 No.15524
this is the /christian/ BO! i have been wondering about the possibility of increasing the number of pages per board one of my anons has told me that on lynxchan it is possible to have as many as 20 pages per board i am not knowledgeable enough in these matters to be sure if this is true or not or what the logistical problems could be but if it is possible it would help my board bigly as over the past few months the activity here has increased
>>15524 Increasing the global page limit would increase the total disk space we need to rent from our host. Any donation shortfall comes directly from our pockets, which in practice means that we pay for everything ourselves. As such, we're afraid that we're not considering an increase to the global page limit at this time. It is true that LynxChan allows the maximum number of board pages to be set to a higher value, but LynxChan is not the limiting factor for Anon.cafe. We limit the number of pages per board because that determines the total average amount of disk space required to host each of them. Increasing the maximum number of pages per board also increases the total space that each board consumes on our host, which in turn requires us to rent more disk space. This applies to all boards on the site; we have to plan our space not only for popular boards like /christian/ and /k/, but also for smaller boards that consume space slowly, as well as bunkers that may unpredictably activate and begin quickly consuming space as their users try to migrate content to them. Thank you for your understanding, as well as that of your posters.
>>15530 NTA, but thanks for the explanation Admin. How much is the add'l disk spaces costs? How does anyone donate to help cover your costs? BTW, do you have any official, specified, approach for bunkers laid out to present their content to you for replication over in case they ever do need to migrate here? I mean, is there an official way stipulated to automatically populate a bunker as needed?
>>15530 Post a monero address, and maybe people will send some :^)
>>15531 >>15532 We accept Bitcoin and Monero donations. Our addresses are listed at https://anon.cafe/.static/pages/about.html

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