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Adding Rumble Embed Support Anonymous 02/24/2022 (Thu) 04:59:27 No.15485
Is it possible to add embed support for Rumble? They are emerging as a free speech alternative to youtube and have been growing in popularity since about November.
>>15485 Never heard of it. Where are Rumble links being posted?
>>15486 I've been posting them to PLW and intend to post them more often to /k/ when given a choice between them and youtube. They are quickly taking off as a jewtube alternative after a few prominent figures like Joe Rogan promoted them. Right now a lot of emerging youtube personalities are getting more views on rumble than they are on youtube.
Open file (10.76 KB 512x512 invidious.jpg)
Also, would be nice to have invidious embed support. https://invidious.io/ Invidious is an open source alternative front-end to YouTube. I think it needs to be done for each instance individually, take a look here and do it for at least the most popular ones : https://api.invidious.io/ As a personal request, add the FDN instance to : https://invidious.fdn.fr/ please, would be great.
>>15485 >>15901 Such features are provided by the LynxChan software itself. We cannot, without patching the software or creating a plugin ourselves, add support for additional embed formats.

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