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Anonymous 12/30/2021 (Thu) 22:06:55 No.15389
Article 7 of the Romanian Law no. 196 of 13 May 2003 on preventing and combating pornography >(1) The persons who make pornographic sites are obliged to password them, and the access to them will be allowed only after a fee per minute of use has been paid, established by the creator of the site and declared to the fiscal bodies. >(2) The persons who create or manage sites must clearly highlight the number of accesses of the respective site, in order to be subject to the fiscal obligations provided by law. >(3) It is forbidden to create and administer sites having a pedophile, zoophilic or necrophilic character.
>>15389 Sadly for them i get off of denial
>On December 11, 2008, the National Authority for Communications proposed to block 40 sites under the anti-pornographic law, all of which were hosted in Romania. The list of sites was not made public, in order to discourage their promotion. The president of authority claimed that these sites were freely accessible, not by a password, as the law requires, and as such, it was possible to be easily accessed by children.[2] >One of the 40 sites proposed for blocking is a site which is not pornographic: 220.ro, one of the biggest video sharing websites in Romania (344,000 unique visitors per week).[3] >As of November 2011, none of the sites have been blocked in Romania and the proposals have been ignored. >Although several proposals have been made to censor pornographic sites so far not one site has been blocked. The law has literally never been enforced. Nice try though.

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