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Anonymous 11/06/2021 (Sat) 19:50:24 No.15236
I remember there was once /fit/ on the webring but I don't remember where. It's gone now, is it hidden?
It was on Julay, now alog. If it's not there, it's probably gone. t. last /fit/ BO of 8kunt.
>>15237 Yeah it's gone then. Fuck Robi. So you wanna make a new /fit/?
There's one on Sleepy.
>>15242 like going to cuckchan
>>15243 Then forget about a /fit/ board on the webring.
>>15241 >Spoiler Not really, but I'll post on /fit/ if you want to moderate it.
>>15241 >>15247 If you fags are still interested then go ask for a /fit/ here >>3
>>15254 I don't want to moderate it and put in the work to maintain it. I just get /fit/ so I'm up for discussing /fit/.
>>15256 >>15259 Then either use zzz/fit/ or don't bother.
>>15260 Was it really necessary to state the obvious?
>>15263 Well if they're just going to complain and do nothing then yes

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