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Open file (376.86 KB 1372x1049 changelog.png)
Bugs, Issues, and Changelog, #2 Anonymous Board owner 10/21/2021 (Thu) 06:34:30 No.15218
This is the second thread in which you post about things you notice that are wrong that aren't "it's slow". If something is fixed or changed, it'll be posted here. Previous thread: >>18
>>15217 There is not specifically a problem with high-resolution images, but rather a problem with their being thumbnailed. LynxChan relies on a call to an external program to do its thumbnailing, and the virtual server we host Anon.cafe on does not have a good share of CPU. Sometimes when the CPU is occupied elsewhere, the external thumbnailer is killed before it can finish the thumbnail. High resolution images take longer and need more CPU work, so they're more likely to be killed. When the thumbnailer fails, you'd expect LynxChan to abandon the thumbnailing job and use a generic thumbnail, but instead it apparently refuses to move the main file concerned to the database... yet still creates an empty entry for the media, meaning any future posts of the same file reference the empty media entry and there's no way to fix it except by deleting the empty entry on the back-end and THEN re-uploading the file. Unfortunately, there's not a lot we can do to control this except to upgrade our hosting or bring down the maximum filesize. Sorry.
>>15220 Thanks for the explanation
Is the report system not working? Because I've been trying to global report a spam post on this board but it's still up.
Test, if this works it means that reason i couldn't post on Tor was because the time on my PC was wrong and it effected the captcha as it did on another site.
Was the cafe down for around a day or so recently?
>>15233 Yes. And also the Onion is down.
>>15233 Yes. It seems that our server's physical host had a problem with its network adapter. Our provider eventually fixed the problem, so we came back online. >>15234 The Tor address is back up.
>>15218 pressing the reply button more than once will actually ask for multiple captchas.
I got this error message as I was in the middle of posting coatis on /pro/. All of my coati images were perfectly normal jpegs and none of them are broken. I'd like to be able to post coatis on anon.cafe please thank you.
/christian/ is having some retard around the board and posting. I am not quite sure where the moderator for that board is in, but I wanted to inform the website's staff about it.
>>15282 >around the board and posting *and spamming the board
>>15282 >>15283 These people did it on /lego/ and on /comfy/ too.
Anon.cafe has added a new global rule, listed at https://anon.cafe/.static/pages/globalRules.html - the new rule is "Do not advocate, plan, or advise violent real-world attacks".
>>15291 Wasn't that a rule already implied with the Romani Criminal Code? Well then at least it puts into enforcement that people should not mess with the explicit real world physical realm lol
>>15291 That's all good but please do something about the wojak spam mainly on /christian/
>>15294 Pretty sure that's /christian/ BO's problem, not site owner's problem.
>>15302 we need a new GLOBAL rule that bans all wojaks.
>>15303 Wojaks are not illegal in Romania, however
>>15302 The problem is that the BO is MIA. It took another vol to delete all that spam.
The thang over Tor doesn't do the thing. It just says 500 Login failed.. Hi, I would like to resolve the issue I have with logging in. I use Tor and try to log in through the following URL http://tew7tfz7dvv4tsom45z2wseql7kwfxnc77btftzssaskdw22oa5ckbqd.onion/login.html It just says 500 Login failed.. I've created two accounts. Artchad Artchad_777 So why does the login not work? The Tor Browser Bundle accepts cookies.
>>15306 >>>/loomis/1197 I get a gateway timeout when I try to post files to big. Maybe my internet is too slow? :/
I wanted to post two images, which are 7MB and 6MB respectively. Around 13MB together.
We have just confirmed that one of our backup domains - anoncafe.org - was suspended by its upstream registrar. Neither we nor the provider that sold the domain to us received any notification that this had happened; we only noticed because the Let's Encrypt process that renews the certificate was failing to confirm the anoncafe.org domain. The exact time that the domain was suspended and the reason for its suspension are unknown to us. When we asked them, the provider that sold us the domain told us: >Domain suspended by registry (not us) and we cannot help, sorry. >We don't know about, they never notify about suspension. Sorry. Therefore, we will have to consider the anoncafe.org domain to be burned. It has been removed from our front page. Do not use or trust the anoncafe.org domain from now on. Anon.cafe's fallback file has been updated to point out that the domain anoncafe.org is no longer valid. This file explains what you should do if the site is subject to attacks, and provides a way for you to verify whether messages you see are legit or not. Please save the file to your computer now and make sure that you verify it (especially the Bitcoin address it was signed with) against the previous version that you also downloaded: https://anon.cafe/special_static/anoncafe_fallback.txt Our other domains anon.cafe and anoncafe.co are still working as normal for the moment. Our hidden service address at http://tew7tfz7dvv4tsom45z2wseql7kwfxnc77btftzssaskdw22oa5ckbqd.onion is also working.
>>15332 Sorry, but I had to.
/loomis/ doesn't have the "no cookies" captcha link when posting. I had to go to other pages just to find that link.
>>15332 Well that's some shit. I realize it doesn't matter right now but have you considered https://njal.la/ SO? They allegedly have anonymity and privacy protection for domains, albeit they are a little more expensive.
>>15332 Thanks for the heads-up, Admin. I presume some kind of nefarious globalist-kikery is afoot again? I've saved the file and will let others know too.
>>15360 Even worse, the quick reply captcha always fails for me.
>>15360 Spam the reply button. you can get multiple captchas required.
These forms are a big big mess.
We're back from a spot of downtime caused by something on our provider's end, likely internal networking. It's fixed now, so we're back.
>>15418 Glad to see it Admin, thanks for the update.
>>15418 I was worried. Glad to see the site back.
Open file (73.08 KB 900x900 1622823949-b85f8.jpg)
>>15418 >We're back from a spot of downtime caused by something on our provider's end, likely internal networking. Thoughts on opening a twitter or ripcord account for site annoucements or unexpected downtime? Could help for people to get daily updates outside of anon.cafe.
>>15425 We already have a Fediverse account at https://freespeechextremist.com/anoncafe
Hey friend, I've been modding and administering several boards in here and other webring sites. I've not really been super active as an admin, but I do browse practically every time I get the time to. I'd like to ask for volunteer permissions, as I've noticed that several wojak spammers / CP guys / green pass bots keep posting even on non active boards and I'd like to lend a hand in the cleanup process. Let me know if I can be added in and I'll reply with the account I use on this site. Much love to you friend.
>>15426 >needs javascript ehh
>>15432 It's not insane spam and mostly manageable I think >green pass bots No those are the same people, not bots. As in, the same people that spam change IPs and complain about the imaginary bots to confuse people. When it's just them anyway which they then use to weasel in to a mod position to maybe steal user IPs and ifno via there after fatigue set in to both users and chan owners >Much love to you friend. Whatttttttttttttttttttttttttt?
We're back from another spot of downtime, this one caused by our own server. A nasty little dependency resolution issue caused updates to enter a bad state that managed to interfere with the LynxChan service. The problem has been repaired and we're back up. Apologies for the interruption.
>>15443 Thanks dude.
After a little addon development, Anon.cafe is now running a global autoban system to help combat spam. It is unlikely that you will be caught up in the system's dragnet, but if you are please feel free to appeal the ban. This system operates globally only, and its parameters are under administration control; Board Owners, Global Volunteers, etc. do not have the ability to change the keyword list, so please don't pester them about it.
>>15453 Can we see the keyword list?
>>15454 No; we're forcing spammers to attempt to modify their payloads by trial and error, and in so doing make it more troublesome to spam Anon.cafe. The only way we can think of for a legitimate poster to be hit by an autoban is to be parodying a spam post so closely that it's practically the real thing, or for them to post a hashbanned picture (all of which are in any case would get you banned).
>>15453 You should add all of those COVID documents spam posts to the keywords
Open file (438.34 KB 414x532 smug anime girl.gif)
>the spammers accidentally appealed their ban >>15456 We're updating parameters as we go. There will be a bit of back-and-forth as we swat their various payloads. There's always going to be a trickle that makes it through the system; we're just making it so that they have to work harder for their pittance.
>>15457 Godspeed Admins, your efforts are much appreciated! :^) >t. bunker BO
Back from another spot of downtime, this one caused by kind.moe's HTTPS certificate suddenly changing to what looks like a domain parker or other shady domain, causing an uncaught exception that crashed our LynxChan worker processes. We've blacklisted them from our webring plugin and removed them from our spider cache, so we're back. Apologies for the interruption.
>>15461 Wait, another site going down brings us down too? How does that happen?
>>15463 It is a very silly thing to have happen, yes. The webring addon we use isn't exactly bulletproof, and neither is LynxChan's worker process management. The webring addon doesn't catch the particular HTTPS exception thrown by a name mismatch, this crashes the worker running it, and LynxChan didn't restart it.
It seems the webring addon found another way to crash LynxChan's workers, but did not produce very much useful output to help us narrow down or reproduce the issue, so there is little we can do except do more logging and see what we catch. Apologies for another interruption.
>>15465 I mean, it's fine. Just do your best with the site and we'll be here
Can someone try to upload a PNG? I keep getting that it is an unsupported format when I try.
Open file (342.91 KB 1080x862 1325464789654123.png)
We had a spot of downtime there because our host performed maintenance on the part of their infrastructure that housed us, but the maintenance ran over-time. We're back.
We've noticed more posters who are being forced to split their longer posts up. As such, the 5,120 character limit per post has been increased to 20,000 characters.
>We've noticed more posters who are being forced to split their longer posts up. As such, the 5,120 character limit per post has been increased to 20,000 characters. Thank you jesus
Open file (269.07 KB 234x249 1467414901639.gif)
Open file (56.32 KB 700x434 nicesu.jpg)
>>15492 Appreciated.
>MongoError: Argument to $skip cannot be negative help i can't post
there was ID I saw that was able to be filtered on /k/ but it seems to be before it fully loaded. is there a add on that I need to filter by id (ip and or useragent?)?
Open file (19.08 KB 848x226 filter by id.png)
>>15519 I cannot understand your question, so I will answer what I think your question is. If you have JavaScript enabled in your browser, you may filter by ID by clicking the crossed circle icon and selecting the Filter id option. This won't appear if you do not have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Useragent strings are not involved in the calculation of IDs; only IP address and thread number is used to calculate the hash from which IDs are taken.
>>15520 thankyou.
>>15520 One more question. are the posts of boards that have activated post id that does not have post id, are they BO or mods?
>>15522 On boards with post IDs enabled, those without an ID are either using the onion relay, or they are from before IDs were enabled since the feature does not reveal prior history to users.
I noticed that a specific node of mullvad VPN had been banned that I mentioned in the appeal but will not expand on further. I believe this to be a specific and targeted attack on that node but I have no proof on the matter. I have since changed to a new "standard node" for consistency, but I would still request that said node be unbanned in a few weeks' time since that is the node with the highest fidelity for me and the spammer should go away in due time justifying the node's unbanning.
>>15550 >said node be unbanned in a few weeks t.spammer Kys mudslime
Open file (230.80 KB 613x816 1640626355711.jpg)
>>15551 Anon I have regularly used that node to post on anon.cafe for the last six or seven months. As I said I have moved to a different node. That one was the best one for streams because of fidelity, however it's not as if it's a great loss if I have to use a different one.
>>15550 We don't publicly comment on particular bans, but we would like to thank you for wording your ban appeal so politely.
>>15218 Tor daemon needs a restart
https://smugloli.net/support/res/1+50.html#q11644 Anons seem to be experiencing DNS issues with the website.
Open file (75.02 KB 223x469 1654078130883.png)
I don't know what happened, but I thought I should report it anyways just in case there's something I should check in the background that I don't know about. It sounds like a creepypasta but I don't know what the fuck happened. While typing out a response on /k/ earlier, my phone screen suddenly locked up and started glitching out, returning to a previous point in my typing. It let me finish typing the post and post it after a captcha, but it periodically would lock up and go back to that midway point when it first started glitching. After submitting my post I closed out of Brave and closed the tab containing /k/ upon reopening Brave. Then, randomly roughly 15 minutes later while reading a book in a different Brave tab, the screen locked up and displayed the /k/ thread again in the exact same place despite being on a different page. Even the URL changed to show anon.cafe even though I had closed the tab. I promptly killswitched my internet, disconnected from my VPN located in Sweden, and reconnected from a Slovakian node that I intend to also swap as soon as this post is posted. It could have been a cache/memory bug, but I have memory to spare and this incident legitimately has me spooked to the point where I don't want my VPN connected anywhere in Europe just in case. If there is anything I should check out in the event of it happening again, please inform me.
>>15619 We're not aware of any issues affecting our authoritative DNS entries, though it's possible that OpenDNS isn't faithfully forwarding our records for some reason. Very strange. >>15621 That's spooky, although it doesn't sound like anything that would come from Anon.cafe's site itself. Having a browser's tabs switch without user input would be some combination of user error, a fault in your browser software, or some fault/malicious activity in your phone itself.
The /k/ admin is being a fucking faggot again.
>>15624 lol he deleted my comment calling him a real peach too, hilarious. Guy needs to be reigned in. A simple question about what happened to 16chan, a board which has a /k/ as well, should not provoke such a womanly response from him. Do pray tell, is he Indian or Anglo, his FAFO rule is overly vague which seems like an Angloid thing to impose. Regardless low testosterone is in play there.
>>15625 i am a 16chan "oldfag" and saw those posts on cafe/k/ you're referencing while floating around shipwrecked. have to say i may not visit for long if that is the kind of moderation i can expect.
>>15624 I responded to you in the meta thread. I responded to you as anon at first suggesting to use the right thread and your response amounted to "lol can't be bothered" so why should I be bothered to let you run about treating the board like /b/ shitting where you eat? Besides, site owner already discussed this with you back in April (yes, your ban record goes back to April still, I don't hold that against anon until he acts like a cunt). >>15626 I'd take boomer fudds who get prissy over the word nigger over a rapefugee who can't learn to keep meta questions to the meta thread, QTDDTOT thread, or /k/anteen and out of the fucking Ukraine war thread. Bye, Felicia.
>>15625 I don't think I issued a single ban for the entire month of June (maybe May too) that wasn't for spam, so clearly the problem is (You).
>>15627 One petty, emotional response followed by another. >Bye, Felicia. Disgusting.
Open file (315.93 KB 480x360 Bye Felicia.mp4)
Open file (6.80 KB 200x200 comfy.png)
>16chan crybabies who have no respect for other communities leave anon.cafe and smug again Comfy.
>>15628 No the problem is you putting your gay little redtext edits in my posts and outright deleting others. Dilate
>>15636 >Gay little redtext edits I don't edit other posters' posts, my dude. Period. If you are referring to ban messages, then how new are you? >And outright deleting others There's a time and place for ban messages and a time and place for deleting egregious posts to make a point and not allow shit-stirrers to drag others into a conflict. >Dilate Grow up instead of losing your shit over a warning ban. If I actually wanted you gone I'd ASN permaban your ass like I do to spammers.
>be me >leave for two days because posters were mad i didn't do my job >board improves in less than one day >day two, board is still improving >get bored after gay orgy so decided to come back >post my nudes for all to see >not clean up all the bait and slide threads scattered around the board >go get food(semen) >come back to see a bunch of niggers (hot) fucking me all over the place Im left with two options in this case, either leave dicks alone and discontinue to allow nigger dick to exist in my ass or just ban everybody i suspect of being a homophobe. Consider this a warning. if you have a gripe with my sexuality then bring it to my attention in a constructive way otherwise deal with the consequences of your poor decisions.
Please clean up /islam/, it's full of CP links
There's something with with a ban on /k/: >>>/k/38904 I was posting bareback, so it's not just two anons on the same VPN node, and I'm the only one on my local network. Some metaposter in a thread I never opened got banned, and I'm getting blocked by the ban too. Supposedly it should only apply to the captcha bypass ID, but evidently that's not working properly.
>>15840 >Tied to the captcha bypass ID The two posts were under the exact same post history with the exact same bypass ID when a range ban was issued, if that assists in identifying the alleged problem.
>>15841 >were under the exact same post history For what it's worth, my public ID, as opposed to the back-end one, from the connection caught by the ban has stayed the same through the entire current Ukraine thread (6a95cc), and there have been no posts I can see with that ID that are not mine. Likewise in the ww3g thread.
>>15842 Yes, that was the one the original ban was issued based on (why it was an 8 hour ban instead of the default 3 day ban usually used). I usually screencap but this was a rare exception where I was phone-moderating so I failed to do so. Intent is to swap from ASN bans to 1/2 octet bans where the alleged issue should not arise again. Should it do so, email me.
>>15843 >the original ... 8 hour ban Wait, so the week long one wasn't the only one "I" got? The most recent post I made, and the only one I made today, was >>>/k/38883 and nothing after that until I saw the week long ban message (the first anon.cafe ban message I've seen, hence my confusion over its format). That was less than 8 hours ago, so I'm not sure where the 8 hour ban fits in.
Is there a way to stop the CP poster from spamming every single board?
Is there anything the Global Mods to help the BO of /christian/. A certain schizo is spamming /christian/ with CP, death threats and general advocacy of real-life violence.
>>15851 The spammer in question leaves nothing that our countermeasures can presently use to identify them. Afraid that for now it's a matter of deleting and banning them when they show up, as always. Please continue to globally report CP spam and other global rule-breaking posts as usual. >>15856 We delete global rule-breaking posts if and when we spot them, but we can't read every post on Anon.cafe and we’re not a substitute for a board’s owner and volunteers. Please submit global reports for posts that break the global rules, and encourage your Board Owner and volunteers to be vigilant as well.
Jannies sitting idly by while /Christian/ gets raided.... again
Open file (6.86 KB 1173x381 404.png)
When clicking on Board Rules (below the New Reply field) while you're in a thread you've got a 404 not found page instead of viewing the board rules.
>>15872 Confirmed; we can reproduce the problem. It happens because the board rule link points to rules.html at the same level as the current page, which in a thread includes res/, where the rules page isn't. Thank you for reporting. The fix would be to change that link in the template so that it points to /boardname/rules.html. Unfortunately, a quick look at LynxChan's templating docs suggests that we can't do that because that template's only access to the board name seems to be through a template item that generates HTML for a hidden input field. Why not include the hidden input field in the template itself and only substitute in the board name, given it's the part of the final page's markup that actually changes, rather than having LynxChan itself generate more HTML somewhere else and drop it into the HTML template? Only StephenLynx can say for sure. Apologies; can't fix.>>15872
I am a board owner, and I am unable to bumplock a post anymore, or un-bumplock existing locked posts. Is this a known issue? This feature is useful for ordering sticky posts.
>>15874 LynxChan doesn't provide the means for threads to be manually bumplocked or un-bumplocked. You can only use moderation tools to lock threads, pin them, or make them cyclic.
>>15868 >implying that's not what the /christian/ board owners and jannies want abandon ship, bro
Noticing something in the webring interface. The name of my board (L'entremonde) is spelled L'Entremonde. Is this something that can be fixed ? For the moment as a fallback mesure I juste renamed it Entremonde.
>>15218 Why is there yet another influx of retards raiding the webring rendering all the boards unusable? Board Staff needs to crack down on that weaponized autism shit.
This isn't a bug, or an issue on my end, just something interesting. When I post on /k/ my flag is Belgian for some reason. not using a vpn/proxy/tor. I am just barebacking it.
>>15885 I forgot to ask my question how this site getting the flags? clearly isn't from my IP
>>15883 This behavior comes from the Xanderlynx frontend by Robi Pires, so any fix would have to come from or be submitted upstream. We presently haven't the time to do that ourselves, but please feel free to let us know if a fix comes from elsewhere. >>15885 >>15886 Location flags do come from IP, as provided by the GeoLite2 database by MaxMind, which LynxChan downloads and then locally looks up. Which IP addresses correspond to which locations changes as different IP blocks get traded, reassigned, and so on, so the database needs to be updated regularly. However, MaxMind changed things so that the GeoLite2 database can only be downloaded if you have an account with them, and they do not permit account registration from VPNs, Tor, or using anonymous email providers, so we can't safely register an account. As such, our IP-to-location data is quite old, so it will probably give inaccurate flags some of the time. If someone to provides us a MaxMind GeoLite2 download key that we can use, then the data could be updated. Nobody was using flags until now, so the issue hasn't come up.
>>15627 ib are about free speech, you are antithetical to that. Remove the block bypass btw, shouldnt have to do 2 rekiketchas just to post.
>>15883 If somebody encounter this problem here's a workaround : Use [code]U+2019 ’ RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK[/code] in place of [code]U+0027 ' APOSTROPHE[/code] in board's name.
Open file (353.85 KB 1920x1080 cooder.png)
>>15891 Could you please enable [code] markdown on /meta/ as it's a board used to talk about technical issues and anon are more likely to share code snippets here. Just a suggestion.
There are two CP spam posts on /k/, please remove those
how often is /k/ backed up
Open file (105.36 KB 331x331 1603021532724.jpg)
Open file (395.54 KB 601x850 someone_will_respond.jpg)
Open file (26.17 KB 221x221 1603058018264.jpg)
can you not anchor threads
Open file (216.94 KB 331x331 1603023628587.png)
Open file (25.53 KB 221x221 1603011868561.jpg)
Open file (20.71 KB 392x252 i.jpg)
I approve of Le Insistence.
Open file (37.27 KB 278x278 1603058615502.jpg)
Open file (60.84 KB 331x331 1603069655665.jpg)
>>15915 Frequently, using external scrapers such as /robowaifu/ 's BUMP.
Open file (93.13 KB 221x221 1603023528494.png)
Is it me or the site is pretty slow lately ?
/christian/ is yet again taken over and moderated by antichrist tranny kikes and weabpedos
>>15945 Chobistu is pretty retarded. He even got rid of his only vol in favor of actual discord trannies.
So if I disable names on my board, does that mean I can't use my mod tag either? So the only way I can use my mod tag is to enable names, make the posts I need to with my mod tag, then disable names again?
Checking whether I had a temporary problem with captchas...
>>15987 Well fuck, I guess that's a yes.
Open file (75.16 KB 500x500 image72.jpg)
is there a way for the users of a board to oust a BO? Because the BO of /christian/ appears to be off his rocker. Deleting posts that make valid suggestions/criticisms in /meta/ thread, locking and deleting threads for inane reasons all while allowing hateful bickering, baiting, trolling, and spam to run amuck. I dont know if he just doesnt have the time to manage the board or if he just doesnt care but so far his performance has been lackluster ever since old BO turned the board over to him.
>>15996 There isn't unless the BO is violating the global rules in one form or another. Even >>15995 doesn't expect an ousting, just a place to post grievances. The only thing you can do is let the board die/go somewhere else for the time being and hope he isn't a stubborn mule like the 8chan /fit/ BO who squatted on the board long after it was dead from his moderation. I, for one, will keep an eye on the /shelter/ thread but I'm not going back while someone who doesn't even respect the board's history is in charge thinking he's some church father like an apostate.
>>16005 >borderline idolatry good, actually! good riddance to bad rubbish maybe when all the degenerate anime-brainwashed niggers leave once and for all we can have some peace and quiet
>>16021 Peace and quiet from the board being dead, yes. Besides if you cared so much about idolatry you'd remove all the images of Jesus and Mary but instead you're a hypocrite who can't even follow Jesus' own teachings on needles and planks.
>>16022 >whataboutisms and pilpul anime is not, never has been, and never will be Christian, and neither is anime-obsessed morons shoehorning it in because reasons >bbut imageboard history is not inherently tied to anime, and is irrelevant as regards the topic of discussion fuck off and go clear up your backlog of filth
>>16023 >Is not inherently tied to imageboards How fucking new are you? Go back to reddit.
>>16024 lrn2read where is anime conceptually baked into the idea of an imageboard
>>16025 Kek. You plainly aren't from around here. As for your flaccid question you may as well ask >Where is White, European, Christianity baked into the idea of The Western Tradition? It's obviously intrinsic, and always has been. >>>/lebbit/ Kek, are you the butthurt guy who was so analblasted that your claim on /christian/ failed? I bet you are.
>>16040 >Thread locked. Keep board meta in your board's meta. I would love to, but he's not allowing us to post in the board meta, so what do you propose someone like I should do?
>>16043 There's a thread at >>>/shelter/4438 that you can use if you need to flee the board. Please keep things civil and use the shelter to arrange movement to somewhere else if need be. /meta/ is for site meta: >/meta/ is a board for discussing anon.cafe's present, future, and past. Please stay on topic. Board meta discussion should be posted on the boards concerned.
>>16045 I would very much say that giving the board to a protestant is a site meta issue, but very well when my posts inevitably get deleted because he doesn't want to argue while oppressing his own userbase I will keep it to /shelter/.
>>16045 Hey retard, you randomly deleting posts off of /meta/ is site meta
There are CP posts on /sw/ and /doll/ haven't been deleted yet.
Block bypass with no cookies doesn't work.
https://lynx.farted.net/lynx/res/6214.html LynxChan backend exploit, anon.cafe could be affected.
>>16115 Thank you for letting us know. We've backported the fixes into 2.5.
/meta/ has two CP posts that haven't been cleaned yet >16124 >16126
Why is this spam post not deleted? >>>/k/47199
I can't for some reason post on /late/. The captcha never passes. Did I get banned or something? I don't remember doing anything that would be worth a ban
>>16164 Alright, the no cookies captcha works though. So you can ignore it. Not sure why the normal one doesn't work, but I can use this one.
why is a porn board on a site thats meant to be comfy? whats comfy about porn?
>>16169 A pron board on the Cafe ? Wasn't aware of that tbh. Mind telling which one you're talking about ?
>>16169 It's not hurting anything.
>>16172 Don't reply to him, he spammed /christian/ with that same argument as to get the board out of here.
>>16170 /Cuckqueen/ >>16172 Porn is bad, watch John Doyle's video on it >>16177 I'm not the same user
Open file (125.57 KB 875x647 newt1.jpeg)
I have some questions regarding accepted file types. Over on /agdg/, and I presume on all boards on here, *.c and *.h files are able to be uploaded, even though they get mangled to "randomlongassstring.txt" when you actually click and view them. *.cpp and *.hpp files are blocked, and I can only assume other ones like *.py, *.lua, etc. are as well. As /agdg/ is a programming board, I'd like users to be able to upload source code files from various languages without needing to use 3rd-party hosting, which should be fine, as they as tiny (text only) and not executables or archive files. Is this possible? I don't see anywhere on the board management page to set file types, so I assume that it's server-wide. Please let me know if it's something you can implement or if I need to come up with another solution. Thanks.
>>16188 A file's extension isn't taken into account when deciding what is allowed. Rather, the site allows files based on what MIME type our server's file command deems them to be. The MIME types that are presently allowed on Anon.cafe are: >image/png >image/jpeg >image/gif >image/bmp >video/webm >audio/mpeg >video/mp4 >video/ogg >audio/ogg >application/ogg >audio/webm >application/pdf >audio/mp3 >audio/mp4 >application/x-shockwave-flash >text/plain This means that files that appear to be text/plain will be allowed, while, say, text/x-script.python won't be. >I don't see anywhere on the board management page to set file types, so I assume that it's server-wide. There is a control that only allows board owners to whitelist a subset of file types that are already allowed site-wide, so you cannot allow any type that doesn't appear in the list above. >I'd like users to be able to upload source code files from various languages without needing to use 3rd-party hosting, which should be fine, as they as tiny (text only) and not executables or archive files. Is this possible? We understand, but would still like to avoid allowing any kind of code files to be posted. Perhaps you could advise your users to post on Pastebin or some other dedicated free code-hosting site and then link them in their posts, which has about the same level of ease from the perspective of someone who wants to view or download them.
>>16189 I see. Thanks for the in-depth response. I was aware of the MIME types but was under the impression that there was some other layer of control blocking say, .cpp and .hpp files when .c and .h files uploaded fine (even if authored in the same text editor, with the same contents). >We understand, but would still like to avoid allowing any kind of code files to be posted. Can I ask why? >Perhaps you could advise your users to post on Pastebin or ... Understood, I will figure something out.
>>16191 The file command is not 100% reliable. It sometimes misidentifies files, accounting for the difference you see. It might even take extensions into account as part of its criteria, for all we know. It's possible that other .c and .h files would be forbidden. >Can I ask why? An overabundance of caution.
>>16192 Got it.
Can we move to jschan? It just reached version 1.0 and its superior to lynxtranniechan.
>>16195 Is there a supported migration path?
Is it okay to open a support thread in /server/ for lynxy? Its a frontend for lynxchan. https://lynxy.rf.gd https://gitgud.io/Yobadev/lynxy thanx
>>16198 >Please enable JS you lost me
>>16200 >cons >enable js still lost me
what happened to late.city?
>>16202 >>>/late/427 Board was closed without warning. So we gathered here on the Cafe thanks to the admins.
I keep having a problem where a file I'm trying to post won't upload. It'll get to 100% uploaded and then it'll spit a connection failed error. The file is a .gif and is 5.20MB.
Open file (28.00 KB 800x800 8pm by_5ldo0on.png)
>>16236 I can give more information. https://www.deviantart.com/5ldo0on/art/8-PM-748120153 https://www.deviantart.com/5ldo0on/art/Palm-trees-728810779 These are links to the two images, which are animated .gif versions what I just posted. They appear to upload all the way to 100% and then gives a connection failed message. I attempted this on clearnet as well as on tor, using both the onion and the clearnet adress and it fails in all three cases. Another anon from comfy was also unable to post them. As a test I uploaded >>>/comfy/6110 last night and it went through with out trouble despite being 3 times the file size of the second one and it went through fine. I also made several image posts to /retro/ lastnight so it's not just my connection or browser. Any ideas what the problem is?
Open file (16.51 KB 315x398 Untitled.png)
Can someone get rid of this fag shit from zzz Can't report comments or even make comments because this fagshit never works. Holy fuck.
>>16238 Pretty sure you'll have to make your request there Anon. These are completely-separate domains with different staff/policies.
Open file (30.26 KB 315x398 likethis.png)
>>16238 I hate that shit too. I think it's a flood protection thing? The captcha isn't on all the time in my experience. If you didn't realize it, the symbols are arranged in a somewhat distorted 4x4 grid. You have to check the boxes on the right side grid that correspond to the symbols that it's asking for. Which in your case I think is the all-white symbols. I'm pretty sure that's how it works but fuck me if I don't usually have to do it 3-5 times before it accepts my answer.
>>16241 Pnce again, take this to the zzzchan meta board. This place is not related to it.
>>16242 *Once
>>16236 >>16237 Please I'm getting this error again with a different .gif. This is really annoying. Does ANYONE have any idea why this is happening or how to fix it?
>>16265 This is the image. https://www.deviantart.com/aleha84/art/Japanese-street-917325812 Please check settings to see why the site won't let random, normal .gifs be posted. I just want to post comfy pictures.
>>16265 >>16266 I was able to upload it to plw so the issue has got to be with anon.cafe and not the file or my connection.
>>16266 >>16268 Continuing to have .gif issues. Can someone try to post this and figure out what the problem is? https://files.catbox.moe/c9oy5h.gif
>>16271 This is the same problem that has a post at the top of this thread at >>15220 - the thumbnailer is choking on making animated low-res versions of your relatively high-resolution GIFs, so Lynxchan is killing it for taking too long which, by extension, causes your posts to fail. It's not a problem we can do much about, sorry.
>>16274 Thanks kindly for the detailed explanations, Admin. Cheers! :)
>>16274 >>15220 I see. Thanks for the response. I don't suppose contacting Stephen Lynx and telling him to fix his code would help? Being Stephen Lynx my guess the answer is "no".
>>16276 I, for one, would welcome you managing to even get a response from him. Maybe use a faster, more-efficient external thumbnailing approachs? But one thing the Admin pointed out AFAICT, it's less of an issue with the system being 'broken', than of the fact that the CPU resources allocated can't finish the allotted processing of thumbnailing high-resolution, animate gifs within the allotted timeout of a single task. Every frame must be compressed ofc, so this could be like 20 or 30 regular images that need to be completed within the timeout normally allotted to just one. Maybe more. So, I'd say just use something like ffmpeg to down-scale your gifs before posting them Anon? Good luck.
/shelter/ and /late/ have spam. Please take care of it.
>>16278 Working on that, the cunt won't fuck off. Hopefully they'll get tired trolling and go away. Gets little tricky when you work 2 jobs on weekdays, another on the weekends, and have to constantly moderate an image board to delete and ban some schizo who thinks his shit art will get him somewhere - regards, /late/ BO.
Admin I'm having difficulties making posts larger than a megabyte or two over the past couple of weeks. If the file is about 3MB or bigger, most times the progress percentage doesn't get to 100%, but even if it does I still usually get an 'Connection Failed' popup error. I'm posting from Tor if that matters. The filesize limit is still 20MB here, isn't it? >>16282 Keep up the good work. Breddy sure it's the same demented half-wit attacking other boards on the webring. It's the same, passive-aggressive, Worlds-Greatest-X-now-show-me-how-to-make-money-at-this-please, low IQ writing style. During one night when he was presumably drunk, he made a joke about "it's my job" to shit up our board. I don't know if this was a Freudian slip that he's a glownigger, or if it was just a mouth-drooler's introspection. Either way he's a poisonous, niggerpilling POS. Don't coddle him.
>>16283 >Admin I'm having difficulties making posts larger than a megabyte or two over the past couple of weeks. If the file is about 3MB or bigger, most times the progress percentage doesn't get to 100%, but even if it does I still usually get an 'Connection Failed' popup error. I'm posting from Tor if that matters. >The filesize limit is still 20MB here, isn't it? Sounds like you are running into the same problems that I was before. See >>16274 and >>15220 for more details.
>>16283 I see this retard everywhere recently. I ban him as soon as I see him on /comfy/. >>16282 You're doing good work latefren. Take care of you :)
Trying to post an M4A file (15.7 MB). It allow me to select the said file but the post ends up empty without giving any error message. This file : https://files.catbox.moe/il6hir.m4a
I made a request in the board claims thread asking for ownership of /loomis/ can admin respond to it?
>>16299 Lucky day, BO here and passing by life has kicked my nuts mildly so i haven't done anything to that board per my streamlining plans, gib username or email (or something) and i will transfer it to you directly
>>16300 Username is 'croquis'
>>16301 There you go, didn't clean the schizo anon because his first appearance was there and i thought he was an overly enthusiastic anon at first, could still be but he has littered his stuff everywhere so he might as well be purged. Good luck and i hope i can post something in the near future.
>>16302 >Implying raiding Tengu would do anything Tengu doesn't give a fuck.This is all part of his angel theory that there are heroes left in man.
"The site has reached its total file capacity." Why am I getting this?
>>16310 Because the site had reached its total file capacity. The limit has just now been raised.
The Community Announcement thread has some off-topic spam.
Open file (258.17 KB 904x716 ClipboardImage.png)
It's probably hot air, but some salty fag is threatening to report /k/ to the Romanian authorities. >>>/k/57002
There's CP posted on this board, please delete it.
Why are there retards shitting the announcements thread? Can someone get rid of those?
>>16356 hi seagull
Open file (206.76 KB 1336x735 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (440.87 KB 758x530 1697232735962.png)
Open file (7.45 MB 2480x3508 hmph.png)
While toying with the /k/ niggertranny today, I realized the source of captcha woes on the site over the last 3 years. The source is that the captcha-bar is site-specific and not board or thread-specific. Therefore the captcha will always be the "newest instance" of a captcha that you have received rather than the actually shown captcha, as evidenced in >>>/k/58873 Screenshot for posterity. The stop-gap "solution" is to only have one browser tab of anon.cafe open at any given time and/or to refresh the captcha before inputting it before a post if you use multiple windows at once. By opening a new tab or new window in anon.cafe you are refreshing the captcha even though it doesn't update that the captcha has been refreshed on your previous tab.
>>16365 No shit retard, it uses a cookie >javascript >on a site that feds post on no less to what end?
>>16366 >Disabling javascript everywhere at all times And that's why you have a unique digital footprint.
Can the moderation do something regarding the uptick of anti-semetic and anti-White pro-terrorist propaganda and general misinformation that is being spread on /k/, be warned that if this issue is not dealt with i will have to contact the romanian authorities and inform them of this. The Mods here must know that holocaust denial is a serious offence here in romania.
>>>/toy/1064 This is the schizo spammer from /loomis/ and other webring places. Please delete it.
>>16394 So you just want an echo chamber? Ask for new board, call it /echo/, and have at it.
Be aware the the soyjak people are on a rampage due to events and they might spill over here again. BO's please be sure that anti spam protections are in place and that you have backups. Thank you that is all.
>>16396 >call it /echo/ (((Top kek))).
>>16396 Banning conspiranoid posters doesn't turn a board into a echo chamber. Totally the opposite, conspiracyfags often just want people to reverb their ideas rather than give firm ideas or good content, so banning them is good.
>>16400 >can't refute their points (most highschoolers could) >waa ban them instead >not an echo chamber you can't ban people on cafe anyway
>>16401 I have discussed with holocaust deniers in the pass and refuted their points but they always return with the exact same points and the exact same MSPaint charts in some days, even some hours; because, again, someone who insist on something clearly wrong doesn't want to discuss about it or effortpost, he wants people to echo his believes and that kind of attitude doesn't have a place inside an imageboard and should be taken to Discord or Twitter instead. >waa ban them instead Never said that, do whatever you think it's the best for your board, I'm just sharing my thoughts on why I think banning them doesn't turn a place into a echo chamber. I do think they should refuted and bullyied firstly rather than straight up ban them.
>>16402 There is literally no evidence of institutional slaughter of jews and the oft-toted cremation of bodies is a logistical impossibility. The nazis were retarded enough to pull something like that but they weren't that competent. The holocaust is the foundational myth of contemporary fascism but it's still just a myth.
>>16403 Ok cool, bro, nice to hear, now go play with lego or something, Idk.
>>16404 Why do you talk like a fag
>>16402 >and that kind of attitude doesn't have a place inside an imageboard Lol. Exposing kike lies is exactly one of the several things IBs excel at. >I do think they should refuted and bullyied firstly rather than straight up ban them. I would personally welcome your attempt at it. However, out of a profound respect for Anoncafe -- not yourself -- I will refrain from engaging with you on that.
>>16406 I mean If you would actually wanted to talk about that it's fine; the issue is not the subject but the behavior engaged more often than not by those posters. And this isn't limited to holocaust denial. I mean, individual mindset are one of our colective values as image board users, right? then anybody who tries to game against the system by posting the same unfalsable, disinformed or straight up wrong stuff repeatedly shouldn't be allowed here.
>>16407 >then anybody who tries to game against the system by posting the same unfalsable, disinformed or straight up wrong stuff repeatedly shouldn't be allowed here. So yeah, I'd be perfectly fine with outright BOS any jew or jew-lover here. Their disinformation, lies, and evildoings have been a blight on the entire Western Tradition for centuries now.

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