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What's happening on smugloli? Anonymous 05/23/2021 (Sun) 17:04:46 No.14812
Pic unrelated
The spammer has progressed to DDoS.
>>14814 No. What about other bunkers of smugloli? Will it be back up? I have a kind of outdated text sp can you please give me some. I'm /monster/fag
>>14815 >What about other bunkers of smugloli? The backups in the list are for against domain name loss, rather than server issues. Unfortunately they're not going to work either. >Will it be back up? They're working on it.
>>14816 Thanks. I don't want to wait long tho. Hope that atleast when I get up It will be alright. I'm not sure of in such stress I'll be able to sleep tho.
We are being DDoS'd. Our host has nullrouted us for the time being. We're acquiring a new IP address and begrudgingly going with Cloudflare. The site will come back when it's ready, might take a while.
>>14812 hopefully gone for good
>>14821 Anon there was /monster/ and that's what I care about.
>>14820 Alright, hope that It won't be longer then a day.
Imagine being so anal pained about obscure Asian cartoon forums every day that you start dedicating a portion of your life to organizing spam and DDOS attacks against it.
Smuglo.li is back up, smugloli.net still down for now.
>>14825 Why is he so butthurt about it?
Can someone tell me if the meidos are going to fix up the spammer on /monster/?
>>14831 I think their bigger concern is the DDoS, and the fact that CloudFlare's protection isn't stopping it.
>>14832 My brain just hurts from this. I really hope it gets fixed.
>>14831 Aux really, really needs to turn on captcha.
>>14834 Yeah, but can you notify him some way, he's mostlikely asleep or something
>>14835 But also we still have the endchan bunker. So it could be used for some time.
>>14837 Good idea
>>14838 Good.
>>14838 So where is everyone?
>>14836 >WTF why is there so much meta in /meta/? Where you dropped as a tar baby?
Is the NTR cuckold again shitting or is something else happening?
So anyone?
>>14981 From the IRC: >appears to be an upstream malfunction with the hosting provider, we'll be back when they've fixed it
>>14983 Oh. The provider fucked up. I thought it was something worse.

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