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Open file (34.27 KB 642x352 anoncafe.png)
Anonymous 05/03/2021 (Mon) 18:03:19 No.14345
In what ways is anon cafe better than other imageboards according to you?
Open file (98.92 KB 558x1000 1620044676879.jpg)
>>14345 In no particular order: - Less NSFW compared to other imageboards. Most boards are SFW. - No /b/ or /pol/ board. /k/ is 100x more bearable .Need I say more? - The /comfy/ and /christian/ boards. - Less boards. There aren't 100 of boards where some likely left inactive/abandoned. 8kun, 9chan, 8chan, and more. >>14346 You make a convincing case.
I>small, quality userbase >Comfy, next to no shitposting >Few boards, covering most interesting fields >Jannies aren't trannies It's what an imageboard should be. No more and no less
I like that there's basically zero porn and boards keep up a high morality overall.
The boards put a load of effort into quality posting and building communities. People post because they want to share things they like and want to see their boards stay healthy and active, not posting for postings sake or arguing the whole time.
+ Userbase is much more relaxed and/or open for discussion than most of the other webring sites, other than heated topics you will rarely see strong animosity between posters although you might see it at times. - Userbase is actually quite small, in many boards it is easy to identify who's who and it is normal for two anons to meet again in other boards. While this is wholesome it actually is dangerous in the long run. + BOs and mods rarely meddle with the users and when something happens the admins and globals are quick to explain their ground, from what i've seen they are either benevolent enough to not do anything or they caution you with lots of previous time. - Some controversy has happened over posts being deleted for no reason, admins/globals have seen glitches or users deleting their own posts for some reason and then whining but the major problem has been the slow pace of the site which makes for explanations coming late sometimes. + Interesting boards with founding users (or the BOs themselves) being knowledgeable and posting the good stuff that make up for cool threads. - These boards are mostly archives because users usually don't engage often either out of nothing they think is worthy for contribution or they act mostly as lurkers. + Lack of much NSFW content that makes many discussions much more focused, and makes many more comfortable to not beat their meat. - The nature of this clean image sometimes made some users and BOs try to enforce it by rules themselves, which left many at odds. For me the pros beat the cons so far but not by a long shot, they are just exotic/good enough compared to the rest.
Less degeneracy - see: >>>/comfy/4215 >>>/comfy/4216 >>>/comfy/4348 >>>/comfy/4350 Also, nsfw posts/boards are a minority here which is incredibly rare among IBs. Good and friendly userbase. I mean, just look at /comfy/ right now. There is a thread there where anons are now forming a story, one sentence each! The teamwork there alone is nice to watch >>>/comfy/4369 Lastly, there are not many boards which makes the userbase "closer together" if I may say so. Conclusion: anoncafe is the best IB out there.
All the good points have already been brought up by the rest of the anons. All I can say is this: >Anoncafe is the best imageboard because it’s the comfiest imageboard.
>>14353 Does that mean /comfy/ is the comfiest board in the world?
>>14345 Discussions are more relaxed and generally have a more low-key feeling. The relatively small number of boards leaves things feeling more focused, rather than being spread out across a large amount of tiny boards that nobody uses. /server/ helps fill the gaps in topical variety by allowing discussion on niche subjects that wouldn't have enough demand to necessitate having their own boards. The main problem I can think of is how small the user base is. Other than that, I could see the emphasis on SFW boards attracting a more stodgy and prudish type of user than most imageboards. That's not a big problem right now though, given how people seem to leave /cuckquean/ alone. That's not a fetish I'm into or anything, but I'm glad that those guys are able to do their own thing. I also wouldn't want to see the site go too far in a NSFW direction, seeing as how the current setup makes the site stand out from some of the others in the webring. I think it's better that each site carves out its own niche to avoid duplicate boards and spreading posting out on specific topics too thinly. Centralization is generally something to avoid, but I think some amount of it is warranted if the alternative is turning into a ghost town. I just hope we can get more activity without diluting the quality of discussion too much.
>>14355 Of course! :D
>>14356 /server/ is one of my favorite boards period. So cool. I'm glad it's on Anoncafe too so I can enjoy it here.
I mean... you can't beat that logo amirite
>>14345 Anoncafe is also the best IB on the webring.
>>14359 Agreed. It was a really smart idea for a board.
What makes this imageboard the best on the internet is little to none low effort posting, kind and friendly anons, and few number of boards. Overall, it’s the perfect blend of good userbase, amount of boards, sfw content, and moderation.
Open file (6.59 KB 221x228 happyfren.jfif)
>In what ways is anon cafe better than other imageboards the best imageboard according to you? Because meny frens here.
>>14368 >Because meny frens here. Yes fren.
Well... look around for imageboards on the internet. 99% of them will be filled with disgusting posts and people. Sooner or later, your question will become a statement and your final conclusion. You are treading on one of the few (if not the only imageboard) where there is barely any disgusting and/or profane content.
>>14371 >Well... look around for imageboards on the internet. 99% of them will be filled with disgusting posts and people Kek. What do you suggest instead friend, Kikebook & Twatter? IBs are one of extremely few places left who are dealing head-on with a disgusting world filled with disgusting globalist kikes and their disgusting golems all hell-bent on the destruction of Whites & Christian European heritage. No surprise really, Satan and his golems (the globohomo) all hate us. They have some power that's been given to them for a little while. But a soldier wearies of his labors, and it's nice to have a break from time to time. /comfy/ is that (and my apologies to the BO & regulars here, for confronting what IMO is deception). /comfy/ itself is obviously intended as a response to the reality of all our situations in the real world around us, to find some disconnected leisure and friendship. But don't just live here (which would be ostrich-like). Continuing the analogy, a soldier doesn't stay permanently at rest (until/unless he obtains the long rest), but returns to his labors once he's recuperated. /comfy/ provides a nice retreat for the world of IBs, but it's really just that -- a retreat.
>>14373 It's all fun and games until ZOGbots come and shove a gun in your face friend. Make no mistake, as a society we are all heading there, and quickly. And just because you've been a good little goy won't matter in the end either. I've no doubt most people will compliantly go along until the very last moment -- just before their slaughter. Again, apologies to /comfy/ for again, confronting deception. For my part I'll stop, I've made my position clear enough already.
>>14372 Is this satire? I genuinely can't tell. The way you start your post with 4chan language instantly tells everyone that you're a crossposter and newfag that has yet to learn the value of lurking. Then you launch into your whole /pol/ manifesto that cannot be described as anything more than embarrassing. Soldiers? Who the fuck are you kidding? Classic textbook /pol/ narcissism and paranoia, completely convinced that the entire world is out to get them because they are enlightened and superior to you in every single conceivable way. I know how you're going to respond, so I'll shut you down before you can start. No, I'm not a kike, nigger, or tranny, and believe it or not I don't have anything against /pol/. I'm not bothered that it exists, but I don't want to see it spill outside of its board. Say /cuckquean/ started to leak out across all the other boards, I'd have a problem with that all the same. I hate seeing /pol/ shit shoved in my face constantly and its you retards shilling it everywhere is why there are feds trawling imageboards and quality discussion is so rare when you have threads getting derailed by political stuff constantly. Just because I use imageboards doesn't mean I'm some Nazi keyboard warrior fighting against Jews or whatever.
I like that we have an imageboard which is conscious of God, for the most part. We beat other IBs in terms of piety.
>>14372 For the record, I am the anon who wrote >>14371 My confused and angry friend, you would do well to actually take the time and read what the Holy Bible has to say. You will see that all christians are actually called jews in the Bible. I understand that there are jews who belong in the globalist mafia or the synagogue of satan. God will deal with these wicked men in due time. It does not pertain to you, as a christian, to take up staves and swords in order to deliver yourself from death. Christians are as sheep given to the slaughter. Because the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; and having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled. You are carnal, my friend. Flesh and blood will not inherit the kingdom of God. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a “black” or a “white” man. All men have the same skin color as the dust of the ground. Out of it were we taken and unto it shall we return. All men are the color brown, just different shades of it. Some dark, some light. And you are not more superior based on the amount of melanin in your skin. Now, let me ask you, would you like to be saved from your sins and be saved from the judgment of hell?
Open file (17.50 KB 321x303 1348618327237.jpg)
>>14377 >racial differences can be reduced to variations in skin tone I don't really agree with that guy, but ignoring problems isn't going to make them go away.
It’s the imageboard with that the most streamlined and uncluttered UI for me. I know not of any other imageboard with similar UI. Suggestions are welcome though
>>14345 Honestly it isn't. Just find sites that have boards you're interested in, and if there's nothing there that interests you, move on.
>>14347 >Less boards >>14348 >Few boards >>14352 >there are not many boards >>14356 >relatively small number of boards >>14366 >few number of boards It amazes me how many people are saying literally the same shit and this site has the most boards of any IB in the webring at the time of posting this. The only other thing people are posting is "it's comfy" which is subjective anyway.
>>14422 Well it is also true that anons here are usually less prone to show their jaded feelings, hence being more open or "friendly". This makes for an interesting phenomenon, many anons here are indeed actually tender meat in search of a decent imageboard while others are clearly couple decades-old internet lurkers who have escaped many places and just are chilling around trying to have something similar to the golden days. It is interesting because when shit has hit the fan it is the latter than show, once again, what a normal anon looks like in the post-2014 exodus days, the others have no choice than to lurk and understand and by that i mean the passive, classic imageboard education like there used to be long, long time ago. It is also true anon.cafe has more boards than any other, i don't know where people think we have few but it does show users need to check the webring/boards tabs; and to be fair despite their low/no activity the vast majority of boards here have strong topics and themes, other than a couple of very niche ones that could easily fit in other ones, by that i mean there's not a lot of filler ones.
>>14422 >>14425 >It amazes me how many people are saying literally the same shit and this site has the most boards of any IB in the webring at the time of posting this. >It is also true anon.cafe has more boards than any other, i don't know where people think we have few but it does show users need to check the webring/boards tabs I was thinking compared to 4chan, 8kun, or Mark's site.
>>14435 Yeah it's smaller than 8kun and 4chan and 8moe and 9whatever and some others, most of them being ones that have open board creation, but most IBs floating around the web have about the same or less boards than this. Anon.cafe is actually pretty decent size in terms of board count.
>>15276 >>15277 These are pretty interesting.
>>14377 Nigger apes aren't human, lol.
This one is comfy
>>14345 Well, it's uhhh You see, umm uhhh It's just good okay?!

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