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Tripcodes Anonymous 04/21/2021 (Wed) 17:57:38 No.14298
Is it possible to use super secure tripcodes here? I.e tripcodes made with three pound symbols? (###)
I do not think so. I wish that it would be implemented though...
>>14302 Same doe.
tripfagging should be removed
because if you're a namefag at least other people can have fun at your expense, as a tripfag you're just annoying, and 99% of times there is no real need to do it in the first place
Describe how a super secure tripcode is more secure than a secure tripcode. Also no and never will be.
>>14308 Point taken. I do not know.
Same thing, OP. It wouldn't change anything even if the three ### system was added. Frankly, it is unecessary and redunant. And lastly, almost nobody uses tripcodes... It's a rare sight to see someone use tripcodes.

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