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/k/ Restoration Anonymous 09/20/2020 (Sun) 22:27:32 No.13654
Can you restore /k/ to approximately the closest restore point to an hour and a half ago (9PM UTC)? A spammer came through and wiped out the board. Sorry for the inconvenience.
>>13654 You should have had protections against this like every other board. Seethe
>>13655 I'd say the level of administration had been adequate because high-trust societies generally don't have to deal with rogue shitposters butthurt about a robot banning them. Regular backups are generally made of these sort of boards precisely for these scenarios hence my asking.
>>13654 Our apologies, but we're not able to do this for /k/ at the moment. The /k/ owner (and indeed all board owners) might want to enable an hourly thread limit to mitigate this sort of attack.
Are loli pedophile cartoons allowed on anon.cafe? >>>/k/7571 >>>/k/7574
>>13693 It's just a cartoon bro
>>13694 /sm/ and /loli/ when
>>13697 Probably never, makes the site an easy target. It's not a board but smug allows loli threads.
>>13697 I’d browse the fuck out of those. They’d probably have to be hidden boards though

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