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Open file (74.55 KB 1726x711 zchan shilling.PNG)
Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 22:59:47 No.13392
Can we please blacklist Zchan from the webring?
This. Requesting at the least a sitewide wordfilter block for them. They spam regularly, not one-off. Also please consider denying posts with this attached image.
>>13392 I just don't understand. >>13393 On /comfy/ we're filtering zchan.cc to anon.cafe now.
Wow so you're telling me I can blacklist everyone from the webring by spamming in their name?
>>13412 Nope! The admin admitted to it, so you can prove it's not a false flag.
>>13392 >actually believes zchan is the one spamming Are you retarded? This has been discussed before. This isn't someone from Zchan. Most Zchan anons are against advertising, and this is probably just a butthurt retard doing this to send other retards to Zchan or to trick gullible niggers like you into believing anyone from Zchan is responsible for the spam posts. Seriously, it's very fucking obvious.
>>13423 I mean it's not that obvious taking into account what they did in other websites, which they admit to in their own meta. Hence why i think they are currently against it because it gave them tons of bad name, also especially a jew tailing them who also took fatchan down.
>>13424 Yeah, Zchan's admin started shilling, but right now there's no need to do it. That's why I say it's obvious it's not someone from Zchan. And also the fact that most anons are strongly against this form of advertisement.
>>13423 So you're saying this troll has been doing it once a fortnight for 3 months? The recent spam is most likely flame drama but we're talking about spam that has been happening for months, which the admin admitted to doing on their meta board.
Didn't Z-/v/'s admin already make a post on how this is obvious D&C?
Open file (283.63 KB 640x480 O-O.png)
>>13427 >posted immediately after this thread is mentioned on /shelter/ >sage in all fields >doesn't even read the thread before posting spot the alien
>>13428 >sage in all fields Correction: sage in every field except the right one. Dramafags go home pls
Reminder that there are fags trying to falseflag Zchan. One such fag posted a dicksword link in the gamenight thread then proceeded to the meta thread to complain about how zchan has discord niggers. He was not believed by anons and shortly after called out by the staff for being a D&C nigger because he forgot to IP hop. I wouldn't be surprised if he made this thread, and was the same nigger desperately trying to get GG threads banned by again, both shitting them up and complaining about them in the meta. I know he's here, because he's already posted in the /shelter/ thread. >>13426 Zigger here. Could you please point to the thread with this admission of spamming? That is, whenever the site is working, since it's very hard to navigate right now. I recall very early on, before the meta board even existed and when all meta was meta threads on /v/, that everyone generally agreed that z shouldn't "advertise" besides occasional offhand mentions of the site when it's relevant.
>>13430 >Could you please point to the thread with this admission of spamming? Nevermind, I found. Admin is a faggot, confirmed.
>>13431 Could you please point to the thread with this admission of spamming?
>>13432 https://zchan.cc/z/thread/115.html http://archive.is/1NR0F >I've shilled a couple of times on like 30 tiny/comfy boards >## Admin
>>13433 What a faggot. At the very least the pastanigger running /v/ has more sense than him.
>>13434 test zchan
>>13435 test zchan.cc
>>13435 >>13436 Are you testing for wordfilters?
>>13437 Yes. I called out z's admin on zchan for his faggotry and someone mentioned zchan was wordfiltered here, but they were unspecific. Only linking zchan is filtered and only on /comfy/.
>>13430 Correction, he shilled back before even /v/ was created and before anyone knew his site existed.
Tom ragequit because he couldn't take criticism or resistance (again) and Mark is spamming anything that could be a /v/ competitor, including /shelter/. I hope you have a TPH limit set up.
>>13445 He ragequit because of the DDoS attacks, and probably because of a very rare condition which causes him to crave nigger cock every single day.
>>13438 >someone mentioned zchan was wordfiltered here Why would it? both sites are in the webring. Shit stirrers
>>13447 It was wordfiltered on /comfy/ because someone was spamming Zchan links in there. I think the anon who brought that up assumed it was a site-wide wordfilter for some reason.
>>13447 >Why would it? Months of spam across many imageboards... >both sites are in the webring. ...including webring sites, which made it more puzzling and insufferable. >Shit stirrers no u. lurk moar newfag and read the thread.
>>13445 Proof that mark is spamming? Stop D&C.
>>13392 Sure, why not?
>>13445 >Tom ragequit because he couldn't take criticism or resistance (again) Do you think Zadmin was Tom or something? >>13451 While I agree there is no proof it's Mark, there also likely won't ever be proof if it is him. He was caught samefagging not long ago and when asked about it on stream he first lied that he didn't samefag at all, then when pressured with proof admitted that he "barely samefagged" and said "he didn't want to attention whore". At this point I would absolutely not put such unsavory tactics beyond him and would not be surprised if proof ever came out that he is behind much of the spam and DDoS. He claims he was practically broke after helping fund acidchan, but I wouldn't trust a jew, or Mark even disregarding he's Jewish, to tell the truth about their financial situation.
Open file (178.95 KB 556x308 dab.png)
>>13392 sorry fags but now that zchan's down we're here to stay, get used to it
>>13450 Shut it nigger, we know who's who due to writing style
>>13466 What happened? Why is it down?
>>13494 >asks 26 days later when it's back up zzzchan.xyz
>>13495 T-thank you anon I feel really dumb right now
Open file (48.90 KB 603x498 z.png)
Open file (261.43 KB 785x1000 1565199259451.png)
>Can we please blacklist Zchan from the webring?
Open file (82.22 KB 935x759 1603262571322.jpg)
> Anonymous 11/03/2020 (Tue) 03:26:01 No.13710 Open file (261.43 KB 785x1000 1565199259451.png) >Can we please blacklist Zchan from the webring?
>>13710 >>13711 >Posting stale 4chan memes in response Want to prove him right don't you
Open file (443.31 KB 680x850 1603222911138-1.png)
>>Posting stale 4chan memes in response >Want to prove him right don't you
>>13710 >>13711 >>13713 How'd these norms get here?
>ZZZchan was brought online by the feds once Zchan died. It was an ideal replacement to monitor IPs and track anons posting there. If you posted on /fascist/ or /dup/ among the same times you posted on any ZZZchan board you are being monitored and tracked. Writing style, time of posting and IP tracking are all in place. Don't trust Lynxchan's security, it's amateur compared to the feds tracking abilities. >They are on the ring and they are taking up positions so they can track more anons. Trust no one and nothing. The feds run game nights to catch your Steam username, install keyloggers in the pirated games and capture player IPs, they have cytube channels to track you across multiple platforms and get your IP if your VPN hiccups. Cytube had a problem with IPs leaking to images hosted else where, which is how many of the Gunt stream got doxxed, feds are still using it on many channels. When feds raid email servers like cock.li or visit people like Mark they aren't always looking for specific people or threats. They build a giant data web using alternative image boards, streaming websites and e-mail providers. Webring admins are compromised and silenced, warrant canaries don't exist on the webring because of this. >My friend was just arrested under suspicion of domestic terrorism. He was shown posts he made on ZZZchan and alog.space. Gahoole isn't the only one getting fed visits. You have been warned..
>>13711 >>13710 >>13713 >4chiggers >>13900 >baseless conjecture God damn do I feel like I dodged a bullet not using this site. If I wanted 4chan schizo cancer I'd be on 4chan.
>>14179 >bumping a dead thread to reply to lies and shitposts Why?
i vote no
i vote yes

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