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/overboard/ discussions Anonymous 06/27/2020 (Sat) 01:26:22 No.13389
Should /icup/ be added to the sfwoverboard?
Overboards are killing imageboards. The have a very negative captological effect.
>>13457 Mainly when dominated by large boards (like our non-sfw overboard). On slower or more balanced sites, they encourage discovery of other areas of the site and help users to find active topics.
How 'bout thematic overboards? Back in the 8 place there were some although i never used them because it was a catalogue view rather than a thread.
>>13459 we don't really have any boards that share a topic here.
>>13461 >Lifestlye >/otter/ Huh
>>13461 how is /britfeel/ an ideology?
>>13462 Otter is a way of life.
>>13463 The ideology of being mindnumbed, all of them act the same way hence why seem(ed) to be close knit.
No. It should be banned for spamming. Spamming every single board on the webring to come to your board is worse than Zchan ever did.
>>13465 U wot m8? It is (or was) a nation-specific /r9k/, except somewhere along the line the handful of us that remain stopped giving a shit about not having a girlfriend, went through varying levels of self-improvement, and now we just update each other on our lives, hobbies, and interests. It would be more accurate to file it under "Lifestyle".
>>13474 More accurate under sad loser discord.
>>13475 Ah so this is why you decided to "raid" britfeel or whatever the hell it is you're doing with the constant shitposts. Sad.
>>13389 /icup/ BO here I wouldn't mind the board be made into a SFW one, I'll just ask people to spoiler lewds.

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