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i don't have time for this shit- point me to the biggest /v/ Anonymous 06/15/2020 (Mon) 19:54:19 No.13365
i can't be bothered to search some obscure board every week, where the fuck is /v/ now hosted?
Open file (406.83 KB 570x489 1368999391460.png)
>>13365 https://9chan.tw/videogames https://8kun.top/v These are the only ones I'm letting you know.
>>13366 i said big, not gay. spqrchan v has the most traffic other than cuckchan, but it's still lame. looks like boards are truly dead. rip.
8chan se is a close second, still gay.
i checked all the chans from buffalo land list and then some, still GAY rip
>>13368 Only cancerous boards like /v/
>>13371 wrong, dipshit. unless you are a diaper wearing furry or commie pedo, there is nothing of value out there in terms of boards at all.
>>13372 You are pathetic. Trying to destabilize our community. How does it feel be be payed for being a piece of shit? Kek, you'll always stay inferior. You're entire "race" is inferior, because it's not even a real race. piss off Schlomo
starts with z
>>13375 Its awful. those ni/gg/ers can fuck right off. Seems like there is no going back
>>13377 Saw a glimpse of the thread from the overboard, and in my case, i've been waiting for a place that goes for the /vg/-tier atmosphere: Moderated but usually invisible mods/BO, small userbase who have monthly games and that's it. Sounds easy but many alternatives are already stigmatized by the "usual" users, Z is full of shitposters, Smugloli has wicked rules, 9 and 8moe are for fags, Sportschan was a shitpost attempt, Animu has a highly controversial BO and Julay either way of the controversy has been smeared and has new extremely defensive mods that have already banned normal posts who didn't even delve into meta or mainstream opinions. I wanted to make an alternative but i think it would be just like pissing in a sea of piss at this point, so i guess it's just a matter of waiting, i did 2 years at one point so let's see what happens.
>>13378 >small userbase who have monthly games and that's it. i always wanted to try lan gaming via wireguard

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