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Open file (270.51 KB 640x651 1552883036962.jpg)
Anonymous 05/23/2020 (Sat) 10:31:25 No.13271
With Julay and Fatchan both gone, could this place evolve to be the next "center" of the webring? If so what can be done about it?
Open file (50.45 KB 435x326 phil_didn't_show.jpg)
>>13271 I distinctly have the impression the Admins here have little interest in such an outcome, given the absolute shitshow of professional and amateur goons that are guaranteed now to follow this theoretical 'center' of wrongthink around OP. On top of the the more traditional shitshow commonplace with such a scenario such as always happens with /v/ & /pol/, for example. My guess they CBA to host such a place, they just want a /comfy/ abode for a few boards is my guess.
>>13271 A ring has no center. If the webring can be said to have a core, it is a spiritual one.
>>13273 I meant it in the sense of being the biggest site that all boards flock to, like Julay was.
>>13273 I like the way you think.
>>13273 Ah, yes, make up such wonderful bullshit, you pathetic admin. Systemd is the future, same with dolphins. Honestly, just COME HOME. If you don't trust me with belugachan, read the fucking source code, you lazy gamergate.
Ban evasion. Original ban: Posting links to directory of child pornography.
>>13271 >If so what can be done about it? This is the important question if you ask me. It might happen whether we want it or not. I'm not saying we should embrace it, but be ready for it and mitigate it. Shouldn't be too hard as long as we don't fall into the same trap as Julay of taking on too many boards.
>>13278 I don't think we should take on any more boards. In fact we probably already have too many.
>center of the webring >central site that all boards flock to >be like the website that died due to having too many boards they didn't care about
Open file (57.05 KB 631x630 gimp.jpg)
Let's have one centralized website that can be DDOS'd into submission, spammed with CP by the people who hate it, destroyed, and then everyone has to relocate in a couple months. Great idea.
>>13271 I don't know if zchan has joined the webring already, but I'm pretty sure once it does it will be fatchan 2.0. basically.
>>13278 >>13279 We aim to protect and nurture the boards we have. Part of that is giving them room to grow. We do not have plans to scale much further. Growth at all costs strikes us as foolish.
>>13271 Is Julay gone? I was under the impression that it was off of the clearnet and only accessible through Tor?
>>13287 >Is Julay gone? No, they merely moved to their second due to the false-flag/deplatforming of the domain.
Open file (44.11 KB 205x250 1383291876382.png)
>>13289 What is this doing on anon.cafe/meta/? What's this doing in this thread? Take your drama back where it belongs.
>>13283 This is a good attitude. Shows the admins here actually care about their boards.
>>13271 I think it's a valid concern considering this will be the biggest site after julay is gone, but i'd say we can trust the admins to handle it well based on their statements.
>>13309 It'll be the biggest in terms of the number of boards, but not in user quantity or PPH.
>>13310 and that's a good thing as long as it's not too many boards
>>13307 Could a mod please clean up this derailment? thanks.
>>13316 done
Anon.cafe is not a venue for inter-site drama and we are not the Missouri for whatever spat is being had this week. Take it elsewhere. >>13321 Thank you.
>>13322 Could you have at least archived it before deleting it nigger? The guy doesn't want to repost it so it must've been something damaging.
>>13323 >Could you have at least archived it before deleting it nigger? Kek. Couldn't 'you?
>>13324 I was too busy playing video games so I didn't get to see what happened until now.
>>13323 Remember you can put links into archive.is search. http://archive.is/vaVco
>>13280 We're already there. "The webring" is a failure.
>>15300 No leading figure and no standards to check when adding new members leading to constant in-fighting due to legacy reasons which results in duplicate boards and fragmentation. It is a failure due to thinking none of us weren't egodriven
>>13271 >05.23. Well shit, I haven't been here for too long. What happened?
>>15326 nothing
>>13273 Webring: Shitposting evolved
>>13271 why is smug even on the webring? They're more ban happy than your average redditor.
>>15366 They invented it.
Open file (39.97 KB 176x152 1587511079261.png)
Did something happen to alogs.space?
>>16207 >Works on my Box(tm) What happened did it go out for a while? >also >>>/shelter/

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