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Webring: use Posts Per Day instead of PPH Anonymous 05/08/2020 (Fri) 13:57:03 No.13208
Hi, this thread has 2 points: 1) I think the current lack of activity in the webring makes Posts Per Day or Posts Per Week a far more useful metric than Posts Per Hour (in which most boards have 0 even if alive). Do most of you agree? 2) Is there a better place to request this change? Where is it?
Seems like a decent idea
The webring as a whole should have separate counters for "current" PPH and "average" PPH. The latter is probably more useful overall so I agree with this suggestion.
>>13208 I absolutely agree, but it might be better to ask in smug's webring thread on /support/ or on julay's /meta/ board, as the people running those sites were the ones who actually wrote the webring software.
>>13208 Concurring with this

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