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Will there be another radio? Anonymous 05/03/2020 (Sun) 16:26:30 No.13131
I really enjoyed this radio session with you anons.
>>13131 Hopefully.
For the time being, not until maybe July when Julay "closes" (with the Admin's permission). There's a few reasons for this, but the big two are that I think it fell short of its second objective in favor of its first objective, and that these things are a pain in the butt. You have to plan a stream, looking at minimum 5-6 hours if you aren't cheesing it. Then there's contacting the other boards which you'll have to sink about two or three hours into. Then when running it you have to be constantly vigilant and following the thread while simultaneously keeping up with /r/s and whatever is being discussed. Each board is going to have a different attitude so you've got to balance music and consider if certain types of music won't fit your audience. There's also lots of impatient people who get mad at you for not having the block they want at the time they want it, and you'll inevitably forget someone on accident or delete their /r/ while trying to not go until six in the morning (do not go until six in the morning). There's also the simple fact that /animu/ does a jazz stream on Friday nights, /a/ does a r/a/dio stream most Saturdays, and they also do a lounge on Sundays, so while not really "competing" it might come across that way (this week just happened to fall under a "rest week" for r/a/dio). All that being said, if anyone on anon.cafe would like to start a consistent radio (doubly so if they're a Euro and want to stream during Euro timezones since I don't think any member of the webring with a music stream server does that as of this time), and they have the Admin's permission, I'd be glad to show you the ropes using Mixxx. Just hit me up on /a/'s IRC channel or shoot an email to notcia@national.shitposting.agency (warning: cockmail has been up and down for the last month). I'd keep it to just anon.cafe boards and maybe occasionally inviting a handful of boards though- a webring-wide event is just too much. Just keep in mind if your time you host it isn't good for the boards you're hosting for, you might only get like 5-10 listeners. Whenever I did a stream for Euro timezones we averaged 7 listeners versus the 30+ that attend American-time r/a/dio.
>>13146 >it fell short of its second objective in favor of its first objective Do we really need a radio stream for that though? Maybe we could have one central board/thread somewhere where webring issues in general can be discussed, and perhaps make that a permanent thing. That would fit the purpose better I think.
>>13147 The idea is usually that it's easier to get people to actually conglomerate and mingle when there's some sort of event used as an excuse to get them to conglomerate and mingle. Normally you'd be hard pressed to get, for instance, Kamisama and Nepfag into the same room without there being an event excuse behind it.
>>13146 > fell short of its second objective in favor of its first objective I don't think it did. I can see some of the information given and questions answered during the stream now forming the part of the foundation of some guides being written and passed around. I liked that we did a bit of serious business and then just lost ourselves to the party atmosphere. >these things are a pain in the butt I was impressed at how well it flowed. I'm surprised it only took 5-6 hours to plan the stream, but you're experienced. A lot of people underestimate the craft involved in being a good streamer.

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