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Open file (128.36 KB 361x350 1555226966101-4.png)
Thread 3- Final Thread; Potato Edition Anonymous 05/03/2020 (Sun) 03:14:02 No.12334
I'll go ahead and make a third thread since I want the threads to be archival and viewable in their entirety, but I think all webring discussion has stopped at this point so this will be the "last one" unless there's actually a reply limit. New thread for anons with potato computers! Mk2 Good evening, everyone! How's it going? Is everyone having a comfy Saturday so far? We'll be having a radio stream so feel free to drop on by and get comfy. We'll be starting with some meme magic, officially kick off the stream with Protomen Act 1, work our way into some dadrock and r/a/dio classics, throw in some Eurobeat (no taimroll since anons outside of /a/ & /animu/ won't get it and will get their buttmankos in a knot), go into depression block for a bit before ending the night on a lighter note. Feel free to drop on in throughout the day, ask for help, or just talk shit with fellow webring members. We'll be going (officially) for 10 hours, but knowing how these things go it will probably be closer to 12/13. For those unfamiliar with radio streams, you can request songs, but not in bulk and not block requests. The streamer reserves the right to deny a /r/equest. Just include an "/r/" with your /r/equest. I forget if anon.cafe allows mp3 uploads, so if not, pop it into mixtape.moe and send a link my way (or be forever butthurt when I get a jewtube rip in 128kbps because that's all my internet can handle while streaming). Stream can be found here: http://radio.anon.cafe:8000/stream.m3u In the event of total catastrophic meltdown of the servers, let's plan on making a thread on julay's /meta/ thread without asking, and I'll make a shitty 128kbps stream on caster.fm/post the details in the new OP (note that caster.fm does not hide your IP from the streamer, so never bareback an imageboard. I don't see your IP from icecast though). Make sure to thank anon.cafe's owner, he's really putting his neck out for us tonight and I'm very thankful for that. In any case, let's have a fun evening. Grab your dakimakura if you're a fellow weeb, brew some coffee or green tea, grab some booze, and settle in for some fun times if this is your first "R/a/dio" experience. I've been given temporary global vol status to remove CP or similar spam during the stream. I would rather not use it so I'd ask any bad actors to just enjoy the stream and let it rest for the evening. Radio is supposed to be a comfy place and I think you'll find comfort listening in as well. /r/s are currently on a "soft" stop due to volume and have been for about an hour now. The purpose of this stream is twofold: A) To chillax and get comfy after a long week. B) To act as technical chat/meetup for those looking for help in regards to setting up their own imageboard.
Open file (34.43 KB 292x257 140.jpg)
Time to samefag another 750 posts amirite?
>>12341 >I have to admit That I'm pretty great at this. well done me, I'm proud of me.
Open file (258.18 KB 600x608 3de.png)
>>12346 Yes fellow, tulpa.
>>12346 Guys, how does this make me feel?
Open file (280.44 KB 1500x2000 Harpy delivery.jpg)
This thread is now the property of birbs. Remain in place and your new birbwife will arrive soon.
>>12348 Hi me, good to see me here too!
>>12348 >>12347 >>12346 >>12345 SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP GONNA CATCH SOME ZZZs TONIGHT Good night to myself. Imma go to bed now, It's been really fun.
Open file (113.95 KB 472x415 6ea.png)
>>12353 I hope I sleep tight, see me next time!
>>12350 It makes me feel upset. That mind flayer is clearly too big.
>>12353 It has been fun, Ive had a lot of fun here.I'll sleep soon, just dom't mind the memory of a eurobeat while your trying to sleep me.
Open file (942.70 KB 1920x1080 1587533429670.png)
>>12353 goodnight me, another me take over the samefaging operation
>>12351 Remember, she only does it in the butt because that's the only hole she has down there.
Birbs will reign supreme.
>>12353 Oyasumi, anon.
>>12355 This does upset me, but it also excites me on some level I think.
Open file (182.74 KB 825x855 alright.jpg)
>>12353 Sleep snug smug.
Anon is so drunk he can't get over his own joke
what do i do?
>>12366 Obviously the second option.
Open file (106.59 KB 221x286 smug hanako.png)
>>12366 All of the above.
Open file (910.63 KB 2000x1357 00491148.jpg)
>>12366 third option: marry
Open file (38.00 KB 418x455 rape.jpg)
>>12366 Let me just check the time.
Open file (418.83 KB 900x795 Crow_girl_Gummy.png)
>>12366 pat her head obviously, fucking normalfag get out of my board!!!!!
>>12366 Laugh.
>>12351 Our search for a friend will not be fruitless.
Open file (781.78 KB 303x346 kumiko shock.gif)
>>12353 >check clock >it's twenty minutes past midnight I-It was 6 pm just an hour ago!
All this eurobeat got me thinking. Is there an automotive board on the webring? I've looked and found none.
>>12377 You now understand why r/a/dio has rest weeks.
>>12377 That's right, nothing happened. Don't fall asleep next time.
>>12377 time goes fast when you're having FUN
>McBazooka I had downloaded this song after someone asked if there was Eurobeat about cows. This was the closest I could find.
>>12373 It still hurts ;_;
>>12378 There was /auto/ and /o/ presence on 8ch and they had some threads on /vg/, but it has sadly not surfaced ever since the downfall.
>>12378 damn, even /mecha/ had a spurt but you're right. I don't even drive but have respect for gearheads.
Open file (25.78 KB 300x300 Aya.gif)
Can someone summarize/cap the site-hosting posts from this stream? Also you need to come up with a retard-mode guide to breaking the tracing chain for payments, since you can't expect your average anon to jump through more than a couple hoops to pay for shit.
>221 PPH >highest board on the webring What gives? Is this site always so populated or is this new?
>>12378 The closest thing is /h/ on sportschan.
>>12388 EVERY board on the webring was invited to a music stream, this is the result.
>>12388 We've had about 60-75 listeners. That was Dolphinfag spamming the stream to try to kill it.
>direct download from youtube So that was the result.
Open file (306.14 KB 1092x1276 1587182817048.png)
>>12388 Behold the power of r/a/dio.
>subscribe to my channel what is this
>>12388 stream was shilled on a lot of boards on the webring so now we're all here living in harmony, having fun and enjoying ourselves for a few hours
>>12377 It's 6am here, get on my level.
>>12388 Julay is down for many while migrating hosts. The stream gave this board a high PPH and anons flocked to it think it was where everyone was gathering, a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Open file (449.79 KB 1120x1120 79046874_p0.jpg)
>>12370 >Hanako of all people inciting rape
Open file (158.38 KB 192x192 1466920634147.png)
Open file (2.32 MB 2079x2953 80150574_p0.png)
>>12386 ye i want lewd this extra thick one.
>>12377 >minutes past midnight /r/equesting!
Open file (2.60 MB 1600x900 twingo.png)
By the way the French are pretty much the nasties drivers of Europe. Italians have a reputation for being lawless on the streets but all this results in is a huge logjam with annoying Vespas zipping around. In comparison the French drive like they want to kill someone.
Open file (281.90 KB 735x980 Touhou_cheers_Reimu.png)
>If you like this or any other of my videos subscribe to my channel,
Open file (146.28 KB 1280x720 DEJAVU.jpg)
>>12392 >>12394 Torpy being too drunk to vet his YouTube rips.
Open file (270.93 KB 1914x828 trolley_ethics.png)
Anyone have multi-track drifting?
>>12404 >the French drive like they want to kill someone maybe they do. hon hon hon
>>12400 I'll take mine with an extra side of petrol and leathers.
>>12400 That breast is not very aerodynamic.
>>12404 >French are pretty much the nasties That's all you had to say. Fucking frogs.
>>12404 I mean, I would want to kill someone if I was French, so I can't really blame them for that.
>>12388 Welcome to the r/a/dio radio. >>12402 Side effects may include: Hangovers, Noise-complaints, and Akari~n!
>>12388 Only about 45 unique IPs ITT, according to the stats. In other words, lot of the same person. Also it's eternally summer due to the corona shit.
>>12400 Post more, faggot.
>>12417 >Only about 45 unique IPs ITT But this thread has barely started.
Open file (40.24 KB 467x625 $0.jpg)
I miss the aya-poster news anon. His posts always made me happy
>>12417 We peaked at about 70 unique genuine listeners at once, I think.
>>12404 After Gileat Januet I frankly believe the french are the nastiest of yurop
>>12404 My dad said something very similar when he was in port at a Italian naval base. He said there was tons of gross stuff in the water, like human shit and condoms.
>>12417 > In other words, lot of the same person >Only about 45 unique IPs ITT >about 75 posts >1-3 posts per IP is a lot of the same person
>>12420 You make me happy.
Open file (979.83 KB 500x700 1455216774225.gif)
Open file (159.88 KB 750x1334 1572139834947-1.jpg)
>>12420 He's still active in /japan/ and owns /2hu/ on julay. You should lurk a bit more.
>>12404 French are responsible for everything bad about England, too.
>>>12384 I remember them, I wonder if there is enough enthusiasts to warrant a new board. I would love to talk cars with anons.
/r/ing this since we're in the zone
>>12431 Well if it's any consolation they are frantically breeding their women with niggers so you won't have to worry about the french in the not too distant fugure.
>>12411 panzers is really top tier good taste anon.
Open file (33.54 KB 640x684 3155184.jpg)
>>12420 >>12411 I think I'm going to beat off real quick and be back
Open file (12.21 KB 335x275 Serene.png)
>>12436 >a country of friggers That's even worse.
Open file (99.99 KB 670x534 kitsune25.png)
>>12391 >>12427 That would be the additional 300 or so listeners recorded against the peak. I saw 70 or so before the fakes showed up.
>>12425 O-oh gosh! >>12428 I only saw him post a couple times on /v/ gamenight threads making fun of them and maybe one time I saw him on /k/? I'm sorry anon, I'm not very smart.
Is it happening?
Station to station
Open file (94.82 KB 216x203 1481057784224.gif)
>>12440 >Nothing excites the powers that be as a country full of friggers, they nded up making the abnoxious digger hybrids in south africa where at least their people avoided the niggers, but the french imported them. They think it will guarantee their place (they consider the frigger superior to the sandeutch that the germans favour) in the new world order. Fuck me this entire world is fucked, we need to start again.
Do you think they're cute, anon? What about the ones where you live? Are they cute? Are they? Tell me...
Open file (108.59 KB 817x818 1573968091439.jpg)
>>12444 It is soon.
Open file (683.67 KB 300x169 Let there be train.gif)
Maybe one eurofag song was cool, but all this generic gayclub stuff is getting a bit boring. /r/ing Here's Live to Forget, my favorite STALKER song.
oh no
Fuck. Goodbye all non-r/a/dio anons. Unless you love your station.
Open file (993.10 KB 1369x2000 02.png)
>>12437 His doujinshi have a great /cuckquean/ flavor to them too. I headcanon that Nitori knows that the other girls have their hands in the cookie jar. Shame he isn't drawing as much of his former focuses but an artist has to keep fresh or they'll die.
>>12453 Oh yes. /a/ takeover for 18 minutes incomming.
Open file (557.64 KB 622x763 1578795420805.png)
Open file (8.24 KB 259x194 download (5).jpg)
>japbug singing with incomprehensible title
Open file (674.86 KB 400x300 1548564578164.gif)
Open file (540.96 KB 500x312 1564286094094-4.gif)
Open file (156.46 KB 623x414 [possibly laughing].jpg)
>St/a/tions exist outside of the regular bunker space. By transcending the bunkers we have discovered a way to access far more stations then previous thought possible. Where we are doing we don't need stations to love.
>>12452 You're in luck anon, here's something different!
>>12458 I hope you like it because it's going to last for 18 minutes.
Open file (1017.03 KB 1358x768 jiiii stops.png)
>>12449 >they Please don't talk about Them
Open file (251.25 KB 453x374 shinmyoumarudance.gif)
Yes. Make them endure the full ride. All shall learn to love their station. >>12457 I LOVE MY STATION
>>12458 What do you mean? 平泉あおば (下屋則子) & つばさ (清水愛) - トレインtoトレイン #平泉あおば & つば&#12373 is a perfectly comprehensible title
Open file (579.28 KB 2221x3107 1530414448158-0.jpg)
>>12452 >eurofag song. >generic gayclub. The only one who likes taking it up the ass here is you, anon. Yurobeet, city pop and synthwave are the manliest music genres.
Open file (343.72 KB 850x1206 1513481226910-1.jpg)
Open file (796.67 KB 1024x830 1513481524768-0.png)
Open file (161.05 KB 1920x1080 1395742156716.jpg)
>>12458 The courage to admit one's newfaggotry.
Open file (2.09 MB 1419x2171 love.png)
Open file (1.04 MB 3749x3430 your.jpg)
Open file (885.58 KB 2000x2798 station.jpg)
>>12467 Keep telling myself I have to read this VN. Heard the H-scenes are almost completely removed from the plot though which is lame if true.
Open file (370.52 KB 762x665 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12457 We love our station Anon.
Open file (140.90 KB 612x596 Yuragi_71_12-13_crop.png)
Think of the kusoposters, they're gonna break.
>>12468 >sung by faggot euro-muslims >loved by jap-slaves If being manly consisted of being a vassal state bitch to other people and cultures, then I would understand why trannies like you exist.
Well, that's one way to lighten the load on the server.
Open file (15.39 MB 1024x576 2_8chan tier list.webm)
>>12443 Don't worry, the news bird is a slippery one.
Open file (251.88 KB 360x360 shamiglow.gif)
>>12474 >Heard the H-scenes are almost completely removed from the plot. I do not see the issue.
>>12472 The courage to not love your station.
How much do you love your station, Anon? Can it be measured?
Open file (163.58 KB 800x600 1513481956934-1.jpg)
Open file (114.11 KB 800x600 1513481956934-2.jpg)
Open file (109.49 KB 735x551 1513481980352-4.jpg)
Open file (604.47 KB 798x808 1588260519733.png)
the high pitched beeps are hurting my ears
Open file (108.58 KB 960x720 FuzzySlav.jpg)
Do you guys think there is a station in Yugoslavia?
Open file (98.72 KB 864x1152 1568757665104.JPEG)
i love my station and all but i'm gonna go to bed
>Internet comes back >In the middle of trainroll Truly I'm blessed. If my Internet dies again and I don't get to say goodbye, you're all glorious winged faggots and I'm glad I got to read your posts. Do your best, anon!
>>12485 Considering there isn't a Yugoslavia anymore, no.
>>12485 What if we applied the Palinka effect to our station?
>>12477 Between that and listening to music made by larping boomers, I'll take the former. It's okay though, anon. It's okay.
Open file (869.69 KB 2000x1500 resting eels.jpg)
Can you protect your station's smile?
>>12480 Imagine sexing up a traingirl but outside of that scene she never even indicates any romantic feelings for MC.
>>12484 The pain will become pleasure, you'll learn to love your station soon.
>>12487 Don't talk about the hussars like that and Sleep snug bug
Open file (1.21 MB 1192x615 Spoopy_Taims.png)
>>12485 There is.
>>12490 >Between that and listening to music made by larping boomers I hope you're not talking shit on ukrainian/russian hard rock because I'd gib you with an AK-74U if so.
>>12486 Sleep snug, anon.
>>12484 Turn it up. It balances the sound better. You can trust me.
>>12495 /r/ Winged Hussars by Sabaton.
Is BO still here? A few anons' questions about IB hosting went unanswered, including mine. >>11945 >>12387 Also seconding this.
>>12500 Ew, fuck no. Sabaton is some normalfag shit. Bands like Amon Amarth do Nordic metal actually good. Or even better, Apocolyptia. /r/ing Path
Open file (1.76 MB 1106x676 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12489 Guys we're coming up on Palnka Station, stay on the train [random gunfire and squats in the distance] , rolling stop conductor, 1 min no more. Grab the Wodka and lets get out of here [the sounds of battle fade off into the distance].
I love my station, but I'm sticking around for the depression playlist. That's true love.
This song makes me want to play some openttd. I'm goin to sleeb now, thanks for the stream faggots.
Oh would you look at the time. Post your waifu faggots!
>>12502 You missed the point but that's okay Anon, I still love you and all your autism.
Open file (27.65 KB 236x353 1513481934071-0.jpg)
Open file (8.17 KB 291x173 1513481934071-1.jpg)
Open file (6.93 KB 300x168 1513481934071-2.jpg)
Open file (13.60 KB 216x216 1513481934071-3.jpg)
Open file (31.09 KB 426x240 1513482046317-2.jpg)
Do you love small taims?
Open file (91.86 KB 475x368 9b8.png)
>>12505 see you
>>12502 >Nordic metal Anything but cheesy power metal is trash brother.
>>12506 >Posting waifus during taims You dastardly devil, you.
Open file (916.59 KB 2304x3082 81110271_p0.png)
>>12507 If you truly loved me, you'd shave your asshole and start taking HRT to become my eunuch. Chop chop, I'm waiting.
Open file (126.06 KB 350x670 1553394708620-4.png)
>>12508 I love all taims!
>>12510 >hurrr I only eat garbage becauses itz funni xD Stop that.
>>12506 No. I don't want anyone lewding her.
i guess we have trains on repeat, not that it is bad thing. time to take nap i reckon
>>12514 You know there's something to be said about being worthy of love too anon.
Open file (324.57 KB 782x662 1371692075884.png)
Open file (372.66 KB 1200x1200 1513481524768-1.jpg)
>>12519 >he doesn't love his station
>>12514 I don't think fucking a stinky fat man in the ass would feel very good.
>>12519 >he thinks it's on repeat
>>12519 >he can't tell the difference between each track
Open file (676.68 KB 1365x1024 1513482112662-1.jpg)
>>12522 Oh shit, I'm sorry >>12519 I read you wrong. Have a train in apology.
>>12518 We are comfy flens. We won't lewd her... much.
>>12525 I was hoping I'd struck gold and find myself talking to a bi curious teenager. I hear they're quite prevalent on imageboards.
>>12519 >Repeat Taimroll is a collection of 12 13 songs. They are NOT on repeat.
>>12517 >He doesn't want to slay the dragon with his sword. Enjoy your "hardcore" music.
Open file (2.35 MB 2520x1781 1513481226910-3.jpg)
>>12534 As if power glam metal could ever talk about slaying dragons. Enjoy your crossdressing band members.
Open file (183.16 KB 640x400 __oc_railnews_weekly.png)
This sound new, haven't heard this version before
>>12531 You should've flirted with the boy asking if estrogen pills would make him a better programmer earlier.
Open file (37.18 KB 200x248 chef.png)
My balls smell like my cum, which smells like the water you'd drain from boiling pasta.
Open file (170.07 KB 204x199 sumwanwan.gif)
Open file (219.37 KB 680x370 1569972309678.png)
>Tatsuro Yamashita
To those anons who have survived taimroll, you have been officially inducted into the c/a/rtel. There is no escape now. Please enjoy this 20 minute piss break/dinner break intermission as we enter depression block.
>>12541 I'd just meet him out in the middle of Asia Minor and smash his balls with a rock and turn him into my housemaid, CHadrian style.
>>12538 >power glam metal Shit, I thought you were one of those "dude I only listen to these hardcore obscure bands" niggers, I'm sorry. You just don't know your genres at all.
Open file (69.58 KB 842x848 bully2.jpg)
Open file (640.56 KB 768x767 Memes.png)
>>12501 Many hosts and other providers typically do not ask you to verify your identity with them, but they do require that you pay with some method that discloses your identity anyway, e.g. credit card, Paypal, bank transfer, etc. They also hold that they can ask you to verify at any time (usually if a complaint or investigation is made) and they'll terminate service if you don't comply. So you can try to give them false details but I don't recommend it. >As far as hosting a site goes, when accessing the site to do administrative tasks how should your machine be configured to best protect the admins privacy? Distros? Configurations? Is there an easy to follow set of instructions that describe the "best practices"? As in one of my previous posts, I'd recommend only ever touching the machine through a VPN or Tor connection, and using a separate SSH key that isn't used for anything else. Debian or CentOS will work, but you have to take patch support into account. I use CentOS for Anon.cafe simply for its long support lifecycle; I use Debian for most other tasks. Understanding patching and support is a very important part of the craft. >Regarding accepting donations, you say there are some anonymous cryptocurrencies. Which ones are those. Which U.S. hosts accept them? Are there any guides that clearly explain how to anonymously acquire them and set them up correctly? We accept Monero and Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not strictly anonymous, but our donation address never receives any money full stop that isn't a donation and never gets paid to anyone but our host, so there's no privacy compromise there except possibly for our donors. Run your crypto daemons from inside a Whonix machine for privacy. Unfortunately this means they're SLOW AS FUCK because they're restricted to Tor. The good news is that quick wallets like Electrum for Bitcoin and the Monero wallet in Simple mode can ease this problem. If you have plenty of space you can download the blockchains offline and bootstrap the daemons before letting them sync the rest over Tor. For maximum privacy you should work with full daemons but this is impractical for all but the most dedicated. >What is your opinion on prepaid credit cards as far as hosting goes? I've found them to be of limited use, but I've not explored them thoroughly. The main obstacle is that in the event of a state-sponsored investigation, even if you purchase them with cash that purchase can possibly geolocate you. But that's getting very, very paranoid. >Have you looked into the Cayman Islands for hosting? Not really. The Seychelles is a good place to set up an offshore shield company but this is also out of reach of all but the most dedicated and well-resourced. I'm sorry to hear you had to deal with /tech/, Anon. They mean well and some of them know what they're doing but for many, their reach can exceed their grasp. >>12387 Sure, I'll post them elsewhere when this is done.
Open file (155.20 KB 600x450 7r5739352116.jpg)
>>12506 i can finally write like a nigger without fearing the meidos
>>12550 Thanks BO-sama. You've succeeded where my drunk ass has failed at helping anons.
Open file (25.65 KB 359x359 Loli_Skull.jpg)
Open file (104.88 KB 615x600 1571608103034.png)
You guys just gotta remember one thing and you'll be fine.
>Depression block starting Thanks for the ride, anon. I appreciated the stream. See you next time.
Open file (111.04 KB 320x400 easy.png)
Open file (38.50 KB 862x622 34634589346454.jpg)
>>12556 Sleep snug, flen.
Open file (213.64 KB 426x426 TheXFilesIsAShow.mp4)
/r/ for depression block.
>>12550 >The Seychelles is a good place to set up an offshore shield company but this is also out of reach of all but the most dedicated and well-resourced. Which means we'll somehow end up with one there.
Open file (329.05 KB 1536x2048 EW7mDPGUEAECXzW.jpg)
>>12506 I'm here too I guess.
>>12551 Dumbass. They're taking notes and banning anyone when they go back. You can't escape Hoihoi that easily.
Open file (958.84 KB 2048x2048 fat staxxx of cash.jpg)
>spoiler How generous are anons, really? I know imageboards almost always run at a loss but they do donate from time to time, right?
>>12564 Nothing is beyond her reach!
What gets played in the depression block?
Open file (1.83 MB 500x275 1548555087520-2.gif)
Open file (95.84 KB 398x685 587.png)
how long more is this going to last I want to see the end of it but I'm falling asleep
/r/ing for depression
>>12567 It's a mystery
Open file (799.05 KB 200x189 3454323478234.gif)
>>12564 >>12566 sorry meidos it was just a prank bro a social expirement bro dont ban me bro
/r/ Dead Man's Gun for Depression
Gotta really moody /r/ for depression block
Open file (1.97 MB 500x275 1548555087520-1.gif)
Open file (72.17 KB 600x600 68403455_p8.jpg)
>>12524 He was my first crush as a kid and the one that turned me into a shotacon.
>>12555 Oh god, I recently discovered this got an American comic "adaptation". >It's on Steam now >image AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Open file (1.97 MB 500x275 1548555087520-1.gif)
>>12568 For all mankind!
Open file (1.39 MB 500x280 erisdance.gif)
/r/ for depression.
/r/ing some slowcore for the next mood coming https://files.catbox.moe/p4mb1e.mp3
>>12569 Too long. Blame /r/-eager newfags.
Open file (97.13 KB 640x480 344323894.gif)
Open file (34.06 KB 472x472 e30.jpg)
>>12582 how long is that
>>12585 If you go to bed now, you might wake up in time for the end of the stream.
What a profound and thought provoking song. I can sleep peacefully now.
Oh shit I'm feeling it
Open file (149.00 KB 359x393 elf tongue.gif)
>skibibibbabababababadabba bat bat badababa bo Skippidibby yom dondondu
>>12585 About tree fiddy?
Open file (245.65 KB 663x416 kaguya_luna.png)
>>12586 I'm waiting for Hololive or an amount of Vtubers to be busted for some sort of nastiness one of these days
Open file (468.52 KB 626x960 3ba.png)
>>12587 I sleep 12 hours at a time
>>12594 Agreed.
Open file (1.16 MB 640x630 1534308456079.png)
Requesting Where The World Begins And Ends again (unless it already is in the list). https://files.catbox.moe/3i49fv.mp3
I never understood the appeal of star trek. It never clicked on me why it has such a big following. Then again, i also don't like star wars. Maybe it's just how they portray technology like it were psudo-futuristic magic.
>>12593 Oh that's perfect, you'll still have half the stream to listen to after you wake up!
Open file (483.59 KB 1158x819 drank.jpg)
Who /wanktrek/ here?
Open file (66.34 KB 605x529 1420425321996-1.jpg)
>>12593 Not anymore. >>12594 Sci-fi lit > other sci-fi stuff > SW > Trek Special shout-out to SG-1 as a documentary. >>12598 OG ST is a big "the future is going to be this great socialist world of peace and exploration and love". And it's not very sci-fi to begin with, even though it pretends to be.
Open file (246.21 KB 893x850 1583625182626.png)
>>12598 Both are bad for that, one's a space opera, one's a morality play. Neither are hard scifi. WHAT A WONDERFUL WAAAAAAAAAAAGH
Open file (472.77 KB 2048x1576 Orc_Warband.jpg)
>>12550 >>12553 Despite the BO's best effort, I kind of doubt we've accomplished much here except maybe a bit of a morale boost for the webring just like any other r/a/dio thread. After this is over BO should set up a thread just dedicated to the webring and how to create an IB and direct all the webring meta discussion to that one thread. Maybe take the screencaps of the posts made in these threads about the subject and put them there.
Open file (472.77 KB 2048x1576 Orc_Warband.jpg)
Open file (175.36 KB 600x450 fine days ahead.jpg)
This has been fun but I need sleep. Goodnight anons and I hope there is another radio like this in the future.
Open file (512.09 KB 2100x2000 FuuucccMe.jpg)
>>12607 I'd play that warband.
>>12598 I think it's primarily a nostalgiafag thing.
>>12606 I'll repost in instantib.lynxchan's thread at >>10678 and those interested can concentrate there. This isn't the kind of thing you can finish in a single stream after all. But who cares if it's effective? It's fun.
>>12608 Sleep tight and snug, smug.
>>12608 Have a good night anon.
>>12608 Good night anon.
>>12608 Snug smugs, nighty night hugs.
>>12603 >"the future is going to be this great socialist world of pe- Ah right, i forgot that too. It din't make any overaching logical sense.
Open file (913.04 KB 1000x1408 Kot_AR.jpg)
How are we feeling, /webring/?
How many listening now?
>>12616 It was meant to be an inspirational peace. Gene wanted to show the end state even thought he knew that the middle steps were no where even close to existing. It's okay for fiction to be fictional.
Open file (10.92 KB 120x172 3434543232748.gif)
>>12617 I'm cold
>>12616 The premise of Star Trek, which was thought up in the cold war era, was "humans are going to almost wipe themselves out in a big nuclear war, but the survivors will learn from our mistakes and will be accepted by other aliens into the galactic community and evolve past ourselves." It was wrong on the first count - humans weren't dumb enough to actually engage in MAD, and the nuclear threat was just hyped up by the US and USSR governments to maintain their power - and it will likely be wrong on the second, as learning from mistakes is something humans collectively never do.
>>12617 Feeling pretty good, hopefully depression block can fix that.
>Went to take a shower >missed TRENS FUCK Anyways OP you are a pretty cool dude. You made my day. Happy dreams!
>>12617 Pretty comfy right now. Sick of RTFMing so now I'm just enjoying the music. >>12618 50 people right now.
Open file (95.07 KB 377x350 6db.gif)
I'm sleepy give me an ETA on the end before I fucking flop down dead on my desk
>>12617 Pretty tired. I shouldn't have kept this going so long and I apologize to anon for underestimating /r/s.
Open file (1.93 MB 1295x2489 1565110311481.png)
>>12618 Fifty listeners.
>>12617 Pretty good I guess. Thinking of stepping out for a puff or two later.
>>12626 Too fucking long.
>>12624 Night, bro.
Open file (488.77 KB 2003x4096 D6xw013UcAA68lG-orig.jpg)
>>12617 A lot better than I was before tonight.
>>12550 Thanks for responding to my questions. There really is a lot of details to take in. Perhaps someone who knows what they're doing should write a walkthrough of sorts that can explain the best practices from start to finish. I hope Robi listens. >I'm sorry to hear you had to deal with /tech/, Anon. They mean well and some of them know what they're doing but for many, their reach can exceed their grasp. In my eyes the single biggest issue with /tech/ is that they have a terminal case of "scrub mentality" when it comes to the OS war. If you've ever read Sirlin's "Playing to Win" (which I consider mandatory reading material for anyone who has to deal with adversaries hellbent on their destruction) you can clearly recognize the average /tech/ anon as the eternal scrub. https://sirlin.squarespace.com/ptw-book/introducingthe-scrub
>>12617 I'm okay. Listening to music for too long makes my head hurt though. Might have to take a break soon.
>>12630 Waiting so long?
Well I guess I have to call uncle, Thank you for the stream and .cafe for hosting.
>>12603 >sci-fi lit anons should read more but also know that there's been cancer around to try and fuck shit up since early on Mutation or Death is good puking material Lovecraft posting is nice to see, had a surprise reading non-fiction articles by Edgar A. Poe and seeing how sharp they were. Critique is as dead as fiction in the written word, even if you're just looking to have some fun.
>>12617 I feel fine.
Open file (69.31 KB 691x691 Iku drink sip.jpg)
>>12617 I'm alright.
>>12636 Sorry for taking so long. I underestimated /r/s by about five hours. Sleep snug, smug.
Open file (307.84 KB 1920x1080 パフパフ.jpg)
>>12629 A-anon, that's lewd!
Yea thanks to anon.cafe and OP.
>>12635 I overestimated /r/s until it was too late to fix the issue.
>>12636 Sleep well anon.
>>12636 Good night anon.
I thought this was Black Lives Don't Matter
Open file (526.70 KB 1280x1846 moons.png)
>It's not the better version
>>12646 >>12647 was wondering where I'd heard the beat before
>>12565 Someone once threw about two fiddy our way. That was nice of them! There might be more recent donations but I'm waiting on the latest blocks right now. Generally you'll find that donations don't flow, especially since the average anon can't into crypto. Julay.world's merch idea is a nice one because it lets anons bypass that requirement but it does require disclosure of identity for merchant accounts etc.
Open file (26.28 KB 255x390 Lucky Starr.jpg)
>>12637 More anons should read the LNs instead of being manga or anime secondaries.
>>12550 Thanks for responding to my questions. There really is a lot of details to take in. Perhaps someone who knows what they're doing should write a walkthrough of sorts that can explain the best practices from start to finish. I hope Robi listens. >I'm sorry to hear you had to deal with /tech/, Anon. They mean well and some of them know what they're doing but for many, their reach can exceed their grasp. In my eyes the single biggest issue with /tech/ is that they have a terminal case of "scrub mentality" when it comes to the OS war. If you've ever read Sirlin's "Playing to Win" (which I consider mandatory reading material for anyone who has to deal with adversaries hellbent on their destruction) you can clearly recognize the average /tech/ anon as the eternal scrub. https://sirlin.squarespace.com/ptw-book/introducingthe-scrub Huh, I was looking for a nice happy reaction pic to post to show my gratitude because I save so many random images and everything is disorganized, but I'm having a hard time finding one in the mess. Lots of rage, hatred, cruelty, disgust, sadness, dread... smugness and such too. But nothing that can adequately express my gratitude for actually being helpful...
>>12617 Feeling good.
Open file (51.95 KB 570x520 question_mark.jpg)
>>12643 If it's that bad then might it not be OK to skip /r/s for the good of the stream? Which block are we in now?
Open file (435.85 KB 640x360 1547532499010.gif)
>>12617 This was my first time on anon.cafe. This is a nice board and you all are nice people.
>>12651 Get a "thumbs up" folder.
>>12653 We're entering Depression. I've already cut about an hour of music and we're at a little over 2 hours 30. I can't cut more without removing /r/s and upsetting anons further.
Open file (9.62 MB 320x240 machead.mp4)
>>12646 >>12647 Fuck it, post that so I can hear it. I've only heard a moon of 'The Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize'
>>12656 I din't even request a single song and yet it's just cluttered huh. What a mess. Oh well, time to ride it late into the night.
Open file (344.16 KB 480x531 nice.png)
>>12654 This is a nice board and you all are nice people. you're mom is nice people and you're a nice board >>12656 >2 hours and 30 oh I can totally resist that long then
Open file (111.36 KB 212x288 this is not fine.png)
>>12656 >without removing /r/s Just curious, did you stop taking /r/s in the first thread? No reason for asking or anything.
ij feel like trhowing up, i think i drank too much. should i keep giong?
>>12658 It's my fault. If I hadn't done an dadrock block the /r/s would have equaled out. The flip side of that is I would have denied about 70% of the /r/s if I had done that. Lesson learned but I still feel bad since this block was supposed to be two and a half hours ago.
Open file (306.34 KB 589x589 very nice.png)
>>12656 Just wipe queue and re-request so only people online get reqs
>>12656 Savage, but I'm innit for the long haul.
>>12633 >>12651 >Posting glitched out because of my non-convential browser settings. I'm going to have to type up a lengthy rant about the laundry list of sins committed by the FOSS community soon enough.
>>12661 I've been very selective with /r/s. I took about 60 /r/s while cutting out original content, and that was with only taking maybe half the /r/s in the first place. This is what I mean about the webring being harder to manage than regular r/a/dio.
>>12662 Vomit in a trash can first. Aiming for the toilet's always a mess.
Open file (623.82 KB 541x503 eiria_wonder.png)
>>12650 If I hadn't taken another >>>/lang/ path instead of moonrunes I might have dodged grappling around western shit to find something good but such is life. That or become a manga junkie.
>>12662 Drink water, and eat salt+bread, anon.
>>12662 no, take a break and drink some water do dilute it, the buzz's gonna last for a while anyway >>12664 that's a nice pic you have there friend
Open file (1.38 MB 2550x4200 baph n book3.png)
>>12617 Pretty comfy. Listening to this with a livestream of the northern lights open on another monitor. https://explore.org/livecams/zen-den/northern-lights-cam
Stream is cutting out fairly often now. In fact, it just stopped entirely.
>>12675 I just reloaded it and it fixed the issue.
>>12670 There's a lot of good western stuff, but the trick is in finding the authors, and then finding out who those authors were friends with, or whose books they liked. That and just asking around for what people are reading.
Luv(sic) part 3 always take me to a grimbright cyberpunk setting i never see.
Open file (275.74 KB 500x500 Alisu.png)
>>12676 Same here. Danke. Too tired to think right.
What time is it anon?
>>12675 >>12676 I thought it was on my end again, but no. It's happening here too. Is everything alright?
>>12674 Baph-chan looks like this now?
Open file (222.15 KB 744x1052 1555896622577-0.png)
I'd like to apologize to anon. I've typically aimed to be ending my streams in the next 30 minutes over the last four months, so this is an embarrassing reminder of my early streams that long overstayed their welcome.
what are you anons SNACKIN on? I just opened a carton of milk to go with a pack of zweibacks and some sweetbuns
>>12683 Come here torp. I'll hug you. It's all gonna be okay.
>>12685 Had a philly cheese hotpocket. Pretty good.
>>12685 Thank you for reminding me to eat. brb
>>12685 I ate some cinnamon sugar toast. Using a stale hotdog bun.
About two hours five minutes left, by the way.
>>12683 Nonsense, Torpisu. Your streams are always welcome in my ears. Even when you play those songs explicitly telling us to fuck off.
>>12685 Nachos and beer for dinner earlier.
>>12685 Some dry ass cookies that come with the meal boxes they've been serving us. Although I think they're nice in their own crispy way.
>>12685 Nigger I already ate an entire pízza for lunch and dinner. I don't need more food until tomorrow.
>>12683 stop worrying, it's awwwwrite >>12688 you're welcome, never go hungry, enjoy your meal
Open file (130.11 KB 522x522 Mikan.png)
>>12685 I'm eating an orange.
>>12684 The sun has been up for two hours here.
>>12677 Yeah, I'm on that trail. Ended up with a lot of burgers on the check-out-sometime list. Old and new, foreign and near seem just loved the pig sty of modernity a little too much and it's hard to sort them out,
>>12697 The sun is just a drunk piece of shit that showed up way too early for work. Tell him to fuck right off.
Open file (1.19 MB 1000x1515 1529228950567.png)
>>12685 Nothing. Don't have anything to snack on
>>12671 >>12685 >eat salt+bread >SNACKIN Emergency delivery from /comfy/ coming through! Images of fresh food for drunk anons!
>>12700 Want some cookies?
>>12701 Is this considered terrorism?
>>12700 why not? come to my place, I'll give you a box of danish butter biscuits
Open file (894.54 KB 885x948 1537118704682.gif)
>>12701 is that last one pumpkin? carrots? melon?
>>12705 Now this is definitely terrorism.
>>12668 Honestly, is there anyone here not happy to dump and re-add your reqs? It looks like people added whole albums which just kills off variety.
Open file (906.53 KB 500x284 1566002579206.gif)
>>12702 >>12704 Maybe after the quarantine goes away i'll come visit for good old tea time. For now, it's just rationalizing like i've always done.
>>12706 French-style glazed carrots.
>>12709 If you actually lived near me I would eat some food with you.
>>12707 Number one: That's terror, Number two: That's terror.
>>12703 If making anon want healthy, delicious, soul-nourishing hearth-food then lock me the fuck up because I'm never going to stop.
>>12709 I'll be waiting for (you), anon
>>12698 What kind of genres are you looking for, in particular? I will say, if you enjoy fantasy even a little, you should read Jack Vance's Lyonesse trilogy. They're brilliant.
>>12705 I hate to know how this feels
>>12708 I'm happy to dump my reqs to help Piisu stop freaking out.
Open file (1.57 MB 1920x1080 1587316509644.png)
Open file (46.06 KB 437x501 1565665363632.jpg)
pushing throw the strife as we craw trhough the light
Open file (178.02 KB 516x411 winner.jpg)
just wanna say I'm really enjoying this a lot, you're my best friends and I wish I could high five every one of you
>>12717 Only if you have like 5 or more tracks. I req'd 4 in the first thread
Open file (375.64 KB 200x209 dere dere.gif)
>>12719 Using my leverage for life Pushing through the strife as we crawl to the light If we make it through, we gon’ walk it upright Watch it how we move and we gon’ make it alright
Open file (83.50 KB 440x400 Fio done.gif)
Who's here from the start of the stream?
>>12722 torpy you piece of shit you ALMOST made me cry with taht song. faggot
Open file (2.42 MB 700x700 1555227034602-4.gif)
>>12723 I got here early because Ben Franklin time. Had to eat dinner for a bit though so I haven't been here the whole time.
>>12723 Reporting in from about 10 hours ago, which was a little after the stream started. So almost, but not quite.
Open file (32.57 KB 600x570 comfyreimoo.jpg)
>>12723 I had to join a few hours in. Please do not bully me stream-oldfag-sama.
Open file (433.26 KB 800x800 four of a kind.png)
>>12723 /japan/ still here enjoying my time.
Open file (142.99 KB 384x578 smug_akari.jpg)
>>12725 Stick around a half hour and I'll have you bawling.
>>12723 Still here. Only for a few minutes more though.
>>12715 noted. Anything Fun, I'm the kind that can chew through different stuff but fixates on one or another for subjective aspects. Started with 'literate' stuff which has some good stuff outside of nobel prizes and usual recs, I really wish authors tried to share fun, even fucking replays, rather than sell secular wanking religion materials.
Open file (20.39 KB 720x529 1578882511537.jpg)
>>12718 >tfw my waifu was metaphorically the big nuclear bomb and was deemed to disappear as fast as she appeared
>>12723 i'm here from at least 30 mins after the begginign or something i think , i cant into timezones
>>12723 joined during the dadrock bit, I think that was 6 hours ago
Open file (37.13 KB 200x194 1586179326755.gif)
>>12733 how so
Open file (806.66 KB 960x1352 kb_004.jpg)
>>12723 Hello anon. Are you well?
>>12723 Left in the middle of train since the stream cut off to eat some flan and yogurt but other than that here since the beginning
>>12723 Had to leave a couple of times, but Ive been here.
Open file (497.83 KB 355x400 1577807587289.gif)
Open file (2.63 MB 662x778 1560524278152.webm)
>>12723 I accidentally slept through the first couple of hours, gomen. orz
Open file (608.31 KB 800x450 1577808993780.gif)
Open file (1.00 MB 320x240 negro witch doctor.gif)
It's a bit too early for rumia day isn't it?
>>12723 Still here, it is only 7am, no reason to go to bed yet
Open file (2.98 MB 1024x770 259017387013202.gif)
>>12723 In during the part in Albequerque where Weird Al gets into a fight with a hermamphrodite Went for a walk a couple times
>>12723 I have been editing my story for the writing contest since the stream started. It's almost done, just need to read it one last time before submitting.
Open file (7.84 MB 2338x3300 by eretto.png)
>>12723 Me, just left for a little while to assist to my native board's anime stream, but came right back after that. Request apparently skipped, though. Don't torment yourself, Torpisu, this has been an awesome night. Everybody here loves ya', you paranoid munchkin
Open file (257.94 KB 240x180 dance.gif)
this song is way too fucking long
>>12758 This song isn't long enough!
>>12755 Post it here so we can proofread it.
>>12755 Good work and good luck anon!
>>12758 I know right? I wish it was longer.
>>12758 shut up and enjoy it >>12760 seconding
Open file (26.77 KB 582x329 J.jpg)
>>12723 been waiting for the real depressing music to hit
>>12759 i mean i guess, rumia is a good girl afte all>>12762 >>12763
>>12764 right on time
>>12723 Even though I'm replying to this comment, I joined in a couple hours later!
>>12764 Well it just started, good catch
>>12764 Here we go anon
>>12764 drink up faggot.
>>12764 Wish granted.
>clipping piano ooft
Open file (199.45 KB 2000x2000 Sanaefag.jpg)
So I only "plan" on doing these quad-annually with admin-kun's permission since there's a lot of set-up that goes into it (the next one I'd like to do is when Julay closes down), but if anon gets Admin-kun's permission, I don't mind sharing music and setting anon up for success if they would like to do their own stream. Just a thought to keep in mind. Ideally setting up your own stream server would be ideal (I would have done that but even hosting this was a last-minute decision Thursday evening). Please mention to admin-kun if you'd be interested in doing something more frequently for anon.cafe and if you have admin's permission I'll be glad to help you.
I don't know where this is from, it's just some melancholic piano and it's not doing much
lisa was an alright girl a shame she was a drugie
>>12772 >Depressing More like melancholic in a comfy manner.
Oh no....
>>12775 Silent hill "not tomorrow" I think
>I lift a lot of bags >ooh a purple one ok then
Ahh fuck.
>>12780 What did he mean by this?
Open file (470.54 KB 578x818 smugfu.jpg)
>>12774 You all heard him bi weekly streams! Maybe even weekly!
Open file (80.63 KB 664x499 1447175376113.jpg)
>skyking oh no
holy shit I know this sample
Open file (559.99 KB 1600x900 sky king.png)
>>12783 What's that? Twice-weekly streams? I don't know if I can fit in a stream every day, Torpisu.
Done me good you fucker
I feel kinda happy Beebo ended up calling it a night, imagine him dealing with the pandemic and ending up jobless
aaaaaaa i just realized
Ah it's raining.
>>12780 The depressing reality of a wageslave. Forced to try what little beauty he can in the tedium of his existence.
He followed his dreams. When will you anon?
>>12788 Slow down there sure we could handle daily streams but hourly streams seems a bit extreme.
No stop hitting me STOP
Open file (168.69 KB 575x446 1485985697158.png)
>>12794 Soon...
>>12793 yeah you don't really understand it until you do
Open file (201.83 KB 380x640 solomon kane.jpg)
>>12735 >Anything Fun Old pulps author is a great way to go for that. Burroughs (John Carter, Tarzan, etc.), Leiber (Fahfrd & the Grey Mouser), Howard (Conan, Solomon Kane, etc.) or Doc Smith (Lensman, Skylark, etc.) all come to mind, and of course, as mentioned, Vance (Dying Earth, Lyonesse, etc.). Asimov is another, and of course, H.P. Lovecraft. If you want to sound "highbrow" to people, Jules Verne is a fun read. Since most of these authors were serialized in magazines, most of the books are fix-ups, which also make them great for "read one story right before bedtime" situations. A few of the older ones are in the public domain, as well, and any of them can easily be found as epubs online.
>>12794 When I gain the courage to make the trip to Gensokyo.
>>12793 Nice coincidence that it was contrasted with skyking
>>12794 I'm a coward, so when there's very little chance of them killing me.
Why'd you have to do this to me, I went from happy to nearly bawling you FUCK Funny thing is I w
Open file (463.99 KB 1525x809 1555227661166-1.jpg)
>>12796 It's too late. Anon thought I couldn't do depression, but it's the other way around. I actively suppress the pain.
>>12798 Fucking tell me about it. >Pandemic >neat I might get to live like a Neet for a few weeks >No anon you must work you are essential now even though last week we told you you are replaceable >Fuck well maybe we will run out of product and... >president orders all suppliers to stay open at all cost
>>12345 >>12346 >>12347 >>12348 >>12349 >>12350 >>12351 >>12352 >>12353 >>12354 >>12355 >>12356 >>12357 >>12358 >>12359 >>12360 >>12361 >>12362 >>12363 >>12364 >>12365 >>12366 >>12367 >>12368 >>12369 >>12370 >>12371 >>12372 >>12373 >>12374 >>12375 >>12376 >>12377 >>12378 >>12379 >>12380 >>12381 >>12382 >>12383 >>12384 >>12385 >>12386 >>12387 >>12388 >>12389 >>12390 >>12391 >>12392 >>12393 >>12394 >>12395 >>12396 >>12397 >>12398 >>12399 >>12400 >>12401 >>12403 >>12404 >>12405 >>12406 >>12407 >>12408 >>12409 >>12410 >>12411 >>12412 >>12413 >>12414 >>12415 >>12416 >>12417 >>12418 >>12419 >>12420 >>12421 >>12422 >>12423 >>12424 >>12425 >>12426 >>12427 >>12428 >>12429 >>12430 >>12431 >>12432 >>12433 >>12434 >>12435 >>12436 >>12437 >>12438 >>12439 >>12440 >>12441 >>12442 >>12443 >>12444 >>12445 >>12446 >>12447 >>12448 >>12449 >>12450 >>12451 >>12452 >>12453 >>12454 >>12455 >>12456 >>12457 >>12458 >>12459 >>12460 >>12461 >>12462 >>12463 >>12464 >>12465 >>12466 >>12467 >>12468 >>12469 >>12470 >>12471 >>12472 >>12473 >>12474 >>12475 >>12476 >>12477 >>12478 >>12479 >>12480 >>12481 >>12482 >>12483 >>12484 >>12485 >>12486 >>12487 >>12488 >>12489 >>12490 >>12491 >>12492 >>12493 >>12494 >>12495 >>12496 >>12497 >>12498 >>12499 >>12500 >>12501 >>12502 >>12503 >>12504 >>12505 >>12506 >>12507 >>12508 >>12509 >>12510 >>12511 >>12512 >>12513 >>12514 >>12515 >>12516 >>12517 >>12518 >>12519 >>12520 >>12521 >>12522 >>12523 >>12524 >>12525 >>12526 >>12527 >>12528 >>12529 >>12530 >>12531 >>12532 >>12533 >>12534 >>12535 >>12536 >>12537 >>12538 >>12539 >>12540 >>12541 >>12542 >>12543 >>12544 >>12545 >>12546 >>12547 >>12548 >>12549 >>12550 >>12551 >>12552 >>12553 >>12554 >>12555 >>12556 >>12557 >>12558 >>12559 >>12560 >>12561 >>12562 >>12563 >>12564 >>12565 >>12566 >>12567 >>12568 >>12569 >>12570 >>12571 >>12572 >>12573 >>12574 >>12575 >>12576 >>12577 >>12578 >>12579 >>12580 >>12581 >>12582 >>12583 >>12584 >>12585 >>12586 >>12587 >>12588 >>12589 >>12590 >>12591 >>12592 >>12593 >>12594 >>12595 >>12597 >>12598 >>12599 >>12600 >>12601 >>12602 >>12603 >>12604 >>12605 >>12606 >>12607 >>12608 >>12609 >>12610 >>12611 >>12612 >>12613 >>12614 >>12615 >>12616 >>12617 >>12618 >>12619 >>12620 >>12621 >>12622 >>12623 >>12624 >>12625 >>12626 >>12627 >>12628 >>12629 >>12630 >>12631 >>12632 >>12633 >>12634 >>12635 >>12636 >>12637 >>12638 >>12639 >>12640 >>12641 >>12642 >>12643 >>12644 >>12645 >>12646 >>12647 >>12648 >>12649 >>12650 >>12651 >>12652 >>12653 >>12654 >>12655 >>12656 >>12657 >>12658 >>12659 >>12660 >>12661 >>12662 >>12663 >>12664 >>12665 >>12666 >>12667 >>12668 >>12669 >>12670 >>12671 >>12672 >>12673 >>12674 >>12675 >>12676 >>12677 >>12678 >>12679 >>12680 >>12681 >>12682 >>12683 >>12684 >>12685 >>12686 >>12687 >>12688 >>12689 >>12690 >>12691 >>12692 >>12693 >>12694 >>12695 >>12696 >>12697 >>12698 >>12699 >>12700 >>12701 >>12702 >>12703 >>12704 >>12705 >>12706 >>12707 >>12708 >>12709 >>12710 >>12711 >>12712 >>12713 >>12714 >>12715 >>12716 >>12717 >>12718 >>12719 >>12720 >>12721 >>12722 >>12723 >>12724 >>12725 >>12726 >>12727 >>12728 >>12729 >>12730 >>12731 >>12732 >>12733 >>12734 >>12735 >>12736 >>12737 >>12738 >>12739 >>12740 >>12741 >>12742 >>12743 >>12744 >>12745 >>12746 >>12747 >>12748 >>12749 >>12750 >>12751 >>12752 >>12753 >>12754 >>12755 >>12756 >>12757 >>12758 >>12759 >>12760 >>12761 >>12762 >>12763 >>12764 >>12765 >>12766 >>12767 >>12768 >>12769 >>12770 >>12771 >>12772 >>12773 >>12774 >>12775 >>12776 >>12777 >>12778 >>12779 >>12780 >>12781 >>12782 >>12783 >>12784 >>12785 >>12786 >>12787 >>12788 >>12789 >>12790 >>12791 >>12792 >>12793 >>12794 >>12795 >>12796 >>12797 >>12798 >>12799 >>12800 >>12801 >>12801 >>12801 >>12802 >>12803 >>12804 all me
>>12806 based
>>12806 Hello me my old friend
Open file (66.96 KB 330x406 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12802 Not everyone can be a lion anon, it's ok
Fuck off dolphin.
I'm only a little depressed because I didn't get any /r/s in.
>>12806 I missed you.
>>12800 right behind you if I don't get my promised wizard powers in 2 years
>>12805 put money aside, become self employed, hire cute secretary who sucks your dick under the desk >>12806 same tbh
>>12805 Should've gone military anon. You could've been collecting cheques since day one of the lockdown.
Open file (128.28 KB 804x768 eauthanasia.jpg)
>>12806 Uh oh let the cat out of the bag.
>>12811 Go to /animu/'s jazz Friday nights or /a/'s Saturday night r/a/dios, anon.
Open file (75.88 KB 304x304 4512279.jpg)
>>12815 >military already failed once, kicked me out at the psych evaluation, been meaning to try again but I have 0 motivation and willpower
>The Panther His vision, from the constantly passing bars, has grown so weary that it cannot hold anything else. It seems to him there are a thousand bars; and behind the bars, no world. As he paces in cramped circles, over and over, the movement of his powerful soft strides is like a ritual dance around a center in which a mighty will stands paralyzed. Only at times, the curtain of the pupils lifts, quietly--. An image enters in, rushes down through the tensed, arrested muscles, plunges into the heart and is gone.
>>12811 I regret not /r/ing audio related when it was the chance, just now it dawned upon me
>>12805 I quit right before the quarantine hit hard. Like, a week before. Coworkers probably hate me for it because now they're stuck doing that shitty job with one less person.
>>12821 My work is giving me 1000 dollars in bonuses so its nice. Also laughing at non essential cucks as I chad walk past them is fun.
>>12817 I just wish smug would stop throwing 502 errors.
Open file (45.48 KB 640x717 alone.jpg)
>Skyking <"Just a broken guy. Got a few screws loose" He makes it sound so minor. Like it's something your remember once every month instead of it being something you live with waking day, Like he realized in the last hour of his life he's an anon and he won't fit in anywhere else. It makes me tear up every fucking time.
>>12822 I got fifteen thousand. You sold yourself out cheap.
>>12822 Wouldn't have been worth the strain they would've put me through. Our location was the same location for corporate regional headquarters for a quarter of the country so had to always be on our very best behavior.
Jesus, not this.
>>12818 >spoiler Sorry to hear anon. I hope you're at least getting some sort of bonus, and not working 60 hour weeks with no change to salary like one of my boys.
Open file (1.50 MB 1467x4259 1583629882203-1.jpg)
>>12826 >implying I am even worth $1000
Fun fact: The showrunner wanted a song that was stupid and self-parodying. So the lead composer asked his teenage son to write lyrics. The son finished in a few hours and this is what you're listening to.
>>12831 Sounds about right. M.A.S.H. is a miracle of western television.
>>12831 Fucking christ man...
>>12799 Burroughs I've only done Princess of Mars though I've been told the second book is gold. Howard some Solomon Kane and a little Kull. Lovecraft some dozen stories, nice contrasts. Capped so what can I give in exchange, here: 'The Moon Pool' by A. Merritt had a very nice alien-unveiling, cryptic ruins setting. Other works of his are more celebrated though. 'Badge of Infamy' Lester Del Rey is a short and sweet rags to martian colony rebellion. LN the first couple Goblin Slayers were actually quite fun, was a bit sad for the ones that only got the anime and memes out of it. Everyone should read Starship Troopers sometime, especially the /mecha/nics. Also the way classics like the Illiad and knight myths (Amadís is the one I checked) get misrepresented (by references, not only by adaptations) or outright badmouthed.
>>12829 >hope you're at least getting some sort of bonus I'm not >not working 60 hour weeks with no change to salary like one of my boys I am and the pay is so pitiful I can't afford to move out of my parents house
>>12830 Don't worry friend. My point is that if you put yourself up on the auction block it doesn't matter what price the hammer comes down at, you're still meat. Chad-walking for a thousand bucks just shows you've swallowed the dick so far that it's cut off your oxygen.
Open file (698.82 KB 1920x3396 1585719351563.jpg)
>>12836 Pretty much. Though I don't really care.
>>12835 I uh... Shit, I'm sorry anon. I hope you've then at least enjoyed this stream, and are able to join us in for future streams. Maybe even stop by our lounge stream tomorrow evening.
Open file (107.41 KB 504x504 1312948879478.jpg)
Open file (102.75 KB 1024x512 death but also death.jpg)
>wish granted >skyking and the ambient song >now this fuck
Open file (295.18 KB 800x600 1326337743206.jpg)
Open file (35.85 KB 394x469 im_fine_dont_worry.jpg)
>>12835 I'm sorry to hear that, Anon. Your worth isn't measured in dollars but it's hard to remember that when you're forced to throw all that you are into the grinder for a tiny fraction of the shekels you generate, and you only get to take home enough to keep you on the meathook. If it's any consolation, earning more does take the pressure off but the same psychopaths still play their games with you and you still feel the cage pressing down. You can get out. You can claw and bite and slip your leash. There's a way, even if you have to chew off your own leg.
>youtube audio
Open file (43.25 KB 448x401 empty.jpg)
Open file (91.59 KB 429x369 1328449906184.jpg)
>>12842 I only read three of the routes in KS. Rin was not one of them.
Open file (7.15 MB 640x360 fatchan wo kudasai.mp4)
by the way to any fatties still around, fat/v/'s BO sent me this via mail when I asked him if he was going to run any other bunker. since we're in the depression block I think it fits the mood "maybe the real fatchan was the friends we made along the way" he said >>12838 yeah don't worry anon, it could always be worse, I'm not doing so bad after all, at least I'm not a nigger >johhny cash's hurt starts fuck shit, go back to happy songs, GO BACK
Open file (1.38 MB 676x1829 1340319373421.png)
>>12844 It's a classic Torpedo stream, hush now.
>>12848 >maybe the real fatchan was the friends we made along the way Spaghetti, I... Someone will pay for this I swear.
>>12848 We still need to find some place for ourselves. If for no other reason than to give Julay/v/ some peace of mind.
Open file (22.70 KB 550x389 ow.jpg)
>this may be the third night in a row that I burst down crying My eyes already hurt from yesterday
>>12854 >reason than to give Julay/v/ some peace of mind. Yeah no more boogeyman.
Open file (50.99 KB 380x401 1323227253663.jpg)
What are we even fighting for anymore...
>>12834 >exchange Noted. >LNs Goblin Slayer is pretty cool. I think #5 and the most recent one (English-translated; I think it's #9?) were probably the best. If you haven't already checked them, Index and Monogatari are really well-deserving of their sales and popularity. Though, the first Index book is a bit weak thanks to constant "my right hand that can even negate the system of God" repetition, so that has to be struggled with.
Open file (938.73 KB 2894x4093 72747115_p0.png)
>>12506 Anon has been active tonight!
>>12857 Existance. Our mere existance is a beacon of light for many.
Open file (9.54 KB 168x234 1313214222477.jpg)
Fuck I have to piss but don't want to stop listening!
>>12861 You've got 2 minutes.
Open file (174.50 KB 316x397 1382651257053.png)
>>12855 Take it as a plus that you still feel enough to cry
I still remember that stream Torp. Remembering feels like misery is creeping around the corner.
>>12857 everyone, don't you understand? WE are the enemy anon, we are the minority, only you and I are friends in this.
Open file (65.38 KB 461x523 1320201969966.jpg)
>>12860 That's bullshit and you know it.
>>12855 Sometimes it's correct to cry. When the crying is gone there will be nothing; only you will remain.
>>12861 >he doesn't have wireless headphones/earbuds so he can piss while listening to good music
>>12857 I fight for the users.
>>12859 Plenty of new cute friends to hang with!
>>12860 >>12867 I don't care if it's bullshit; I believe it.
Open file (121.85 KB 1280x720 1317157966973.jpg)
>>12867 There is no escaping, face it.
Goodbye Julay in 87 days
>>12857 I have, and always will, fight for anon!
Open file (41.35 KB 200x200 1588389150281.png)
>tfw can't even feel sad or angry anymore I confessed everyone (including my parents) how much of a failure and a liar I am, and I didn't feel anything at all. No sadness, no regret, nothing. Even this so called depressing music does nothing to me other than call me down a bit. Is this what people mean with being empty inside?
>>12867 I wish it was. But too much was lost in the past few years. Insurmountable amounts of data and communities have gone to the void, never to be seen again. I don't want to see you guys to be gone as well.
>>12857 Shitposting with anon. What we fight for is so relatively irrelevant that it makes it the more painful and worthwhile to hang on to. I mean, if it was that irrelevant we probably would've dropped anonymous imageboards a long time ago, but here we are, so it can't be that meaningless. I don't know what's going on anymore. I'm going to take a piss.
>>12867 Don't believe in >>12860 Believe in the >>12872 who believes in >>12860
Open file (51.69 KB 538x438 Morrisey_Noose.jpg)
>>12848 >board didn't last a week and already had more soul than anything on the webring I'm still pissed about /r9k/ >>12868 >>12863 You can have a hemorrage from crying too hard, or even worse, go blind.
>>12871 It seems that way. Glad some very cute and familiar anons are around, too!
>>12878 Community is such a gay word.
Open file (57.42 KB 500x372 1312004337278.jpg)
Open file (122.38 KB 711x900 1553397033912.jpg)
>>12875 This imageboard will shut down in 87 days.
>>12881 >board didn't last a week and already had more soul than anything on the webring really puts shit into perspective doesn't it? >>12883 did anyone say gay community?
Open file (4.06 MB 200x200 the gay community.gif)
Hey op you look like a Ariafag ever do a full Aria soundtrack stream.
Open file (89.55 KB 500x493 Cover.jpg)
>>12888 Yeah, RoundTable for the WIN!!
Open file (414.57 KB 640x480 A real hero.mp4)
>this song it's not depressing but it's sure amusing
Open file (180.08 KB 1600x1200 obi wan.jpg)
>>12890 >for the WIN Now that’s a phrase I’ve not heard in a long time.
A real human bean. And a real hero.
>>12894 is this image for my "confusion" folder?
Open file (132.46 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage-33.png)
>>12893 It's so old that it's even fallen out of use among the normalfags. I feel as though I should cringe but instead I just feel like it was warm and genuine, how the phrase originally was.
Open file (1.13 MB 209x180 1454089378298.gif)
>The Pogues Thanks anon
>>12896 It gives me pleasant feelings. >>12893 Check this out.
Oh damn.
Open file (161.85 KB 868x750 by gozenta (amta).jpg)
>>12893 >>12896 Glad to see you've made your ways here too, fellow anons.
I'll step out for a short walk now. I'll keep the stream with me of course.
>>12901 Stay safe on your walk, anon.
What if we entered an empty mumble server or whatever and vocally shitposted there for a bit?
>>12903 'Pisu tried something similar during New Years. It was shit.
>>12903 >mumble Yeah it would be a lot of mumbles alright.
What a waste it was. >There are roads which must not be followed, armies which must be not attacked, towns which must be besieged, positions which must not be contested, commands of the sovereign which must not be obeyed. You should consider using "I Was Only 19" by Redgum as well here, Piisu. It's the same story from a different generation.
>>12903 I'd like that but it doesn't work, too many people, you can't talk over eachother via text, you can via voice, plus there's the IP leaking issue and the attentionwhoring issue. it just can't be done.
Open file (376.14 KB 1024x681 1327120929035.jpg)
>>12896 With the world in a state of panic. The memes have returned to a more natural pure state. As people are beginning to wake up to the fact everything doesn't have to be super serious all the fucking time. Nature will begin to heal
May the mountains standing by you ever guard you And the rivers wash your spirit bright and clean; May the animals and birds sing of the peace that is to come And not the glory of a land that might have been May God be with you and keep you strong; May your tomorrows be rich and long May the lives that you have taken be for reason And the pain that you have suffered make you strong May the seeds that you have sown bring out the fullness of the future - May God give you the strength to right your wrongs It's just a dream, I know - but dreams set you free Dreaming can ease your mind . . . and bring you peace May the sweetness of your soil yet bring you riches And your pastures ever fill your belly's needs May the nations that you harbour find a way to live as one; Keep your standards high - do not give in to greed May God be with you and keep you strong; May your tomorrows be rich and long
>>12857 Some things are simply unacceptable. I just don't want the world the way our enemies would have it. This sentiment stands even when I've exhausted every other rational explanation for the why of it. Our natures are incompatible and there's no way to reconcile it. Why these things are so is beyond me, but it is so.
Open file (962.27 KB 1280x720 dissilussioned.png)
>>12857 because suicide is hard
>>12904 >>12907 Was it really that bad?
oh fuck no..
Open file (126.80 KB 800x600 023.jpg)
>>12857 I'll spite them until my last breath before I'll give in.
Open file (124.21 KB 1280x720 1328741016413.jpg)
>this song I can't fucking take it
Everything alright.
I'm tired of this shitty existence. I want to go back home.
Open file (67.62 KB 461x523 1311528106133.jpg)
>>12917 You're gonna carry that weight, anon.
If you're with me then everything alright.
Open file (349.79 KB 1000x782 Serious_Cirno7.jpg)
We'll save Gensokyo together, won't we Mr. Anonson?
Open file (1.18 MB 420x315 744300693.gif)
>>12921 sure thing 2d girl which I can't hold in my arms, let's go
Haaaah simpler time back then. Weekend lazy day.
Open file (6.64 KB 203x248 sam 3.jpg)
I know. It’s all wrong. By rights we shouldn’t even be here. But we are. It's like in the great threads, Mr. Anon. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were. And sometimes you didn't want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the image boards go back to the way they were when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the threads that stayed with you. That meant something, even if you were too new to understand why. But I think, Mr. Anon, I do understand. I know now. Anon in those threads had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going, because they were holding on to something. That there's some good left in this world, and it's worth fighting for.
Open file (96.64 KB 700x700 World_Eating_snake.jpg)
“Mr. Anonson! You've come! That oni joined us now that you have the cloak, we're ready to go face off against that horrible Lunar Serpent Mr. Anonson! Let's save Gensokyo! I'll show everyone I'm still the strongest! Eh? Why are you giving me the sword of light and cloak of darkness, Anonson?” >”I can't do this, Cirno.” "I know. It's all wrong. By rights you shouldn't even be here, but you are. It's like in the great incidents, Mr. Anonson. The ones that really mattered. Full of youkai and danger they were, and sometimes we didn't want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy for everyone? How could Gensokyo go back to the way it was when so much bad happened? But in the end, it's only a passing thing, those incidents. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines, it will shine out the clearer. Those were the incidents that stayed with you. That meant something. Even if you weren't a big guy to understand why. But I think, Mr. Anonson, I do understand. I know now. Heroes in those incidents had lots of chances of turning back only they didn't. Because they were holding on to something here in Gensokyo, Mr. Anonson." >"What were they holding on to, Cirno?" "That there's some beauty in this world, Mr. Anonson. And it's worth fighting for." >Anon Anonson hesitates for a moment as Suika pats him on the back, taking a swig from her gourd and laughing at the nineball's speech. After a moment of thought, he picks up the sword, readying himself for the challenge to come. He turns to the Serpent, feeling its gaze as it approaches to devour and polish the world.
I must sleep so have these two songs to anyone who wants to listen to them. I recommend listening to the last one after all the sadness is over. Goodnight anons hope you have a good time in your futures. Times truly have changed >>12893 Pics related.
Open file (162.69 KB 654x706 Resolve.png)
>>12923 Of course we will.
Open file (1.14 MB 3487x2485 2nd_Journey.jpg)
>As Anon Anonson falls, as he's devoured by the snake, he remembers the words of Suika. >”All you have to do is to decide what to do with the time that's given to you.” >Anon Anonson does not wish to be devoured, he does not wish to never see his waifu again, to betray his friends he's made on this journey. Cirno calls out to him. “Mr. Anonson!!!” >She begins battle with the great serpent, driving a mountain-sized icicle through its eye as she cries. She's clearly used up her energy as she tries to save you from the beast. Rumia escapes from Anon's cloak to do battle with her, but is quickly blown away into the distance. >”I must do this alone!” “Of course you are, and I'm going with you!” >”You can't defeat him!” >”Cirno!” >Anon Anonson finds strength, bringing himself to punch the serpent with all of his might as the stone of strength shatters from the energy he drew from it. It's not enough, the serpent devours Cirno as Anon screams, chasing into its depths to rescue her, barely managing to escape using the cloak of darkness. She's injured, battered and beaten, her arm twisted at an impossible angle as she takes a deep breath, looking at you. “I made a promise, Mr. Anonson, a promise to be your friend and help you! And I mean to! I mean to help you to the end because you need someone strong to help you in this world, Anon!” >”Cirno...” >Anon Anonson embraces the injured fairy, realizing what's truly at stake for the first time, his friends, his waifu, everyone's happiness. . . . >Rumia lands nearby, battered from the blow she recieved from the serpent >Meanwhile the fairies gather having seen this, preparing to do battle with the great serpent before it's too late. One of them calls out as she orders the fairy army. ”Hurry, Anon and Cirno do battle as we speak.” >Suika drinks from her gourd, calling out to the fairy general. “Anon's fate is no longer in our hands.” >Rumia turns to Suika, shaking as she tries to stand. “Then it has all been in vain, our friendship has failed.” >Suika takes the shoulders of the fairy general and Rumia “Not if we hold true to each other. We will not abandon the inhabitants of this land to torment to death. Leave all that can be spared behind. We travel light. Let's hunt this Lunar Wench who brought the serpent down upon them!” >Rumia smiles as she looks to the fairy general “Hmmm.... Yeees! Hahaha!” . . . >Anon Anonson prepares to do battle once more. He's injured, his stone of strength is gone, but he won't lose that easily. >”I hope the others find a safe shelter.” >Cirno gives him a thumbs up with her good arm, preparing another ice storm. “Reimu will look after them.” >”I don't suppose we'll ever see them again.” “We may yet, Mr. Anonson. We may yet.” >”Cirno, I'm glad you're with me.”
Open file (160.27 KB 1657x380 1428200824419.png)
B-but where is home?
>>12933 Home is where anon is.
>>12933 I might say something silly but I think home is wherever you are, home is within your heart, you just need to see it
>>12923 Home is where you feel loved. But first, you have to love yourself.
>>12933 Home is where I was when I was young and my eyes were bright. My location hasn't moved, but my eyes no longer shine. I want to go back.
Open file (143.62 KB 136x193 1510459766213-1.gif)
Throw your pike upon your shoulder by the Reisen of the moon!
Open file (79.88 KB 766x960 1469937099533.jpg)
>>12937 >But first, you have to love yourself
>>12940 Maybe if I love you enough, it'll make up for it?
>>12940 It doesn't matter if you love yourself. Your waifu does love you, even if you can't see her or don't know her. She is real and loves you anon.
Open file (142.92 KB 720x1029 1555227138023-1.jpg)
>>12943 Your waifu is real and she loves you, anon! If you strive for nothing else, strive to make her proud of you and the shit you went through to meet her!
>>12940 At least Jesus loves you, anon.
>>12938 you didn't have to say that
>>12933 Home is where there's people expecting you. Maybe with an invitation to a stream.
Open file (126.79 KB 427x331 fox.png)
>>12938 >Home is where I was when I was young and my eyes were bright. That cuts a lot
I am such a higurashi fanboy. This song fills my heart with hapiness.
Open file (315.63 KB 1000x1000 1332054248969.jpg)
I am such a higurashi fanboy. T his song fills my heart with hapiness.
Do you remember the Shire, Mr. Frodo? It'll be spring soon. And the orchards will be in blossom.
Open file (182.60 KB 864x730 1329266209597.jpg)
I am such a higurashi fanboy. This song fills my heart with hapiness.
>>12939 >>12941 A useless little bunny only good for her sex appeal.
I am such a higurashi fanboy. This song fills my heart with hapiness.
Open file (86.25 KB 250x250 1313258884527.png)
I am such a higurashi fanboy. This song fills my heart with hapiness.
Open file (16.33 KB 400x400 1317315491009.png)
I am such a higurashi fanboy. This song fills my heart with hapiness.
>>12954 Okay. But why are you talking about Tewi?
Open file (137.79 KB 600x450 1316959468205.jpg)
I am such a higurashi fanboy. This song fills my heart with hapiness.
Open file (243.39 KB 697x369 rika_satoko_fun.png)
I am such a higurashi fanboy. This song fills my heart with hapiness
Open file (91.83 KB 576x768 confused aniki.jpg)
I am such a higurashi fanboy. This song fills my heart with hapiness.
Open file (88.98 KB 500x375 1316959474792.jpg)
I am such a higurashi fanboy. This song fills my heart with hapiness.
Open file (375.69 KB 563x800 1312578949175.jpg)
Depression block ended?
Open file (30.93 KB 336x277 1322305399575.jpg)
Open file (11.67 KB 385x238 1314832629570.jpg)
Open file (371.72 KB 3335x3335 1313183025316.png)
Open file (90.08 KB 500x600 Akari_preggers.jpg)
>>12964 I ended the stream once on a depression block and worried for three weeks thinking an anon had committed sudoku. I will NEVER end a stream on a depression block for as long as I stream.
Open file (168.25 KB 467x777 IMG_2348.JPG)
>>12964 We YATTA now.
Open file (968.69 KB 1283x2157 1323195583907.jpg)
Emotional rollercoaster like this can't be healthy in the long run.
Open file (18.05 KB 251x193 1313835189757.jpg)
>>12972 Anons seem to have handled it quite well over the last year.
Open file (168.25 KB 467x777 IMG_2348.JPG)
>>12964 We YATTA now.
Open file (282.94 KB 250x250 1322965463218.gif)
>>12964 Apparently. I don't really recover from depression blocks as quick as some anons are able to. Takes hours of reading happy things and pretending 2D girls like me.
>>12977 >pretending
>>12977 >Pretending Did you even see these dubs? >>12944
so how long til the end
Open file (63.67 KB 683x1024 1314234462023.jpg)
>>12972 Depression blocks are good for you. It is a healthy release of pent up depression.
>>12974 Well i'm new to the stream. No Bully
Open file (106.17 KB 800x950 80851657_p32.jpg)
>>12977 >pretending You don't need to do that silly.
>>12972 Aren't most of you guys here supposed to be anime fanboys. I thought you were used to emotional whiplashes given your choice of media. ..or are you all watching moe Slice of Life shows these days?
>>12980 25 minutes.
>>12980 5 days after you pass from this mortal coil.
>tfw even the happiest jap songs make me sad because they remind me I didn't learn japanese >even the mere sight of anything related to anime has the same effect h-haha great songs anyway
Open file (67.38 KB 419x800 166.jpg)
>>12984 The /a/ anon are used to it since we do this shit every 1-2 weeks. Not sure about everyone else.
>>12984 Switch to manga only last year so the emotional trip go slower for me.
>>12946 >>12948 Okkusenman! Okkusenman!
>>12958 All rabbits are for sexual relief.
Open file (20.90 KB 229x173 give up.jpg)
>>12987 You shouldn't be hard on yourself for not achieving the impossible.
Please end this with this song, very fitting.
>>12988 I haven't really been to smug r/a/dio threads in about a year because of the emotional toll they started to have on me.
>>12994 i rember hearing this song while throwing up in the bathroom and falling sleep afterwards very cool
Open file (2.68 MB 1229x1229 1f8.png)
Open file (19.44 KB 500x259 sad cat JUST.jpg)
>>12991 >now he plays zzz >flashbacks to the ending of nichijou guess the depression block never ender after all >>12993 japanese is not as hard as it seems, the part only that fucks you hard is mnemonics and remembering the kanji, the language itself is probably easier than english
>>12995 Sounds like you suffered from when the current streamer was going through a faggot phase. They've improved since then since there's enough streamers now that each one fulfills their own niche.
Open file (1.28 MB 850x1131 yukko_room.png)
>>12998 Don't be sad that it ended, be happy it happened.
>>12998 >japanese is not as hard as it seems, the part only that fucks you hard is mnemonics and remembering the kanji, the language itself is probably easier than english This. I could spot glaring flaws in subs with only four months of Nip training. The speaking language is really fucking easy. Only the written language is hard.
Open file (130.62 KB 800x600 unlimited kanji works.jpg)
>>12987 It's never too late, Anon. You just gotta believe in yourself.
Open file (940.96 KB 1200x1200 Touhou_Momiji_blush+.png)
You're home anon. Just breathe out.
Open file (433.12 KB 350x343 1528606633823.gif)
Open file (118.48 KB 768x768 81255295_p0.jpg)
Open file (1.60 MB 1733x2000 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.32 MB 1291x1693 TelosAwoo_by_Negresco.jpg)
Open file (79.95 KB 444x614 take_my_hand.jpg)
Thanks for tuning in, anons. We're at the end of this webring stream. As I said before, feel free to hit up admin-kun and talk with me on #8/a/ IRC if you're interested in learning the basics of streaming. Things didn't go as planned (holy fuck it's late), but I hope anon enjoyed himself. I'll see you little lolis wherever you might be hanging out on the webring. I got a feeling we're in a renaissance of imageboard culture and things are looking pretty fucking genki right now. я люблю вас! YELLOW BLUE BUS! I hope to see you in /animu/'s Friday Jazz streams or /a/'s Saturday R/a/dio/Sund/a/y Lounge threads, and I hope you all have a wonderful next few weeks ahead of you! Let's get through all this together as we get the webring ready to face a BRIGHT future! Sleep snug, smug! Take my hand as we enter a new era!
>>13000 (checked) that wasn't the point, I'm ok with it ending, I wasn't ok with HOW it ended, how it reminded me of that I spent the entirety of my teenage years in bitter loneliness never doing anything but play video games alone and how I'll never receive a ticket for a friendship that lasts a lifetime. that said any slice of life would remind me of the same, but I only ever watched nichijou so it had a greater impact and I still remember it to this day. >>13003 I know, I haven't really given up yet, you're right but I have lost any motivation I started with, not really due to the difficulty of the language itself, but other unrelated shit that's happened.
>>12999 Maybe. It was around the time that he was bragging about fucking some Yakuza whore and perhaps getting her pregnant. After seeing that sort of normalfag garbage I didn't really want to see in my /a/ I started to come by less and less. Felt like I was nesting with a bunch of hypocrites (when it was probably just him).
Open file (218.54 KB 1000x1419 14.jpg)
>>13009 Thank you for the stream! Take it easy and stay safe anons.
Open file (673.30 KB 352x366 1586355181502.gif)
>>13009 Thanks for everything Peace, made me feel a bit better after everything that has been going on everywhere. Everything will be ok, we just need to believe in ourselves
>>13009 Night OP, thanks for the stream.
>>13009 thanks for the stream torps, very good one. everyone from the webring shitposting in harmony, it gives me hope that maybe ibs have a future good night friend
Open file (120.06 KB 800x600 78625320_p0.png)
>>13009 Thanks for the stream, Torpy. See you fags whenever. Sleep snug, sleep smug.
>>13009 Good night, and thanks for the stream brother.
Open file (63.99 KB 698x526 slep.jpg)
>>13009 Thanks for stream. I apologize for any annoyance.
>>13009 Thanks gangsta it was lit
https://pastebin.com/tPSF7h2s The story is now complete. I made a post in the writefag thread if you would like to comment on it, but I am going to go die now. >>13009 Thank you for the stream. I don't think I would have made it otherwise.
>>13009 Good night.
Open file (525.85 KB 1710x1702 and remember.jpg)
>>13009 Thank you lots for the stream. Was a joyful weekend to spend it with you guys. Hope to see more in the future.
>>13009 thank you anon for this anon, I loved being here, and enjoyed every bit of it. that said I don't think my heart could handle any more of those depression blocks. I hope you'll do another of these with the whole webring. ANONS, remember even when everything is fuck, and even when we don't know each other I will always genuinely love you, unlike the hordes of soulless normalfags. please take care of yourself, and stay cool. goodnight everyone, sleep tight.
>>13009 Thank you my brotherman.
>>13024 I wish I saved the hazmat version of that girl
Open file (75.21 KB 508x250 thank_you.gif)
>>13009 Thank you for the stream, and thanks to those who submitted music. I discovered new songs thanks to you.
Open file (3.89 MB 600x450 ywn be this comfy.gif)
>>13026 I also got this one if you want
>>13009 Thanks Torpisu. I think the stream went perfectly fine, aside from the occasional service hiccup here and there. I think everyone here appreciated your efforts today, and I hope we'll enjoy many more of them in the future together. I'm also reminded of the talks of establishing NeoGensokyo, Outerh/a/ven and whatnot. Fun times they were.
Open file (270.92 KB 660x1000 Athena4.jpg)
ipafuaru sanzade mia qua douda aa quacii fualu bocoro nafuade mia quadou shalau nade mia tairomi quadere isa nantu lai nonci quaramo hairaino seia hairaino qualaivi ward lainoi laise fravaro lemia quari pocoro nafuasa jademio
Open file (806.12 KB 1386x1408 33925551_p0.jpg)
>>13009 Lovely stream. It sounds like it took a lot of work to cue up and it went off wonderfully. Thank you, Piisu. You've all been a joy to host. Be careful on your way back to your homes both on the webring and in real life. We're only a link away and - fate willing - I will do what's needed to make sure that you can come back whenever you like.
Open file (209.74 KB 1280x1040 1580392069277.jpg)
>>13028 I was so busy archiving Coronas that I forgot to save the hazmat shoops and memetic content as well. Can't move all the water out with a bucket I guess. Thanks anon
Ah man Aria soundtrack is the best, i'm still afraid of listening to it for to long, my mind might lost in it.
>>13009 Is there any chance any of you could organize a J-core/Lolicore stream? There's nothing to improve your mood quite like having your brain blasted with non-stop t+pazolite madness.
Open file (261.34 KB 645x1000 1556660764785.jpg)
>>13009 Thanks for the stream, it was exactly what I needed.
>>13034 That seems like it would be more up sanaefag's aisle. I've just learned to copy other streamers and adding my own twist to it.
i wouldnt mind watching anime dubs if samuel jackson was in it
How long is this?
Open file (361.00 KB 1024x772 d6d.jpg)
I'm surprised you didn't play the special version. But maybe it's best to ease our new friends in on the perks of our secret club.
>>13041 I plan to re-record it here in the next few months.
Open file (55.85 KB 545x630 749aco.jpg)
Open file (78.42 KB 398x685 1565067779782.png)
Open file (186.67 KB 630x773 1565067901687.png)
Open file (32.53 KB 519x480 1565071950283.jpg)
>It's still not over
Open file (27.00 KB 414x388 yuzu1.jpg)
I'm gonna stay up!
>>13044 >>13043 >>13042 FUCK YOU I WONT DO WHAT YOU TELL ME
or maybe i should
Open file (10.30 KB 480x360 moefused.jpg)
>>13009 Ah. Well this was a comfortable little stream, wasn't it? Long, yes, but so full of emotions. It reminded me of the old days. The days when everything seemed like it would be well forever. Well, they still have a chance of being well, don't they? I have faith. Not hope, but faith. That's an important difference. But, that is for another time. Simply have faith, anon. Stay genki. and don't mind the Smug take over. I-I'm sorry.
This is torture.
>>13051 >spoiler I'll never turn my back on a friend
>tfw no bot to play demetori when I cut out
>>13052 During which period, they do not. eat. meat.
I dont know what the fuck is going on but I'm still listening
>>13057 Japanese history of 300AD as explained by a Chinese scholar.
>>13058 sounds like a big fat "go to sleep" to me, see you.
>>13057 It's quite interesting, I'm enjoying it.
Open file (30.55 KB 393x289 1530781774117.jpg)
Oh, for fuck's sake. I want to sleep but I don't want to miss the end of the stream. >>13057 Is from this video: https://invidio.us/watch?v=5kvcALPPZoI
Part of me wants to go to sleep, but the other part can't stop listening to this.
>>13063 I've considered downloading other "Voices of the Past" videos on Japan, but I'll have to edit them to remove the sponsorship bullshit in the middle.
Is it over?
>>13063 Ok, stream seems to be dead for realz this time.
>>13066 Spoke too soon.
>>13065 >>13066 nope :^)
I'm just fucking with anons. Go the fuck to sleep.
For fucks sake.
>12 listeners Go the fuck to sleep, this is like a 10 minute song.
Go to sleep if you're a nigger.
Open file (87.65 KB 400x400 YTUA.png)
>>13069 >>13071 I'll go to sleep after the stream ends.
Open file (597.16 KB 300x169 1202011467389.gif)
>>13069 >>13071 I'm not sleeping and there's nothing you can do about it.
>>13071 I have modules more than 25 minutes long that weight less than five hundred kilobytes. When this stream stops eating my bandwidth is when i leave.
>>13073 I had to recreate the bot since anon.cafe doesn't have one and I don't want to pull up demetori.
>>13075 I'll fucking play reverse taimroll, don't tempt me.
Open file (189.87 KB 960x929 it never ends.jpg)
>>13071 NEVER=
I have fond memories of lying on my side in a wet pit with one earbud in listening to a bell cover of something that they squeezed in like an hour after the stream was supposed to have ended and all anons gone to sleep.
Open file (146.12 KB 1707x1254 1565157268022.png)
>>13077 Do it nigger.
>>13080 You've forced my hand. Hope you're ready to face the consequences while I go the fuck to sleep, fag.
Take a break at the history lesson do i miss anything?
Open file (466.04 KB 800x1000 CEASE.jpg)
>>13077 Don't try to beat us in the staying up late stakes! Think of your health!
>>13082 You missed your chance to go the fuck to sleep.
B-but my winning ticked?
Fuck it, I'm going to sleep.
>>13086 Sleep tight, anon.
>>13081 Good night you fag. See you on the next stream.
Open file (193.13 KB 358x648 1541055778097.jpg)
>>13087 Thank you. Have a nice day/night.
>>13079 Ah yes, that was it.
Good bye~
Open file (92.48 KB 1280x720 cast_in_bronze.jpg)
For those who aren't from r/a/dio, you are currently listening to what is globally known as a carillon. Specifically you are listening to The only carillon on wheels in the world. Less than 0.01% of the world population has ever or will ever listen to what is being played on the stream right now. You are listening to something special, the autism of a man who studied for over six years to bring this music to your ears. You are listening to what we know on /a/ as... Bells Autism.
Ding fries are done.
So last one on the stream get a nigger speak pass on smug/a/ right
>>13092 I've missed the entire stream but this one bit.
>>13092 I actually really like bells autism. I first saw a proper full-size carillon when the music-machine-obsessed Marble Machine guy visited the Domtoren Clock Tower. Imagine being so high up in the air and having a whole bell tower as your instrument! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CQgzqYuo04
>>13092 I like to think my investment has paid off handsomely, by the way.
Bells are truly the most comfy instrument.
>>13098 You can't fool us. Everyone knows bell autist really looks like pic related.
Open file (113.58 KB 1000x1500 spirit_of_the_bells.jpg)
>>13100 Nah, bells autism looks like this. This man is a hero.
>>13101 Sleep tight, anon. Thanks for tuning in.
>>13102 If I can be a fraction as cool as that man I'll die happy.
Thanks for this. I'll try to catch it again, if only to catch the taimroll.
Reverse taimroll is like 2 hours long so I'm going to stop after Amazing Grace bells. No pururin trolling or reverse taimroll from me tonight.
>>13105 A-ah. I guess I could play it for at least a little bit...
>>13107 Don't worry about it. Gives me something to look forward to.
>listeners rising again YAMEROOOOOOOO
>>13108 >>13109 While I'd love to put reverse taimroll on while I go to sleep, I'm all tuckered out and I've extended this almost an hour longer that the already extended time, so I'm going to go pass out until noon today.
>>13109 I keep dropping out and I want to see it to the end, damnit. If only to say I did.
Thank you for enjoying Cast in Bronze. If you liked what you heard post-stream: http://castinbronze.net/
>>13104 It's even cooler when you realize he's not tapping keys, he's pounding LEVERS with his FISTS to make bells go bong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbPnVQIIOlY
Alright I'm done teasing anon. Oyasumi.
>>13114 Oyasumi
>>12723 julay/reportan. i've been in an out several hours.
I guess the shows really over now. I hope we see each other again soon, anons. Goodnight, cuties
Open file (205.69 KB 716x742 salute2.webm)
>>13114 Goodnight, and thank you for your service. It's made my week.
Open file (364.48 KB 576x454 sleeping nadeshiko.gif)
>>13112 Thanks for the comfy bell music
>>13113 Yeah! I can't even imagine how hard it is to time considering that the sound happens a little after the strike. The one I saw used an old cannon as the drive weight, though I'm not sure whether it's used for manual strikes or just the programming drum. Maybe he has a weight in it or a tension spring? >>13114 おやすみなさい!
>>13116 julay/robowaifu*
>>13106 >>13110 How dissapointing. Oh well.
>>13114 thanks anon.
>>13114 Again, thank you lots for the stream. Sleep tight.
>>13112 >Tours >oh, I wonder where- >it's one festival in the USA and then nothing else for years I'm not disappointed, you're disappointed. Thanks for the link though, I might buy something from it later.
>>13125 Coronachan probably has something to do with his lack of recent dates, but if you scroll back it does seem like he sticks to the US. It'd probably be a nightmare to ship that glorious instrument over to Europe.

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