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Open file (36.72 KB 470x400 1555227138023-2.jpg)
Thread 2: Anons have potato computers Peacefag 05/02/2020 (Sat) 23:34:04 No.11566
New thread for anons with potato computers! Good evening, everyone! How's it going? Is everyone having a comfy Saturday so far? We'll be having a radio stream so feel free to drop on by and get comfy. We'll be starting with some meme magic, officially kick off the stream with Protomen Act 1, work our way into some dadrock and r/a/dio classics, throw in some Eurobeat (no taimroll since anons outside of /a/ & /animu/ won't get it and will get their buttmankos in a knot), go into depression block for a bit before ending the night on a lighter note. Feel free to drop on in throughout the day, ask for help, or just talk shit with fellow webring members. We'll be going (officially) for 10 hours, but knowing how these things go it will probably be closer to 12/13. For those unfamiliar with radio streams, you can request songs, but not in bulk and not block requests. The streamer reserves the right to deny a /r/equest. Just include an "/r/" with your /r/equest. I forget if anon.cafe allows mp3 uploads, so if not, pop it into mixtape.moe and send a link my way (or be forever butthurt when I get a jewtube rip in 128kbps because that's all my internet can handle while streaming). Stream can be found here: http://radio.anon.cafe:8000/stream.m3u In the event of total catastrophic meltdown of the servers, let's plan on making a thread on julay's /meta/ thread without asking, and I'll make a shitty 128kbps stream on caster.fm/post the details in the new OP (note that caster.fm does not hide your IP from the streamer, so never bareback an imageboard. I don't see your IP from icecast though). Make sure to thank anon.cafe's owner, he's really putting his neck out for us tonight and I'm very thankful for that. In any case, let's have a fun evening. Grab your dakimakura if you're a fellow weeb, brew some coffee or green tea, grab some booze, and settle in for some fun times if this is your first "R/a/dio" experience. I've been given temporary global vol status to remove CP or similar spam during the stream. I would rather not use it so I'd ask any bad actors to just enjoy the stream and let it rest for the evening. Radio is supposed to be a comfy place and I think you'll find comfort listening in as well. /r/s are currently on a "soft" stop due to volume and have been for about an hour now. The purpose of this stream is twofold: A) To chillax and get comfy after a long week. B) To act as technical chat/meetup for those looking for help in regards to setting up their own imageboard.
New thread!
RIP Julay.
Lilium is top-shelf r/a/dio, thanks a lot DJ.
Toasting to a new bread!
I just added the OpenNIC DNS servers to my list of DNS servers. I can access the grep.geek website intermittently. When it connects, sometimes I can submit search queries and it returns me results from sites like end.chan, but I haven't had any luck navigating to the sites in the list of results. Is this expected behaviour at this point? Is there anything I need to do aside from adding the DNS servers?
/r/ the official webring theme
IT WAS 1527
To confirm, report if Julay's down for you.
>>11579 Down for me.
I'm new to this and I like it, I think I'll be here next time too
>>11579 Down for me.
>>11579 It's dead.
>>11579 Can't connect, but it doesn't show a 404.
>>11579 I'm sure it's just the MongoDB
>>11579 I think they're doing a domain transfer or something?
>>11569 Someone clue me in as to: >problem (is it just that julay is culling?) >boards with solutions (bunker secured) >mayday boards
>>11579 Down for me. Main page links to a cgi-bin directory which gives me a 403.
>>11579 Down for me. Proxy didn't work either.
>>11576 There shouldn't be anything you need to do other than adding the DNS servers. Are you using a VPN? you often need to edit the DNS your VPN connection is using as well.
We gregarian now?
>>11579 It's down for me, it was working at least as recently as 50 minutes ago when I made a post there.
>>11579 Julay is down for me. Robi DC'd from IRC too.
>>11579 Works on my machine.
>>11579 It is fine
>>11579 Works fine, default ISP DNS.
>>11579 Pic related
Open file (115.46 KB 2048x1536 Christina_DV.jpg)
>>11579 Now the clearnet link is working but the Tor link get 404, what the hell is going on??
https://files.catbox.moe/wkijh3.mp3 - Everyone I Went to High School With Is Dead https://files.catbox.moe/wkijh3.mp3 - Transmission https://files.catbox.moe/u6i2sg.mp3 - Rundtgåing av den transcendentale egenhetens støtte >>11579 Working for me.
>>11587 >>problem (is it just that julay is culling?) No, there is some faggot attacking webring sites by sending pearl-clutching reports to website hosts about /pol/ and loli content. Julay's restructuring is partially in response to that, and fatchan went down because of their host's response to the report. Smugloli's host was also sent the report, but the host didn't cave.
Open file (20.63 KB 282x278 feest.jpg)
>Vulgaris Magistralis Lekker hoor.
>>11600 Ah, now I can connect too!
Open file (831.19 KB 500x487 fug.gif)
>>11579 it's down for me too
>>11579 Back up for me now again. It must be having some sort of outage.
Since we're in DEUS VULT hour.
>>11604 Has anyone tried pre-emptively telling hosts that this is expected, so if it happens out of the blue then don't take the site down. Or is that too risky??
>tfw most yakuza songs are either too short or not comfy I wanted Friday night but it is too fucking short
>>11610 fuck, misread the post. someone else was bitching about an unrelated but similar sounding issue.
Hello from /islam/
>>11590 >There shouldn't be anything you need to do other than adding the DNS servers. Are you using a VPN? you often need to edit the DNS your VPN connection is using as well. I see. I'm not on a VPN. Then I should be able to access stuff---could just be that my connection is slow and I am choking it by listening to radio here and torrenting and having many tabs open.
>>11614 Hello Mudasir
>>11606 Same. Strange.
>>11605 This song confuses me. I can understand almost all of it, but I can't figure out what language it is.
>>11604 It is possible to find hosts that straight up dgaf (as in, they host stuff like wikileaks) but I don't know about the costs. Or just move to smugloli's lol. MAKE SURE TO BACKUP!
Oldfag tears.
>>11618 >I can understand almost all of it, but I can't figure out what language it is. How does that even work? It's Dutch, btw.
/r/ One of the tracks from the best trails game.
>>11600 I still can't access it, which is making me think it's something to do with DNS.
>comfy music >germans yelling nationalism give me some snow at night time instead
>>11623 >It's Dutch, btw. smug.png
>>11614 Look upon the heart of Islam.
>>11626 I'm on onions. Can people reporting say their nation and/or ISP or VPN?
>>11627 You prefer these >>11614 >>11624
>>11627 I doubt that's what the song is about, seeing as how German's aren't allowed to be Nationalists. It's likely a Dutch band making fun of Germans losing WW2?
>>11631 Unironically, and I'm from Deutschland.
>>11631 Why not both?
Well,timezones are fucking me over. Going to sleep,it was fun to post here and to see anons taking it easy. Keep up the party,and don't worry,everything will be ok.
Open file (65.80 KB 994x909 DUogL3bdKfs.jpg)
>>11629 Wowowow, that is haram!
>>11637 nite nite
>>11632 >seeing as how German's aren't allowed to be Nationalists Not allowed to be National Socialists, sure, but not allow to be Nationalists? idk...
>>11637 Sleep snug. If you wake up in six hours you might catch the end.
>>11629 >dagothposting Oh yeah this is going be alright.
this makes me miss /r9k/
>>11594 >Robi DC'd from IRC too. Lends credance to this being an outage like >>11608 said. Still, strange that anons like >>11600 and >>11606 are working all of a sudden. For my part, Julay's still down. >>11587 >Problem (((Esther M. Aronowitz))), a faggot who's been attacking imageboards indiscriminately by whining to their hosts about /pol/ and lolicon and getting them deplatformed. Because of the fear of Esther, nobody's willing to host more boards that are getting lost in the scatter. >boards with solutions Only Smug has backups upon backups as far as I can tell, and it's mostly for themselves. >mayday boards We have 08chan and the guy who made an OpenNic board. In a pinch, Jewcyboy's butt-buddy Acid has an 8chan clone at 8chan.moe/se, as does Jewsh at 9chan.us but nobody wants to use them for obvious reasons. That's about it so far.
>power rangers I miss /toku/. Did they end up anywhere?
Open file (106.56 KB 834x768 qBFgIkOCG9k.jpg)
>>11637 Good night, anon.
Open file (335.85 KB 288x450 ClipboardImage.png)
Aww shit here we go. What a grand and intoxicating innocence.
Message supposedly from Robi: >>11644
/r/ more oldfag tears >>11637 sleep tight anon!
Open file (218.24 KB 820x1080 im94WREZ8_I.jpg)
>>11654 One request per hour you nignog.
There is no escape
Robi here. Do not panic, the domain just got transferred to a new registrar. Give it a few hours for DNS to propagate. Nothing was taken down, do not panic.
>Esther M. Aronowitz That means we know their home address.
>>11660 panic
>>11660 PANIC
>>11658 but you didn't play the other one nigger
Open file (937.28 KB 328x272 dance.gif)
>>11660 I thought that was happening in 87 days? >>11661 Hardly. Most we have is a gmail account. I'm fairly certain "Esther" is an alias.
Open file (190.62 KB 1901x1426 1574336144847.jpg)
>>11637 Indeed it will Anon! Have good dreams!
>>11670 Yes that one.
>>11664 >>11665 >>11668 AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
>>11661 Probably a fake name.
>>11669 Nope, I started the domain transfer immediately after Namecheap cucked /delicious/.
>>11660 anons won't be denied their desperation.
>>11669 >Hardly. Most we have is a gmail account. I'm fairly certain "Esther" is an alias. Just did a search, yeah its a holocaust victim. Probably a false name.
>>11677 If that's what gets you off.
>>11660 im panicking my balls off don't tell me not to panic. i wouldn't be surprised if opennic dns servers anons are switching to are a little slower to update.
Open file (678.40 KB 988x1062 demon girl rave.gif)
Cyka blyat
>>11678 For sure he's familiar with imageboards.
>>11660 Who's panicking? I'm not panicking. あああああああああああああああああああああああ
Can we get an email spamlisted by google?
Open file (537.74 KB 202x360 15883595633371.mp4)
We /slav/ now?
Open file (888.24 KB 2000x971 ClipboardImage.png)
>tfw Corona-Chan was the perfect excuse to go full Cheeky Breeky outside
Crank the slav.
Open file (130.08 KB 844x1200 k.png)
/k/ STRONK Activeshooter-senpai, please notice me!
>now it's fucking hardbass ah yes, welcome my headache
Open file (9.37 MB 640x360 15883586118860.webm)
Open file (965.87 KB 1901x1426 badge.jpg)
>>11690 I'm listening with headphones at full volume so I will be there in a few minutes hours.
>>11684 It'd probably be easier if we weren't bad goyim in the eyes of Jewgle. They'd probably praise Esther.
Open file (74.57 KB 500x504 slavimu grill.png)
cheeki breeki
>>11688 Just two weeks bro
Open file (1.67 MB 384x480 15883491903020.mp4)
Open file (43.87 KB 340x400 Teddy.gif)
>>11696 I didn't say ask them. I mean report them a bunch of times to email blacklists for spam.
>>11660 If the server IP is the same, why do you get a landing page when doing a transfer? I thought out of date records would still point to the correct IP.
Those who can't access julay.world can temporarily use spqrchan.xyz.
Open file (688.83 KB 720x960 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11699 It's sad that my raincoat was stolen, but at least I got to LARP for one day. And get lung cancer
Open file (295.69 KB 500x500 15883563126803.webm)
>>11705 >spqrchan.xyz That wasn't working before for me either, but seems to be working now.
>that knocking That fucking got me.
>>11703 When the domain was transferred it automatically set an A record to 88.something which I guess is supposed to be a parking page but it's broken.
Open file (5.38 MB 640x360 MrLahey.mp4)
Well I guess it's time to hit the hard liqour.
What's the URL for the radio again?
>>11711 Way ahead of you, cunt. What are you drinking?
>>11712 See OP.
>>11698 You know, all the times I've seen these same shooter-chan pics, I never realized I don't know the artist. >>11704 >>11708 Still dead for me sadly. Guess the DNS is taking longer for me.
>>11654 Thanks for the nostalgia.
>>11710 That sucks. You'd think they'd let you specify the info in advance.
>>11715 It's from a School Shooting RPG Maker game and it's fucking greatsadly I don't have the link for it https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/806359
Open file (42.92 KB 221x484 Itstrue.JPG)
>>11654 Damn. I didn't want to remember.
>B) To act as technical chat/meetup for those looking for help in regards to setting up their own imageboard. PLEASE DO THIS Post your homeboard name, Outline their fallback plan or potential safer fallbacks, if any. e.g. >smuglo.li : has a fleshed-out fallback plan https://smuglo.li/fallback.txt >epischan : none yet (not at risk of legitimate takedown), 8kun board can be used as a fallback.
Open file (30.66 KB 327x283 puchikool.jpg)
/r/equesting this for the depression times later...
>>11725 Domo
>>11726 >styx Sorry anon. Not this time.
>>11660 Panic, you say?
>>11723 yes you did
Real /robowaifu/ hours.
Open file (2.94 MB 550x350 embarassedtoohoo.gif)
>>11729 >It's a cover
>>11731 But everything is so shit now. It's just painful.
>>11724 >fatchan: N/A, sudden nature of takediwn means leeching off pre-existing boards and lurking until something comes up -- if any of us are still bothering with imageboards at all
Open file (605.45 KB 914x457 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11733 Protomen covers are the best covers Except In the Air Tonight and Queen covers. Protomen did a shit job with those.
>>11732 Requesting stuff from the 8kun /clang/ radio thread
>>11737 Is Act III still vaporware?
>>11738 I was not part of these so you'd need to be more specific.
>>11726 >that pic BO? please don't give up
Open file (721.52 KB 564x784 1572889653427.png)
>>11724 Erischan has no plan, typical. >Ia Chaos
>>11740 Act III probably never ever since Protomen are being fags about it and going on tours for Light Up The Night still, to be honest.
Open file (1.90 MB 2102x3600 auto1.jpg)
Open file (2.10 MB 2000x2500 auto2.jpeg)
>>11724 Does anon.cafe have a plan?
Open file (1.86 MB 640x512 video (2).mp4)
Goddamn, all those nostalgic anime and boomer songs brought a tear to me eye. Do you guys do this often here at anon.cafe?
Tubes lmao.
Ok, one of you fuckers has A Corruption Of LOL, I know it.
Open file (355.31 KB 500x493 1567706646274.png)
Time heals all wounds. We have 8moe and Julay as general sites and bunkers appearing everywhere else. Nothing can last forever but that goes for the bad times too.
>>11744 I'd try to argue the fag thing but they are literally doing freddy mercury covers
I feel lost after a 5 hour long beer run. What blocks do we still have left, besides depression and comfy?
>>11748 We usually do it between /animu/'s jazz Friday nights and /a/'s R/a/dio streams. Minus the more western songs.
Open file (6.20 MB 364x360 BigIrons.mp4)
>>11758 /r/tg/
Open file (118.96 KB 640x480 tubes.jpg)
>>11755 /a/ block is starting, then a sub-meme block, then an MTC block, then Eurobeat before intermission followed by depression.
Open file (496.58 KB 1280x720 1522343655.webm)
>>11753 >8moe fuck off mark
>oingo boingo Hot shit nice. I really like Only a Lad.
>>11753 >Julay Time's ticking on that, then it's gonna be nothing but the board Robi personally likes as he kicks everyone else out. >8moe Given how Mark financed Acidman's operation and was rewarded with automatically claiming the /v/ legacy name, nobody trusts the guy to be impartial and not give Mark preferential treatment when adminning.
Open file (602.27 KB 240x240 1567898531992-0.gif)
This is funky. I like it.
Open file (40.06 KB 895x349 my_creation.png)
Open file (123.76 KB 992x767 1560045089084.jpg)
>>11753 >8moe I'd rather fucking not
nice trumpet lads
Open file (917.95 KB 326x326 1465807719246.mp4)
>>11765 If the site makes it on donations then Mark isn't paying for anything anymore. But that means anons need to use it and want to help donate to cover costs. Right now its just all about staying alive.
>>11743 I wouldn't have it any other way. >>11747 I see nothing. That might be worth bringing up in a new thread. How tame is /hentaiclub/?
You better have The Touch next.
>>11773 I'm very worried about our /pol/ board.
Open file (483.28 KB 700x849 1572869686102.png)
>>11773 Ha, I should spend more time over there, I'm like double triple reversed redo versed at this point.
>>11772 >Right now its just all about staying alive. which is great because with its dead userbase it means it won't stay alive and finally jewcy will become a thing of the past
>>11779 A userbase doesn't die until the last anon leaves.
>COUNTERACTION RISING Fuck, why did Log Horizon have to die from tax bullshit.
Open file (156.15 KB 754x693 1560041168042.png)
>>11772 >Mark constantly complaining about people splintering the userbase across too many places >Ever since 8chan went down he's been doing nothing but splintering /v/ all over too many plaes.
>>11781 >A userbase doesn't die until the last worthwile anon leaves ftfy
Open file (110.45 KB 480x270 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11765 >Time's ticking on that, then it's gonna be nothing but the board Robi personally likes as he kicks everyone else out. To be honest, it's not really a bad thing if all the boards migrate in time. Scope creep plus admin apathy is a serious issue. Stuff unrelated to your boards cause drama, takedowns and bullshit. This decentralized webring is a good step forward and I'm happy it happened.
>>11785 Fuck, my gif.
Open file (1.12 MB 1280x720 1586436520533.png)
Open file (323.78 KB 800x600 1576383704190-4.png)
>>11784 Think about that one for a min.
Open file (1.48 MB 208x186 1519520447183-1.gif)
>Torpisu is converting the entirety of the webring into regular r/a/dioheads All according to keikaku. Keikaku means plan.
>>11782 Is it confirmed dead? I know the author got jailed or something but is he not writing anymore?
Open file (127.82 KB 791x709 rf2.jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 500x500 Anon and his AOTY.gif)
Have you watched Kemurikusa, anon?
>>11791 I've kinda been assuming most of the guys here already were.
Open file (556.00 KB 835x624 lil pricipia.png)
>>11778 I hereby re-communicate you, fellow Pope. Now get back in there and yell at me.
>>11794 Yes.
>>11794 I have. I regret not watching it with anon. It's amazing and speaks about the nature of the webring through anime form.
For the depressing times.
>>11792 There was an announcement for a 3rd season scheduled for this fall season but this was before the quarantine.
>>11793 It doesn't feel right if you don't say "finding my wife in the Kemurikusa."
Open file (269.13 KB 456x570 32ir6akf.png)
>>11798 Is anyone here who did watch it with anon? If you know what I mean.
Stream died.
Open file (1.72 MB 1280x588 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11796 Sounds good boss >STREAM DOWN, IA Chaos, Everybody Drink
Open file (141.21 KB 480x480 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.mp4)
>>11804 Just like the samurai.
Open file (141.21 KB 480x480 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.mp4)
Should be back online. Not sure if it was a hiccup or my end but it's showing as ok now. Shiroyama should be playing.
Open file (144.21 KB 480x480 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.mp4)
>>11814 Thanks, boss.
Open file (386.24 KB 1200x1834 1571455096235.jpg)
Open file (6.58 KB 217x232 1430101722414.jpg)
>power goes out for a moment >wait a bit to boot computer up >start up the stream >stream immediately goes down Fucking Esther.
Open file (4.01 MB 582x521 1582493267036-0.gif)
>As a new age begins
Open file (18.37 KB 241x255 1468551105497.jpg)
w-well rip to this I guess
>>11821 We're back?
>>11822 In black?
>>11823 Only if we get to hunt aliens.
Open file (1.80 MB 540x591 1575587602241.gif)
>>11822 Oh sorry, I panicked and didn't check the thread fully
Open file (1.24 MB 200x171 sinsack_small.gif)
Open file (3.02 MB 1838x792 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11824 You've come to the wrong neighborhood motherfucker.
>>11802 I guess not.
Alright, who wants to know about imageboard hosting? I'll dash something off to get the conversation started. Understand what stance you plan to take for your own privacy as an admin, your posters' privacy, and your board's content. We've found that you can either have strong freedom of speech/expression laws backing you OR you can remain anonymous to your provider OR you can have both but not host any porn whatsoever. In the United States you get the protection of their Constitution and some hosts who are rabidly freedom-of-expression but all of them will require as part of their ToS that you disclose your identity to them, and few will take anonymous cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin is not anonymous; it's actually quite traceable). In Europe you need not disclose your name to providers and many take genuinely anonymous cryptocurrencies, but you're usually subject to unfriendly laws. This is the approach that Anon.cafe has taken by hosting in Romania, which was the jurisdiction we found had a balance that would allow us to keep most imageboard content and did not have draconian laws that would intersect with casual imageboard speech. It also has many providers who say they won't take content down without a police or court action. Nevertheless, if you are hosting in the EU you should be aware that legislation to "harmonise" copyright has been passed although it's not due to be ratified by member states for some time. Top of the freedom of speech pile is Iceland, who permit fully anonymous hosting with extremely strong freedom of speech provisions, not being part of the EU agglomerate, and a complete ban on hosting pornography of ANY kind. Seriously. Every host we talked to in Iceland said that we'd be terminated at the first hint of porn. When you register your domain name, look for a registrar who accepts genuinely anonymous cryptocurrency (more on this later) and is used to hosting controversial content. Make sure you read their Terms of Service thoroughly and make sure to ask them if in doubt. If you can, register fallback domain names with different registrars. Remember that you can be deplatformed on the clearner by your provider, your provider's provider, your registrar (who you pay for the domain name), your TLD authority (who your registrar pays to register the domain name), national-level DNS intervention, and a few other factors including server breach and sustained denial of service attack. You should have backups and countermeasures for as many of these as possible.
>>11831 I'm definitely interested in the discussion (no need to host anything right not) but I'm sleeping in a few minutes so I hope these threads are still here when I return.
>>11831 I already bought a domain through nja.la and set up a VPS, but haven't done anything with it yet. How fucked am I?
>>11831 I appreciate the information, but this is beyond my 83 IQ, I don't see myself being able to run an imageboard competently.
>>11832 Unless BO deletes them my plan was to just lock them when the stream ends.
Open file (5.23 MB 1920x1080 super.webm)
>>11831 How does the state that you choose to host in (or operate out of) impact hosting out of the US? Like how loli is legal in CA but definitely illegal in a few other states.
>>11834 I have never used linux in my life (ok maybe 30 minutes of CentOS and 5 hours of Mint), and a few hours of figuring out shit has got me to the point where I might be running by tomorrow evening. It's actually really easy to set up unless you want to handle large loads from high-traffic boards.
>>11831 >>11834 For me it's the installation, since I can't into Linux nor into any programming language. But after that's done, it should be smooth sailing. Right?
>>11835 >>11831 At least make a separate thread then to ensure this kind of important discussion doesn't immediately die.
>>11837 Loli is well-supported in California and to a lesser but still good extent in Nevada. Basically anything short of 3D rendering is gold, and so long as the 3D is Koikatsu/Sims-tier you're probably fine. This is actually the big problem Smug ran into was their stuff was hosted in Kansas City which has strong freedom of speech protections but little loli protections. You'll find this across the board with US servers- Blue states have strong loli protections, Red states have strong freedom of speech protections.
>>11840 The stream isn't ending for several hours, anon.
Open file (778.15 KB 1200x1370 ENtBgGNXUAc9b8X.png_large)
>>11831 Thanks for the info. I'm just wondering how hard it is for some with literally 0 experience in coding or webdev to modify imageboard software to add additional features related to thread creation and moderation. Also, this might be a stupid question, but how is hosting in Japan like? I'm just curious why people are complaining about loli and shit, isn't it allowed in Japan of all places? So why not start their own loli imageboards and post their shit there?
>>11833 >nja.la 4g's /nrg/ flashback intensifies...
>>11844 >Sign up for https://www.codecademy.com/ with a burner email >Take the HTML-CSS and PHP classes (and maybe the SQL classes) >Will basically have a working knowledge for the server you could set up from day 0 with 0 experience
>>11838 >>11839 >unless[...] >should be[...] stop it
Open file (909.81 KB 2400x1800 Drosophila-san....jpg)
I miss flyposting.
>>11848 I don't
>>11847 My point is you will have to learn shit, but if you ask on the smug /a/ or julayworld IRC channels or in any of the meta threads across several members of the webring, you can do it. I don't know how to use the command prompt in linux and it took me a day to get working knwoledge of how to do this shit from googling retard questions. Setting up an imageboard is easier than setting up an email server.
Open file (26.05 KB 639x606 477002092015.jpg)
>tfw fatchan ded
Open file (1.06 MB 900x1440 1586717002335.jpg)
>>11822 so, lurker here been drinking and lurking whole evening, must say though that these are really comfy threads. i just wonder am i looking from right place potential rise of new /hgg/
Open file (975.77 KB 993x553 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11852 Stop moping and do something about it.
>>11844 Japan has issues with copyright laws being enforced strongly. You're more likely to get deplatformed for hosting copyrighted png's than porn. They also have weird "decency" laws, hence all the mosaics in doujins. If someone posts a simple decensor it could spell trouble.
Open file (23.59 KB 480x360 Hulk.jpg)
>>11853 The guy who appears to be taking over is a sperge, but he's a trustworthy sperge who'd violate OpSec and dox himself for the sake of suing an Esther-tier anomaly from the looks of things.
Open file (30.52 KB 740x370 2 (1).jpg)
>>11846 Thanks, but I got the server running already. What about Javascript and what-not?
>>11856 This. Friendly reminder that Jim made his fortune running uncensored Japanese porn websites through US servers.
>>11852 You know what the answer is, Are you a real American, fight for the rights of everyman!
we vietnam now
>>11842 What does freedom of speech protections specifically entail, in this case? Is it one of those things like "don't host a /pol/ board", or full on "someone used the word nigger, now your board is fucked"?
>>11839 You don't have to be a programmer to manage a server, but being one will make you able to solve more problems. It can also make you dumb shit if you don't know what you are doing, so it depend. If you deal with some imageboard software you will have to know some basics to even configure them, so yeah it could become hard and you will make mistakes. As managing your server, even someone who is proficient in linux system will have to read the docs at some point. You can bruteforce your way by following tutorials but when shit will go wrong you wont be able to effectively resolve your problem and your users will suffer for it. If your serious you should get to know all the tools you will have to use on a daily basis and the the services that runs continuously which need to be configured and monitored.
Ok, now this is cringe.
Open file (619.32 KB 512x500 HellBoundTrain.png)
Oh god its coming back, memories, OH GOD THE TREE IS TALKING!
>>11855 I live with my parents, in a third world country, and have with no income, this pc is from 2006 and I can barely afford internet
>>11864 More along the lines of the former. People on smug say nigger and faggot all the time and they've yet to receive a takedown for it.
>>11869 Get a job, hippy.
Open file (59.48 KB 658x960 1565263608059.jpg)
Open file (123.46 KB 1080x1068 NlGSDYglZbc.jpg)
Thank God it's over.
Ahh fuck, now this.
>>11875 Come back in about 15 minutes.
Open file (549.98 KB 1416x1048 server2.jpg)
>>11831 A word on cryptocurrency: Bitcoin is not anonymous. Combined with records from exchanges or other vendors (those who sell crypto for cash usually keep records for tax and law enforcement), coins can be traced quite straightforwardly. Remember that state-level actors are capable of this, but all it takes is one or more exchanges having security breaches for your transactions to be exposed to the world! So if you want to pay for things anonymously, you should try to use a cryptocurrency with strong built-in privacy features like Monero or Zcash. Unfortunately, these coins can be absolute pains to use. They're also banned by many exchanges that you'll have access to because of their privacy features. So if you want to use them you'll want to break the chain somewhere. For example: Your money -$$$-> local exchange -BTC-> offshore exchange, convert BTC to XMR -your self-hosted wallet-> your provider Here you are using XMR and break the chain by transferring across your self-hosted wallet. XMR obscures who is sending and who is receiving a transaction, so the last recoverable record will be from the offshore exchange, and without recovering your wallet there's no (presently known) way to inspect where the coins went after the transfer to your wallet. Even your provider doesn't know who's paying them. This only works properly if you take proper OPSEC and COMSEC of course. More on that later if you like. >>11833 Depends on who you bought it from, how you paid, what you plan to host, where you live, where any adversaries live, your host's security, etc. I'm outlining a method here with strong privacy protections for the admin such that even if one of the links of the chain is compromised, an attacker can't derive your real identity. I consider this important not to evade law enforcement (with whom we cooperate if compelled by court order or warrant) but to evade ordinary private attackers and harassers. >>11837 This is a great point. Your host must be in compliance with both state and federal laws, so understanding the state's stance towards various content is very important. Remember that you must consider where the server is and where your host company is domiciled, basically every point of contact with a jurisdiction. >>11839 At least you'll learn something. You'll be spending a lot of time on Google and with your nose buried in documentation, but this is how all of us learned. Remember that system administration is a related discipline but is not the same as software development. Many software devs have absolutely zero idea of how to make their software operator-friendly or resistant to real-world conditions of operation. >>11844 Most do not host in Japan because of the extremely strong Japanese copyright and censorship laws. Japan has strong political speech protections but very weak protections against suit for libel, copyright infringement, and so on. Since a cornerstone of imageboards is posting appropriated Japanese art, hosting them there is usually an unwise move.
Open file (19.85 MB 4959x3507 44_CIA.png)
Open file (76.93 KB 188x264 2_int.png)
>>11869 >Train, say your prayers, eat your vitamins, be true to yourself, be true to your country. Here I transcribed this because you probably can't afford the bandwith for the webm. The internet is the best intellectual resource you're ever gonna have. Train something, get certified, go make money.
>>11838 >>11839 You should at least know how to use the shell effectively. There's plenty of resources online about how to do learn the shell, but ultimately the best way to do it is to fuck around on a fresh *nix install and break shit, then fix it back up. >>11846 >PHP If you're using PHP you already have a problem. >>11859 JS usually has to do more with interactivity on the user end, if you wanna modify the IB software itself you'll have to fiddle with whatever the original software is using
>>11880 >Since a cornerstone of imageboards is posting appropriated Japanese art, hosting them there is usually an unwise move. Friendly reminder that on most Japanese imageboards, the majority of images are either manga/doujin reaction images because of the lax laws on manga/doujin copyright, or are text-based Japanese equivalent of emojis.
>>11846 >codeacademy >PHP Jesus fuck no, don't do that. You'll cripple yourself and it won't help you with modern imageboard software. Read the Debian Administrator's Handbook or other primers on Linux system administration.
>>11884 Most Japanese imageboards are hosted in the USA.
Open file (139.36 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.13 MB 400x400 Ccpf.gif)
Open file (30.98 KB 184x184 Pacha nico nii.jpg)
>>11885 I never get tired of how she seems to be absolutely losing her shit over this song
What imageboards do you guys use outside of the webring? Do you even know of any?
>>11892 I only use webring boards and torrent websites at this point, maybe jewtube when I see a new knoife video released from Japan.
>>11892 I know plenty but I don't use any of them because they're almost all dead and/or hyper-specific.
Open file (114.79 KB 604x806 BfT0rOwfNoE.jpg)
>>11880 Does estrogen help with programming or is that just a meme? What was your experience? I'm not gonna go full trapmode of course, but I don't think there's anything bad about programmer socks or even titty skittles to unlock your full potential if you can stop at the first sign of breast growth.
>>11892 Yes but I won't name them so any of the plebs here or 8kunters will find them.
Open file (221.31 KB 600x750 1548557214269.jpg)
Ah right, there is one I use. /a/ introduced it to me during the /tea/house threads: https://chakai.org/
>>11895 The only thing that helps with programming is the Ballmer Peak.
>>11895 Oh god. Anon, please no.
>>11846 I'm wary of this codeacademy stuff, I don't think it is a good way to make good programmers. Also from your list, SQL is way more important to know for a sysadmin then a markup language and a template language >>11883 It should be know because there will have cases where you may have to uses it. Like fighting with your imageboard software bugs. And I don't want to talk about the fucking nodejs imageboards. Most PHP (and others) developers are humble enough to let apache or nginx do their job and they do it well. Off course don't have to actually know a language to understand it and adapt to it. It still difficult to recommend what language they should pick first. If it was up to me it would be C but then there would be no one able to do something in a reasonable time period. System scripting languages may be good, especially if you intend to manage an unix box.
Open file (14.65 MB 640x480 Necro - Death Rap.webm)
>>11892 I occasionally check up on one from time to time to lurk and waiting on their next zine issue.
>>11895 That probably doesn't but nigger tunes might have a higher level of effectiveness. That's just my opinion, though.
>>11892 lainchan
>>11900 Oh don't get me wrong, codecademy is a shit if you actually want to LEARN CODE. It's just good for getting a basic grip on things for web design. That's what their courses are focused around.
Seems the stream got stab
>spitting fire so hard it crashed the stream that was a good song and I don't even like hip hop
>>11906 Torpisu was being adrenaline-addled retard. Should be fine now.
>>11904 I should drop in on that site more. Uboachan, too.
This is the /k/ version right?
>>11895 I recommend a steady diet of crisps, pizza, washed down with double-strength Russian black tea and pipe tobacco smoke. >>11859 Never use Javascript unless you can't poo in loo. It's a shit language for niggers, about half as fast as it should be and with twice as many security flaws as it has any right to, and that's before we start on the niggerlicious way it strips away your privacy regularly.
>>11571 So Julay got ding dong bannued, despite "playing it safe" by temp removing /delicious/? Wew. Capitulation only emoboldens Esther. Where to now? I noticed this meta board has 160+ PPH, so I assume this is where anons are currently organizing? How long until this place is nuked too?
>>11892 pregchan
>>11915 >So Julay got ding dong bannued source?
>>11913 It was, yes. I can post any songs played post-stream for anons if they want them tonight or tomorrow.
>>11915 It's already back, slowpoke.
Open file (30.82 KB 141x196 1580287658268.png)
>>11897 >Got retard filtered right out of the gate Okay. Makes sense.
>>11915 Julay was transferring their domain to a new domain registrar. They're fine. Robi was in the thread earlier but no one wanted help setting up their own imageboard.
>>11915 They're back though. Robi said it was a DNS propagation issue, not deplatformed.
Open file (427.54 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
I fucking love Rozen Maiden, anons. Why did Suigintou have to suffer? Why did they all have to suffer?
>>11920 /tea/ is only open for a couple hours a day.
>>11919 >>11922 404ing on my end, and upon reading the thread seems lots of people are having issues, and only a handful aren't.
VENT TIME >Everything going dandy on Julay >8kun /v/ crisis happens >Post quality tumbles down on Julay /v/ and the BO insists on doing nothing >Later on backtracks and has to clean up but the userbase is already angry >And many posts are left over, later on Fatchan breaks down >They come by and claim Julay is shit and wonder why everyone is aggressive Fatchan /v/ anons are the equivalent of the people Freddit and Mark invited from Reddit in 2015. Why is it so hard for you to see something happened before you came around and your attitude is a huge omen for the predecessors?
>>11926 See >>11660 Could take a few hours.
unrelated question but what is a good video editor for linux?
>>11895 Kill yourself.
>>11926 I can connect, just not over https. See >>11929
>>11930 I don't do any video editing myself, but from everything I've heard the best one right now is kdenlive.
Open file (582.99 KB 1920x1080 distraught Main.jpg)
>>11929 I guess I'll just watch Anny May and hope for the best.
>>11928 Shit stirring? In a radio thread?
>>11934 I recommend Kemurikusa. It's basically an allegory for imageboards.
Open file (16.50 KB 939x333 go bak.png)
>>11929 I'm being told to go back, and that's not nice
>>11928 /gg/ please calm the fuck down and enjoy the stream.
>>11928 Julay is shit, though. Robi is a cuck apologist trying to kowtow to the people taking webring sites down by banning "fetish" boards (but keeping /abdl/ which is his personal favorite). Also he's an avid discord user, so take that as you will.
Open file (1.27 MB 511x286 laughing baka.gif)
Open file (101.01 KB 326x320 seras smiles.png)
>>11937 Have you considered you gotta go back anon.
Open file (21.63 KB 272x285 LISTEN FAGGOT.jpg)
I hope the gun booru anon >>10830 succeeds.
>>11831 You say that the process of hosting a server in the U.S. involves disclosing your identity. Can you explain the means by which this process takes place? What information specifically do these hosts typically ask for? I'm wondering how difficult it would be to fool them with a fake identity. As far as hosting a site goes, when accessing the site to do administrative tasks how should your machine be configured to best protect the admins privacy? Distros? Configurations? Is there an easy to follow set of instructions that describe the "best practices"? Regarding accepting donations, you say there are some anonymous cryptocurrencies. Which ones are those. Which U.S. hosts accept them? Are there any guides that clearly explain how to anonymously acquire them and set them up correctly? What is your opinion on prepaid credit cards as far as hosting goes? Have you looked into the Cayman Islands for hosting? I'm not sure if that would make any substaintial difference or not. Some of these are questions I've asked before on various /tech/ boards, but every /tech/ board is a rat's nest of retards that's too preoccupied with maintaining the purity of their parrotfucker worshipping autism cult to actually fucking fight back against the very CIAniggers they screech about. Linux was a mistake. Net society was a mistake. He did nothing wrong.
Open file (1.13 MB 677x9099 mark16.png)
>>11943 It's true. Here's a screencap of him talking to Mark, another avid discord user.
Open file (36.71 KB 600x600 3536374584959.jpg)
>>11941 but then again...
Open file (138.29 KB 778x1153 1578800633611-0.jpg)
It's time.
Good night, remember to stay around after the stream and check out all the comfy threads we have on >>>/comfy/.
>not the nanahira version pleb taste
>>11945 >I'm wondering how difficult it would be to fool them with a fake identity. Let's be honest. If you host in a country you don't live in and never plan to visit, and you get a fake ID for registering your imageboard, what are they going to do? Ban you from going to that country?
Open file (380.32 KB 1280x1883 001.jpg)
I want to have lots of fun with friends!
Open file (380.32 KB 1280x1883 001.jpg)
>>11952 Don't eat my picture!
>>11949 Sleep snug, anon.
>>11952 Have I told you, that you Anon, are my friend?
Open file (111.67 KB 901x1107 sugoi fun.jpg)
Open file (488.01 KB 870x808 0e1.png)
>>11949 night pally!
>>11949 Good night anon! Have lots of comfy dreams!
>>11935 I did not come to fight, i'm just stating facts and i get pretty livid seeing something we posted with effort for months being swung around as a napkin by foreigners who were posting is much worse conditions. They are an ungrateful bunch of users with a couple of very high quality anons inside, which makes me uncomfortable attacking them but has to be done for them to wake up as they will be persecuted wherever they go with that behavior. I got even more livid hearing Death Grips, i thought this was a music stream, where is the comfiness. >>11938 >GG ???
All this julay/v/ fatchan/v/ fighting, i hope when robi rebrand julay he wipe the board clean and fatchan refugee already have their replacement so none of you faggot can use ether of those as a boogeyman to complain.
Open file (195.19 KB 349x567 1573812619955.png)
Goodnight, fags. It's been fun hanging out here. We should do this more often, even when all this stuff is sorted out.
>>11961 b-b-b-but my registrar will le kick me off!
>>11962 Good night faggot! Indeed, we need to get cozy together more often.
>>11962 Have a good one, anon.
>>11962 The novelty would wear off FAST and it'd lose its charm. Just look at the /cafe/ threads
>>11961 >All this julay/v/ fatchan/v/ fighting I was tired of it on day 0 on fatchan when faggot goobergabers were crying about the julay wolf, and I'm tired of it even more after a month
>>11960 >I got even more livid hearing Death Grips, i thought this was a music stream, where is the comfiness. Come back in about two and a half hours for depression.
>>11892 Imageboard culture has seriously diverged since the 00s and not in a good direction on the more mainstream IBs. Honestly, I I don't want people from 4chan/8chan/Julay to find them, I'd prefer they remain as pristine, cancer-free sanctuaries without zoomers and newfags.
>>11831 How prevalent is the cp spamming menace? That is, how much admin time is spent dealing with fuckers posting obviously illegal shit all the time? I remember recently smug said it was a daily thing they had to worry about. And how does the frequency change as userbase grows? And if you don't care about whether you're anon to your provider or not, what would you recommend for remaining anon to everyone else poking around your site?
>this song I knew I heard it somewhere >can't post the file where I heard it from Sad
>>11970 As an /a/ meido I can say that we usually have to deal with a CP spammer about once a week. Usually it's just a CP bot on a daily basis or every 8 hours.
numa numa yei
>>11972 And no, I'm not talking about numa numa
Open file (4.08 MB 1500x2352 server3.png)
>>11880 For HTTPS, Let's Encrypt will suffice for your needs. Make sure you set certbot to automatically cycle the certificates. The present recommended cipher sets for HTTPS are EECDH+AESGCM and EDH+AESGCM (GCM cipher modes seem like a strange choice but it's necessary to avoid CBC thanks to POODLE, GOLDENDOODLE, etc. and the design of TLS means that the usual weaknesses of GCM don't apply here) and a nice safe-to-implement curve is secp384r1 but you might also consider prime256v1 for compatibility. Do you know what all that means above? You should learn the basics of encryption and security, particularly how they fail. Bruce Schneier's work is quite good, though don't tackle Cryptography Engineering unless you really want to get deep in. Security and encryption is a field where knowing a little is definitely more harmful than knowing a lot. For the sake of your users, don't Dunning-Kruger this. Never leave personal traces on your server. Use standard system paths (https://refspecs.linuxfoundation.org/FHS_3.0/fhs/index.html) if you can, never allow anything with personally identifying information to touch your server. Use a unique SSH key that you don't use for anything other than imageboards. Only access your server through a strong VPN that doesn't know your identity. Speaking of VPNs, does your VPN provider know who you are? You know they can spy on all your traffic, right? Look for VPN providers who don't need to know your identity and offer anonymous payment methods. For example, Mullvad VPN allows you to access their site over Tor using an onion address, generate a unique random number that's your username with their service, then send them cash in an envelope to pay for your subscription. For stronger protection, look into using Whonix for some things. This is a combination of virtual machines that ensures that any traffic routed from the inner machine can only travel over Tor, so even mistakes or exploits that would unmask the non-Tor IP don't work. Always ask yourself "what could go wrong?". Don't ever skimp on security precautions. Keep your server updated. Keep abreast of major vulnerabilities in your stack and make sure the versions you're using will be patched. Don't name your administration accounts with anything identifiable. If you use a psuedonym, be aware of where else that psuedonym has been used. On learning the craft: I won't weigh in on language or platform holy wars except to say that the screaming autists are often right and often wrong but never in the way they think they are. Choice of language matters deeply when you're learning because it influences how you form thoughts, but once you have a few languages under your belt professionally you learn to operate with what's best for the situation. Don't learn PHP or JavaScript as your first language if you can help it. SQL is not a programming language. HTML is not a programming language. Both SQL and HTML are very, very useful to know. Don't fall into the trap of knowing one thing and trying to apply it to everything. Don't fall into the trap of knowing nothing about everything. Use sysutils for what they're good at, use scripts for what they're good at, use web servers for what they're good at, use application servers for what they're good at, use databases for what they're good at, and learn to detect when something smells bad. Your sense of quality is the most important asset you can develop because it determines whether you'll bother to learn to do things properly. Knowing how to do something well and then half-assing it will usually give a better result than someone who knows only how to half-ass it and doesn't even know they're half-assing it. Everyone who now knows a lot once knew nothing. The most important thing to do is to start. You will suck for a while. Accept guidance and arrange things so that your sucking doesn't put anyone in danger and you'll be alright. Your past self is a bastard and your future self is an idiot but you can't not work with them so learn to document and get into good habits of administration.
Open file (1.13 MB 400x400 Ccpf.gif)
>>11970 >And if you don't care about whether you're anon to your provider or not Enjoy your faked suicide then. >what would you recommend for remaining anon to everyone else poking around your site? Don't use the alias you use for your site anywhere else. Don't host anything other than your site on your server.
>>11978 Could you put these into their own thread? I don't fancy scrolling through a million posts to find them again.
>>11980 What's going on, anon?
Open file (707.16 KB 800x800 olove.gif)
>>11980 accept it
Open file (66.89 KB 490x398 ..!!.JPG)
Open file (269.31 KB 455x585 hey.png)
Open file (1.13 MB 200x130 Gays.gif)
Open file (63.61 KB 500x608 1584873432870.jpg)
>>11892 Wary of posting where I currently go like other, but I used to primarily visit wizard-related boards like magicchan and lizchan, which have all been falling in recent years. Don't have much interest in wizchan proper anymore, I suspect it gets too much attention and trolling to fit the demographic it aims for. Its rules have failed to produce the intended culture in my opinion.
>>11978 I really appreciate these posts. Regarding all of the OPSEC stuff, if someone's been quite lax with it and only beefs it up right before starting to host an anonymous imageboard, wouldn't that be a problem?
Open file (365.77 KB 426x236 Australian_Navy.webm)
/r/ i wonder does mp4 files work for radio?
>>11977 I was referring to the Cowboy Bebop theme, when I was obsessed with Corona I started lurking everywhere for content. I heard it from this apparently: https://files.catbox.moe/ijd3uv.mp4 >>11991 Come to /comfy/, a pair of lizards still linger there unless you're one of those
Open file (387.87 KB 968x932 dR70pQsD6DI.jpg)
>>11978 How hard is it to get doxxed by randos from the internet? If the provider knows who I am, will they post the information publicly?
>>11996 god, kangaroos are fucking scary, I hate them
>>11994 Mixxx can play mp3, wav, flac, and in theory ogg.
You should probably have some background on how interactive web sites work before you go in fiddling with IB software. To oversimplify: Ultimately websites serve HTML documents, optionally garnished with CSS and JS. One can simply serve these statically from a server, where the document the user views has to be manually created by the webmaster (or maybe through some script they've created to automate the process). However, there's no way for the user to send any data back to the webserver directly. The easiest way to handle data back and forth is through the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). The specifics of how to implement it vary somewhat from web engine to web engine, but ultimately, what that allows you to do is run a script for each time a page is requested, repurposing standard output to serve the resulting webpage, and standard input as form input, thus allowing for interactive web pages. Usually this is all hooked up to an SQL database to store the data, and generate the pages from that data, like say, posts on a thailandese basket weaving forum. You can write CGI scripts in virtually any language, even assembly if you'd like, but for the sake of your own sanity, you'll want something much higher level. >11895 Sasuga /cuteboys/. >>11900 >webdev in C oh shit nigger what are you doing
>>11939 The same could be said of you.
>>11997 That depends entirely on your provider. If they're US-based, assume anyone who is autistic enough to hire a lawyer can legally dox you.
>>11998 Kanagroos are weak shit. A good swordsmen can easily take a dozen roos. Emus are where the trouble starts, since the feathers are like armor, and will deflect a sword blow.
>>12000 How do GET and POST requests relate to the CGI stuff?
didn't DJ say we'd be getting eurobeat after safety dance?
Open file (496.19 KB 500x504 1430180247897.gif)
>>11992 Of course. It's easy to make a "clean break" that will survive casual examination, but state-level actors and determined autists can find one chink in your armor and start up the Ruin Life Tactics. >>12002 To add onto this, you're technically required to attach your dox to domain registrations, but ICANN doesn't give a shit as long as they get their tithe so just fill in plausible-sounding bullshit.
>>12003 what if the kangaroos wear plate armor tho
Open file (990.76 KB 480x270 ankou dance.gif)
Open file (2.91 MB 200x155 1510459804973-0.gif)
The left lane is for passing, if you're not passing, you are LEGALLY REQUIRED to get over. Now that we've settled that, let's dance.
>>11992 OPSEC doesn't necessarily mean being secret all the time. It means being as secret as the situation warrants, and never allowing the situations to leak into each other. You can spin up a new compartmentalised identity and use that. Would someone who knows your real identity be able to find your imageboard admin activites? Would someone who knows your imageboard admin activities be able to find your real identity? The key question to ask here is even if the imageboard was completely compromised, even if all payment methods were completely compromised, even if all traffic was intensively monitored, would the identity isolation still hold up? This is why I emphasise being aware of the privacy level of crypto, VPNs, and so on.
>>12005 Just enjoy the ride man.
Open file (245.13 KB 527x439 1582003763636.gif)
Open file (1.73 MB 300x326 e01942_7586326.gif)
Open file (42.94 KB 320x500 Fio yay.gif)
>>12008 They can't because of class equipment restriction. Unless they class change to kangaroo lord, but you usually only get one roo lord per 40 normal kangaroos.
Open file (41.89 KB 911x364 futurecreation.png)
>>12005 MTC first, then Eurobeat. Pic related for nofun faggots who can't wait and see.
>>11967 >I was tired of it on day 0 on fatchan when faggot goobergabers were crying about the julay wolf Ackshually it was mostly shitstirrers falsefalgging both sides. I recall distinctly some fags IP hopping and talking to themselves for hours on end about muh julay and muh ni/gg/ers before the Spaghetti nigger came down on the thread and locked it. Future threads had almost no for or against julay shitstirring.
Open file (101.58 KB 255x211 1580615143599-2.gif)
The left lane is for passing, if you're not passing, you are LEGALLY REQUIRED to get over. Now that we've settled that, let's dance.
Open file (975.92 KB 498x280 tenor (2).gif)
>>11994 Ooooh, good taste, anon! Love that song.
Open file (166.37 KB 400x480 1428132286451-4.png)
>>11892 I used to go to 55chan. Unfortunately, it's probably worse than cuckchan by this point.
Open file (1.86 MB 640x342 Warning!.gif)
Open file (197.71 KB 163x282 danse.gif)
>I wonder when they're going to play some oingo boingo >oingo boingo starts playing
Pourin one out for /delicious/
>>12007 >but ICANN doesn't give a shit as long as they get their tithe so just fill in plausible-sounding bullshit. So basically something like Alan Smithee, 45 years old will do?
>>12013 Unrelated to opsec, but what level of network traffic should one expect for running a small imageboard? Or is that something you shouldn't worry to hard about at first and just scale up as needed?
>>12030 On Hollywood?
>>12026 It's sad that streamer only dances to K-pop and niggerbeatz since the avatar is damn cute.
I LOVE LITTLE GIRLS This song is about /doll/ ownership, right?
Open file (964.86 KB 317x360 1508976087447.gif)
>>12023 Thanks, FELT have good amount of good songs though.
>>12031 To put it in perspective, I think Julay and Smug who are two of the highest-traffic use an equivalent to buyvm's $30/month service and only utilize like 1/5th of their maximum output.
>>12036 It's about Hollywood jews.
Open file (333.43 KB 2047x1889 baphomet paladin.jpeg)
>>12029 You should probably have an address that resolves to a real mailbox. Just look up Mark Mann's dox and fill that in.
Open file (901.79 KB 720x960 volks CEO.png)
>>12034 Oi, spoiler that on anon.cafe
Open file (325.40 KB 600x849 legume_loli.jpg)
>Start stream >Miss little girls sad
Open file (243.61 KB 1378x1759 3637378485950.jpg)
>>12004 https://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_httpmethods.asp has better info on it, as well as a lot of other web-dev related stuff, but tl;dr: browsers send a GET request when they just want the page, and a POST request when they're sending data (E.g. a form).
>More Suika Hell yeah
>>12036 >I love the way they make you
Prettu comfy.
Open file (30.84 KB 1334x750 myaa-nee embarrassed.jpg)
>>11937 Same. What's the deal with that? Someone tell me what's wrong with julay.
Open file (6.32 MB 640x360 15883533184320.webm)
>>12036 The doll song played an hour ago but here's more Rozen Maiden since you asked for it.
Open file (132.68 KB 1920x1080 myaneescared2.jpg)
>>12051 >Someone tell me what's wrong with julay. Please don't. Let all webring sites co-exist in peace.
>>12004 When it gets a POST, your webserver takes the data and shoves it off to your cgi (assuming you have enabled it, otherwise it sends back an error message). >>12038 Storage space on the other hand... PLW's admin mentioned needing something like 16GB recently.
>>12051 It will probably be sorted out eventually. There's hopefully no need to worry. Smug goes down periodically all the time.
>>12051 we're just being bullied, that's all
>>12055 >16GB Look up storage blocks on buyVM. Storage is dirt cheap in this day and age.
It's so many years since I've heard this.
Funny, i thought this song was a Rick Astley remix
What are you doing?
>>12040 Good idea!
>>12061 Anime girls.
>remember playing this once when my previous friends gathered in my house a year ago (because I was bored) >they took an uber and left 10 minutes later thank you for reminding me of a cringe moment radio
>>12054 A wolf and a sheep cannot be friends, the blood of jew enablers must flow for webringus pax to exist.
Open file (286.66 KB 1771x1771 68774949_p0.jpg)
Open file (152.69 KB 1200x1779 recommend masturbation.jpg)
>>12061 Doing what was recommended
Open file (560.56 KB 850x1202 horny.jpg)
Open file (162.04 KB 850x1300 hornier.jpg)
>>12065 They didn't ever return, did they?
Open file (761.23 KB 1280x720 1580601281816.png)
>>12065 Oh we're just getting started for those who could see the next song. Sorry Admin-kun. I know. I appologize. ;_;
Open file (2.46 MB 494x740 1554934608127-0.gif)
>>12065 You call those guys "friends"?
>>12069 >/cuckquean/ Wouldn't that kind of defeat the purpose?
All rise for the /hgg/ Anthem
>>12075 emphasis on previous
Open file (369.66 KB 1200x1143 4c4f22_6378421.jpg)
>>12073 >Threeheaded mushroom style, lube optional if room temperature is over 25c
>>12065 Normalfags should be shot.
Open file (343.12 KB 769x1000 AND.jpeg)
Open file (462.26 KB 850x988 SHE.jpg)
Open file (460.50 KB 630x940 WOULD.png)
Open file (100.81 KB 635x903 SING.jpg)
>>12077 You ever just download a large mass of RPGMaker h-games to sort through which of them is somewhat redeemable over the course of several weeks.
>>11831 >Top of the freedom of speech pile is Iceland, who permit fully anonymous hosting with extremely strong freedom of speech provisions, not being part of the EU agglomerate, and a complete ban on hosting pornography of ANY kind. Seriously. Every host we talked to in Iceland said that we'd be terminated at the first hint of porn. I want to go a bit further in details on freedom of speech in Iceland than I did here: https://julay.world/meta/res/8318.html#9674. First is to reiterate that there are hatespeech laws. Second is I'm not a legal expert but I do speak Icelandic. The way they are worded is primarily aimed at individuals but might be applied to companies but have not been applied to them as of yet One of these laws 233rd article. section a. is in on julay but now it's the entire law in a more direct translation and not just the essential bits. All the relevant laws are found here: https://www.althingi.is/lagas/150a/1940019.html 95. gr. translated is: part 1. Whoever openly demeans a foreign nation or government, "senator," For a lack of a better translation a nations leader, flag or other recognized national symbol, UN flag or the EU flag, shall face fines or up to 2 years in prison, "in great violations it can be up to 6 years" Questionable translation due to legal speech and partially old forms of speech Comes into modern form in 1998 part 2. The same punishment shall come to whoever demeans or otherwise shames, other insults with words or actions, or other libelous accusations towards foreign employees stationed in this country. Remains unchanged from when it was first passed in 1941. part 3. The same punishment shall come to whoever threatens or uses power against a foreign ambassador stationed in this country, or attacks or causes damage to a foreign embassy, or threatens such. Comes into modern form in 2002 233. gr. a. translated is: whoever mocks, demeans or threatens a person or a group with comments or other means such as images or symbols, on the the grounds of nationality, skin colour, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity, or spreads such around, can face fines or up to 2 years in prison. came into effect in its current form in 2014 and although I did not find the original law as it was definitely passed in 1940 the original proposal Found here https://www.althingi.is/altext/94/s/pdf/0079.pdf did not have include sexuality, gender identity or the spreading of those things. Hosts might get convicted for spreading "hatespeech" in its modern form. 234. gr. translated is: Whoever hurts a persons honour with words or actions, and who, spreads that around, can face fines or up to 1 year in prison. Comes into modern when it was passed in 1998. 235. gr. If a person insinuates something that would put a kink in anothers reputation, or carries out such an insinuation, and spreads that around, that person may be fined or imprisoned for up to 1 year. Comes into modern when it was passed in 1998. 236. gr. part 1. "If an insinuation damaging to a persons honour is held upfront" Hard to translate very directly and accurately or carried out against a persons better knowledge, it is punishable with up to 2 years in prison. part 2. If an insinuation is published or spread openly, despite the perpetrator not having sufficient evidence to believe it to be true, it is punishable with fines and up to 2 years in prison. Comes into modern when it was passed in 1998. 240. gr. if accusations that are damaging to a persons honour are leveraged towards a deceased person, it is punishable with fines or up to 1 year in prison. Comes into modern when it was passed in 1998. Laws which also limit free speech but I'm not translating as they are more conditional than the laws above are: 233. gr. which pertains to threats but only apply to the individual that makes them, 233. gr. b. which pertain to demeaning comments about people close to the perpetrator but require them to be very damaging to a persons reputation and only apply to the individual that makes them, and there likely more that I missed.
>despacito No.
Open file (24.14 KB 117x119 sachi_heh.jpg)
>>12065 thanks for reminding me normalfaggots populate the earth. Especially in this mix.
Damn my ear.
Open file (2.59 MB 1294x739 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12084 "Comes into modern when it was passed in 1998." Comes into modern FORM when it was passed in 1998. FUCK
Open file (1.01 MB 1380x1505 that fucking remix.png)
Open file (10.32 MB 560x398 1521150671.webm)
>>12087 WHAT IS LOVE?
Open file (730.25 KB 476x438 ezgif-4-3f9fecd69806.gif)
>>12086 There will only be peace if normalfags don't exist.
>>12065 More time for you to masturbate to cartoons
>>12088 >He fucked up the redtext.
Open file (194.78 KB 933x1028 B-xX4FZIegQ.jpg)
>me and you More liek:
Does cafe support flash uploading?
>>12096 I was trying to get the end of the song, but I failed anyway.
Open file (1.81 MB 500x282 it'snotreallyfine.gif)
>>12084 Or in other words, it's another Eurocuck shithole even if it isn't in the EU and you shouldn't host an imageboard there unless you're a richfag and willing to bribe enough judges to overturn national law, if it comes to it.
Open file (321.81 KB 1152x796 noerections.png)
>>12100 Way too late for that one.
>>12100 Why not?
>>12084 What in the hell are these laws?
Open file (1.96 MB 480x270 1566089465764.gif)
>63 listeners
>>12111 Never listened to a Pisu stream, I see.
Open file (838.55 KB 352x240 436436343.gif)
Open file (1.30 MB 255x227 1580615143599-3.gif)
>>12111 Yeah I shake my little tush on the catwalk.
Open file (1.91 MB 1259x1057 ClipboardImage-27.png)
>>12111 Nothing wrong with being too sexy for the stream.
Open file (310.23 KB 465x769 dick in a box.png)
Pretty gay to be quite honest famicom.
>too sexy for my cat DO NOT FUCK THE CAT
Open file (165.98 KB 859x1500 o s.jpg)
I'm too sexy for my cat.
Open file (38.63 KB 300x380 1583630164863.jpg)
>>12118 don't stare so hard anon~
It's actually the conservation of angular momentum that keeps them spinning.
>>12119 A cat is fine, too. Is that a problem?
>>12102 No the TL:DR is more that hosting hatespeech is a legal gray area similar to loli in the US. It is however a shithole when it comes to actual citizens and hatespeech. >>12109 Enough vagueness to ensure that pretty much everyone can be prosecuted for whatever they say publicly if somebody was determined to do so.
Open file (682.64 KB 1120x780 0005.png)
i'm getting Liru flashbacks
>>12126 Fuck, someone post the video.
Open file (64.48 KB 981x965 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.jpg)
>>12128 Too drunk.
Open file (1.67 MB 350x340 FOREVER EVER.gif)
Open file (36.02 KB 174x224 a cat.png)
Any fem-anon here? can i get lucky?
Well, I think it's time to drink somemore.
>>12132 STOB >>12133 yeah I'm totally girl don't hit on me silly boys :3333
>>12124 Loli isn't a legal gray area in the US though. Look up what Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition actually means, then read the Constitution, then remember that there's no record of anyone actually getting charged with a crime for possessing loli. A good rule of thumb is that anybody dissing loli or implying it's illegal in free countries is a pedophile or listens to pedophiles.
>>12133 Abandon 3d. The 2d path is the way to go.
Open file (724.88 KB 1024x768 34643745859.png)
running out of booze, 3 more hours so i can buy more.
how much longer for depression block
>>12133 Man i'm surprised /girltalk/ is going to get shut down, i expected more girls on the intrawebs and they were active on 8k.
>>12133 Just go shitpost on crystal.cafe or something.
>>12138 If your running low, go for a beer run.
Open file (377.76 KB 461x284 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12135 So fine.
>>12136 There's no record because they always pin it on something else. t. came about one bag search away from getting arrested for CP for importing loli snuff doujins
how much longer for depression block
Open file (264.21 KB 720x1054 6a3ShndsakY.jpg)
>>12133 Ask the cuckquean >>12069
>>12136 States can set their own laws, and certain states do explicitly ban illustrations of minors as part of their pornography laws. Of course, there are also state laws banning you from mispronouncing the state name or shooting bigfoot, so states in general are a mistake.
>>12144 thanks anon
>>12142 >crystal.cafe I don't know such place exist and i'm 100% sure that it's filled to the brim with tranny.
Open file (379.75 KB 2120x1885 sex.jpg)
Open file (1.49 MB 1169x1700 and.jpg)
Open file (3.20 MB 2436x1748 valence.jpg)
SEX! Sex! AND VALENCE! And valence!
>>12148 >so states in general are a mistake. Good goy
>>12140 All the women on 8chan vanished when /fem/ got spammed out of existence. It's trannies and trolls all the way down, anon. >>12145 Are you Canadian? The reason authorities always pin it on something else is to scare the victim into pleading guilty, because until the Supreme Court has been fully subverted there's the risk of someone having the balls to appeal it to the top and eliminate a primary means of deflecting public attention away from child sex abuse.
Open file (56.45 KB 640x640 qkt-n-coxe4.jpg)
Open file (49.35 KB 280x440 Pixel Orin.gif)
>>12136 The PROTECT Act was created after Ashcroft v FSC in order to circumvent their SCOTUS ruling. Nobody seemed to notice or care at the time, and 90% of the time of the time the law is enforced, it's just double charging pedos for CP. Of the other 10% of cases that involve fiction depictions of non-existant minors, 90% of those still involve actual CP or other sexual crimes. Then, of the EXTREME MINORITY of cases involving only fiction, maybe one or two are actually about loli. It's a definite grey area, but the risk is basically zero. It's less legally risky than this stream, or piracy.
>>12136 that article 1446A or whatever it is, does make loli a gray area because it's such a broad law it MIGHT be applied to loli and just about all obscene material and that it does not have a record of being used for loli is the point of my comment about the hatespeech laws in iceland being a gray area for hosts and companies as no host or other company has been charged for it yet.
>>12147 Not interested unless they're also a gril and wanna fuck my boyfriend.
this remix iis HORRIBLE
Open file (276.32 KB 1096x1080 g1HWm4f0lVk.jpg)
Anyone know what Hong Kong is like for hosting?
>>12161 It's hard to beat the original.
>>12162 Can't discuss banned topics on HK servers.
Open file (1.95 MB 255x255 1580615696183-2.gif)
>The feeling of going home, driving on hottop, air fresh off the mountains.
Open file (88.07 KB 600x600 comfy_nights.png)
Thanks for the stream, really helped getting cozy, have this gondola as a token of appreciation, good night lads and stay comfy.
Open file (426.55 KB 744x1052 Madoka_Homu_mayhem.jpg)
>>12161 it really shows how much abuse this song can take
>>12169 Sleep snug, anon. See you on Sund/a/y stream?
>>12169 Good night, anon.
Open file (178.59 KB 576x539 e56.png)
>>12169 sleep well anon!
You guys are my only friends. I love you. Please don't let it call come tumbling down. We're here forever, right?
Open file (1.11 MB 1600x865 take me home.jpg)
Open file (838.33 KB 2816x1718 country road.jpg)
Open file (423.75 KB 1523x2048 Aniki.jpg)
>>12174 Though the heavens fall.
>>12174 Never in flesh, but always in mind and spirit.
>>12169 Good night anon! May you have cozy dreams!
Open file (37.76 KB 603x324 87e47870.jpg)
fun with finns
Everyone here is so friendly. I cannot believe it.
>>12174 I love you too anons. Yes, forever we stand, be strong, better times will come soon.
I'm kind of surprised you didn't play the leekspin song.
You should take a look at this for future streams, Torpisu. Don't know if you'd want to download it now though.
Open file (44.45 KB 750x496 unsurprised.jpg)
>>12174 >You guys are my only friends. I love you. Please don't let it call come tumbling down. It gets hard as nails and sandpaper, but you can't go anywhere but forward in life. So expect the worst and hope for the best, ok?
Open file (1.35 MB 2931x4202 chen grownup.jpg)
>>12185 It's because we love you, Anon!
>>12185 but the news said we're all hateful heartless nadsis how can this be?
Are we still doing /r/'s?
Open file (47.87 KB 680x382 EUmyZcFWkAYEAfi.jpeg)
>>12185 ikr?
Sometimes I think, what if I'm the sheen an gannon?
>>12174 Love you too faggot, and I don't plan on leaving any time soon or going down without a fight. We should do these webring get-togethers more often, every 3 or 4 months or so maybe.
Open file (389.71 KB 2415x3508 nep no.jpg)
>>12193 >Fallout 76
Open file (371.72 KB 3335x3335 1313183025316.png)
>Atarax is coming
Open file (82.94 KB 768x593 inazuma indignant.jpg)
>>12190 Can we pump the brakes on this kind of cliched horseshit? I had a good buzz on and this stuff is making me want to chug
>>12193 i wonder, mine >>11994 never came through
Open file (400.71 KB 510x382 1577467038788.gif)
>>12185 Shhh, no worries, only comfy now
Open file (990.46 KB 500x500 1588380158737.gif)
HOw many of you not drunk here
Open file (153.28 KB 1080x1021 3jtYyBQWUYo.jpg)
>>12200 J'm still waiting on that depression block.
>>12203 I only drink on occasion.
>>12203 I don't drink alcohol ever.
>>12203 me, I can't risk getting sick and vomiting at this time
I have to admit that this has been fun. Maybe we can try to have offboards cover empty radio saturdays and help the spirit of comradery and friendship in all the boards.
>>12203 i drank a whole bottle of white wine and i don't feel anything
>>12203 You couldn't drunk me with a hundred beedr
>>12199 We love you too Anon!
>>12197 Just give it a listen anon.
>>12203 I have not even begun to drink.
>>12203 I'm broke
>>12203 No alcohol here, just water.
Open file (2.50 MB 1488x2088 77785587_p0.jpg)
>>12203 I don't drink and I've never been drunk before. I'm nearly 30.
>>12203 I was waiting for dinner. Dinner has been had, so now I can drink.
>>12203 I didn't start to drink yet, but soon.
>>12203 out of booze, waiting to buy more, most likely will pass out before that, but this thread motivates me to stay awake. also yay my song finally
Open file (828.23 KB 1000x2000 11th_eye.png)
>>12185 Most anons are actually okay people, it's only the redditors and goons that /v/ and friends attract that make imageboards uncomfy. >>12196 I've wanted more boards to do these kinds of parties ever since I joined endchan's christmas stream way the fuck back in 2016. >>12203 Tired but not drunk. Only thing I have is beer that I thought would be good but tastes like a decorative pinecone. And everclear, but people don't drink everclear.
Open file (919.49 KB 500x540 T2WC.gif)
Open file (195.17 KB 275x320 source (2).gif)
Open file (479.13 KB 384x384 tenor (9).gif)
Fuck yeah. This is my jam.
Open file (639.87 KB 540x622 shloshed.png)
>>12203 Streamer has drank about this much. This is actually quite small since a stressful night after building torpedoes and then hosting r/a/dio involves a fifth of liquor and this is only 30% ABV but still.
Open file (479.86 KB 450x253 thistickles.gif)
>>12221 >Autoplaying gifs Thanks for the seizure, anon.
Open file (169.98 KB 220x263 mainman.gif)
There is no time to spare, and The stage has been set. I cannot hold back the need to know. Curiosity got to me. The question's been asked. I can't take it back again. The falling stars align, With darkness close behind. Locked up in my mind, With solace, I'm confined. Can destiny define The silence in the night? And so, I've become A puppet in the dark. I know I've made up my mind For something to do, To clean out all of their stupid rules. Been avoided for so long, I'm tired of lies And moving on for the truth. Simple, like a drop of sun, And the world spun on, but upside-down. Is this what they'd call a miracle? Falling, each and every one. Like a house of cards, it's been undone. Taking a leap without sound... I'll shout just a bit louder, fight a bit harder. I will go on. I'm undefeated. Can't feel the hunger. I won't go under. I'm my own person. I feel it. Little bit stronger, going on farther. No longer do I fear the darkness. I can fly beyond the distant, new horizon forever. All this time, reality's been fake. Now I'm breaking through the tempered glass. Set aside my doubts, won't hesitate. I've been waiting through all of my life. From today, I've buried it away. In the end, I just might have to face Something new with every passing day. Now there's nowhere to run to. I'm feeling alive, Revived with a second chance to live. Brand new days come and go. So, if we let time Slip by for eternity... Small regrets will always add Up to something too big if given time. What do we do in adversity? Even if I take a fall, Tumbling down without time for a pause, I know that I will become... Someone's who's learned to be wiser, a bit of a fighter. I can make right what had been wrong. Though I can't be perfect, it'll be worth it. I'll keep on trying and trying. Without resistance, I'll make a difference. Even mistakes will never stop me. Only then, this world can find a new beginning in time... Someone's who's learned to be wiser, a bit of a fighter. I can make right what had been wrong. Though I can't be perfect, it'll be worth it. I'll keep on trying and trying. I'll shout just a bit louder, fight a bit harder. I will go on. I'm undefeated. Can't feel the hunger. I won't go under. I'm my own person. I feel it. Little bit stronger, going on farther. No longer do I fear the darkness. I can fly beyond the distant, new horizon forever. All this time, reality's been fake. Now I'm breaking through the tempered glass. Set aside my doubts, won't hesitate. I've been waiting through all of my life. From today, I've buried it away. In the end, I just might have to face Something new with every passing day. The falling stars align, With darkness close behind. Locked up in my mind, With solace, I'm confined. Can destiny define The silence in the night? And so, I've become A puppet in the dark.
Open file (1.83 MB 4032x3024 for anon.jpg)
>>12203 I'm not drinking right now, but you should feel free to Anon! Here's one I made for a previous stream.
>>12220 > Most anons are actually okay people Some of you are alright. Don't show up at the Chik-Fil-A tomorrow. 'Cause they aren't open on Sunday.
Open file (33.54 KB 493x402 1323573590354.png)
>>12223 >Torps uses Windows 10 >Torps streams with Windows 10
>>12227 >FOR AN6N what did he meme by this
Open file (368.40 KB 200x200 caipirinha.gif)
>>12227 /r/ that song
>>12230 Anon is a 6 year old little girl.
>>12227 >miku Absolute BEST taste.
>>12227 Using those god tier acryllic minis to set a nice scene for anon. You're a good person anon.
>dolphin is here
>>12208 I'll be drunkenly honest. I don't plan to do another anon.cafe stream until maybe late July with admin-kun's approval because handling multiple anons across multiple boards is a LOT harder than handling smug /a/'s autistic taste in music that would have banned me three hours ago (there's a reason for that and it's not a bad thing). That being said, I'm sure admin-kun would be up for hosting an anon.cafe equivalent of r/a/dio maybe minus the songs that were harmful to the server's health that I played earlier. You'd have to ask him later. This shit is legitimately hard when handling 25+ boards across the webring and trying to appeal to everyone's tastes, we've got roughly twice r/a/dio's numbers the entire stream which is fine since I'm used to handling 8+ player DM session but which can be very intimidating to someone who's never streamed before and is trying to appease everyone (even I've fucked up a few times tonight, sorry Smug Admin-sama). And I apologize for that MTC block considering I was aware of anon.cafe's Romanian rules, admin-kun. Thanks for putting up with my drunk bullshit.
>>12233 but 6 year olds can't drink
>>12238 That's what you think.
>>12216 Don't start drinking ever, anon. Alcohol is the devil and I regret ever indulging in it. My only respite is weed which lets me enjoy my hobbies while slightly less fucked up, but the catch is weed shows up on drug tests which sucks when you build spaceflight electronics for a living.
Open file (108.84 KB 575x446 Vodka loli.png)
>>12238 You're not trying hard enough.
Open file (1.02 MB 250x250 68d.gif)
>>12237 nigger, everyone's having fun and nobody has complained, what's the problem
>>12203 I don't drink.
>>12220 >Spoiler Everclear is the one alcohol I won't enjoy. I did it once with a stream and had the worst headache I've ever had in my life. It was worse than the time I drank rum and the DEA raided a hotel with over 1000 anarchists in it doing drugs/drinking booze. Never again.
Open file (73.29 KB 1280x720 EUROBEAT.jpg)
Open file (38.24 KB 680x472 EU2B0b6WAAAULtY.jpeg)
Open file (35.43 KB 500x715 Alwaysremembercunt.jpg)
>>12237 Thank you for your efforts, I think the idea was to spread the expertise a little (and yes I imagine that means that there will be some hilarious disasters along the way. It's just a thought, I knew it wasn't easy but you have my respect.
I wonder if any 2hu will play? Or maybe I already missed it?
>>12247 Just wait two days, anon. They're open on Monday. We'll get some tasty chicken sandwiches on Monday.
Open file (159.74 KB 381x367 loliclip.png)
>>12237 It's just a song, and practically a mainstream song at that. Also pretty sure admin-kun said that loli isn't covered by Romania's vague ass CP laws. If it is then good fucking luck growing your site because posting loli is an anon's fundamental right.
>>12242 No complaints, just being drunkenly honest with anon.
>>12249 You can scroll up adn see the responses to all the twodo that played
>>12249 You just missed it nigga. Someone's who's learned to be wiser, a bit of a fighter. I can make right what had been wrong. Though I can't be perfect, it'll be worth it. I'll keep on trying and trying.
>>12243 How do you cope with the current state of western civilization and the death of imageboards?
>>12246 >tfw no car >tfw no license >tfw no money for either sabishii
>>12257 Fuck off, faggot.
Open file (810.85 KB 329x498 DEJA VU.gif)
>>12237 For real, I thought this stream was going to be filled with interboard drama and other dumb shit, but everyone's alright. This stream is definitely a success as far as I'm concerned, and I look forward to more webring radio streams like this.
>>12245 In my family we have a saying: you can do anything with Everclear except drink it. >>12256 By not being a blackpill faggot? If you feel that way I'm sure you can find a productive way to commit suicide.
Open file (15.47 MB 640x360 dear god why.webm)
Here's a song everyone can agree on. :^)
/r/ing more eurobeat
Open file (238.54 KB 600x800 jp styx.jpg)
Dont Stop
>>12263 I've been holdin back for the sake of makin it comfy, I imagine others are doing the same and now I'm much too drunk to pick fights
Open file (96.58 KB 618x410 dead-dolphins.jpg)
>don't stop the music >music stops
>>12257 Who the fuck is this gay? I don't check much the rest of the webring.
Open file (16.64 KB 200x200 dan.jpg)
>>12237 You're a great Anon namefag, just the fact this happens is enough for celebration Thanks for everything, just don't get too many worries up your head
>>12240 >it's wrong to enjoy a fermented beverage every now and again I enjoy a 40 of cider every few months. I also enjoy sipping on cogniac that's far too expensive for me to buy regularly. It's fine as long as you aren't a degenerate.
You know what, this is the best time. /r/ing this masterpiece
Open file (73.58 KB 540x783 1547528004856.jpg)
I died for the third time today. Can anyone tell me what happened during the last 5 hours? Also /r/equesting this Gondolacore song (for some reason I can't upload it here): https://files.catbox.moe/3i49fv.mp3
>>12263 That's good and all, but how will that help me with my crippling depression?
>>12271 Oh nigge, it's a long fucking story
>>12271 Your garden-variety imageboard autist trying to ruin innocent people's lives. Just spam dolphin gore whenever it shows its face.
>>12271 Proof that people who like mammals are fucking fags, this is bird country.
>>12237 You're worrying too much about nothing Peacefag, I'm certainly not coming here for a perfectly curated playlist, I'm just happy to let loose after a couple of rough weeks on the webring. You could play non-stop nightcore edits for 6 hours straight for all I care.
Open file (171.85 KB 720x405 7411942899.gif)
>all these memories of watching initial D back in the day thank you
>>12282 >You could play non-stop nightcore edits for 6 hours straight for all I care. Don't remind me about middle school bro.
>>12203 The body is a temple. Don't treat it like a junkyard.
>>12281 Time for birbs?
The amount of samefags here is astonishing
>>12289 Do you even know what samefag stands for?
>>12203 I don't drink alcohol, but I have a severe caffeine addiction.
>>12287 I don't pour good liquor on a junkyard.
Open file (380.63 KB 597x803 Ep06 [7366].png)
>>12289 >>12290 Don't fight. Now is happy tiem.
>>12289 >>12290 Samefag.
Have we had JAPUNEESE GOBURIN yet?
>>12297 About four hours ago.
Open file (3.50 MB 700x702 1587537222005.gif)
>>12288 birbs?
>>12298 Dolphin, stop
>>12297 Yes, you missed the Suika rush
>>12290 Samefag doesn't "stand" for anything, like an acronym does, idiot. What I know for sure is that it's the reason this imageboard is dominating the webring in PPH even though all the discussion is literally in this one thread, and its all about bullshit
Open file (5.78 MB 1278x720 IridescentBird.webm)
>>12288 It's always time for birds.
Open file (108.44 KB 828x1020 3mf6mcjp1j431.jpg)
Earlier, during the remix of Take Me Home, Country Roads, I considered posting this comic of a dolphin sliding into a horses ass and residing in its bloated intestines as it struggles to walk. In all the fun I was having, I had completely forgotten about dolphinfag, but now I realize the deep symbolism of it all.
Open file (134.42 KB 1080x1125 don't bulli the raven.jpg)
>>12302 Birbs.
>>12307 No, go fuck yourself
Open file (104.43 KB 749x724 lHYGUwelGjk.jpg)
>>12256 I don't know, exercise? Curcumin and theanine? Accepting the impermanence of all things?
>>12287 >The body is a temple. Brother I'm not a non-denom, my church serves wine.
Open file (280.44 KB 1500x2000 Harpy delivery.jpg)
We got your back Peace, don't stop the music!
>>12313 What is this linguistic diarrhea?
Open file (2.53 MB 320x240 yamato_warp.gif)
>>12305 Sounds like someone wasn't invited to the party.
Open file (263.50 KB 1200x900 15883854758580.jpg)
Open file (424.42 KB 512x512 205.gif)
Rest thine vexations.
Stop fighting and enjoy music and birbs.
Open file (181.58 KB 278x300 marchin over poland.gif)
>>12305 You found me out anon, I samefag'd this entire thread all by myself!
Open file (650.12 KB 498x278 1527377732736.gif)
Open file (3.51 MB 320x240 Russian airport.webm)
what a coincidence
>>12329 >Er war Jockel, dear Gartenteichspringbrunnen...
>>12329 Nice, hello me.
Open file (801.55 KB 800x800 Polina Gas Gas.webm)
Open file (219.40 KB 1200x278 multi bullet grazing.jpg)
I can't believe christchurch happened
>>12329 >You found me out anon, I samefag'd this entire thread all by myself! I have to admit That I'm pretty great at this.
>>12334 FINAL THREAD No more threads after that one. This is only so people with potato computers can still load the old threads. This thread will be locked shortly.
>>12329 I am the sheemfag an gannon.
>>12329 Wrong. I'm the real samefag. You and everyone else here is a tulpa.

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