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Open file (1.87 MB 350x196 Dance_full.gif)
Webring Deportment Radio! Peacefag 05/02/2020 (Sat) 19:01:46 No.10798
Good afternoon, everyone! How's it going? Is everyone having a comfy Saturday so far? We'll be having a radio stream so feel free to drop on by and get comfy. We'll be starting with some meme magic, officially kick off the stream with Protomen Act 1, work our way into some dadrock and r/a/dio classics, throw in some Eurobeat (no taimroll since anons outside of /a/ & /animu/ won't get it and will get their buttmankos in a knot), go into depression block for a bit before ending the night on a lighter note. Feel free to drop on in throughout the day, ask for help, or just talk shit with fellow webring members. We'll be going (officially) for 10 hours, but knowing how these things go it will probably be closer to 12/13. For those unfamiliar with radio streams, you can request songs, but not in bulk and not block requests. The streamer reserves the right to deny a /r/equest. Just include an "/r/" with your /r/equest. I forget if anon.cafe allows mp3 uploads, so if not, pop it into mixtape.moe and send a link my way (or be forever butthurt when I get a jewtube rip in 128kbps because that's all my internet can handle while streaming). Stream can be found here: http://radio.anon.cafe:8000/stream.m3u In the event of total catastrophic meltdown of the servers, let's plan on making a thread on julay's /meta/ thread without asking, and I'll make a shitty 128kbps stream on caster.fm/post the details in the new OP (note that caster.fm does not hide your IP from the streamer, so never bareback an imageboard. I don't see your IP from icecast though). Make sure to thank anon.cafe's owner, he's really putting his neck out for us tonight and I'm very thankful for that. In any case, let's have a fun evening. Grab your dakimakura if you're a fellow weeb, brew some coffee or green tea, grab some booze, and settle in for some fun times if this is your first "R/a/dio" experience. I've been given temporary global vol status to remove CP or similar spam during the stream. I would rather not use it so I'd ask any bad actors to just enjoy the stream and let it rest for the evening. Radio is supposed to be a comfy place and I think you'll find comfort listening in as well.
I'm gonna go inform everyone that it's up, so enjoy some Weird Al while I'm doing that.
>no taimroll Instantly discarded.
>>10805 If enough people want it I can put it back in.
Why are we having r/a/dio elsewhere this week?
>>10806 It was a joke my man. I imagine there will be many unfamiliar with r/a/dio threads here who don’t love their stations.
>>10808 It's radio instead of r/a/dio. It's being hosted for the webring, it's a "rest week" for /a/. The purpose of this stream is twofold: A) To chillax and get comfy after a long week. B) To act as technical chat/meetup for those looking for help in regards to setting up their own imageboard. Please take it easy.
>>10810 Not loving your station should be a crime punishable by getting your gerbiled.
>>10808 Regroup for the webringpocalypse. It has been advertised to the refugees so it’s not really r/a/dio.
Aw yeah, this will certainly... mood me up? Pull me up? Put me up? What was the phrase? Thanks a lot Peacefag
Requesting aria soundtrack "Euphoria" i i know you have it OP.
This is nice.
Thanks OP love you.
The stream keeps breaking for me, but my internet's been shit for a few days now. Is it working for others? >>10813 >>10811 Oh alright.
>>10820 Fine in FL.
Open file (72.37 KB 668x959 rip spaghetti.PNG)
Is spaghetti gonna be here? I miss him...
>>10822 You need to ask someone who manage to email him.
So, anyone trying to set up an imageboard?
>>10820 works in VLC
>>10824 maybe a half-dozen attempts so far. each time something breaks so no success yet.
>>10820 It was stuttering a bit during the ugly bug song but it's fine now.
>>10820 works in my computer.
>>10826 What's wrong with it?
>>10824 Not an imageboard, but I may want to set up a booru type website that focuses on pictures of guns and weapons in general. I find that it would be a useful resource to allow people to look for pictures of specific guns during specific time periods or with certain features. Maybe it's stupid, but I would like such a thing.
>>10824 I've cloned the lynxchan repo and am looking through the docs. I don't know if I want to set up anything public yet, but I also want to be able to just in case.
>>10829 Mostly about Python, I think. But answering that correctly would probably require me to actually understand what I'm doing heh. Which is why I'm here tbh :^)
Ok i need this mp3 now please.
Anyone got that mp3 of erika moe ver?
Open file (5.68 MB 1280x720 erika.mp4)
>>10833 I have an mp4
Does cafe allow flac uploads?
Reposting this text guide from the owner of Julay. https://pastebin.com/KxSC2B0P
>>10835 thanks, friend
>>10838 I can't get to cuckbin through tor. Mind posting it here anon?
Now i need this one.
>external software required to enjoy the stream YOU FAGS HAD ONE FUCKING JOB AND YOU FUCKED IT UP. also requesting picrel
>>10820 Works for me.
>>10842 Just remove .m3u from the link.
>>10842 >anon doesn't have literally any media player >anon's browser can't play .m3u
>>10842 >picrel >no pic >complains about stream requiring VLC or some other piece of sound software that can deal with internet streaming sources The fag is strong with this one.
Open file (872.58 KB 1279x6665 Untitled.png)
>>10840 I'll post it as an image, can't be bothered searching for other pastebin sites. Whenever I use them there's always some guy and his personal configuration that makes the site unworkable for one reason or another.
>>10842 Any self-respecting video or sound player has networking components nowadays, even something super minimal like xmplay can play the stream without issues.
Open file (282.56 KB 1481x1080 kettenkrad knot.jpg)
>>10842 Does http://radio.anon.cafe:8000/stream.m3u really not work on your browser? Just try feeding the link to whatever player you use.
Reminder to love your anons as if it was the last time you came across them. We have lost so many already.
Can you not just remove the .m3u at the end? That's what's in the file anyway.
>>10847 >can't be bothered searching for other pastebin sites. I'd suggest privatebin.net Anon, but thanks!
Open file (2.86 MB 241x241 1432917324139.gif)
>cant be a nigger for a day
>>10850 /throd.
>>10851 Yes you can
*aheh* NIGGER
Stream is fucking up again...
>>10857 Sorry, sending off the last announcements and then it should stabilize a little.
>>10850 Don't go and become a nigger, anon.
>>10824 I'm looking into setting up an I2P imageboard, maybe running picochan, pending testing. The main idea being to give some stability with a site that can't be easily deplatformed. Not sure yet if I'm going to upgrade my Internet to a business connection though, to allow for a home server setup since I've got one lying around anyway, or if I'm going to use some host. Cost seems like it'd be around the same, not counting hardware that already exists and would only need to be replaced infrequently. >>10838 He forgets to mention picochan, the board of which is here: http://nanochangkn3dxfkr5prfw76hiq3qpjyzr44m4zxbwub5f4kditlufid.onion/pico And the source can be got from the link at the end of that page, by appending various things to the URL as the text instructs you.
fugg :DDD
What vidya are going to play while listening anons? I'm going to play the comfiest known to man Minecraft.
It's the revenge of stuttercunt.
>>10862 We should play together.
Open file (168.75 KB 1920x1080 I_like_you_Anon.jpeg)
>>10844 Thank you. >>10845 >>10848 >>10849 I do not have a media player. I have had no need for one. >>10847 I use neocities blog.
I'm going to reset Mixxx after this song, and we'll go from there. Sorry about the delays, anon.
>>10863 >Peace switches to phone connection >stream improves I can see it happening.
Open file (32.02 KB 590x350 nigey_havin_a_pint.jpg)
>>10867 No worries mate.
>>10864 If you can host please tell me
Alright, I dropped the bitrate a little bit and I'm done jumping threads, so it should stabilize now (at least a little).
>>10867 Stream trouble? I know that feel t. /animu/ streamfag
Can i be a nigger for a day?
>>10862 I'm just watching TheViper vs DauT.
Open file (15.99 KB 236x414 1464982506301.jpg)
Reimu is a nigger!
>>10874 AoE2 match?
>>10872 Usually the problems start about 4 hours in, but I think it's because I was jumping across about 24 boards making announcements one after another.
Open file (417.83 KB 900x660 2hu cirno no bg.png)
Alright, roll call niggers. What part of the webring do you hail from? Primarily smug/a/ user here.
>>10876 Obviously. >>10874 Lord Dauti is best player prove me wrong
/r/ Rinda Rinda
>>10878 Fat/v/
>>10878 Fatchan ;_;
Open file (26.49 KB 1182x594 viewpoint.png)
>>10878 Smug/a/ here as well. I try to jump around and visit other boards when I can though.
Open file (246.81 KB 579x579 good morning.png)
>>10878 /japan/ here reporting. Mostly here to oversee developments.
>>10878 Julay/v/ mainly rts thread, enjoy fatchan/v/ while it last and hope a new place free of mark is possible.
>>10878 Fatchan refugee here. Julay made it abundantly clear that we're not really welcome there.
>>10878 I was the one mass dumping Corona-Chan and recolouring the hair black like an autist on /ebola/ Sad that the happening has technically ended, I'll still try to stay home if they open up the lockdowns.
>>10878 Smug/a/
>>10878 I don't know anymore
Open file (510.38 KB 512x512 1587863023515.gif)
>>10878 /animu/
>>10878 smug/tg/ represent, though in truth i am a nomad, i have literally 49 tabs open and 14 imageboards and other chans.
Open file (69.84 KB 846x479 operating.jpg)
>>10878 /animu/ and /k/, mostly.
For those having issues connection, please keep in mind the m3u can be run from any audio player, video player, or web browser, with maybe the exception of some phone OSes.
>>10878 julay/robowaifu
>>10878 Nice try grow nigger, you will not get me.
Holy shit I haven't heard this pi song in over a decade, it was my favorite for a whil >>10878 I am a lost traveler of the robot diaspora
>>10893 oh hey a strelok, or from other /k/ perhaps.
Open file (100.62 KB 921x808 era.PNG)
>>10878 julia /hgg/
>>10878 Smug, mostly.
>>10901 Toxic, even.
>>10899 Hey, you guys gotten a site yet? Last i heard, you guys were waiting for information from robi on how to move foward.
Open file (47.45 KB 414x318 nep_shitposting.jpg)
>>10878 Smug Loli. Man what a week that was. I still can't believe we managed to defend the domain.
>>10899 Rip your board. 87 days to death.
>>10879 I love him, but the things Viper does to this game is just disgusting.
>>10862 I'm doing the same thing while reading the thread. I'm playing on the latest version (1.15.2).
>>10903 We are waiting to see how shit develops for now since we still have a bit of time until we are thrown into the streets.
>>10904 If only you knew the half of it, anon. It was hilarious how it was defended too. Maybe one day when it doesn't matter any more we can reveal what happened sort of like the Hoihoi fucking up 8chan thing that was kept hidden.
>>10878 julay /k/
>>10878 Smug /a/non reporting in.
>>10907 One of the folks is already working on a fat bald bastard bunker.
>>10878 Smug/a/ of course.
Open file (18.74 KB 196x158 1584500635510.jpg)
>>10824 /hgg/ is panning to set up one: https://julay.world/hgg/res/7823.html#q8091 I already linked this thread in their meta thread. By the way, here's the framework that Fatchan used: https://github.com/fatchan/jschan Tom (Fatchan's admin) is the developer, so you can ask him for support and report issues directly on his github. >>10878 I have no home. Instead, I lurk different image boards looking for something interesting. This time I was able to witness the implosion of 8kun and the great crisis of the webring.
>>10914 >fat bald bastard Nice.
/r/ Domino Line
>>10911 No, I know.
This song remind me of a simpler day, good times.
>>10878 julay/v/ and /hgg/ (for now I guess)
>>10878 Smug /a/ here to represent the not-racist part of the internet that is just trying to take it easy. >>10911 [desire to know more intensifies]
Open file (14.77 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>10878 /animu/bo >>10916 good luck with your site, friend if your site doesn't work out you're welcome on the animu bunker
>>10899 >Exp >no handholding >no headpats smh tbh fam.
/r/ this gem
I can't have been the only one who heard that.
>>10878 Smug and FrChan.
>>10924 Thanks for putting up with my shit when I pop in, dude.
>>10862 Bannerlord. Caladog is a fucking nigger who cannot be trusted.
>>10924 Loleron, you should take it easy some time.
>>10904 >>10924 >nepfag and /animu/ BO in same thread Oh lord. This is not going to end well.
Open file (14.44 MB 320x256 palu godnatu.mp4)
>>10824 I will setup a Meguca instance if there apears a need for a new site for my domain. I dont know anything but i have autsim and money. I can offer monetay help to oter boards if need arises.
/r/ for the #1 hit
Sauce on this one?
>>10878 I'm a crossposter who frequents different boards. I mainly browse julay /k/, /v/, /robowaifu/ and prolikewoah's /animu/ & /japan/
>>10937 If you used a nice media player you might've been able to figure this out yourself.
>>10925 Headpats and handholding is wasted on used goods anyway
catbox.moe doesn't seem to work for me /r/ https://anonfile.com/T982v3v6o4/song_ogg
>>10942 Try femto.pw
>>10940 Just realize you can do that with MPC-HC, but i missed the "fucking bullshit song" mind spoonfeeding me.
>>10937 It was posted up above.
>>10943 >due to a recent increase in abuse (~2,600 viruses people uploaded a day) anonymous uploads have been disabled whilst we control the situation.
>>10824 Im trying to setup a lynxchan instance with that instantIB script. >>10878 /hgg/ >>10907 lewd will never die
>>10944 galactic mermaid
>>10946 Registration is instant, free and doesn't require an email. But i do agree it's retarded they haven't removed the antispam, it has been months since that attack happened.
Open file (67.91 KB 521x516 1506899837534.jpg)
>>10878 /otter/ is here
>>10953 Actual otters are cute, but what is /otter/ about?
>>10954 It's about otters.
>>10878 nowhere
>>10954 Take a guess.
>>10956 Naruhodo.
>>10954 fascism, national socialism, politics, discussion, literature
>>10942 >this ogg froze OP's computer Anon, what have you done?
I think I figured out the problem and it was totally my fault since I've never added my normalfag music to Mixxx's directory so it's rendering each song for the first time apparently. Mixxx might crash here in a minute so if it does, gimme about five minutes to "fix" it.
silence, real classy music.
Is the thread not auto updating for anyone else?
>>10960 Who's been requesting .ogg files?
Open file (250.57 KB 1000x708 fug.jpg)
>>10963 And here i thought it failed on my end.
.ogg's are a tool of Esther to ruin the stream.
Where were you when stream was kill?
Open file (1.43 MB 763x435 PANIC.gif)
>>10970 Panicking.
Hi, FrChan admin here, I don't know what this is all about but if you want to host your community with LynxChan I can guide you a bit with the setup and configuration. If you like my front end https://fch.bet/int/ I can provide you an english only version up to-date with the latest LynxChan version (2.4) or guide you to translate it easily if you want a non english IBs.
it's back boys!
Open file (57.51 KB 500x333 horo.gif)
>yfw .ogg is actually a glowstick plot to kill bread
How does this work? Just keep the media file playing and post in the thread?
Open file (5.52 MB vkrbqk.mp3)
>>10977 Yeah. pretty much.
>>10977 Yes.
>>10973 appreciated admin.
Open file (87.44 KB 372x699 captains wife lament.png)
>>10983 kek.
TheViper threw that game on purpose. Just saying.
That's a lotta semen.
Open file (12.56 MB 480x360 Banned from Argo.mp4)
Open file (1.93 MB 784x1268 unoriginal2.png)
>>10979 >>10980 I don't hear anything though. >try VLC Oh, it works now.
>>10991 Go complain in the IRC.
>>10988 >checking those literally hitler digits
Open file (9.00 KB 512x342 ClipboardImage.png)
It dun work for me
>>10993 >this new
>>10997 Open it in your browser then.
Open file (23.34 KB 1191x568 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11003 Doesn't work either.
Open file (63.85 KB 434x509 1578022832800.jpg)
>>10924 Thanks, but I'm not the one trying to set up a board. I simply like to report interesting findings across image boards. >>10824 Forgot to mention that somebody in julay is working on an image board that will use a OpenNIC domain instead of a regular one from ICANN. This is to avoid being deplatformed by faggot domain registrars.
>>11005 works for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>>11005 Use Foobar2k
>>11005 It looks like you're trying an https connection. Just use http.
>>11006 ohh the antares board it's quite comfy there
>>11006 I know! We've alraedy added one OpenNic site to the webring. It was a bit of work to get it working but it was definitely worth it!
>>10997 looks like an ssl error, good luck with that on your very specific linux distro famalamadingdong
>>11006 It doesn't just work with the OpenNIC domain? I thought it was the users who had to configure their DNS to resolve the domain.
Also is this going to be every weekend please make it every weekend
>>11011 Reconfiguring the DNS is easy but apparently my VPN doesn't use the right DNS on any of their servers so I either have to bareback or use Tor.
Oh yeah, the stream isn't over https.
>>11006 RitaChan (rita.null) uses OpenNic. I've followed them on the imageboard I manage. They are displayed in the webring listing only by the servers that have enabled opennic dns. I think it's still ok to have some ICANN domain names, along with a hidden service.
>>11014 We have an /a/ version just about every weekend minus western music, and /animu/ has jazz every Friday as well. I wouldn't mind hosting these every once in a while, but it was a bunch of work just to have this today between contacting everyone and getting things set up, plus these are a pretty big mental drain to do even if they're fun.
Robi here. I'm willing to take any questions. I still haven't decided on the board list don't bully please
>>11015 Check if your VPN allows you to use a custom DNS/ask their support how to do it. Nordvpn allows you, all I had to do was set the DNS server in network manager.
>>11015 I wrote a shell script that uses dig to look up the address of the OpenNic domain and then saves in /etc/hosts. I don't like using OpenNic nameservers for general lookups because they're rather slow.
>>11019 >don't bully please
>>11015 You should be able to configure the DNS your VPN connection is using. That's what I had to do. >>11014 r/a/dio is most weekends anon
>>11022 Seconded.
>>11019 >Robi here Where is proof.
Open file (77.46 KB 1300x1000 nby.jpg)
>>11019 Allow /2hu/ to stay in julay.
>>11013 The domain (.open) is exclusive to OpenNIC, and in order to access it you need to use their DNS. Is like how I2P has an exclusive .i2p domain, Tor has a .onion domains, or ZeroNet's .bit domains, except that it looks less shady because you only need to change your DNS instead of downloading extra software.
>>11019 Looking forward to updates for how_to_run_an_imageboard.txt.
>>11029 I've stubbed it out already, but I'm focusing on getting FinalSolution up and ready at the moment. What I'm planning to do is get some help from other webring admins and see if they have anything to contribute, which might make the process much faster. It will be in .pdf and .rst formats.
>.wav files aren't accepted
>>11017 I think that's because the webring extension doesn't work with OpenNIC. Robi said he would add support in future versions.
>>11031 Have you tried just stacking standard components on top of eachother instead of going for crazy homebrew software?
>>11032 Keep in mind I download at like 30kbps when streaming.
>>11031 Isn't Smug developing an ipfs board?
>>11033 It definitely works. Check Smug, we have rita.null listed even without using opennic ourselves.
>>11019 Can /delicious/ come back yet?
>>11028 I was wondering why didn't existing imageboard software work. But thinking about it, if it is to work with the webring, the other sites have to resolve the domain too.
>>11034 Neither LynxChan or Vichan could support the kind of thing I'm going for, and both quite frankly have terrible codebases. I'm not saying FinalSolution has or will have the base codebase ever, but I try to keep it sane, and it's much more comfortable to implement federation on top of a codebase designed for it. >>11036 Yes, he made a thread about it on 8/tech/ back in like 2018 or 2019 or something. It's called Smugboard. It's not the same thing as Final Solution, but it could be added into Final Solution as an extension so that threads can be archived forever. >>11038 Still waiting on the domain transfer.
>>10870 Can't host, but apparently late.city is running their own Minecraft server in 1.12.2. IP is just 'late.city' same as their site. If anons want to play that's probably the best option for now.
>>10878 Fatchan /v/ here. I miss the good old days... Anyway, /r/ DEJA VU
>>11033 >>11037 I think that's because my ib use the same add-on (the infinity one) as Smug. Must be apache2 but I'm not sure
Open file (5.29 MB 427x240 Brutal żal.webm)
/r/ this masterpiece >>11043 >LynxChan or Vichan There is always mitsuba and meguca of course
>>10878 Smug and Julay, sometimes anon.cafe.
>>11046 It only works for smug because of this script: #!/bin/bash IP=$(dig $1 @$2 +short) OPENNIG=$(echo $IP $1) sed -i "/$1/c\\$OPENNIG" /etc/hosts Just run a cronjob with the first argument being rita.null and descond one being any opennic nameserver. Works with any imageboard software.
>>11048 Meguca is a realtime imageboard. I'm not sure whether there would be anyway to use it specifically as a regular imageboard. Live imageboards tend to make people using them dumber.
Lucky I had insomnia or i would miss this one! Let me get headphones......
>>11050 I'll snatch that, thanks.
Open file (989.00 KB 500x274 1565139846.gif)
I welcome our robot overlords.
>>11051 You can turn off liveposting in board options unless lat fucked up something when i wasnt looking
>>11045 Eurobeat is much later, is that ok?
>>10878 smuggu
>>11045 >I miss the good old days... That lasted only like a week
>>11058 It was a nice fucking week, damn it.
>>11053 No problem, remember that you have to add it to /etc/hosts manually the first time, though you can use a bogus IP for that.
Open file (3.87 MB 1280x720 touhou.mp4)
>>11059 It really was a nice week, I'll tell you that
Request this!
>>10878 fatchan /v/. Successor when? Post quality on julay is abysmal. >>11058 And it was by far the best week the board has had in years
What happened to Fatchan.
>>11058 forgot to /r/ this
>>11067 Shoah'd, man.
please convert your /r/'s webm in audio files
>>11065 >Successor when? Dont worry, anon, Mark will do something!
>>11070 How.
Open file (4.49 MB 2400x3200 1583968566972.png)
>>10888 >Sad that the happening has technically ended Anon, what the hell are you talking about. The Happening has barely even begun yet. Don't mistake normalfags getting burnt out from lockdowns and having parties for things actually being fine.
>>11067 (((Esther))). Check their front page, it has irc logs explaining it.
>>11065 >Post quality on julay is abysmal. Have you tried smug/vg/? It's about video games.
>>11072 Using ffmpeg.
>>11065 The thing that boggles my mind is how julay cries that we're ruining their board. Still,I want to take it easy now so I will stop here.
>The Protomen Nice taste.
>>11065 Why don't you guys remake vchan?
>>11008 fails to connect >>11012 It's windows. Tor gives that error message and firefox/chromium/whatever media player just time out Well everything I try on my computer fails but my phone works so I'm using that. Thanks for trying to help though.
Open file (3.29 MB 2172x2076 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11074 >The Happening has barely even begun yet But the honeymoon surely did end >no more GOAT drawfags >no more crazy .webms >discussion on most imageboards about it just fizzled out, many IBs that used to sticky threads about it just don't do so anymore >BrFAG deciding to stop bringing the news since /pnd/ mods kept deleting his stuff making /pnd/ worthless It may keep happening but I really doubt there will be this BIG LOAD of content being created as it was in the beginning
Open file (341.84 KB 800x800 1555226466841-2.jpg)
Please limit yourselves to one or two /r/s per person or at least per hour. There's plenty of music and the night is young, but it's pretty clear when one person /r/s about ten songs and this isn't a music dump thread.
>>11085 News can onyl be posted on /newsplus/! Don't you get it? it's NEWS NEWSS NEWS NEWS
>>11083 Vchan was Mark's bunker,now he should be on 8chan.se I think but nobody wants to touch the cake site for obvious reasons.
In >>10678 why is it necessary to use a specific linux OS? At my job we sometimes have shitty little Python web applications (like flask), or a ReactJS website, on a Heroku subdomain. Those applications can be run no matter the OS as long as it has Python or npm installed, so why isn't the Ansible thing like that?
Open file (3.72 MB 360x448 72167507.gif)
qt robot wife with artificial womb when?
>>11088 At this rate Jim is going to alienate the Qoomers too.
Open file (1.95 KB 32x32 monkey-smash.gif)
>>11088 >/newsplus/ Honestly, what was Jim thinking? It's an imageboard, not Zerohedge.
>>11094 But what if it was Zerohedge, except written by an autistic Jew?
>>11056 OFair enough, thanks
>>11088 >News can onyl be posted on /newsplus/! Don't you get it? it's NEWS NEWSS NEWS NEWS I want to strangle Jim Watkins' neck
>>11090 Without having looked into it, I'm going to assume that centOS 7 is the only environment that it's been tested against and so they don't want to promise it working out of the box on others.
>>11091 I rather see humanity burn to ash than letting abomination like that to exist.
Open file (1.80 MB 316x237 1584920496372.gif)
Open file (38.22 KB 480x422 pierogi.jpg)
>>11086 okay
>>11096 Dammit, site dieded on me, I meant OK, fair enough, thanks
>>11091 when you decide to help us create them anon. READ A MUHFUGGIN BOOK NIGGER
>>11085 Corona is pretty much over as an illness at least. After testing random parts of the population instead of only testing people that show symptoms turns out far more people than expected have the virus. Its just that most people get such benign symptoms that they dont even notice they have/had it. Happening is still on though because now the entire western world tries its best to crash the economy with no survivors. >where is sauce dont have it. Only found the study on accident and didnt save so you dont have to believe me if you dont want to
>>10842 Awesome taste anon, one of my favourite anime series ever
watcha guys eating/cooking?
You all better visit this cafe more often after the stream's over.
>>11089 Yea, even though Mark isn't even an admin of the site nobody wants to go on there because of the association.
>>11107 Had myself some fried chicken and beeru while getting the stream set up.
>>11108 Tsun much?
>>11108 I will visit once a week
>>11107 Steak and mash.
Open file (939.72 KB 320x192 1566621026312.gif)
But yeah, if you guys like listening to music, /animu/ always does a jazz stream Friday nights and /a/ usually does a r/a/dio stream on Saturdays minus rest weeks (as well as an "open secret" comfy stream on Sundays).
Open file (939.72 KB 320x192 1566621026312.gif)
>>11107 Spaghetti alla Puttanesca. So good, yet so stinky.
Open file (2.48 MB 1068x1199 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11105 >Happening is still on though because now the entire western world tries its best to crash the economy with no survivors. But that's no longer Corona, sure it was the catalyst but people will no longer be worried about the flu at this point. They'll be worried about not getting looted and their families shanked. That's another happening, Chapter 2 of 2020 perhaps
The Protomen is badass, thanks OP. >>11111 chicken them digits
Does anyone know if meguca can be used without javascript?
Sometimes I just want to have a long, deep kiss with a cute anon.
Open file (225.59 KB 910x902 QplYL71NFOA (1).jpg)
>>11102 >pierogi Based. Slavs unite.
/yuri/ on board. >>10850 You remind of that one Angel Beats! scene. >How could you forgive them?! Don't you know how many of our friends have been lost? >No, actually, all of them are still here now. >But still, it was so painful!
If anoyne struggles with setting up a vichan derivative server, feel free to ask.
>>11107 Chicken nuggets, spring rolls, gyoza, potato skins... just a handful of random bar snacks to keep the beeru company.
>>10953 By the way, /otter/'s having our yearly otter-themed movie stream on May 27th and you're all invited. cytu.be/r/ottercine
>>11127 >May 27th Duly noted
>>11107 Bacon and eggs.
>>11121 nope, not really. it was worked on though. also meguca is dead as a domain, new main is shamik.ooo
>>11127 give me some examples of otter-themed movies
>>11127 >otter-themed movie stream What are some otter-themed movies?
I think that if I ran an imageboard I would just want it to be what late.city already is.
>>11131 >>11132 Last year we saw Ring of Bright Water. This year we'll probably watch some documentaries.
/r/eqs: (posting issues when all 3 in one)
>>11111 >post yfw
>>11133 They're using lainchan, right? https://git.lain.church/kashire/lainchan
>>11119 cant wait for the looting, should be fun.
Open file (1.54 MB 1280x720 1499971837-3.png)
>>10878 fat/v/ but I've been bunkering with /tg/ ans smug/vg/ since the cataclysm. The meidos have been nice. I just want my comfy vidya board back.
>>11129 Don't post that tasty looking anime shit when I'm poor ;__;
>>11127 noted. will bring plenty of oysters.
>>11133 I really like it there, very unique feeling to the place.
>>11140 Bacon, eggs, broccoli, and heirloom tomatoes are all cheap though. Good black tea can get pricey though.
>>10969 Smug/tg/ here, /r/ing this.
Open file (43.87 KB 340x400 Teddy.gif)
>>11133 If I ran an imageboard I would probably run the same ancient software that desuchan runs but with a few tweaks.
>>11145 And /support/ is shitting on me for sometimes losing an image.
>>11143 The only cheap thing there is eggs and tomatoes where I live.
Best trial theme
>>11140 You're just asking for it now. >>11143 >Good black tea can get pricey though Especially now since Corona-chan has fucked the supply.
>>11101 >>11145 gifs are still broken I see
/r/ your choice either one or both
Yeah lets just queue up for [Normal raid] quickly.
proper /r/equest this time
Open file (653.63 KB 1280x720 AAAAA.webm)
Thanks for the radio. I'm going to play a video game now before sleeping. >>11139 >I just want my comfy vidya board back. Me too, but it's gone.
Surprise /r/
No wait she's in Trials, gomen.
I don't remember this song. Then again I only played for 3 months back when this game was on the Nogamesstation 3.
>>11143 >>11148 >eggs >cheap They doubled in price where I live and they're hard to come by already
Open file (91.38 KB 719x727 1586620531209151869.jpg)
>>11143 last month prices of food overall raised by 8%, meat raised by 15,8%, tomatoes cost skyrocketed. and this is just the start we have a worst drought ever caused by 30 years of incompetence and ignoring water sources and distribution. the worst part? it only begun.
>>11158 It's from the latest expansion
>>11127 Eating some baked cake >inb4 mark
>>11159 I get eggs (from a guy who's chickens produce too many) so I don't know this feel.
>>11162 oops meant for >>11107
I just fucking hate this boss so much
>>11164 My father mostly sells them to small businesses, it's not just for consumption, the price to which they've being sold jumped too hard too fast
>>11161 How is the game doing? I played one year after its release and never played back due to the three months free trial ending. Has it got grindier?
Open file (155.95 KB 850x560 ttex.jpg)
I'm tired of this cramped old castle! Let's play in the forest!
Open file (29.89 KB 718x227 Webring PPH.png)
Cafe is now winning in PPH by quite a large margin. Hope the site and stream don't shit themselves.
Open file (27.51 KB 474x474 memes.com.jpeg)
>>11088 Is lolicon news?
>>11152 Depression block is much later in the evening, is that ok?
>>11146 Isn't that risky?
>>11172 >memes.com.jpeg
>>11107 Got a bean bake with tomato soup and pierogies in the oven. Got some local gin and mix for later.
>>11070 >>11072 WinFF is about as noob-friendly as it gets Anon. https://github.com/WinFF/winff/
Open file (162.64 KB 723x666 1567717635732.png)
>>11177 >memes.com.jpeg
>>11169 The only real grind you gotta do is to catch up with the mainstory quests aka level. The game itself is doing quite well.
FFXIV is MMO right? Squenix still keep their music quality even on MMO? nice.
>>11169 It's the most popular MMORPG out there. There's a shitload of content and frequent patches. Lots of cute girls too.
>>11176 Probably. Putting I, with limited technical knowledge, at the helm of any IB would be risky. Hence why I'm not running anything.
Open file (408.87 KB 864x1080 oVYIzB6B6kg.jpg)
Open file (248.45 KB 855x1068 bi43EtIBr5c.jpg)
Open file (336.95 KB 864x1080 CR1Pg7Gsz_Q.jpg)
Open file (366.94 KB 864x1080 qmEP_3ikWgg.jpg)
>>11164 Must be nice. I wish I had a garden and some little critters to devour once in a while, think ducks and rabbits.
>>11171 >Implying my computer hasn't been shitting itself just trying to download all these /r/s
>>11172 Yes. Just curl danbooru for images withe loli tag and you'rem golden.
Open file (239.34 KB 2240x900 MakiItoh2.jpg)
>>11184 This by a large margin, the wowkiller was wow itself but FFxiv is providing a great game and winning the subs contest by an order of magnitude.
>>11187 if it doesnt burn or explode, it is good.
>>11189 FFXIV never needed to be a WoW killer. It's just a good game by itself.
>>11186 Ducks are nice so long as you don't have too many and their eggs are great with a much higher yolk concentration/wateryness to their whites. Rabbits are niggers though.
Weedfags need to neck themselves.
>>11184 Wow, something more popular than WOW? It always looked cool, I might try it.
>>11193 I just find the song funny
Open file (25.14 KB 247x404 lit robo.jpg)
>>11182 >>11184 I guess I will try it when I finish Yakuza 0. Is it too big? I fucking hope it is not 100 Gb. Are roegadyn still rare to see? I felt like the only roegadyn in the whole server back when I was playing back then.
>>11196 So, will robowaifus smoke? Is there a good reason for them ever to, they won't will they?
Open file (1.86 MB 300x299 1427816128366.gif)
I'd just like to mention that when a more permanent site/s are made that BO's may want to consider a single thread general style board. especially for smaller lower traffic boards. I think it helps to concentrate the small number of posters and stops boards feeling empty and if traffic every gets too high you can always make more threads >>11171 case in point >>11139 fat really was something special. Instantaneous posting and media play back was like nectar for the soul
>>11197 Roe are still rare and male roe the least common choice (of all choices I think less then 2% of all characters or something(. But femroe are godtier so there you go.
>In the shadow of the valley My absolute comfy nigger.
>>11197 They're a fetish race. You only play that if you want death by snusnu.
>>11198 Why would they?
>>11197 roe are still rare as fuck. Game is 46GB on my end
>>11199 Yeah, the cafe threads on /a/ have been nice when stuff's slow, so I can support this idea.
>>11201 Come back in about 6 hours for some real damn fine comfy.
>>11193 Just for that, /r/eqing this
>cafe/meta/ is a SFW board Uh oh. This is going to be an issue when it's time to masturbate to cartoons.
>>11199 >I'd just like to mention that when a more permanent site/s are made that BO's may want to consider a single thread general style board. especially for smaller lower traffic boards. I think it helps to concentrate the small number of posters and stops boards feeling empty and if traffic every gets too high you can always make more threads >>>/server/
>>11206 Hello Europe!
Open file (1.50 MB 1920x1080 out232.png)
Open file (223.64 KB 1200x1200 beefstew.jpg)
>>11107 I'm going to make beef stew soon. First time I ever made beef stew it was delicious as fuck, but the second time around I think I cut the carrots too thick and weren't boiled enough, affecting the taste of the entire stew. Hope I don't fuck up this time.
>>11209 thank you anon, wasn't aware of this
>>11213 Keep the skins on the carrots for extra vitamin A.
>>11107 I made some Curry the other day and might make some more tomorrow.
>>11215 It's so funny people keep mentioning the idea without realizing it already exists.
Open file (494.71 KB 1254x544 _server_ - 188.png)
>>11209 >/server/ Woah, this is super weird to look at. Every thread has its own CSS.
>>11199 If PPH's the only goal, sure. But if it's a highly-technical general theme, then multiple threads are not only essential, your alternate approach would be detrimental. Admittedly, there aren't a whole lot, but there are some examples: /prog/ /tech/ /robowaifu/ Anons can probably come up with others. >>11203 I don't think they would, apart from some social aspect of it for her master.
>>11208 >masturbate to cartoons wanna put that song in the bot? not comfy but related.
/r/ for the anime theme
Best girl in the house.
Open file (80.90 KB 456x578 Awawawa.jpg)
Yosh~ I'm gonna put a soft hold on /r/s until after Safety Dance for now and we'll readdress at that time since I think we're set to finish a couple hours later than planned.
>>11227 All good DJ. I'm glad you got mine in there while I'm still here.
>>11048 Don't forget JSchan (used by Fatchan), Infinity Next (used by 9chan) and a Brazilian fork of NPFchan named Bazookachan (NPFchan was originally created by /mlpol/ and is based on Vichan).
I want to explode inside Megumin
>>11226 I like her. She's like a super autistic Roxy.
>>11227 How long a stream are we looking at Torpisu?
>>11226 >Explosion slut >Best girl heh.
>>11232 Originally it was looking like it would finish in 7 hours. Now it's closer to in 9 hours I think.
>>11227 >I think we're set to finish a couple hours later than planned Nah, this is going to be one of those streams where you pass out drunk and another anon takes the reins. Probably going to be over 18 hours total.
>>11226 >best girl >only post two pics of her why anon?
Oh no
>>11235 >tfw we go full miracle and continue until lounge.
>>11235 I think most of the other streamers have forgotten about the credentials to log in to the anon.cafe stream server even though I shared them for backup purposes. Besides, I only have a fifth of orangecello and I'm only like two beers in.
>>11237 Oh yes
delicious pasta
>>11241 NO NO
>>11230 What do you call that? A girl having a dick coming out of her belly buttom.
>>11214 Which fucking board did this gold come from?
Open file (565.09 KB 1920x1080 BEST_WUFF_GRIL_IS_BEST.jpg)
>>11226 Silly Anon, that's not how you spell H - O - R - O
Is this a fanfic ?
>tfw TG got rid of the library UI It is not fair. Fuck you Orangez.
So, it's ancient played out meme a' clock?
wait a minute i thought trailer for new gta was scheduled for this time
>>11246 More like whore.
>>10878 Gonna sound like a broken record here but smug. Also /k/ and julay/v/. But you know what I'd like? What I miss? A proper /x/ iteration. I miss that board.
Open file (731.51 KB 480x360 What_it_is_about_you.mp4)
>>11252 *Whoro
>>11249 good to know you're keeping us all in line anon. keep up the good work tbh.
>>11253 Yeah why the fuck hasn't an /x/ popped up anywhere or been made by anyone? I might try to throw it on /hgg/'s bunker if I ever learn linux.
>>11253 Why don't you host it yourself? Most of the webring admins are ITT and willing to help you set it up.
Open file (48.10 KB 512x612 6rs4Tx9psic.jpg)
>>11246 Horo is pretty cool too. Respect.
>>11244 Violent rapid disassembly during intercourse
this went from chill music to shit memes real quick
Open file (1.30 MB 850x1202 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11198 Smoking is hot.
>>11246 >>11259 Poor Lawrence. Got cucked by some random wolf in the woods.
>>11261 I needed a proper transition.
Open file (794.78 KB 480x480 shtpost - shtpost.mp4)
What game are you playing anon? I am playing the one you lost
>>11258 I thought about it, but I don't know if I'd make a good BO. /x/ deserves the best after all this time.
Good morning, Mr Requester.
/r/ing something cozy this time
>>11266 Goddammit anon.
>>11267 >I don't know if I'd make a good BO Dom it faget. You'll never find out until you try.
Open file (142.14 KB 480x480 345433453453.mp4)
Open file (27.66 KB 680x383 cultured_man_tbh.jpg)
>>11255 >>11252 YOU TAKE THAT BACK YOU FILTHY NIGGER! >>11259
Man, this song is so kiked.
>>11261 >shit memes Keep that banter up and I'll post some actually shit memes.
>>11267 if not you then who?
Open file (101.67 KB 900x836 G0ofw5Od0gs.jpg)
>>11267 I love /x/, but even on the late 8chan it's been semi-dead for years.
>>11277 The BO deleting anything that seemed negative to traps didn't help
/r/ing some city pop. Pick one.
Open file (175.74 KB 720x1080 MehzHptg7BA.jpg)
>>11274 Yeah, and?
>>11277 It's a shame, really. There is something really comfy about discussing ayylmaos and hearing anons' stories.
>>11279 >traps What the heck did that have to do with the paranormal? Are they spooky trap stories? >t. non-/x/
>>11283 I don't know, I think it had something to do with the succubus thread. Don't remember properly, but just overmoderating like that is non-inviting
>>11253 >>11257 What's wrong with Julay's /x/?
>>11283 eh traps are pretty paranormal
>>11273 >YOU TAKE THAT BACK YOU FILTHY NIGGER! well, at least in the comic and cartoon version she didnt suck wolf dicks.
>>11285 It's terribly inactive. It used to have a good stream of posts in julay's early days but that seems to have dropped.
>>11285 Isn't it getting axed?
/r/ Key The Metal Idol full OP - In The Night >01 In The Night - Sario Kijima.flac https://www11.zippyshare.com/v/WxF81oMs/file.html
>Andrew WK Play Party Hard fgt
>>11281 and it needs to go. >>11283 summoning succubus = embracing your whorish feminine side and becomin demented tranny. this is not a request
>>11294 Ironic.
>>11284 >succubus Or incubus?
Open file (62.88 KB 640x640 2KivAXlb4p0.jpg)
>>11282 ikr? I fucking loved it.
>>11297 no, summoning incobus woud have an oposite effect of you becoming professional breeding stud
Open file (378.44 KB 600x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11297 Well that's not my S.C.I.E.N.C.E
Open file (7.88 KB 257x196 BAtxs5RXK_Q.jpg)
>>11295 >t. anti-semite No, YOU need to go.
What's with this nigger music?
Open file (460.51 KB 790x1011 1569023247890-2.png)
Do you still love her Anon?
>>11304 yes she's a cute feel sorry for corona taking over her home tbh
>>11303 We all decided to be a nigger for a day.
>>11304 >pureblood african >white >people are starting to do the same to coronachan It's white Jesus all over again.
Open file (193.63 KB 390x597 bal090.jpg)
>>11262 So, does anyone here have any success stories using the tools for setting up IBs yet?
>>11304 No, she was useless, unlike coronachan.
Open file (2.90 MB 427x240 carlito1.gif)
Open file (523.53 KB 191x184 carlito2.gif)
Open file (249.93 KB 191x184 carlito3.gif)
Open file (369.92 KB 480x358 carlito4.png)
>>11308 you are posting on one
>>11307 Jesus was unironically white and English
Open file (125.17 KB 715x480 1585259456965.png)
>>11305 I agree, Corona stole all her reputation >>11311 Don't bully her like that, she already has enough
>>11297 Succubus are demons that fuck men and can transform into whatever the victim is into, so of the victim is gay the succubus will take a male appearance in order to succ his life force out of his dick. Incubus, on the other side, are demons whose goal is to get women pregnant with their demon seed, and usually will have a male appearance (not likeit matters since they rape women when they are asleep.
>>11304 I have a new girlfriend anon. Sorry.
Open file (2.90 MB 427x240 carlito1.gif)
Open file (523.53 KB 191x184 carlito2.gif)
Open file (249.93 KB 191x184 carlito3.gif)
Open file (369.92 KB 480x358 carlito4.png)
>>11314 Heh, fair enough, but that's hardly a story anon. I keep getting stopped at every turn, so I'd like to hear about some successes to lighten my mood about our prospects tbh.
>walk in expecting comfy music >get soundwave shitposting Meh, could have been worse I guess.
Open file (620.22 KB 960x768 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11318 Don't do that, she has enough
>>11326 Better than whoever was posting screamer metal
>>11326 but anon soundwave shitposting is the comfy
>>11327 Maybe some people want to unlock the harem route.
>>11326 I got some dank airhorn remixes anon, let me just go find them....
Blue my board with a blue little loli And a blue /cafe/ And everything is blue for me
Depression block already, eh?
/r/ OY VEY
Open file (503.25 KB 604x437 1580411266068.png)
Why did /animu/ moved back to their bunker? arent they fine at 8kunt?
>>11334 Momentarily,
>>11334 This song is high-energy, post blue girls.
Is it ok to /r/equest now my hombre?
>>11334 Isn't depression block supposed to be music that makes you want to kys?
Blue Text when?
>>11338 I only have sad girls available.
Open file (87.82 KB 673x768 box life.jpg)
>>11334 What if everyday is depression block?
>>11336 Nah, after stealing our board (with the help of Mark) they realized that 8kunt is shit and so they left.
Open file (762.37 KB 628x1000 tail red_fa1.png)
Open file (563.85 KB 800x1000 tail red_fa2.jpg)
>>11344 >>11336 Oi, let's not start fights while being guests.
>>11331 Those people are disgusting
Twintail over rated TO BE HONEST
>>11346 I'm just stating facts.
>>11346 I'm not looking for that, just curious. Was it because of the lolis?
>>11331 norovirus is my waifu
>>11326 Embrace the shitposting. Are reqs still going on? If so, /r/'ing Scatman.
the common cold is an absolute slut and worst tier prove me wrong
>>11308 I've been playing around with some imageboard software before this thing with Julay happened, I've been planning on making an imageboard for a while now, but it's not going to be on the webring, and I plan on monetizing it with ads.
What is this gay homo moe kneegrow garbage doing on my stream?
>>11354 >Doesn't even kill most of her victims so she can go back and fuck them next year I mean you're not wrong.
>>11354 B-but she visit me nearly every year.
Open file (529.38 KB 510x356 1560665252.webm)
Open file (171.30 KB 600x900 1588153546127.png)
>>11354 Doesn't look like it
>>11355 >monetizing it with ads oy vey anon
>>11346 Good call. So where'd all the embers of pigfarmer's and fatchan's /v/ get spread to? Julay's /v/ pph hasn't changed much, and Mark's isolation box is pretty much deserted. I haven't been back to 8kun since shit hit the fan--someone pls tell me they didn't go back.
>>11338 Blue girls good taste tbbqh
IDK what the future holds but this moment right here is comfy as fuck. I'm glad that my past actions have brpugh me to this place at this exact time. Thanks, anons. Why yes, I do sound like a faggot.
>>11353 >scat MODS
how much of a slut is leprosy?
>>11365 >brpugh brought
Let's Kanpai!
>>11361 I'll pay $20 to advertize another imageboard
Open file (157.97 KB 1279x960 humanity's friend.jpg)
It's time.
Open file (1.00 MB 800x1084 shishou.png)
>>11338 Best blue.
>>11365 >spoiler You're home, anon. It's ok.
Open file (76.38 KB 1280x960 sp0040b.jpg)
>>11365 >Why yes, I do sound like a faggot. No you don't. It is in times of crises when people learn to accept the differences of their comrades and put aside petty conflicts. Let's get comfy. The world is in ruins outside. We may not be able to recover it in our lifetimes. But that is okay, isn't? It's okay anon. It's okay.
>>11374 >The world is in ruins outside Not just outside, but imageboards as well. Scorching network is real
Open file (321.47 KB 1280x720 zmusza.webm)
>>11370 somebody should buy ads on 4chan
>>11367 >not very infections (not a slut) >stays with you your whole life (loyal) >blisters, skin rash (doesn't care what you look like) high tier tbh, not a virus though
>>11362 I tried to post a bit on Julay but it seems we're not welcome there,and the posting in general was pretty fucking shitty. The horror thread was like 80% shitposting and arguing about the most idiotic shit,and then there was about 15% of other assorted shit,and like only a few post were worth something like being more than meme one liners and strawmanning
>>11371 i've been drinking since the radio started
>>11375 Well, yes. I guess I meant to say the world in general. It's being an exercise in existentialism, so to speak. We are finally living with uncertainty right by our doorsteps.
Open file (236.55 KB 760x429 sayaka_smell_money.png)
>>11361 Yes, goy, I'm not a charity you know.
>>11376 Fuck off.
>>11378 Forgot the point,from what I understand most fat anons are lurking and waiting for a good site to pop up. I would start one if I wasn't poor,retarded and Europoor.
>>11362 fatchan /v/ anons mostly lurk various imageboards and meta threads waiting for a sucessor. Almost nobody went back to Mark and while some posted on julay for a while most dont anymore or only in the meta thread because post quality on julay is shit
Open file (4.56 MB 640x480 (8 6 7) 5 o'clock.mp4)
>>11372 >not posting 5 year olds literally built for sex ok
>>11362 Most are on julay /v/ and /meta/ waiting for something to happen. Some of them took refuge on smug /vg/ and /tg/, and on anon.cafe Others went back to 8kun /v/ to bitch about the state of everything. Most gamergaters went to 8chan.moe and split into mark's /v/ and an separate /vg/. The rest probably are lurking multiple sites or left for good.
Sauce on this one the name is in kanji so its unreadable.
>>11376 >are you a faggot >lonely >looking for a better place to post? >fuck you, enjoy your shithole.
>>11362 I mostly lurk julay/v/ now, but the post quality is far worse than fat/v/. Still better than 8/v/ or mark.
Open file (143.68 KB 540x784 my best tomorrow.png)
>>11381 I'm just happy that we have an event to congregate now, /r9k/ had a very tough life
>>11377 >stays with you your whole life (loyal) Next you're going to say being able to cook is a good trait rather than a requirement.
>>11382 fair enough but does anyone who actually uses IB even see ads? is this why jim wanted all the qboomers because he knows they don't know what adblock is?
Open file (82.71 KB 166x245 loljk.png)
>>11387 How nice of Mark to be one of the most balkanizing agents in /v/.
Open file (229.11 KB 500x281 nande.gif)
>>11390 It was good for a little while, but in the last month or two its noticeably been fucked up, what the fuck happened?
>>11393 That, and QBoomers are the dumbest fucking cattle and easy to monitor. They'll gobble up whatever Jim and 8cunt put out.
>>11378 >>11385 >>11384 >waiting for a successor JUST
Open file (7.80 KB 52x50 smug.png)
>>11376 < urafaget >>11378 Julay just seems really broken as a whole, hopefully robi can fix his shit with the restructuring or whatever.
>>11388 IOSYS 飲酒オンザビール
>>11389 Add a nice flashing 'we dont want you!' and it's good.
>>11387 This is what I'm talking about. How much do anons have to keep splintering and wandering all over the net to see where they will set foot, only for their home to be denied again? When will it be enough?
>>11378 >>11384 >>11385 >fatchan successor There already is one. It's called antares.
SUIIKKKAAAAA!!!!!! >>11395 Pig Farmer
>>11383 No it is glorious actually. we get an influx of new users through a dedicated shitposting board, but proximity of oldfags, proper moderation and social pressure will mold them into proper, world hating anons in no time. It is so fucking evil it is amazing
>>11399 ありがとう
>>11392 If I ever meet an virus that can cook I'm marrying her on the spot
was a good song.
>>11371 >when you're too poor for alcohol so you just brew A LOT of cheapass tea and sip on it. How does it feel to be (relatively) rich?
Open file (634.88 KB 679x973 w21.png)
>>11362 Probably just waiting for someone to make an alternative that's not related to anybody tangentially related to 8chan at all. It's funny how even though Mark has no administrative powers at 8chan.moe nobody wants to be on a site even associated with him.
Open file (283.20 KB 855x485 japanesugoborin.png)
Open file (270.19 KB 600x600 ClipboardImage.png)
Never forget that Ron made Suika cry when he divorced her.
Instead of waiting for successor to fatchan why don't we make our own there like this one >>11402
Open file (43.54 KB 192x192 drunken-loli.gif)
>>11414 Does it work already?
Open file (746.10 KB 1000x1395 1545335651066.jpg)
Who is the UTAU for this song again?
>>11408 Mate you can brew wine out of tea, shit is alright. Just act as if you're making kombucha (more sugar=more alcohol/more sweetness), but throw an airlock on it and some wine/champagne yeast. Shit'll be done in about 3 months depending on how dry you like your wine.
>>11394 One of the main reasons most GGfags went to 8moe instead of julay is that they still like Acid and tolerate Mark, while in julay they despise GG and specially Mark to the point of having a thread for him on /cow/.
>>11393 >>11396 Having low critical thinking skills and high faith is a pre-requisite to being one, so it's actually bait on a plate. Yes. Worst case, tell them that all proceeds go to destroying the ̶c̶a̶p̶t̶i̶a̶l̶i̶s̶t̶ jews.
>>11408 there is no such thing as too poor for alcohol. fucking seriously in this country every child is born with knowledge how to brew their own alcohol. git gud scrub
>>11395 Everyone is focused on meta discussions and no one talks about video games anymore. >>11409 >spoiler True, but his sole presence keeps people away. Not to mention Tor posting is disabled.
Open file (151.99 KB 424x508 f37.png)
>>11387 I made the 8moe /vg/ for shits n' giggles not really expecting it to go anywhere because nobody wants to go on acidchan. >>11413 >Post loli porn of her >Then subsequently banned Loli sitewide >>11420 I really like Kombucha but I feel like I'd be associated with commiefornia faggots just for drinking it.
>>11402 >>11414 What is antares? Never heard of it.
Since it doesn't look like anyojne needs help with setting up his imageboard, I'm going to head off to bed.
>>11404 self destruction is selfless. i admire that, but do it on a larger site i dont like
>>11423 Even prison inmates can get that shit.
Anyone remember what the reply limit is on anon.cafe? I might need to make a new thread soon.
>>11426 An OpenNIC imageboard made by an anon on Julay /meta/. His thread is right now full of shitposting and salt,so business as usual on Julay.
Oh shit, it's boomer hour!?
>>11426 antares.oss:15000 You need to configure your DNS to an OpenNIC server to get it to work. It's pretty easy though. OpenNIC documentation tells you how to do it if you're lost.
Open file (63.94 KB 192x271 ded.png)
>>11414 Computers are hard. Also hosting takes time, money, and dedication most lazy NEET no life smelly homos hard working busy anons here don't have. I have a VPS but I doubt it could handle even a tiny imageboard.
>>11425 Just like don't make social media posts with your kombucha mother if it bothers you. It's a really versatile drink that you can flavor almost however you like. Fucking do it faggot, make that kombucha. If it sucks, hey, free vinegar.
>>11431 >>11433 Thanks anons.
Open file (127.95 KB 693x778 rental boomer.jpg)
>>11432 Just suffer through it, and don't forget your monster energy.
>>11432 2010: >pretend you aren't 16 and you're welcome 2020: >pretend you aren't 40+ and you're welcome (oldfags excluded)
>>11435 It's all the parts of beer I don't like.
>>11437 >Monster energy Fuck you, I can bear that shit somewhere else but not here /r/ing then >>11438 I just associate Iron Maiden to boomers, just like Kiss and Black Sabbath
>comfy music
Open file (6.33 MB 4000x2400 1523756836453.png)
>>11394 I don't even care about his moderation style that much, I'm just really fucking sick of how he's constantly surrounded by drama. It's not enough that he's generally incompetent, he's also got to be a drama generator with his spergouts.
Open file (464.67 KB 1200x684 1572971288817.png)
>>11440 >I just associate Iron Maiden to boomers, just like Kiss and Black Sabbath Fair call, comment retracted.
Open file (99.20 KB 1366x768 DDvbD38V0AAaXo4.jpg)
>>11421 >tolerate Mark. I don't think I understand.
Ugh real boomer hour late at night, might as well wake up the neighbors.
Open file (997.41 KB 640x360 boomer.webm)
>>11437 This is the only funny boomer OC. Prove me wrong.
>>11441 To be fair the smug loli did shill dadrock CDs.
Open file (224.88 KB 1604x2048 1579725137743.jpg)
>>11402 >>11426 >>11431 How to setup OpenNic, for future easy reference: https://wiki.opennic.org/setup Mostly posting this for myself, I like keeping pic references for shit like 08chan since I'm computer-incompetent. I honestly don't expect this one to last any longer than it did, but better to have info than not
>>11393 Yeah, I will just nicely ask people to turn off their adblock and/or donate money to keep it running and maybe start selling merchandise later on. Honestly, I'm not making it a secret comfy place that normalfags can't reach, there should be niche imageboards like that, but I'm hoping that my one in particular will become really popular because there is no platform for right-wingers in my country to discuss things and coordinate.
Megadeth > Metallica Fite me faggets.
>>11439 What parts are those? Carbonation? What else do they have in common, flavour-wise, unless you include sour beers?
>>11440 >I just associate Iron Maiden to boomers, just like Kiss and Black Sabbath Metal and rock music is pretty much boomer bait these days. I used to listen to it a lot but now, years later, I realize it's all shit and despite LARPing as hardcore "anti-establishment" rebels, metal and rock musicians are the biggest jew loving cattle there is. It's on the same level as niggerbeats. Iron Maiden threatening to D&C Ion Maiden over the fucking title of the game was the last straw for me. >>11442 Mark is simply incapable of disconnecting himself, personally, from whatever he gets his hands on. He wanted 8/v/ to basically become "Mark's Video Game Forum" or whatever. He wanted people to associate /v/ with him.
>>11452 Didn't Megadeth do Dick kickem?
>>11445 Tolerate as in not sperging out about him every five posts.
>>11454 not sure how much the bands do any of that shit and it's not some kike lawyer filing copyright claims for the record label.
>>11448 Maybe the loli van greentexts were a warning. This is how we end the boomer epidemic. I will fuck a niponnese and train our baby to be a pedo boomer assassin then she can be a well paid secret service agent later in life
>>11458 No need, just train the streamer's hapa bastard in Japan.
>>11455 I think they also did the Morphing Something Power Rangers theme
>>11451 fuck off mark
Open file (211.30 KB 720x719 kyh-bf_Dkuo.jpg)
God I fucking love Megadeth. >>11452 You are absolutely correct. Fuck Gaytallica.
/r/ some comfy music for once.
Open file (217.69 KB 900x851 shrugging.png)
>>11454 >Caring about the artist' opinions If I did that I'd probably have next to zero games, movies, anime or music to enjoy.
>>11445 Mark gave the GG threads preferential treatment such as allow them to discuss literally anything, banning critics, and regularly posted in them, while also banning the shitposters that would stir shit up for reactions. He was attached most heavily to the #GG thread. Source: Lurking the #GG threads since the initial exodus. >>11454 I think it's the autism that caused him to get so emotionally attached to /v/ and also the fact he has literally nothing else in his life other than moderating /v/. >>11435 I should try making some. The ones I had were stuff from my local grocery store. >>11440 The entire genre of Rock n Roll is basically boomercore. Find me one boomer that isn't listening to either AC/DC or Pink Floyd. I'll wait.
Peacefag /r/ing this when the weeb hour back in town ok.
>>11453 I think its a certain type of fermentation taste. Dislike: >beer (full stop, afaik) >wine (unless it's overly strong or sweet (e.g. port). goon is legitimately better tasting to me) >kombucha (only had the plain one) Like: >soft drink >any brown colored spirits >liquor >mead (at least strong ones, haven't had anything <12%)
>>11454 Punks moreso and more leftist where both are self-victimizing but whereas punks are especially projecting and faggots metalheads are manchildren and/or pussies who think they're hardcore.
Whoah so sad this isn't in the PC dragon's dogma, got me so pumped up even with how cheesy it was.
Open file (802.06 KB 1280x720 dragons_nogma.webm)
Open file (15.36 KB 480x360 Sleep tight aniki.jpg)
Open file (149.42 KB 1024x678 aniki legend.jpg)
Open file (97.34 KB 640x360 aniki.mp4)
Well lads it's been fun but I gotta sleep now have fun and don't worry we will manage to pull through.
>>11452 That's not much of a controversial opinion. Metallica is the most commercialized form of metal there is. It can hardly even be called metal. Also /r/ing Primus - My Name Is Mud
>>11471 Wait it isn't? Fuck I was planning to play it on PC. I don't want to buy a PS3.
>>11473 Sleep tight Aniki!
>>11464 >Nujabes My negro. Have you listened to Kenichiro Nishihara? He was on label that Nujabes made.
>>11443 Boomcubus was a shilled and forced meme at the beginning but at least it developed nicely with time. But at the beginning it was just way too forced >>11454 >I realize it's all shit and despite LARPing as hardcore "anti-establishment" rebels, metal and rock musicians are the biggest jew loving cattle there is Entertainers are the least you should take knowledge or advices from. /r/ing peak boomer-core
>>11473 Good night anon,sleep well.
>>11477 Oh, and also /r/ you play this.
>>11471 >>11475 Theres a mod to add it back in. The only thing that comes close is eternal respite (It think thats what it was? The boss music at the end of BBI)
>>11469 Have you ever drank malt? You'd probably like it.
>>11470 City pop and Synthwave is manlier too, and you don't need to larp as some hardcore counterculture faggot to enjoy it.
>>11473 Sleep snug.
/r/ing bo/a/mer theme.
Snug smugs anon.
>>11481 I think you're thinking of Coils of Light.
>>11475 Yeah that mod is a must, too bad about the berserk collab stuff.
>>11473 Good night Aniki, have a good sleep, and may your dreams be as comfy as this thread.
>>11469 If you like port wine, you may enjoy porters and stout beers. Also, if you like mead, you'll dig tea wine for sure. Not only can you make it using sugar (cheaper, faster), you can make it using honey (essentially a metheglyn). I encourage you to brew a batch anon it's really something else. Use something like this to calculate your strength without having to get your hands dirty: https://gotmead.com/blog/the-mead-calculator/
>>11483 It's really annoying for me seeing every "ebin counter-culture" eceleb using the same vaporwave aesthetic.
>>11487 Yeah thats the one.
What is a viable way for an imageboard to get money? I know nothing about running a site, hosting, sever costs so I have no idea just how expensive it could be. I take it that the higher the traffic / bandwidth the higher the cost? I don't like the idea of ads because of the potentially malicious nature same with crypto miners. Donations seems like the most ethical but an unpredictable source of money. plus giving money might defeat the point of an anonymous image board. merch store is pure cringe.
>>11493 OP already said no trainroll tonight.
>>11482 I haven't actually (not a staple in my country). I probably might like that. Cheers Anon.
>>11495 Shoot didn't see that. Sorry bout that.
/r/ing my uncle's jazz fusion band
Hey, did Julay's certificate expire?
Alright, let's take a vote. All in favor of taimroll, say AYE! All foul faggots who hate their station, say NAY!
>>11477 Didn't know him, but i'll definitely look him up. Thanks. /r/ this last one, then i'll go to sleep.
>>11476 it is not sleep
Open file (81.65 KB 128x128 spurdo dance hazmat.gif)
>Manowar EBIN :DDD
>>11500 AYE!
Open file (483.47 KB 529x470 tenshi cry.png)
>>11502 stop
/r/equesting this song. >>11501 Yea he did a lot of productions featuring a lot of the artists that featured on Nujabes songs, such as Shing02, Cise Starr.
which car would survive a crash? >a car made out of diamond, the hardest metal known to men >a car made from manowar, the heaviest metal in universe?
>>11500 AHOY I mean AYE
Open file (10.52 MB 640x360 Nichijou - Zzz.mp4)
/r/equestin >>11452 that's not exactly a bold opinion, they are both faggots, but megadeth's music is consistently better for the most part. WHO foobar 2k gang here? post your customized shit
Open file (82.79 KB 500x500 hanipaganda.jpg)
For god's sake, anons. I have a whole 45 minutes dedicated to Nujabes later. I will play nujabes, you will get the full hexology and then some. Please stop getting angry about a lack of nujabes. Patience is a virtue. I'm drunk.
Open file (10.52 MB 640x360 Nichijou - Zzz.mp4)
/r/equestin >>11452 that's not exactly a bold opinion, they are both faggots, but megadeth's music is consistently better for the most part. WHO foobar 2k gang here? post your customized shit
>>11490 I might give that a try. Turns out I can probably get the equipment legally for non-commercial use.
>>11494 For a small IB you could probably get away with paying it out of pocket, if you can spare ~$100 burgershekels per year on it for a low end VPS. >11500 AYE!
>>11500 AYE!
>file is invalid even though it's an MP3
/r/ absolute peak of Death Grips
>>11494 You could ask for Bitcoin/crypto donations. Otherwise, you could run boards with just with a few pages to keep the storage low.
>>11511 I have the regular olive scheme. Anyplace where I could look up some nice configurations. Something cute in particular.
>>11516 I had that because of an unusual cover image format, try uploading to a 3rd party or, to fix it, upload it to a mp3 tagging site and download it.
>>11517 Seconded.
Well this is troubling. Julay 404'd. Did (((Esther))) attack twice?
>>11494 A public crypto address is the only viable option. >>11517 I already requested Steroids
>>11512 >equipment kek. All it takes is a glass container (growler), a rubber cork and an airlock, plus a shitty plastic tube to syphon shit out once it's done. Drill a hole in the cork to accommodate the airlock or get a cork with an airlock already in it. Amazon sells kits if you're feeling lazy. Good on your for trying anon, I'm sure you'll have fun.
Open file (78.23 KB beware.mp3)
>>11517 Death Grip Syndrome
>>11522 Oh fuck
>>11522 Welp! What did she get them over? Hate speech?
>>11522 It is fine though.
>>11524 Not even that. You can make booze with a container (preferably gallon sized or bigger), sugar, yeast, and a balloon with holes poked through it like a whore poking holes in her baby daddy's condom.
>>11500 Might want to explain to unacquainted anons who don't know what it is. Particularly how long it lasts. Don't want people dropping out of the thread due to the length of it.
>>11522 Works on my machine.
>>11522 (checked) >>11526 >>11527 Works fine for me.
Good night eeveryone
>>11500 AYEEE!!
>>11529 This is true, but the only caveat is that if you're making wine you should stay away from plastic containers, as they will permeate air and leech into your shit if your fermentation lasts over a week.
>>11533 That's nice honey.
>>11522 Yeah, works for me.
Open file (1.15 MB 958x572 r8.png)
>>11519 no idea, I just grabbed some plugins and made it myself, rate
>>11530 That will be the best part though. Either they will come to love their station or they won't.
>>11517 >>11521 I think that's fits more for depression block. How much time 'til then?
/r/ this, really like the vocal in this one
>>11534 nit lid
>>11107 I eat the potato
>>11517 >flight delayed while overseas >sleep at 12pm in a hotel for 6am flight, neighbours being loud and shit >set 5am alarm for You Might Think He Loves You For Your Money But I Know What He Really Loves You For It's Your Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat was fun as fuck
>>11454 I think you meant punk music there.
>>11534 Sleep tight!
>>11546 >implying metal isnt rockpunk
>>11540 This thread is supposed to function as a place for regrouping and discussion of our current predicament. Intentionally alienating non-r/a/dio anons is antithetical to this goal.
>>11527 Last time, it was a targetted strike because of loli (/delicious/, which is currently delisted and about to get purged with the rebrand). >She might have figured out the ruse and murdered the site. >>11528 >>11533 >>11532 Is it just me, then? It worked fine just a few minutes ago sure, but refreshing isn't causing it to fix itself.
We are just short of 750 replies. I'm going to make a new thread for those with potato computers.
>>11512 wassail meadmaker, but yes homebrew you cunts.
>>11522 Nevermind, it just 404'd now. Robi, you in here? You know what's going on?
I just added the OpenNIC DNS servers to my list of DNS servers. I can access the grep.geek website intermittently. When it connects, sometimes I can submit search queries and it returns me results from sites like end.chan, but I haven't had any luck navigating to the sites in the list of results. Is this expected behaviour at this point? Is there anything I need to do aside from adding the DNS servers?
>>11551 Survival of the fittest
>>11534 Good night Anon, have good dreams
Open file (738.40 KB 909x878 1560358969040.png)
>>11539 Niceu, I love it!
Open file (57.64 KB 1149x906 julay error.png)
Open file (38.63 KB 100x100 Nyuu.gif)
>>11522 >>11550 It's not working for me either, a DNS issue maybe? I get a different error page if I use http:// instead of https://. >Lilium Thank you.
Open file (1.69 MB 1680x1680 eris.png)
>>11549 >tfw i dont use julayworld and am here for random posts
Is 751 the limit?
>>11559 check a proxy site if you aren't posting dox
>>11561 well what the fuck else is going to bump?
>>11561 No clue.
Both the Tor and clearnet link working fine for me.
>>11561 Looks like it's bumplocked but alive.
New thread for those with potato computers. >>11566
Time for Gregarian Block now?
>>11559 It doesn't show up on the webring for me either.
Uh, is Julay dead in the water?
Thats weird.. I tried japanese vpn,us vpn. Didnt work. The spain vpn worked.
>>11174 yes its fine
>>11595 nevermind. Its up now.
>>11559 the domain name is still alive, but the sever is dead. that''s how i interpret that error page, at least.
>>11619 Can it be reached via IP? It seems to work but only on certain DNS servers,.
>>11620 i was gonna try its .onion address but i don't have it saved anywhere. maybe its ip address changed for some reason and we just gotta wait a couple minutes for all the dns servers to reflect the new ip or something
Robi here. The domain transfer just got completed for the julay.world domain. DNS will take time to propagate. Do not panic.
>>11644 Post this in the new thread. >>11566
>>11644 Will you delete /v/ so nobody makes the mistake of going on your website again? That is, if you're going the censorship route. Might as well go the whole hog, know what I mean?

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