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Considering Fatchan's jschan Anonymous 05/02/2020 (Sat) 09:14:24 No.10737
LynxChan had its advantages, but during the short time that Fatchan was up I saw some things I really liked. It also seems to have garnered good reviews from those anons who posted on it. The questions I'm now asking are: >Is jschan suitable for use yet? jschan's repository README contains a warning that it isn't production-ready. Development is likely to be wilder, upgrades rockier, and behavioral edges less well-understood. I recall that Fatchan also had its share of attacks and the countermeasures seemed to strike a nice balance between being effective and preserving anon quality of life. >How expensive is jschan to run? By "expensive" I mean how CPU intensive, how memory-intensive, and how disk-intensive is it compared to LynxChan? Only someone with experience running both would be able to comment, but we can hope such a person exists. >What options exist to migrate content from LynxChan to jschan? A supported migration path is essential; direct database-to-database transfer would be ideal. Has anyone else migrated content from a LynxChan instance to a jschan instance and if so, how did it go? >Will jschan continue to be developed and for how long? Tom has said that he plans to keep actively developing jschan but given his recent force-feeding of blackpills I'd like to know his thoughts on how long he'll be committing to the software as its maintainer. Open-source projects can in theory be taken over if the original maintainer abandons them but this transition only sometimes goes well. I also see no pull requests having been made on jschan so I don't know how Tom runs his ship compared to, say, Stephen Lynx. >What do our board owners think of switching to jschan? Our board owners love their custom CSS; switching over to jschan is likely to mean they need to adjust their CSS yet again in a more radical way than a normal LynxChan upgrade. Apart from the technical and maintenance aspects, do our BOs rely on any features that jschan doesn't have? Does jschan have features they'd like? >What do our posters think of switching to jschan? A few of our posters cross-posted on Fatchan while it was alive. What did they think of it compared to posting on LynxChan instances like here and Julay.world? >Should we keep our frontend and if so, how difficult would porting it be? I've heard no opinions either way on our XanderLynx-based frontend so I don't know if people like it or not. People seemed to like Fatchan's frontend but it's hard to tell exactly why because they usually gave feedback on the posting experience as a whole. What do we think?
>What do our board owners think of switching to jschan? I loved using JSchan and would love the switch if it occurred. Whether or not it is actually a good idea for this site, I cannot say.
I have enough knowledge to answer some questions you asked. jschan is "production ready" in my opinion, tom has said that the notice is just a disclaimer that he considers jschan hobby software, and he probably doesn't want people angry if something breaks. Newer sites seem to want to use jschan, or at least try it. I've used the mod tools on vichan, lynxchan, and jschan, and lynxchan is by far the worst (no contest). jschan's are quite good thus far. jschan can take some getting used to for anons due to post formatting differences, for example spoilering text is handled differently. jschan development is active (like lynxchan) and tom is more open to implementing good suggestions than stephen lynx is. As far as I know there are no scripts to migrate from vichan or lynxchan, but anyone familiar with the db structure would probably be able to get it done.
>>13840 Thank you Anon, that's very helpful. Hopefully some migration paths will appear.
These days lynxchan and jschan are mostly feature parity. Most of the advancements that lynxchan sees aren't even from Lynx but from Codexx pushing for them or developing them himself, which is a benefit of lynxchan as it has more active developers for it. But stephenlynx himself is a fucking retard. Tom can be retarded too in his development and feature request denials but it's no where near how fucking stupid stephenlynx is. I'd say the only downside from a moderation perspective is that you can't perform moderator actions on single posts from a drop down menu like in lynxchan. Makes fast paced deletions and bans kind of tedious. But it's a very minor issue, though when I tried to explain it to tom he either didn't understand or just wasn't interested. >>13843 I know Codexx is working on getting his ChannelChanger software to be capable of migrating boards between lynx and jschan. But I think it's been very low priority for awhile.

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