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Anonymous 04/18/2020 (Sat) 18:43:02 No.10558
We need some more traffic around here, that's for sure.
Maybe we need to start shilling.
>>10558 May I say, some of the IBs that julay is referencing aren't referenced here also, places like fatpeople.lol Maybe we should ask to be plugged there as well?
>>10566 Fatchan is showing us, but we're not showing them.
Maybe we should start our own Attention-Hungry Games? Julay.world lets anon.cafe boards join theirs, so if we did the same and let julay.world and smuglo.li boards join ours then it'd be a nice piece of webring camaraderie. >>10567 I see them in the board list.
>>10580 We could, especially since Julay's games seem to be in a sorry state right now.
>>10580 I think the appeal for promoting boards on here is lost in the face of the few anons we have.

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