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Bunker /r9k/ Anonymous 03/03/2020 (Tue) 19:53:31 No.10475
All robots welcome to come by, fatpeople.lol/r9k/. Qnigger and dolphin-nigger not welcome, obviously.
>>10475 What the fuck? Why was it deleted?
>>10488 Board owner got sick of it and handed ownership to the dolphin spammer who deleted it. LynxChan allows board owners to delete their boards, as it turns out.
>>10475 It's a very sad situation. Board Owners are in a very high position of trust for their boards and that trust can be betrayed. I'll put up an announcement about fat/r9k/.
Admin, why don't you have a backup of all boards? >>10491 Are you sure fat/r9k/ is not owned by Dolphinsperg as well? Also, enjoy some gloating from the schizo himself I guess: <Gloomeveryday> "Anon.cafe/r9k/ was deleted by a bad actor after the former Board Owner transferred control to them. F." <Gloomeveryday> Ignore oceanchan.xyz links; they are the usual suspect trying to harvest IPs again. <Gloomeveryday> lol <Gloomeveryday> They don't have backups. <Gloomeveryday> >stupid admin <Gloomeveryday> Thanks, Stephen :) <Gloomeveryday> Death to a webring site. <Gloomeveryday> Bwhahaha <Gloomeveryday> Truly the work of a dolphin who spent months destroying the place. <Gloomeveryday> nwever fuk with dolhin
>>10494 We have backups of the entire site. Restoring a single board from that is not trivial because of the way that LynxChan stores its data. Also, the board was not in good shape anyway. Many of the threads were already stuck in autosage from the previous wave of spam. It will probably be better for /r9k/ to rebuild from their bunker without those issues weighing them down. >Are you sure fat/r9k/ is not owned by Dolphinsperg as well? Not completely, but it's the one I'm most sure isn't owned by him. At this stage his vendetta is so laughably obsessive that he'll probably pre-emptively register /r9k/ on any future imageboards with creation enabled. Them's just the facts; with enough autism and lack of a life a bad actor can pull shit like that.
>>10494 >Are you sure fat/r9k/ is not owned by Dolphinsperg as well? He did make /otter/ and /lego/ on fatchan, but was ferreted out. I assume it would be known if he owned /r9k/ too. Maybe the admin of fatchan can better answer that question. But why delete /r9k/ just to control it on another part of the webring? Doesn't make sense.
>>10497 >why delete /r9k/ just to control it on another part of the webring? He's shown a general tendency towards trying to deanonymize (or make people think he's deanonymizing) posters with IP harvesting, trying to seed doubt about different parts of the webring, performing shallow imitations of known webring figures, trying to take over boards, and so on. He seems to get a kick out of the attention and the idea that he's affected others negatively. Probably just a stock-standard defective psychopath. Point is that nothing he does makes sense to anons because he's a brain-damaged pedo who says he experiences autism meltdowns over imageboards.
>>10498 Yeah, but look at how he operates. Is he capable of subtlety? Immediately inflating post numbers and immediately bragging about his datamining plans to the people who let him into the webring, then accusing those same people of datamining. He's really fucking stupid. Can he even exploit fatchan in that way when the CSS doesn't allow off-site images? Worrying too much about him gives him more legitimacy than he has earned. He can try to play these gay games for years to come, if he ever grows up he'll realize he trolled and inconvenienced himself more than others by wasting his life on such an inconsequential crusade. The webring is living rent-free in his head.
>>10499 Very true. He’s a nuisance but ultimately forgettable.
Julayworld staff here (again). I can verify if people don't believe me. I would really like to get in touch with the admin here. Thanks.
>>10506 We should probably set up an IRC server of our own tbh.
>>10507 Are you the admin? Please come to ours. I'd really like to talk.
>>10508 I'm not, but I still came.
Can I just ask the dolphin nigger why? Can't he direct his sperginess somewhere else?
>>10518 Trolling is fun. Seeing a group of people pissed off and fucked with knowing they cant do anything is very rewarding. Its like rape you know, you have total control, do whatever you want with the bitches.
>>10520 Do rape victims usually mock the rapist as it’s happening? Imagine a cockless manlet trying to rape. Just wrestles down his pants and all that’s there is a smooth groin like a Ken doll. “Yeah bitch now you’re getting it” he snarls as he sort of ineffectually humps his penis-less crotch against the victim, who has stopped struggling and is now letting out a confused giggle that gradually builds to a helpless belly laugh. That’s you, dolphin. You’re the Ken doll. Lol
>>10521 Calm down retarded faggot, im not dolphin, just explain to you why some people find it so rewarding to troll. It is exactly because of people like you getting all burthurt that he continues to do this.
>>10522 >im not dolphin Now that's exactly what dolphin would say
>>10522 >getting all burthurt Low-end trolls all seem to imagine this. It's like they can't live without the payoff so they invent it. Many such cases. Sad!
>>10523 Okay, dolphin here. I didn't do >>10522.
>>10524 You HAVE to be the Q(((ueer))). Gooble a cock bitch,
>>10521 >>10526 Can we please stop assuming that every single poster is some boogeyman? It's retarded.
>>10525 Dolphin here. Don’t imitate me.
>>10528 >how old is my dolphin then?
>>10530 You first, imposter.
Open file (35.64 KB 266x348 art_shadow.png)
>>10531 I think you're the fake hedgehog around here
I require that if dolphin gonna identify himself, at least post a picture of your shit each time you post.
>>10533 I think he should post his face. I'm sure he's very handsome.
>>10534 Bet he’s ugly. Will never post face for that reason.
Since that's gone too what now.
Open file (115.96 KB 410x630 /tmp/13.jpg)
Open file (116.03 KB 773x870 7.jpg)

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