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Open file (6.69 KB 261x183 1512050461566.jpg)
Getting more people on anon.cafe Anonymous 02/26/2020 (Wed) 14:36:33 No.10445
>20 unique users have posted in the past 24 hours. Seriously, this place needs some more users. It's painfully slow. Other major sites on the webring get several hundred easily. What can we do about this? We have the boards. We have the content. What are we missing?
>>10445 >We have the boards We really don't. Other webring boards have catchall boards that anyone can post on, but we only have /cafe/ and /server/. The rest of the boards require you to already be part of something - /r9k/ is for male virgins, /girltalk/ is for females, /lego/ is for anyone that still collects Lego (though I guess a nostalgia thread would bring in a couple more users), /doll/ requires you to buy a doll or at least be interested in owning one, /cuckquean/ requires you to be into the fetish, and /otter/ is for people who like otters. If you wanted to bring in more users /cafe/ would have to be reorganised into a sort of comfy /b/ board, or another whole new board would have to be created. /comfy/ was a board that I seen anons disappointed at losing, and it would fit well with the atmosphere of here. You could possibly even collaborate with /late/ in advertising the board or something because weren't they like sister boards back on 8chan?
>>10446 >/comfy/ That's a good idea, I'll request it now.
>>10446 This is spot on. Most posts are on /r9k/ (which forbids non-virgins) and I have little interest in the hobby boards. They are good boards I just don't have much to contribute, otherwise I would post here way more. I think anon.cafe has the potential to be a really good "niche boards" site. I have a whole list of old boards from 8chan so if anons have any ideas of what they might like to see I can check it and see what ones are worth reviving.
>>10451 But how would we put the lost users of said niche boards together again? The imploding of 8chan left many of those users lost in the dark, without any path or lead that could take them to the webring. Are we just going to attract new users for the boards or try to find back the old users of said niche boards?
I'm still pissed that not a single person had any idea to back shit up if shit hit the fan. You don't even have to make a bunker imageboard or anything, just a sticky to remind everyone to all meet up on a containment thread of some other imageboard is enough. I think it should be mandatory that all boards have at least one sticky up listing all alternatives if SHTF. When 8chan went down, i only knew to get to zeronet for months until someone took pity and spoonfeed me this place.
>>10452 by recreating said boards again on 8cunt and tell them to come here. Most likely they still lurk there ever since 8cunt came back.
>>10453 Bunkers should be a per-board thing >>10454 /a/ done that on Fedkun and Mark took the board of the admin of /a/ and gave it to /animu/, so that /animu/ now monopolises anime boards on 8kunt. Not that it's a bad idea (some boards have done that), but if you get caught the post redirecting people to here will be deleted and if you own the board it'll be given to someone in Jim's pocket.
>>10455 >Mark took it You mean codemonkey took it? Mark isn't an admin.
>>10456 >>10455 Not surprising. Many smaller boards got simultaneous “why aren’t you coming back to 8kun” shilling. When told to fuck off, the shill switched to “well then someone should claim the 8kun board if you aren’t gonna use it”. Lots of threats of reassignment, including an 8kun rule that says you can’t hold boards specifically to redirect them to other sites. I think this situation is all very sad.
>>10456 I'll be honest I'm going off what I've heard from other anons, but apparently Mark was behind it somehow. Possibly Ron removed the BO of /a/ while Mark passed it onto /animu/ because /animu/ is relocating back to 8kun for some retarded reason. >>10457 >an 8kun rule that says you can’t hold boards specifically to redirect them to other sites. That's always been a rule since 8chan was first made, but they're heavily enforcing it now because Jim doesn't like competition and is fine playing dirty. Not that I don't believe you, but what small boards got shilling on them? I don't remember seeing any shilling on this part of the webring, is it on Julay or something? >I think this situation is all very sad. Imageboards are at the edge of the water and it seems we're either going to sink or swim. 8chan dying and 4chan being unusable for years now has given smaller imageboards a boost and now they're looking like a viable alternative. That said, all it takes are a few people to stamp us out and imageboards as a whole would collapse. It's a very unnerving situation to be in, considering we could be living in the last moments of imageboards.
>>10456 Mark is in charge of claims and boards.
>>10459 >>10458 Was not aware that the cake kike had that much power nowadays. What a gigantic shitshow. An aside, the BO of /animu/ is a dumb fucking nigger. He was told repeatedly by many of us that staying on the webring was the best option, but instead decided to split the userbase by going back to 8glow.
>>10460 Mark always had a lot of power, he was a paid admin for years now and they hid it. The midget had to leak it so people found out and were obviously pissed when the most hated admin on the site was being paid to be there. /a/ s one of the defining boards of the webring era. Animu has no reason to exist except to avoid the word filter, which I mostly agree with because it filters out a lot of retards. I don't care for anime these days (grew out of it) so /a/ is of no use for me, but I would like other boards to adopt their policies.
>>10461 I soured on /animu/ too. I never was that heavy into anime&manga to call myself a regular of either /a/ or /animu/, but I did intermittently use both. But after so many >you can make your own alt boards work, look at /vg/ and /animu/ >/animu/ isn't not/a/, it's its own unique board and then seeing how quickly they abandoned their fucking name and identity to chase after cuckchan legacy names disgusted me a fair bit. So much for /animu/ pride and not being not/a/. The pettiness of how they cheered on a board getting fucked over by Mark&co because they didn't like them was also embarrassing. It's funny that so many retards accuse /v/ alts of being "Mark obsessed" but /animu/ really does love to bring /a/ up when something needs to be blamed and on the flip side I barely ever see /animu/ be the scapegoat on /a/.
>>10456 >>10460 Mark was about to become homeless which is why Jim started paying him, giving a position as a global was a token gesture so that Mark didn't have to feel he was accepting charity.
>>10463 I genuinely do not give a fuck that that sad sack of shit was nearly homeless, its his fault for being a retard NEET that wastes his money on vidya and keeping furry porn sites operating, all while taking advanntages of his parents that are keeping him. Doesn't matter what the kike does, the point is that no other BO gets paid for what they do and neither do global volunteers, which do the same jobs as cakekike. And to top it all off it was kept a secret from everyone for years.
We get it, Mark is jewish. Can we get back on topic now?
>>10466 Who the fuck let the Mark shill in here? Go back to fedkun
>>10467 Go make your own thread, this one is about getting more posters on anon.cafe.
/comfy/ has potential I believe. Maybe even as a replacement for /r9k/, many threads from there would fit nicely on /comfy/ too.
>>10482 I don't want a replacement, i want /r9k/ back as it was removed for no reason
>>10484 You can always request for a new /r9k/ board and become the new admin.
>>10445 I can grant your wish for sure. I also have a small IB and would like to add it on the webring the moment I actually put it online for good. Are there some tutorials to do so? I mean, to add the webring button like the one on anon.cafe or smuglo.li.
>>10589 If you're on a Lynxchan instance then you'll need the webring plugin at https://gitlab.com/alogware/LynxChanAddon-Webring and an unpublished addon you'll have to bother Robi for to fix the boards page. The big flashing webring link above that pops up the panel is part of the front-end code. You can see it over at https://gitlab.com/alogware/xanderlynx
start thread in comfy thread gets deleted after 2 posts good luck with that. your site is shit. bye.
>>13395 huh, what thread?
>>13395 Maybe your thread was ship.
So what on earth is the situation now and where is everybody? I've been out of the loop for a while and am now trying to piece things together. I circulated around the various bunkers shortly after 8chan was shoa'd but gave up when it seemed everyone except /a/ had pretty much vanished. I assumed everyone was just waiting for 8ch to come back or for the webring to get properly established so I fucked off for a while, but I'm saddened to come back now and find that everything seems to be a complete shambles. From what I understand: - smugloli: /a/'s pre-shoa bunker. Has a couple of other dead boards on it - 8kun: Jim and Codemonkey's attempt to revive 8chan. Dead except for /pnd/, which appears to be where the absolute dregs of /pol/ ended up, and a couple of foreign language boards. - 8chan.moe/.se: gamergate/v/ run by acidman, all other boards completely dead - Zchan: another /v/, seemingly held in universal contempt by everyone else - anon.cafe: /k/ and a couple of other smaller boards, pretty much dead aside from that - Julay World: where many/most boards landed originally but now imploded - sportschan: /sp/ - tvch.moe: /tv/ - prolikewoah: /animu/ As far as I can tell the only communities more-or-less fully accounted for are /a/, /animu/, /k/, /sp/, and /tv/. So what happened to everyone else? The webring seems fucked since a load of boards aren't on it. Either I must be missing some sites, most people went back to halfchan, or everyone has scattered to the four winds. Is the age of the imageboard finally over?
>>13398 >Zchan: another /v/, seemingly held in universal contempt by everyone else They are tricky to read, it's the site where most of the /v/fags went but didn't want Mark anymore (for some reason after all these years, probably PPH addiction) in the quick succession of fatchan's explosion, but also a site were many /vg/ threads also landed, but it's also in the position which many of its users shat and spammed many webring /v/ alternatives hence the contempt against them. It's a hotpot of different circumstances, many anons hate the userbase but certain other anons who actually managed the threads went there, and that place hates and make fun of the slower boards but use and practically appropriated the threads that spawned in said places. It's fast moving and i don't think the original 8ch/v/ userbase as a whole will ever recover, hell at this point i don't think the /vg/ one will recover either, but Z has the material to grow another community to something decent. Still it has its fair share of "enemies", if it can be said so because the /vg/ guys simply stopped posting again and the Mark serfs are too low to do much damage, and Z still accepts them if they go there with the /gg/ thread anyways, so. >Julay World: boards landed originally but now imploded That's an interesting case as 2 things mixed to make a deadly dread recipe: Robi decided to cull boards to make things snappier and to force people into making more websites to decentralize the ring. Fair enough but most people are tech dummies so few pulled that out, the counter just made most people stop posting because it would banish away anyways, quality was not necessary until a permanent solution was seen. Then the whole IRC implosion in which a couple of malevolent/utter shitposters created a drama hurricane in a glass of water against oblivious/disinterested globals, semantics war happened with cropped IRC conversations and fake narratives and surprisingly many ate it up and moved away, even when at the end it was defused and carefully explained. So you planned to cull tons of boards with a whitelist on top, making most who weren't there stop posting, and then an optics attack left you with many of said whitelisted boards move away or stop posting too. Insane. >tvch.moe: /tv/ They made some side boards that grouped many anons basically from /b/ and very few from /pol/. >prolikewoah: /animu/ Grouped a couple of /v/ anons who ate the drama up from Julay, ended up going to Z it seems. >sportschan: /sp/ They have become a monster dissimilar to the original guys back from 8ch, those simply returned to halfchan years ago or stopped posting. The ones left are complete shitposters having fun with a flavor of sports once in a while, mostly americans tho. I would say only /a/, /k/, practically half of the original /pol/ and /tv/ remained from the popular boards. A couple of others remained but they were already pretty niche even back in the 8, like /film/ or even /loomis/ who split and even growed a few users more. >The webring seems fucked since a load of boards aren't on it That's one of the factors, some sites don't go around letting you get a board, but then anon.cafe here did let people make their boards and are simply not being populated, it's not like people don't have time, many neets or laid-off people are flourishing in this pandemic. >Either I must be missing some sites There's some blacklisted sites not in the webring due to bad name (even when animu.bunker is in after some of their controversies with its users) You have Acidfed & Cakekike's site which has the latter's loyal terriers and a couple of goons, then you have Josh Moon's site which has who knows, then you have the almost-destroyed ACF which has only feds setting up traps, and there's probably another i'm missing. Still there's not that many if you bunch them all up.
>Is the age of the imageboard finally over? It pains me to see it that way, i refuse to think it is but there's a big dilemma here: We do have plenty of advantages to cater to users, the features are there and they are good along with the nature itself of practical anonymity between users but how do we reach them? That's where the problem of advertising comes in, back in the day it happened from mouth to mouth, nowadays anything starts rising and it gets talked and blown over by media outlets, small or big, and out of nowhere you might get too many suckers and a couple of feds, alienating your entire userbase. Mouth 2 Mouth or Person to Person/Post to Post advertising nowadays really isn't that much possible. And then you have the nature of the social interaction here, there's no filters and practically no censuring unless it goes against a board's rules/customs, that's a huge advantage but like many have well said the current type of modern person might be actually scared of that, they kinda always did even back in the 4 place but people were much more usual in tolerating politics (which was a secondary topic back then) and good old ethnic slurs. Not to mention the PPH/Feedback response time tolerance from the usual people nowadays is much, much more fragile than before, you could manage to wait even a day for a reply, nowadays they want their (you) in 10 minutes at most, doesn't help in the webring you can get a reply weeks later although usually from a higher quality than most anywhere other than very tightly-knitted old forums. It's an incognita, i cannot see myself how to get people here other than handpicking individuals from public discussion forums and we know how odd it is to send a PM to someone with only a link; one would need to befriend him and then invite him. It's too ridiculous but i cannot see another way to come out with someone decent, and then you have to remember said dude would need to be discreet enough not to shout the name or get ashamed if someone discovers/doxxes him via something that he browses a place were people say nigger freely, sadly that's enough reason to get fired in many places these days.
>>13398 Any board which started to be successful has been met with spam, CP, admin vanishing or being deplatformed. The whole things fell apart and sites have split from the webring because it paints a target on their back. If you know how bad boards in the webring get shit on by the same group of weeb retards you're not going to sign up your boards for it. >>13399 Most of the userbase went back to cuckchan from what I can tell. Any one functional could go else where. Only the dregs are left on the webring because they're too broken to function any where else. 8ch was already a walking corpse full of nothing but the very worst posters and know even those people have moved on. >>13400 You have 2 problems with building image boards these days. Reddit and Facebook are "good enough" for the majority of people. Instagram and Reddit make enough content to feed communities the way 4chan used to. Now the creative people are on social media making money off of being creative. There's no longer a market for free content the way there was at the birth of the internet. It sucks but it's true. Why would I do it for free if I can do it on social media, build a fanbase and open a patreon? Even Reddit lets me build a reputation to profit off of my hobbies. I can post my dragon dildo paintings on Reddit while saying nigger else where, but how many people want a website just saying nigger? The boards that people like had content not just niggerposting The other problem is 4chan. Unless you value VPNs and saying nigger on any board anything other image boards offer 4chan offers you too. Except 4chan has a huge userbase so you can post around the clock and get replies.
>>13401 That's true although one would also leverage from content and too many scumbags > lack of content and shitposting but very quick response > lack of content but decent enough posting but very slow responses I can see a niche there if we tweak input speed but it would be for quite small gains and i don't think many anons realize we are at a ground zero level, we are basically the new content creators that the site depends on. If nobody posts then it probably is game over other than small chat now and then. Posting is inertial, one by one it's an invite to interact or lurk. >but how many people want a website just saying nigger? You would be surprised >while saying nigger else where But for how long? 4 was already known years ago for banning that in blue boards, and anything goes if the mods like it in the classical ones, if they don't you are screwed. At this point it only takes 2 vols to be in league to ban or remove any slurs in an open board back then technically speaking because i haven't gone there. Still i agree with all the points in this precise moment of time, things are looking murky.
>>13398 >- Zchan: another /v/, seemingly held in universal contempt by everyone else That tends to happen when an admin spams ads every fortnight. Some boards here have finally wordfiltered them. >>13396 Well the only post deleted on the same day as that anon's post was "CP link spam" which is generally not considered comfy. Log: https://anon.cafe/.global/logs/comfy/2020-07-08.html >>13400 I assume that many of the "age of imageboard" people are the ones (usually /pol/itical users) who think the golden age of imageboards was from 2016 onwards, which I think is absurd. In some ways, we've returned to the pre-INTERNET HATE MACHINE imageboard era after the exodus's from 4chan and unplanned decentralization of 8ch boards. Only the people who care about anonymity or specific niches are here. >nowadays anything starts rising and it gets talked and blown over by media outlets, small or big, and out of nowhere you might get too many suckers and a couple of feds, alienating your entire userbase Interesting relevant essay attached, discussing a 4chan self defense mechanism in the wake of Fox news attention driving attention to the site. A lot of sites based around extreme liberty are ironically dominated by pro-authoritarians evicted from mainstream websites. This has turned many imageboards into politics-heavy sites akin to twitter and gab.
>>13403 >subjects of extreme liberty are ironically dominated by pro-authoritarians Well that doesn't surprise me that much, the most accomplished pacifists are usually the ones who can fuck most peoples' shit up. Even a bunch of oriental martial arts (in their fully intended meaning of the word) talk about swift and merciless eradication of a problem before it goes too big or goes unpunished. Yes, many many users who came in buses to discuss politics think that era was a golden one even when in context it meant pretty much the end. >pre-INTERNET HATE MACHINE imageboard era >after the exodus's from 4chan I don't think i understood this very well because they are 2 different sets of behavior, one was just a bunch of rowdy dudes horsing around while talking about hobbies while the other were frantic anons trying to push as much OC and content possible to create a good ecosystem for people to settle down. Both worked, but one kept having more and more users until it degraded itself (the famous eternal summers) while the other overplayed its hand quickly by inviting refugees before due time (December 2014 when Mark and Freddit invited Breddit after their chink ceo holocaust, alienating many users) I think we are in a different scenario, like you said and paraphrasing a little we are in a "dudes horsing around" phase but instead of rowdy we are probably a bit concerned and instead of discussing hobbies/specific niches in the mean time we are trying to focus plainly on it but not having that much interaction because we are not that many. There's no newcomers so natural growth will be null, there's no frantic race (although some clear efforts) to create a ecosystem because many are tired or want to keep it very serene enjoying what there is, which combined leaves us in an inert state that might dissuade some people, which basically moves the null or very little growth into negatives. I'm enjoying myself and fellow anons but i do feel at times like we are too small of a group for our own good, i don't mean PPH but actual individuals. I suspect we are not that many i mean really not that many and when some anons resume their usual life we are going to feel it. One way to counter this is making people explore more, overboard browsing has helped me quite a bit and if it is true about that webring overboard project then we could possibly see a big change, although some people still see it as a weird way to go around; i can understand it, back in the day i usually just stuck to a single board at a time due to 4's speed.
>>13405 >>13403 2014-16 was a silver era for image boards but it's a small spark after the fire has long gone out. For the first time in years image boards became a primary source of content instead of a place to say nigger and post twitter screencaps. I'm not a fan of the content produced but the original spirit of image boards was revived briefly. It brought in a bunch of retards but so did all cuckchan's memes when they took off as well. >>13402 There are active image boards with stable communities who have been around for years. They tend to have stable moderation and a focused demographic but they're very rare. Mostly because the people most likely to make an image board aren't stable themselves. Image boards entirely dying maybe the solution to the situation. I remember going to 8ch a few months before it died and remembering why I left. The userbase produced nothing worth reading. People went to 8ch because they went to 8ch. There was nothing but the same infograph spam and shit posting on every top board. Some boards were straight e-celeb drama. When 8ch fully died it motivated people to try and build new boards and try new things. If 8ch's legacy died (the webring) then people would start making fresh image boards which wouldn't be legacy bunkers. Instead of trying to make a bunker for whatever group turns up people could host boards they actually care about. They can build their own identity and moderate them how they see fit without having /intl/ shit up the place.
>>13406 >Instead of trying to make a bunker for whatever group turns up >They can build their own identity and moderate them how they see fit I agree but to be completely fair that kinda happened somewhat in many boards around here already. But okay, let's say we chop known IBs completely and someone makes one about, let's say, cooking. Who the frick is going to go there and how? How will they discover it?
>>13407 Cooking is a poor topic for an image board. Traditional forums or a subreddit you can search are a better format for it. If you can't search recipes your cooking websites worthless. Which is why /ck/ on cuckchan is just shit posting the same was /tv/ and /sp/ are. How did you find image boards before the webring?
>>13409 You could easily have an archive for recipes, like 8chan allowed you to add custom pages to your board.
>>13410 Why take the bus when you can train a horse to ride along the bus route instead?
>>13411 Because riding a horse is cooler than riding a bus.
>>13409 >Cooking is a poor topic for an image board It's as good as travel. >/ck/ on cuckchan is just shit posting the same was /tv/ and /sp/ are. We had a good /ck/ in Julay before the announcement happened and everyone stopped posting, we shared recipes, techniques and experiences. >How did you find image boards before the webring? Crazy but very short lived images from /b/-/v/ linked in video game message boards, i followed one of the dead links and stumbled upon /b/. This was around Spring 2007. The medium i used is as "endangered" as image boards with the exception of trackers with special content. >>13411 wat
>>13418 >wat I think they are pointing out that the archive is a workaround that tries to force imageboards as a solution instead of just using forums, which don't need an archive hacked onto it to make it considerable. "The simplest solution is most likely the right one"-type rebuttal. I don't see any way an imageboard would be more appropriate than a forum for cooking, except for not requiring accounts which is nice for privacy-fanatics.
>>13419 Except it's not really a hacked-on workaround, it's just a feature. Also, >riding a bus when you could ride a horse instead
>>13419 >I don't see any way an imageboard would be more appropriate than a forum for cooking Because I don't want to use a forum
>>13419 >except for not requiring accounts Other than cyclical threads for posting streams of videos or memes, we might as well say none of this is better than a forum. Interacting without "a mask" and reading without prejudice against an user is just as valuable as reading very old threads in forums that would otherwise be pruned in an IB. But the advantage is that an IB can curate certain posts and make an archive.
>>13422 You can hide user IDs on forums if you want. Having an identity on a cooking forum isn't even a bad thing. If you know an user makes good bread but terrible pies you can use that info to filter their posts to get what you want.
>>13398 >8chan.moe/.se: gamergate/v/ run by acidman Its run by Mark. >zchan Im pretty sure thats run by acidman. Both are garbage. Maybe sometime in the future a good /v/ will popup again.
>>13443 Both of them have gamergate generals so its just that mark owns 1 /v/ and a ni/gg/er also owns the other. They're both the same except Marks excessive moderation. So both are shit. One is just worse than the other
Open file (615.10 KB 1076x526 mark is a sonic fag.PNG)
Open file (272.88 KB 1216x421 Mark 2.PNG)
Open file (179.71 KB 781x509 Mark 1.PNG)
Open file (909.02 KB 2000x3000 mark.jpg)
>>13444 >Marks excessive moderation what on earth are you talking about? kikes don't censor people, that's antisemitic to think they do
why does every thread have to be about Mark?
Open file (260.70 KB 1914x435 ClipboardImage.png)
even advertising on 4chan doesnt seem to help.
>>13485 I'm surprised that they let the link survive; isn't linking to other imageboards forbidden under their rules?
>>10458 Maybe if you kicked out all the /pol/iticians and other such undesirables imageboard culture would be just fine.
>>13441 That's because you have shit taste. Forums are one of the few good things about the internet.
>>13513 Okay.
>>13513 Disagree, it's easy to get banned and/or get strawman'd by an angry user Also the whole thing about getting warned for bumping old threads even if they have no duplicates
Open file (17.70 KB 1313x198 cafedigits.png)
check this digits
>anon.cafe is suddenly busy with refugees from a war-torn drama den Hoping for the best and expecting the worst.
Open file (157.02 KB 500x281 1451947173687.gif)
>anon.cafe is suddenly busy with refugees from a war-torn drama den Hoping for the best and expecting the worst. I hope you're happy, OP.
>>13571 >>13572 Who? Where?
>>13573 Some Julay nonsense flooded in here last night
>>13574 Goddamn, i saw the /cow/ thread. Isn't Alog practically their own site? why hole up here? doesn't make sense.
>>13575 I'm not sure what exactly happened, but some disgruntled user came to /shelter/ and made a thread, and then other users came. along with Dolphin. A spambot was activated, and then it spilled into /fascist/ and probably other boards.
>>13575 >>13576 Yeah. From what I've gathered, a /cow/ user made a popular thread here because alog/julay has serious moderation issues which now turned into deleting any post about certain people or asking why these posts are deleted. Dramafags followed them and shat the place up for a day before losing interest. I think /film/ moved here permanently due to the moderation shitshow but those anons seem chill. My fears are gone, that blue cat can in the cafe can smile again.
>>13577 >/film/ moved here permanently Party time now
>>13577 No, it was because koigoons refused to listen and put their useless essays in the guntstream thread. Read the ban logs, you retard.
So was Julay always shit and it just became more noticeable later or did something happen to it?
>>13580 Wasn't always like this, some bad agents appeared in the staff (or removed their masks) and shit happened. In my opinion it was more around a decent group of anons in a site with some overly lenient BOs and careless administration; everything went good because no pressure happened but when things like subversive staffers (shitposters with a badge) bailing janitors (due to staff's irregular rulings) raid-tier dumbfag migrations (mark /v/, kiwis) and technical problems happened everything went to the gutter because they simply didn't know how to deal with it and had no consistency between their own ideologies. When they took proper measures it was way too late and they still have that paranoid behavior even when the site is almost vacated, there's nobody to inspect upon other than the few who stuck by your side.
>>13515 All of that applies to imageboards aswell.
>>13674 >Getting warned for bumping an old thread >Easy to get banned by an angry mod Go away, Mark
>>13443 >Im pretty sure thats run by acidman. Nah, they're run by the remnants of Fatchan's staff after Tom pussed out from Esther's deplatforming.
Invite leftist political imageboards to join in.
why can't i say n1gg3r5 on /comfy/?
>Invite leftist political imageboards to join in. yeah, no, the entire mainstream internet is your safe space fuck off
>>15112 you can
>>10445 Does anyone know what the little ghost and the tool box next to some boards mean?
>>15932 Ghost if for inactive owner (you can see it by hovering the mouse on it). The little briefcase indicates that the boards is marked as SFW.
>>10445 Stop having antichrists moderate /christian/ who delete posts calling out blasphemers and weabpedo faggot tranny lunatics who should go the fuck back to niggertits 4chan
>>10445 Fix the faggoty cookie thing then.
I haven't come here for over a year, I don't remember cafe being so shit and stale, like what happened?
>>16384 we became boomers
>>16385 Doubt it. I've browse a lot of IB filled with old people and not as bad as this one. Considering the whole webring haven't done anything buy bleed users then I'm asuming every decent poster just left at this point.
>>16384 >>16387 >I'm asuming every decent poster just left at this point. Pretty much. Most of them either left to Discord or other walled gardens, or went back into meatspace. There are some who still pop up from time to time, but most of the (human) users here are completely lifeless and uncreative. Hell, the only reason I'm still browsing these shitholes is because I get bored and the rest of the Internet is fucking shit.
>>16388 Don't forget all the Russian and Ukrainian users are a little tied up at the moment. 😞
Open file (49.90 KB 768x433 Inquisitive Hulkster.jpg)
>>16388 >decent poster >Discord user What am I missing here?
Obama Trump Biden K__ Evans

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