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(376.86 KB 1372x1049 changelog.png)
Bugs, Issues, and Changelog Anonymous Board owner 09/02/2019 (Mon) 15:52:13 No. 18
If you notice something wrong that isn't "it's slow", post about it here. If something is fixed or changed, it'll be posted here.
>>13609 >Sounds plausible but also sounds like some tengu propaganda, CP at /v/ was tengu's fault more than any kind of /cow/ agent. Starting to get sick of hearing about some fag that fucked up when he was bullied to be honest. Hanging_Flesh has been a major problem for a year now and killed three boards on julay long before that happened on /v/. The only difference is the damage was contained on slower boards and Robi was able to cover for him. The guy is a real problem and his name just keeps popping up everywhere. He was recently added as an admin on tvch right around the time logs were disabled. Every time anons point out what is clearly going on a thread gets flooded with accusations of them being the same three or four people. I'm sick of a handful of spergs ruining everything for everyone. I'm going to call out obvious subversion where ever I see it. The Dolphin tripfag has been a thorn in the side of the webring for a year now. You can watch Hanging_Flesh and all the other vols on tvch+julay holding casual conversations with him everyday on cytube if you care to go lurk it. All these people admit to using discord. This is unacceptable and the same problem with the janitors on cuckchan, 8kun, and many other places. If they want to be a big gay friend club no one should stop them but when they're actively deplatforming boards they don't control it's a problem for everyone. All tripfags should be bullied without mercy and punished for their crimes.
Thank you for your patience, everyone. We're seeing network activity that might suggest an upstream problem but haven't been able to decisively pin down the problem yet. During one of the outages we have been able to observe, we saw high levels of packet loss but our own server seemed to be purring along fine. We'll gather some more evidence and be in touch with our provider. We've seen several boards erupt with similar posts to the effect that anon.cafe might die and those boards should consider what to do in this case. We plan to keep anon.cafe very much alive, but if history has taught us anything it is that boards should always have a bunker and an evacuation plan. >>13598 >>13599 Thank you, Anon. This is very helpful. >>13602 What symptoms do you see? Does it simply not load? Does it load slowly? Does it load but you can't post? What happens when you do try to post, if so? >>13610 >now a lot of people are having trouble but today is the first time i can connect without problems. This is exactly the kind of mysterious symptom we can't explain. From our server's perspective, we're not seeing anything in the logs indicating starvation, restarts, crashes, and so on. That it's up for some and down for others is very strange. >>13611 So for you, it loads but you can't post?
>>13613 Glad to see that you really care about the cafe, this place and smug are all I use. Also it's nice to have site owner that doesn't just give up when problems come up. Wish you guys the best of luck to find the problem.
>>13613 >What symptoms do you see? For me, the only problems have been that it either takes a very long time to load, or my browser tries to load this site and it just times out after a minute or two and says that it can't connect. It was like this regardless of what I was using, phone, Tor or just regular browser.
>>13613 Update: We've been able to confirm that our server's upstream network interface is periodically experiencing bursts of packet loss ranging from moderate (experienced as the site being slow of choppy) to severe (where it's unusable) to total (when the site appears down). We've alerted our provider and are waiting to hear back from them.
>>13616 Not anyone who's posted ITT so far, but thanks for the update. I hope they're able to resolve it, lately it's felt like half the time I hit reply it doesn't go through (like literally just now lol), and threads I have open are constantly failing to auto-update. Speaking of which, is there any way you could make threads start auto-updating again once the site comes back online? Whenever the site goes offline, it will stop attempting to auto-update, and I have to manually hit refresh to get it going again.
>>13613 >>13616 Good luck Admin. I like Anoncafe quite a bit in general. Please do your best to keep it afloat.
>>13615 I've also been getting this over the last week or so but only for a few hours at a time and there was a period a few months ago where I couldn't load it at all for about three weeks.
>>13620 What is your problem? Can't you find something useful to do with your life? I can not believe anyone would devote themselves to doing this for free for over a year.
>>13621 Just let him seethe in silence
>>13616 A note that there also seems to be some issues connecting from a US Atlantic direction network. The host point that is causing issues when I test this end is/are nodes in DEUTCHLAND/Switzerland that keeps timing out. It may be worth it avoid nodes from the baltics and nordic states since they seem to be an issue (Telia Carrier). However, that will also make the site slower.
>>13620 Fuck off. That's not my real email.
Ban evasion. Original ban was for posting links to a directory of child pornography.
>>13620 That's the email of the guy who kept saying he had dolphins dox for sale.
>>13621 >>13624 >>13625 It is the email that the BO of /fascist/ uses to conduct board business. Just more shitstirring
>>13627 FashBO here, I deleted it this morning when it got spammed by garbage so I made a new one and changed my board over to the new email
Your webring plugin doesn't seem to be working and I can't figure out why.
>>13636 Scratch that it recovered.
>>13616 Update: Our provider confirmed that we were under DDoS attack at that time; they had automatically activated DDoS protection and it was dealing with the bulk of the traffic, but some disconnects and the other disruptions our users experienced still occurred. So, there we have it.
>>13642 Figures, someone got mad. Also wanted to say that it's been the third day straight with the site performing optimally, from my side at least. We are sailing smooth again it seems.
I might be blind but where is BO's email?
>>13658 You can find it on the Contact page, linked from the bottom of the site's front page.
Open file (11.57 KB 300x100 synthesis.png)
>>18 /icup/ BO here. I have tried to upload these two banners on my board but apparently the system keeps rejecting them. They appear in the rotation and the interface displays a banner being present, yet for some reason they do not physically appear on the Manage Banners page, while displaying a broken image error on the main page for the board.
Open file (87.37 KB 1310x336 ClipboardImage.png)
I just changed the bump-limit on by board from 500 to 750, but the bumplocked thread from when the limit was 500 does not change. Unfortunately there is no option under my tools that allows me to un-bumplock threads. Is there a way to do this at all?
>>13662 I've noticed the same phenomenon affecting newly-uploaded banners on 8moe. Seems like it's affecting multiple LynxChan sites. Acid and I narrowed it down to a problem caused by adblockers, but we're unsure why it only affects new banners. I'm going to bring it up with Stephen when he's online tomorrow and see if there's anything that can be done in LynxChan to mitigate. For now, try whitelisting anon.cafe in your adblocker and see if that fixes it for you.
>>13662 >>13664 Following-up: Stephen put in a request with EasyList and they've removed a filter, so this should be fixed once they push an update.
>>13665 They did right away, all users have to do is to clear their adblock cache.
Not a bug but there's no happenings thread yet: we GOT an image with 'acafe' in the checksum! https://anon.cafe/.media/d2b9acafe183cdf6cd201a3330eb009f-imagepng.png
Is it just me or is the site getting silly random replies in threads to posts from other sites?
>>13671 Yep, a board got hit with copypasta spam.
>>13664 It works now, thanks a lot friend
A touch of downtime just now, seems to have been a hypervisor problem on the host's end. All's well again.
>>13678 More hypervisor trouble. We'll be having a word with our host. Apologies for the interruption, everyone.
>>13687 Nprb. Glad you're on top of it BO.
>>13687 Is the email for getting in contact with site admin anoncafe@airmail.cc? Because if so I sent an email three days ago and I'm wondering if you received it.
>>13689 Apologies, we missed it. You should have a reply.
>>13690 No problem at all, thanks for solving my issue.
>>13687 And again. Hopefully we can nail it this time.
>>13699 Glad to see you’re back. I was getting worried!
Open file (9.65 KB 300x400 nanadola.png)
>>13700 Same anon, whenever the site goes down for more than an hour I start getting nervous. Glad it's back and at least we know what the problem is.
>>13699 Glad to see your back. BTW, do you have any sort of Fallback.txt file posted anywhere?
>>13701 Nnaa
Open file (7.86 KB 1112x121 Untitled.png)
Apparently someone's having problems posting from TOR. Sounds like it's a Lynxchan problem, someone also complained about lynxchan suddenly loading >20 scripts, so maybe it's related to a recent lynxchan update?
Open file (944.61 KB 1200x1500 free shrugs.jpg)
>>13718 I'm posting this through Tor right now, though.
Open file (6.35 MB 500x546 1589135566087.gif)
>>18 >>9047 's gif is not loading properly and is showing up blank. But my gifs seem to be fine. IT's also 404 when its I can link other posts. For reference this is the gif present.
What happened, Admin-sama?
>>13730 >>13730 Same problem as before. Our provider's been unable to help on their end, and other mitigation paths just ended up introducing more problems than they solved. As far as we can tell there's no gradual factor, but we'll try a different mitigation this time and see if it works. Sorry for the interruption.
>>13732 Did you guys have net issues again today or did you change something? My posts aren't getting through since the uploading number is jumping stuck between 3% and 30% and just moving back and forth randomly about 1/4 of the time I try posting.
>>13733 No on both counts, as far as we're aware. Is the problem still happening?
>>13734 Seems to have resolved itself now. Although the hickups are still happening.

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