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Bugs, Issues, and Changelog Anonymous Board owner 09/02/2019 (Mon) 15:52:13 No. 18
If you notice something wrong that isn't "it's slow", post about it here. If something is fixed or changed, it'll be posted here.
>>18 Adding onto what >>10645 said, /animu/ has a bot that perma bans you if you post the following from: https://prolikewoah.com/banned-words.txt
>>10646 How does it work? Would be helpful for other IBs.
julayworld is down, I fear the worst
>>10652 nevermind, just a temporary 504. scary
>>18 Is NordVPN in general banned? I tried a couple different servers and all I'm getting with any of them is an ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE on anon.cafe and an ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED on any of the boards (like anon.cafe/meta)
>>10752 No, NordVPN isn't banned from our side. Perhaps NordVPN or one of their network providers has banned us (strange for a VPN) or they're mangling traffic somehow? Strange behavior though; first I've heard of it from any VPN.
>>10752 >>10754 I'm using NordVPN, no problem here. Perhaps just some servers are bad.
>>10756 >>10754 Scratch that, I seem to have solved the problem in the most puzzling way possible. I found out the IP of anon.cafe and entered that into the browser instead of anon.cafe just once and that worked and now anon.cafe works if I enter it too.
Open file (236.03 KB 800x450 production.gif)
Boards may now have 50 banners each.
>>10759 Those buns are working so hard.
>>18 Hey, owner dude I think you should find a way to disable hotlinking images or threads from your imageboard. Smug got hit once again for the exact same reasons and with the exact same MO (look at their support threads). If you disabled hotlinking, though, there's very little the people reporting random images can do to prove their claims.
Would it be possible to have HTML support in the board announcements?
>>13217 but why, you already have markdown
Just a thought. How many between mods and global mods are there in this place? I merely ask because with ever increasing attacks by tranny federations, we need more people monitoring for CP spam.
We have added the alternative domains https://anoncafe.org and https://anoncafe.co which are now linked from the front page. >>>/cafe/ has been locked. Comfy threads were moved to >>>/comfy/ and sheltering threads were moved to >>>/shelter/. A front page link to >>>/shelter/ is now present. It's our suggestion that each webring member have a /shelter/ board for anons to fall back to in the event of one or more webring members going down.
Can you post the default cafe yotsuba b css?
>>13249 The whole frontend is at https://gitlab.com/alogware/xanderlynx - we've just modified a few of the templates. The CSS is the same.
>>13250 I've tried that but haven't been able to find the right one when searching for "css". global.css seemed right but it's the default lynxchan skin with some weird formatting issues.
>>13251 You can also get what's running here from https://anon.cafe/.static/css/global.css It's also possible that you're on the wrong branch in the repo. Check the commit history to make sure you're actually on the one where changes have been made.
Edited last time by root_admin on 05/20/2020 (Wed) 02:03:31.
Open file (107.62 KB 1340x483 Untitled.png)
>>13252 Here's what global.css looks like from anon.cafe's branch. It's the same with Julay. I'm guessing that PLW have changed some things and this has resulted in some of it not working.
>>13253 They're running a completely different template. Looks like a version of PenumbraLynx that went in a different direction. The CSS won't apply unless there are the right elements for it to apply to.
Hey owner guy I see you're indexed on the Jewgle Please add a rule to your robots.txt to not do so, it's the death of imageboards when they can be searched for and the first result is some CP spammer.
>>13259 >it's the death of imageboards when they can be searched for and the first result is some CP spammer Wouldn't a CP spammer be bad news regardless of whether Google indexes here? Why the worry over the Jewgle in particular and not Bing or DuckDuck or Altavista?
>>13259 Faggots like this is why I love modded search P2P search engines that ignore robots. >>13260 It makes no difference these days. Even if a site isn't indexed, references on related sites to that content will make it onto the search engine, so when someone searches "alternative imageboard list" or something in the future, you'll get posts from people on reddit that contains your site.
>>13260 Well, on a board that I used to own some boomer woman left her own email and personal info thinking it was a private forum after looking up unrelated shit from the Jewgle. You never know these days what kind of dumbasses may jeopardize your website. CP spammers exist, true, but they are a known threat. Protecting yourself from the unknown is more important. >>13269 >P2P search engines Like what?
>>13270 >Like what? Yacy. It works well, but its closed source and developed by Germans, so its by default not trustworthy when it comes to upholding freedom of speech.
>>13286 how do you make it search only /res/
I've been getting this: Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection to anoncafe.org. PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR on waterfox. I've only used that browser for the last two days, so I don't know since when that's a problem. Tor Browser works.
Video playback on this chan is slow and glitched out. I have never experienced this on any chan or website before this (running i7 quad core and plenty of ram). WTF?
>>13329 It's working fine for me, what video are you trying to play?
>>13286 >but its closed source and developed by Germans, so its by default not trustworthy when it comes to upholding freedom of speech. <sauce: anon's ass https://github.com/yacy https://github.com/orgs/yacy/people It's biggest issue is that it's written in Poo.
>>13331 the biggest issue is there is no support
The downtime that happened just now was an issue at our host’s end. We contacted them and they fixed it. Business as usual. We already have a fallback server so we’ll be looking into putting a status announcements page there shortly.
>>13342 >We already have a fallback server so we’ll be looking into putting a status announcements page there shortly. that's good news to hear, thanks Admin.
Why is there no AV1 support on anon.cafe?
>>13357 Do other LynxChan boards have AV1 support?
>>13360 Which ones? What version do they run and how did they add support?
>>13361 4biz xyz/trash idk
Why is tvchan not visible in the webring dropdown menu, but anon.cafe is visible from theirs?
Can we have redtext? <it doesn't work
>>13364 it was an addon but it also worked in code tag
I just got an error saying that file capacity for the site has been reached. And also saw that there was exactly 12000 files on the site according to the front page. Gonna try to attach an image with this post and see if the error continues.
Open file (114.95 KB 500x304 mtv2bxGux11rpa57co1.png)
>>13382 I'm getting that error as well. Let's see if I can post an image on /meta/ as well.
>>13383 Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I can't post any images when I try on /fascist/ now. Just now it didn't work for this post either
>>13384 Same here. I tried one more image on /f/ and it worked, then the one after that failed. This site must be bumping up against its capacity.
>>13382 >>13383 >>13384 >>13385 12000 was our configured file count limit. We put it there as a little safety checkpoint. We usually keep it rolling ahead as needed but this time the count overtook us. It's been raised so please continue as normal.
Open file (96.32 KB 900x1200 loaf seal.jpg)

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