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Please remove 8chan.moe from your webring following list. Blacklist optional. Anonymous 05/12/2021 (Wed) 05:13:35 No.14384
As it stands, anon.cafe is the only site in the webring that is following 8chan.moe. Other sites have blacklisted the site in history for numerous reasons. This site is currently the only site in the entire webring that is following 8chan.moe. I'm here to convince you why you should stop doing that. 8chan.moe has been extremely unpopular amongst anons across the entire webring for numerous reasons. It's getting to a point that it is impossible to ignore the complaints. Please hear me out entirely. First is the fact that after many months and several lies, they have absolutely no interest in conforming to webring standards. They are one of the only sites in the webring that has failed to conform to fair practice in the webring by failing to fully implement the webring plugin. Very few sites have failed to do this, and the other sites are for the most part rather small. 8chan.moe however, is the largest site in the webring currently with the most activity, and they have failed to implement the webring after several months of being asked to. They have no interest in joining the webring properly. If you don't believe me and need proof, please read this thread: https://8chan.moe/site/res/1880.html Several months ago you blacklisted 8chan.moe from your site because they failed to properly implement the webring. They still haven't committed to fully and properly implementing the webring. When people complain, they ignore it. They have never been interested in properly implementing the webring. All they care about is that people from the webring get advertised to visit 8chan.moe and they have never had the good faith to enable the webring GUI on their site. It has been several months and they have not fixed it. They won't even respond to it anymore. The second biggest complaint is that they harbor Mark. Mark is known for bringing the press and other undesirables to anything he inhabits. The fear is that this could eventually infect the rest of the webring. However, without proper integration to the rest of the webring, this is honestly unlikely, but it is still a complaint that is raised. The third and most recent complaint is that 8chan.moe has begun to allow content that is not legal in the United States and is very likely not legal elsewhere. The United States is usually considered the pinnacle of free speech and even their limitations, such as the DOST test, are echoed around the rest of the world. This is what caused 8chan to be delisted on the only other site they were listed in the webring. Pic related. The fourth and final reason is just plainly that you cannot trust the word of Acid. He has made so many numerous promises to correctly implement the webring and even at the beginning he started the webring with some "peering agreement" thing which backfired at him. He decided to reverse that decision as soon as he became bombarded with webring users who complained at him. However, due to a lack of complaints about his extremely bad-faith nature and his flat-out lies about his intentions, his site has been allowed to be included in a substantial part of the webring for months now. It's time to remove his site from the webring and stop trusting him. My hope is that you will remove him from your following list which will remove him from the webring. I hope nobody in the future is ever suckered into adding back 8chan.moe. Thank you for reading this post.
>>14866 What's the matter? you can't lurk the few posts made since you left? You only need bad grammar to be called the nigger that you are
>>14867 The lack of new posts itt is why I'm wondering if there's a new thing to be upset about.
>>14865 >eagerly swallows the bait >tells others to go back Hmmmm
>>14863 >siege mentality (anons affiliated to various tribes constantly worrying about other anon tribes and their schemes) I don't have anything to add but just wanted to point out how perfect this description is.
>>14863 By redpill I mean some argument backed with facts, and that is not countered with anything. I don't mean that I know The Truth, but that I'm at a point in the discussion that is further. If the other anon has better arguments than mine, I'm all ears, but instead there is no actual discussion, so it's the other anon who doesn't have an open mind and behaves in the siege mentality that you describe. >>14796 Yes.
Why are all webring boards so fucking dead and lame? What do the people running these gain from it?
>>14914 What do you gain whining about it, you are as lame as the place
>>14915 What's the point of this question? Some anons would like a non-dead board with non-crappy users. Why are you triggered if they lament not finding it?
>>14916 >Why are you triggered if they lament not finding it? The post is not a lament when it finishes with "What do the people running these gain" because the answer is obvious if he's "lamenting" not finding a place, the answer is because they are waiting for them to be not-dead and not-crappy. The post is just some good old flaming used exclusively to demotivate because i can't see another motivation for it, it doesn't offer alternatives, it holds an already proven hard-to-get standard in magically having tons of users and with all of them being good posters, it questions the ones trying for just trying. See my point?
If you want a board with more activity, then you can start by posting more.
>>14917 >The post is not a lament To me it is, and it's not the only one in the thread. Now I'm not gonna play the impossible-to-solve debate game of personal semantics here, so keep your opinion. >>14918 >posting more Not a solution. Quality vs quantity, etc.
>>14914 >>14915 >>14916 >>14917 >>14918 >>14919 Hello. You might enjoy posting in one of the threads we already have on the subject. >>10445
Open file (378.20 KB 1072x720 Bog Future.jpg)
>>14524 I don't know that anyone ever thought anything besides what I thought in 2014. That nigger wasn't doing anything with the site himself, so therefore it was great. It should have continued indefinitely tbh. It was a place of pure anonymity and freedom. If you were enough of a cunt, other anons would crack down on you (muh cp laws n' sheeit). I definitely would go even further than free speech though. I think offended niggers should be slowly tortured to death and forcefed whatever the fuck they don't like along with all moralfags in the bog--where they belong. <waaaah content I don't like Tough shit, newfags.
>>14737 >posting the cuck faggot version
>>14919 >personal semantics here Unless you were raised in a retard town on top of a sad mountain, words usually have similar meanings and definitions between the majority of people. Stop trying to cotton up posts, anons know how to use words.
>>14988 As the posts show, we have a different definition of 'lament'. Mine is the same as the first 2 dictionaries I just checked. For the other anon is not, and I don't care, we can agree to disagree. If you never noticed that most discussions end up in semantics (or they stop earlier), you must be new to the internet. Thanks for the insults, BTW.
>>14987 >posting the schizo version (You) aren't purging anyone out of an hobby. This goes double for anything that can be done by yourself or with small groups of friends, the community at large is powerless there.
>>14384 Damn, I found 8chan.moe because of the 8chan moniker, and actually found this webring via discussion about it there. The pedo boards are absolutely disgusting, but I thought it was just loli dogshit. They yank it to pictures of little girls and skirt by on the technicality that they're clothed? Fucking disgusting. Alright, definitely not going on there again. The name alone gives it more free marketing than the entire web-ring, of which I'm still unfamiliar.
>>14747 Thank you, megamindanon.
>>15060 I take it back. I'll never ever browse the pedoshit boards, but at least 8chan.moe has more posters and some good discussions on SFW boards. There's ~40 anons here on this entire imageboard. It's been days since I posted here, and not a single reply has happened in this thread since. The rest of the webring is in similar shape. >>14863 >siege mentality It's true, and it's the reason the webring and the 8chan diaspora haven't coalesced back into one big board yet. Anons allow themselves to be atomized into nothing for the sake of escaping from other, lesser anons to the point of hysteria. Some people are cogs in the machine and fine with it. Some "resist" the machine by buying communist t-shirts online and burning their local city down. Some "resist" the machine by browsing ever more obscure imageboards. We are the lattermost group. >>14779 >power users It's too bad that those with the most free time to influence the Internet are the worst kinds of human beings. There's a reason the stereotypical mindset of an Internet user is nihilism and hedonism in their worst forms. Have you ever heard of the "dead internet theory"? /X/ memes aside, it has a point. Most content on the Internet is made by bots or users with too much free time. The majority of human users make up the minority of all Internet content. The only way to stop the disgusting minority from influencing the minds of billions would be to limit how much content they can produce, if any, which opens a can of worms about censorship many of us as imageboard users want to stay sealed. The Internet as it currently exists cannot survive, but what it becomes in the future is unknown to me. I pray whatever it becomes is a healthier influence on humanity.
>>15082 >It's too bad that those with the most free time are the worst kinds of human beings. Hey fuck you too buddy
>>15082 >Have you ever heard of the "dead internet theory"? Who hasn't? >The majority of human users make up the minority of all Internet content. 20/80 applies to everything, not just internet: most books are written by a minority of humans, most scientific discoveries are made by a minority of humans, and so on. That's what specialization is: dread it, run from it, it arrives all the same. Ah, and by simply making a post you're automatically in that minority, lurkers are the majority for all sites. And even with that, the supply side is fine: there is plenty of varied content on the internet, you just have to look outside the big popular sites. The real issue lies on the demand and infrastructure sides: sure, big sites abuse the system to promote their content at the expense of everything else, but a lot of people have scarily homogenous tastes and so what thrives is content within a narrow comfort zone.
8moe censors your posts if you beat the moderators in an argument. Curse them and their eternal faggotry.
>>15092 >being this new The issue started on the original 8/v/, and was one of the main reasons the site went to shit (together with the early spam attacks).
>>15093 >(together with the early spam attacks). That's a newfag excuse, the real technical problem was the /a/ bot that slowed down both iterations of the site. The problem of use was moderation in the big boards but this dissipated quickly when using the alt boards.
>>14581 >generic Sci-fi forum that had multiple offshoots that are even worse off. >quest faggotry and "timeloops" Spacebattles? Found my way to it during its latter half and lurked it when I had nothing better to do. Seeing their pseudointellectual politics tripe makes a man desire to purge in lead and fire.
>>15093 The issue? What? I am talking about something that happened to me on that board around the time of the 2020 riots. If they have been pulling that sort of stunt since 8/v/ that is news to me since everything seemed okay until that stupid Christchurch shooting ruined the site forever.
>>14384 there's not even documentation explaining how to set one up much less use it
your first mistake was allowing boards you don't control to be listed on your website. dumbass.
user board creation was a mistake
>>14410 >outside of certain elements like /v/ and /b/ >>14411 >there's more communities there The site is almost entirely /v/ and /b/ though. All the other boards average around 1 or 2 posts a day, if that, save for some foreigner boards. >>14418 >julay >tvch Fuck 'em. >ziggerland They're alright in my book. >smug Literally /a/nons. Any issues with them were issues with them back on OG 8chan, and everyone still seemed to get along enough to use the same site. >PLW Home of /hgg/, my favorite board. Fuck off with this D&C. >The webring A brittle alliance of nations. I can see webring boards on the Markchan board list shortly after Acidchan's top boards, so unless that was always possible, I don't see the issue with the "improper implementation of the webring" I've heard so much about. >>15092 Agreed. >>15190 Anonymous imageboards were a mistake.
>>15199 >A brittle alliance of nations. I can see webring boards on the Markchan board list shortly after Acidchan's top boards, so unless that was always possible, I don't see the issue with the "improper implementation of the webring" I've heard so much about. It's literally the same as Julay and PLW's implementation. They just have fewer boards.
>>15199 >Anonymous imageboards were a mistake. no. Anonymous imageboards existed before 8chan
>>15199 /tv/dups btfo
>muh webrang
>>15204 Are we still going on with this shit?
Open file (16.91 KB 480x336 doggers.jpg)
>>15199 Which lolcow are you? Pedokoi is that you?
>>15271 tvch/alog is where you belong, your site is being excluded by the webring already and you should go back before your cancer isn't tolerated any longer.
>>15286 People on tvch don't want him and are sick of nu/cow/ faggotry.
>TwitLonger except it's webring.json Blog posts have been extremely unpopular amongst anons across the entire web for numerous reasons. It's getting to a point that it is impossible to filter them. Please hear me out entirely in bold period
Open file (168.78 KB 539x539 koi btfo.jpg)
>>15286 seeth harder pedokoi
>>15289 Shut the fuck up Eric, your antics have ruined multiple sites.
>>15290 seeth harder pedokoi
>>14463 Have we ever considered that there may just be too many boards for too little posters? If the whole webring had just 2 or three general boards where you can discuss everything there would be no problem at all.
>>15298 kill yourself please
Open file (95.98 KB 220x220 1.gif)
>>14610 >You can buy ads on Facebook >You can buy ads on Reddit >You can buy ads on 4chan >You can buy ads on Google >You can buy ads on Twitter >You can buy ads on Youtube
"Please censor, please censor, please censor!" > That's all I read.
>>15527 meanwhile craptcha block bypass bullshit is pissing me off.
> The United States is usually considered the pinnacle of free speech LMAO, imagine genuinely believing that when the US ranked a shared 13th place (the lowest place) in the top 30 countries with most freedom of speech. That's a joke honestly. I don't care about anything else mentioned tbh, I was looking for something else and stumbled across this, but when I read that I just couldn't stop laughing.

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