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Oncoming Death of /r9k/ Anonymous 05/04/2020 (Mon) 07:07:18 No.13163
It seems like it's the end for us bots. If any of you (robots) are reading this I'm sorry it has to end this way for us. It seems like this place, this name, which we called home will soon become naught but a memory. It might be a bit pathetic to be sad about an imageboard but I am. All these years of conversing with friends, with brothers will all be lost in time, like tears in rain. I considered all you bots friends and to me /r9k/ was truly like a band of comrades all with shared purpose and shared experiences. Unless something happens to completely alter our course then I'm afraid that the momentum is against us and so this may be goodbye. May seem overly dramatic to make this post at this point but I'd rather make it now while there's still some cohesion rather than when we're truly dead Feel free to delete this if you feel it doesn't fit in /meta/ (remade due to fucked formatting)
Open file (2.79 MB 2500x1500 hot cocoa.png)
>>13163 It ain't dead until the last robot dies, and I'm not going to an hero like some kind of faggot. Come join the rest of the stragglers in >>>/cafe/697 .
>>13164 This post was here mostly as a just in case. I fear the worst is to come and so I left this in case that ever happens. I'll still hold out hope though that we'll make it through this. Post Subject should probably be in case of /r9k/ death instead of "oncoming"
https://balkanchan.ga/r9k/ We're back and ready for action robot. It's not over just quite yet.
Anonye got school shooting/mas shooting threads archived from old 8chan?
Open file (7.64 MB 1124x608 test.mp4)
Hey guys, I'm sorry for all the things that ended up happening due to my sheer retardation. I'll explain it bluntly. The reason why I dropped the board moderation was because there was the constant ni/gg/er/cakeboi/yogapig spam that was being shilled 24/7 on most threads. Deleting those posts would have just kickstarted a witchunt on the board from /cow/ since that's where most of the shilling of that kind comes from (or at least that's what I thought at the moment). Since I knew that I would've ended up in the same position as Mark (ie: constant shitflinging here because of the moderation) I stopped doing it and posted on lizchan that I was gonna drop the moderation because I was too ashamed to post it on the original board. Eventually I just dropped the plans and decided to give it to the admin of .cafe. Understanding this, I also feel myself at fault for the death of lizchan, since most anons or at least a group of them started to believe they were the ones shilling constantly, sort of like a boogieman. My retarded actions dragged lizmin to admit something about how he was not corrupt or something (obvious stuff), and also dragged the same /cow/spam that I couldn't delete on /r9k/ there. So not only did I doom /r9k/, I also doomed the lizards as well. I want to reclarify, the reason why I posted that on lizchan was because I was too ashamed of saying it on /r9k/, and I didn't want any of the /cowrevolt/, /cow/ or 9chan as it apparently is from there the originating spam being the ones leading the board (if you went to the /h/ bunker on julay that lasted like a second you may've understood why. They had a cyclical thead to track virgins back on 8chan and mock them after all) It took up to five months for the mask to wear off, I'm not proud of any of the things I did, and I destroyed /r9k/ AND lizardchan due to my complete stupidity. If anyone reading this that was from fatpeople is here and is mad at me, feel right to take a shit on my face. I didn't want to get into any of this petty highschool behaviour, I only wanted robots to come back, but trying to run away just destroyed everything. I was the biggest bitch in all of this. I'm fucking sorry, I destroyed everything in an attempt to save face. I don't deserve to live
>>13219 I do not walk the path of /r9k/, but I wanna tell you this. It doesn't matter. Your errors today are your right choices tomorrow. Take what you learnt from /r9k/ and rebuild it, better and more secure than it was previously.
>>13220 A lot of things happened in these months and frankly, I can't moderate again. I don't feel like I belong to /r9k/ no more, nor that I should be the one in charge of it. I just hope they're fine.
>>13219 At least you weren’t the one who handed control to the dolphin spammer.
>>13219 There's nothing wrong with not wanting to mod anymore and transferring the board. Though the standard method of transferring board ownership should always been done by requesting people speak up about wanting to take the position and taking a quick glance at their post history to make sure they aren't bad actors. So your poor BO transfer ultimately resulted in the board running into problems down the line, but the act of quitting itself isn't necessarily something to be ashamed of. The real blame can be shifted to "bigguyforyou" for transferring the board to fucking dolphin like a complete dipshit. I don't want to accuse you of anything but /r9k/ 5 months ago was pretty dead. The board went unmoderated for something like 3 weeks and no one even noticed because there was hardly any shit-posts or spam, so your claims about the board being raided by shit-posters is kind of odd. Maybe I'm misremembering the state of /r9k/ back then. But I must disagree with the idea that banning ni/gg/er's and /cow/ retards would have only "kickstarted a witchhunt". When fatchan was being invaded I stickied archives of cakekikes wrongdoings and plastered "Lurk or fuck off cake/v/" on the top of the meta thread. I created word filters for standard cuckchan and cake/v/ lingo to block their posts. The board wasn't raided by anyone or "witchunted". It ran fine and over the entire course of fatchan /r9k/'s life cycle I barely had to delete or ban more than a handful of posters. I've taken issues with BO's and their inability to just state the kind of board culture they want and moderate specifically for creating that atmosphere without hesitation. When I fell into the defacto fat/r9k/ BO position I put that theory to the test and things worked out wonderfully. The idea that a board that receives less than a few posts per day is some super stressful hard to moderate thing just comes off as really silly to me after being in the position to moderate myself. What has been truly stressful is desperately going around begging admins to host /r9k/, an entirely innocent meaningless board that hosts low PPH low risk content and is only bothersome because of a single dedicated autist fixated on spamming it. But we're doing mostly fine on lynxchan.net. Though I'd much rather be on the webring and better yet moderating back on fucking jschan.
>>13223 >a single dedicated autist fixated on spamming it. that's easy to take care of
Open file (409.59 KB 980x313 ClipboardImage.png)
>>13223 >But I must disagree with the idea that banning ni/gg/er's and /cow/ retards would have only "kickstarted a witchhunt". The thing is this, every single thread was being derrailed by this bitching of Mark. I even got myself reported for daring to say that and I got linked to the fucking /cow/ drama thread, as if I was a fucking retard and had to be licking the nutters' ballsack, playing mob rule. What do you imagine that would happen if I started to ban/delete this kind of behaviour? Get the place into an even deeper shitter, but it's not like it's not in it anyway, just a different flavour.
>>13226 In my opinion the appropriate thing to do if there's a topic that the community clearly is interested in discussing in good faith but it's derailing threads is to designate a containment thread for it. On jschan it was very simple to migrate reply chains to another thread, so instead of deleting retarded derailing tangents I could send them to more appropriate threads or make new containment threads if I thought it was warranted. I don't believe Lynxchan has that mod tool, at least not at the BO level. I think on the Mark issue specifically things need to be addressed based on whether you think the discussion is organic or not. I'll admit I have a very strong anti-Mark bias, so people complaining about him doesn't really bother me. I even do it myself often. I can't say for certain what would have occurred if you banned discussion about cakekike, since /r9k/ is a place where people often go to vent and cakekike upsets a lot of people. It's certainly not a decision I would make. But if you were to do it and be completely transparent about the exact reason behind why you thought it would be good for the health of the board I think the backlash could be minimal. I could see the argument for being annoyed by people constantly namedropping a retarded obese kike namefag and crying about his antics, and directing people who want to cry about him to the designated cakekike /cow/ thread would be a pretty understandable decision. You should never be afraid of your own board and the people that use it, that sounds like a recipe for disaster. Letting your thoughts and ideas about the board rules and culture flow freely in a meta thread to gauge users honest and straightforward response is much better than trying to subtly manipulate things to avoid stepping on any toes.
>>13219 For a few seconds, I thought this was bigguy posting, until I read the name. I was ready to spout all sorts of obscenities at that completely fucking nigger brained retard. Almost wish it was him, as though your decision did lead to him coming into power, it was ultimately his fault that we got kicked off of a relatively comfy imageboard and so it would've been a nice opportunity to make his day a little worse. Probably would've worked too since it's clear the fucker was a massive pussy, he cracked after one shitty thread for Christ's sake.
>>13228 I don't know anything about bigguy but judging by >Probably would've worked too since it's clear the fucker was a massive pussy He doesn't sound too different to me so you can still take a shit.
>>13231 The basic rundown on the story of fucker that took over after you is... >the board is BOless >a dolphin fucking retard with autism posted some unsavory links on r9k and becomes a known character similar to certain testicless fiend only, somehow, even more autistic. >skip to BO transfer >dolphin fucker tries to diguise himself and take over the board >big guy gets board instead >things are good for a few weeks but dolphin fucler spams the board and temporarily downs anon cafe >skip a day or two and things are back to normal >skip a few more days a thread gets shat up by a literal nigger and a literal faggot and people start wondering what the fuck the BO is up to >two days pass without BO doing shit >meta gets a shit ton of complaints about BO not doing shit >BO being the absolute pussy he is cracks at the anons complaints and like a petty bitch gives the board to the dolphin fucker who proceeds to delete it. You'd have to try really hard to be this fucking retarded.
>>13234 Would you guys be up to it if I was to claim the board here again, but give it to the owner of the other /r9k/bunker? He seems more professional and looks like he gives more of a shit of everything. Or would that bring a userbase that you don't want anymore?
>>13242 I (balkan/r9k/ BO) already put in a claim for /r9k/ that was declined. But the account(robot) is there so it'd be unnecessary to do a weird double transfer. If you want to shill for /r9k/ to be brought back or ask about it you should probably post here >>3
>>13243 Will try to contact via email, maybe since I was the first /r9k/ BO admin may help a bit.

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