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Open file (128.36 KB 361x350 1555226966101-4.png)
Thread 3- Final Thread; Potato Edition Anonymous 05/03/2020 (Sun) 03:14:02 No.12334
I'll go ahead and make a third thread since I want the threads to be archival and viewable in their entirety, but I think all webring discussion has stopped at this point so this will be the "last one" unless there's actually a reply limit. New thread for anons with potato computers! Mk2 Good evening, everyone! How's it going? Is everyone having a comfy Saturday so far? We'll be having a radio stream so feel free to drop on by and get comfy. We'll be starting with some meme magic, officially kick off the stream with Protomen Act 1, work our way into some dadrock and r/a/dio classics, throw in some Eurobeat (no taimroll since anons outside of /a/ & /animu/ won't get it and will get their buttmankos in a knot), go into depression block for a bit before ending the night on a lighter note. Feel free to drop on in throughout the day, ask for help, or just talk shit with fellow webring members. We'll be going (officially) for 10 hours, but knowing how these things go it will probably be closer to 12/13. For those unfamiliar with radio streams, you can request songs, but not in bulk and not block requests. The streamer reserves the right to deny a /r/equest. Just include an "/r/" with your /r/equest. I forget if anon.cafe allows mp3 uploads, so if not, pop it into mixtape.moe and send a link my way (or be forever butthurt when I get a jewtube rip in 128kbps because that's all my internet can handle while streaming). Stream can be found here: http://radio.anon.cafe:8000/stream.m3u In the event of total catastrophic meltdown of the servers, let's plan on making a thread on julay's /meta/ thread without asking, and I'll make a shitty 128kbps stream on caster.fm/post the details in the new OP (note that caster.fm does not hide your IP from the streamer, so never bareback an imageboard. I don't see your IP from icecast though). Make sure to thank anon.cafe's owner, he's really putting his neck out for us tonight and I'm very thankful for that. In any case, let's have a fun evening. Grab your dakimakura if you're a fellow weeb, brew some coffee or green tea, grab some booze, and settle in for some fun times if this is your first "R/a/dio" experience. I've been given temporary global vol status to remove CP or similar spam during the stream. I would rather not use it so I'd ask any bad actors to just enjoy the stream and let it rest for the evening. Radio is supposed to be a comfy place and I think you'll find comfort listening in as well. /r/s are currently on a "soft" stop due to volume and have been for about an hour now. The purpose of this stream is twofold: A) To chillax and get comfy after a long week. B) To act as technical chat/meetup for those looking for help in regards to setting up their own imageboard.
>>13075 I'll fucking play reverse taimroll, don't tempt me.
Open file (189.87 KB 960x929 it never ends.jpg)
>>13071 NEVER=
I have fond memories of lying on my side in a wet pit with one earbud in listening to a bell cover of something that they squeezed in like an hour after the stream was supposed to have ended and all anons gone to sleep.
Open file (146.12 KB 1707x1254 1565157268022.png)
>>13077 Do it nigger.
>>13080 You've forced my hand. Hope you're ready to face the consequences while I go the fuck to sleep, fag.
Take a break at the history lesson do i miss anything?
Open file (466.04 KB 800x1000 CEASE.jpg)
>>13077 Don't try to beat us in the staying up late stakes! Think of your health!
>>13082 You missed your chance to go the fuck to sleep.
B-but my winning ticked?
Fuck it, I'm going to sleep.
>>13086 Sleep tight, anon.
>>13081 Good night you fag. See you on the next stream.
Open file (193.13 KB 358x648 1541055778097.jpg)
>>13087 Thank you. Have a nice day/night.
>>13079 Ah yes, that was it.
Good bye~
Open file (92.48 KB 1280x720 cast_in_bronze.jpg)
For those who aren't from r/a/dio, you are currently listening to what is globally known as a carillon. Specifically you are listening to The only carillon on wheels in the world. Less than 0.01% of the world population has ever or will ever listen to what is being played on the stream right now. You are listening to something special, the autism of a man who studied for over six years to bring this music to your ears. You are listening to what we know on /a/ as... Bells Autism.
Ding fries are done.
So last one on the stream get a nigger speak pass on smug/a/ right
>>13092 I've missed the entire stream but this one bit.
>>13092 I actually really like bells autism. I first saw a proper full-size carillon when the music-machine-obsessed Marble Machine guy visited the Domtoren Clock Tower. Imagine being so high up in the air and having a whole bell tower as your instrument! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CQgzqYuo04
>>13092 I like to think my investment has paid off handsomely, by the way.
Bells are truly the most comfy instrument.
>>13098 You can't fool us. Everyone knows bell autist really looks like pic related.
Open file (113.58 KB 1000x1500 spirit_of_the_bells.jpg)
>>13100 Nah, bells autism looks like this. This man is a hero.
>>13101 Sleep tight, anon. Thanks for tuning in.
>>13102 If I can be a fraction as cool as that man I'll die happy.
Thanks for this. I'll try to catch it again, if only to catch the taimroll.
Reverse taimroll is like 2 hours long so I'm going to stop after Amazing Grace bells. No pururin trolling or reverse taimroll from me tonight.
>>13105 A-ah. I guess I could play it for at least a little bit...
>>13107 Don't worry about it. Gives me something to look forward to.
>listeners rising again YAMEROOOOOOOO
>>13108 >>13109 While I'd love to put reverse taimroll on while I go to sleep, I'm all tuckered out and I've extended this almost an hour longer that the already extended time, so I'm going to go pass out until noon today.
>>13109 I keep dropping out and I want to see it to the end, damnit. If only to say I did.
Thank you for enjoying Cast in Bronze. If you liked what you heard post-stream: http://castinbronze.net/
>>13104 It's even cooler when you realize he's not tapping keys, he's pounding LEVERS with his FISTS to make bells go bong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbPnVQIIOlY
Alright I'm done teasing anon. Oyasumi.
>>13114 Oyasumi
>>12723 julay/reportan. i've been in an out several hours.
I guess the shows really over now. I hope we see each other again soon, anons. Goodnight, cuties
Open file (205.69 KB 716x742 salute2.webm)
>>13114 Goodnight, and thank you for your service. It's made my week.
Open file (364.48 KB 576x454 sleeping nadeshiko.gif)
>>13112 Thanks for the comfy bell music
>>13113 Yeah! I can't even imagine how hard it is to time considering that the sound happens a little after the strike. The one I saw used an old cannon as the drive weight, though I'm not sure whether it's used for manual strikes or just the programming drum. Maybe he has a weight in it or a tension spring? >>13114 おやすみなさい!
>>13116 julay/robowaifu*
>>13106 >>13110 How dissapointing. Oh well.
>>13114 thanks anon.
>>13114 Again, thank you lots for the stream. Sleep tight.
>>13112 >Tours >oh, I wonder where- >it's one festival in the USA and then nothing else for years I'm not disappointed, you're disappointed. Thanks for the link though, I might buy something from it later.
>>13125 Coronachan probably has something to do with his lack of recent dates, but if you scroll back it does seem like he sticks to the US. It'd probably be a nightmare to ship that glorious instrument over to Europe.

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