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Open file (36.72 KB 470x400 1555227138023-2.jpg)
Thread 2: Anons have potato computers Peacefag 05/02/2020 (Sat) 23:34:04 No.11566
New thread for anons with potato computers! Good evening, everyone! How's it going? Is everyone having a comfy Saturday so far? We'll be having a radio stream so feel free to drop on by and get comfy. We'll be starting with some meme magic, officially kick off the stream with Protomen Act 1, work our way into some dadrock and r/a/dio classics, throw in some Eurobeat (no taimroll since anons outside of /a/ & /animu/ won't get it and will get their buttmankos in a knot), go into depression block for a bit before ending the night on a lighter note. Feel free to drop on in throughout the day, ask for help, or just talk shit with fellow webring members. We'll be going (officially) for 10 hours, but knowing how these things go it will probably be closer to 12/13. For those unfamiliar with radio streams, you can request songs, but not in bulk and not block requests. The streamer reserves the right to deny a /r/equest. Just include an "/r/" with your /r/equest. I forget if anon.cafe allows mp3 uploads, so if not, pop it into mixtape.moe and send a link my way (or be forever butthurt when I get a jewtube rip in 128kbps because that's all my internet can handle while streaming). Stream can be found here: http://radio.anon.cafe:8000/stream.m3u In the event of total catastrophic meltdown of the servers, let's plan on making a thread on julay's /meta/ thread without asking, and I'll make a shitty 128kbps stream on caster.fm/post the details in the new OP (note that caster.fm does not hide your IP from the streamer, so never bareback an imageboard. I don't see your IP from icecast though). Make sure to thank anon.cafe's owner, he's really putting his neck out for us tonight and I'm very thankful for that. In any case, let's have a fun evening. Grab your dakimakura if you're a fellow weeb, brew some coffee or green tea, grab some booze, and settle in for some fun times if this is your first "R/a/dio" experience. I've been given temporary global vol status to remove CP or similar spam during the stream. I would rather not use it so I'd ask any bad actors to just enjoy the stream and let it rest for the evening. Radio is supposed to be a comfy place and I think you'll find comfort listening in as well. /r/s are currently on a "soft" stop due to volume and have been for about an hour now. The purpose of this stream is twofold: A) To chillax and get comfy after a long week. B) To act as technical chat/meetup for those looking for help in regards to setting up their own imageboard.
Open file (171.85 KB 720x405 7411942899.gif)
>all these memories of watching initial D back in the day thank you
>>12282 >You could play non-stop nightcore edits for 6 hours straight for all I care. Don't remind me about middle school bro.
>>12203 The body is a temple. Don't treat it like a junkyard.
>>12281 Time for birbs?
The amount of samefags here is astonishing
>>12289 Do you even know what samefag stands for?
>>12203 I don't drink alcohol, but I have a severe caffeine addiction.
>>12287 I don't pour good liquor on a junkyard.
Open file (380.63 KB 597x803 Ep06 [7366].png)
>>12289 >>12290 Don't fight. Now is happy tiem.
>>12289 >>12290 Samefag.
Have we had JAPUNEESE GOBURIN yet?
>>12297 About four hours ago.
Open file (3.50 MB 700x702 1587537222005.gif)
>>12288 birbs?
>>12298 Dolphin, stop
>>12297 Yes, you missed the Suika rush
>>12290 Samefag doesn't "stand" for anything, like an acronym does, idiot. What I know for sure is that it's the reason this imageboard is dominating the webring in PPH even though all the discussion is literally in this one thread, and its all about bullshit
Open file (5.78 MB 1278x720 IridescentBird.webm)
>>12288 It's always time for birds.
Open file (108.44 KB 828x1020 3mf6mcjp1j431.jpg)
Earlier, during the remix of Take Me Home, Country Roads, I considered posting this comic of a dolphin sliding into a horses ass and residing in its bloated intestines as it struggles to walk. In all the fun I was having, I had completely forgotten about dolphinfag, but now I realize the deep symbolism of it all.
Open file (134.42 KB 1080x1125 don't bulli the raven.jpg)
>>12302 Birbs.
>>12307 No, go fuck yourself
Open file (104.43 KB 749x724 lHYGUwelGjk.jpg)
>>12256 I don't know, exercise? Curcumin and theanine? Accepting the impermanence of all things?
>>12287 >The body is a temple. Brother I'm not a non-denom, my church serves wine.
Open file (280.44 KB 1500x2000 Harpy delivery.jpg)
We got your back Peace, don't stop the music!
>>12313 What is this linguistic diarrhea?
Open file (2.53 MB 320x240 yamato_warp.gif)
>>12305 Sounds like someone wasn't invited to the party.
Open file (263.50 KB 1200x900 15883854758580.jpg)
Open file (424.42 KB 512x512 205.gif)
Rest thine vexations.
Stop fighting and enjoy music and birbs.
Open file (181.58 KB 278x300 marchin over poland.gif)
>>12305 You found me out anon, I samefag'd this entire thread all by myself!
Open file (650.12 KB 498x278 1527377732736.gif)
Open file (3.51 MB 320x240 Russian airport.webm)
what a coincidence
>>12329 >Er war Jockel, dear Gartenteichspringbrunnen...
>>12329 Nice, hello me.
Open file (801.55 KB 800x800 Polina Gas Gas.webm)
Open file (219.40 KB 1200x278 multi bullet grazing.jpg)
I can't believe christchurch happened
>>12329 >You found me out anon, I samefag'd this entire thread all by myself! I have to admit That I'm pretty great at this.
>>12334 FINAL THREAD No more threads after that one. This is only so people with potato computers can still load the old threads. This thread will be locked shortly.
>>12329 I am the sheemfag an gannon.
>>12329 Wrong. I'm the real samefag. You and everyone else here is a tulpa.

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