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Open file (1.87 MB 350x196 Dance_full.gif)
Webring Deportment Radio! Peacefag 05/02/2020 (Sat) 19:01:46 No.10798
Good afternoon, everyone! How's it going? Is everyone having a comfy Saturday so far? We'll be having a radio stream so feel free to drop on by and get comfy. We'll be starting with some meme magic, officially kick off the stream with Protomen Act 1, work our way into some dadrock and r/a/dio classics, throw in some Eurobeat (no taimroll since anons outside of /a/ & /animu/ won't get it and will get their buttmankos in a knot), go into depression block for a bit before ending the night on a lighter note. Feel free to drop on in throughout the day, ask for help, or just talk shit with fellow webring members. We'll be going (officially) for 10 hours, but knowing how these things go it will probably be closer to 12/13. For those unfamiliar with radio streams, you can request songs, but not in bulk and not block requests. The streamer reserves the right to deny a /r/equest. Just include an "/r/" with your /r/equest. I forget if anon.cafe allows mp3 uploads, so if not, pop it into mixtape.moe and send a link my way (or be forever butthurt when I get a jewtube rip in 128kbps because that's all my internet can handle while streaming). Stream can be found here: http://radio.anon.cafe:8000/stream.m3u In the event of total catastrophic meltdown of the servers, let's plan on making a thread on julay's /meta/ thread without asking, and I'll make a shitty 128kbps stream on caster.fm/post the details in the new OP (note that caster.fm does not hide your IP from the streamer, so never bareback an imageboard. I don't see your IP from icecast though). Make sure to thank anon.cafe's owner, he's really putting his neck out for us tonight and I'm very thankful for that. In any case, let's have a fun evening. Grab your dakimakura if you're a fellow weeb, brew some coffee or green tea, grab some booze, and settle in for some fun times if this is your first "R/a/dio" experience. I've been given temporary global vol status to remove CP or similar spam during the stream. I would rather not use it so I'd ask any bad actors to just enjoy the stream and let it rest for the evening. Radio is supposed to be a comfy place and I think you'll find comfort listening in as well.
>>11500 Might want to explain to unacquainted anons who don't know what it is. Particularly how long it lasts. Don't want people dropping out of the thread due to the length of it.
>>11522 Works on my machine.
>>11522 (checked) >>11526 >>11527 Works fine for me.
Good night eeveryone
>>11500 AYEEE!!
>>11529 This is true, but the only caveat is that if you're making wine you should stay away from plastic containers, as they will permeate air and leech into your shit if your fermentation lasts over a week.
>>11533 That's nice honey.
>>11522 Yeah, works for me.
Open file (1.15 MB 958x572 r8.png)
>>11519 no idea, I just grabbed some plugins and made it myself, rate
>>11530 That will be the best part though. Either they will come to love their station or they won't.
>>11517 >>11521 I think that's fits more for depression block. How much time 'til then?
/r/ this, really like the vocal in this one
>>11534 nit lid
>>11107 I eat the potato
>>11517 >flight delayed while overseas >sleep at 12pm in a hotel for 6am flight, neighbours being loud and shit >set 5am alarm for You Might Think He Loves You For Your Money But I Know What He Really Loves You For It's Your Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat was fun as fuck
>>11454 I think you meant punk music there.
>>11534 Sleep tight!
>>11546 >implying metal isnt rockpunk
>>11540 This thread is supposed to function as a place for regrouping and discussion of our current predicament. Intentionally alienating non-r/a/dio anons is antithetical to this goal.
>>11527 Last time, it was a targetted strike because of loli (/delicious/, which is currently delisted and about to get purged with the rebrand). >She might have figured out the ruse and murdered the site. >>11528 >>11533 >>11532 Is it just me, then? It worked fine just a few minutes ago sure, but refreshing isn't causing it to fix itself.
We are just short of 750 replies. I'm going to make a new thread for those with potato computers.
>>11512 wassail meadmaker, but yes homebrew you cunts.
>>11522 Nevermind, it just 404'd now. Robi, you in here? You know what's going on?
I just added the OpenNIC DNS servers to my list of DNS servers. I can access the grep.geek website intermittently. When it connects, sometimes I can submit search queries and it returns me results from sites like end.chan, but I haven't had any luck navigating to the sites in the list of results. Is this expected behaviour at this point? Is there anything I need to do aside from adding the DNS servers?
>>11551 Survival of the fittest
>>11534 Good night Anon, have good dreams
Open file (738.40 KB 909x878 1560358969040.png)
>>11539 Niceu, I love it!
Open file (57.64 KB 1149x906 julay error.png)
Open file (38.63 KB 100x100 Nyuu.gif)
>>11522 >>11550 It's not working for me either, a DNS issue maybe? I get a different error page if I use http:// instead of https://. >Lilium Thank you.
Open file (1.69 MB 1680x1680 eris.png)
>>11549 >tfw i dont use julayworld and am here for random posts
Is 751 the limit?
>>11559 check a proxy site if you aren't posting dox
>>11561 well what the fuck else is going to bump?
>>11561 No clue.
Both the Tor and clearnet link working fine for me.
>>11561 Looks like it's bumplocked but alive.
New thread for those with potato computers. >>11566
Time for Gregarian Block now?
>>11559 It doesn't show up on the webring for me either.
Uh, is Julay dead in the water?
Thats weird.. I tried japanese vpn,us vpn. Didnt work. The spain vpn worked.
>>11174 yes its fine
>>11595 nevermind. Its up now.
>>11559 the domain name is still alive, but the sever is dead. that''s how i interpret that error page, at least.
>>11619 Can it be reached via IP? It seems to work but only on certain DNS servers,.
>>11620 i was gonna try its .onion address but i don't have it saved anywhere. maybe its ip address changed for some reason and we just gotta wait a couple minutes for all the dns servers to reflect the new ip or something
Robi here. The domain transfer just got completed for the julay.world domain. DNS will take time to propagate. Do not panic.
>>11644 Post this in the new thread. >>11566
>>11644 Will you delete /v/ so nobody makes the mistake of going on your website again? That is, if you're going the censorship route. Might as well go the whole hog, know what I mean?

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